The MyBuBelly Plan Five Months On

I know that we have been so lucky to be able to have a little girl of our own, but that still doesn't make our hearts hurt any less with every negative test. We always hoped that we would get pregnant soon after we decided to add to our family, however two years down the line and it still hasn't happened. 

Over the last year in a bid to finally be able to conceive another baby, my husband and I have been making some big lifestyle changes to help improve our chances of conceiving naturally. We would love more than anything to give our daughter a sibling that she so desperately asks for all the time. We started to look into practical ways to could help boost our fertility such changing our diets, eliminating stress, take up meditating and search for boosting supplements. We even started a fertility boosting program with MyBuBelly

For those who are not familiar with MyBuBelly, it's a fertility boosting program that is a natural and ethical way to choose the gender of your baby. It's a simple and straightforward program to help nature in the right direction. By making simple changes to your diet, taking supplements and boost your overall well-being can help determine the gender of your baby. I have been with MyBuBelly just over five months now and it seems to have slotted into my daily routine very well. 

Phase 1 is supposed to last at least three months and the transition to Phase 2 happens during box 4 and after all pH measurements have been completed and I have stayed within an optimal range. I wasn't entirely sure why we have been on Phase 1 for longer than three months, but it is necessary to get the right pH measurements and keep them within the optimal range of 5.5. and 6. So far, we are on box five and still in the first phase as there are still some tweaks that need to be made in my diet and cycle monitoring. I was hoping to move onto the next stage by now, but it's a much longer process than I initially thought. 

Phase 1: Preparation. 

Phase 1 focuses on preparing your mind and body for a baby. It is during this phase that I changed my diet, added supplements to help stablise my pH level. The goal is to try and get an optimal pH level and ensure that it stablises and not fluctuate but stays between 5.5 and 6. It is was also during this stage that I began to monitor my cycle and target my ovulation to help conceive a little girl when we head into Phase 2. For now we still need to use a contraception in order to avoid a fluctuating pH level, which at first didn't make much sense. I remember thinking to myself how on earth am I going to get pregnant if we use protection, but the main focus was getting an optimal pH level and ovulation targeting. 

However in order for me to proceed to Phase 2, the dietary review during box three needed to be approved by Eve which wasn't something I was all too familiar with until last month. But thankfully I was already writing a diet diary to ensure that I kept my meals calorie controlled for weight loss and getting all the vitamins and nutrients from the food I was allowed. Every month I would send over a few meal plans for a few days and share with Eve so that she could review my diet. The food search bar has been great, especially this time of year where temptation is around every corner with the festive season. I did enjoy a little indulgence for a couple of days over Christmas and New Year but I was conscious of my meal choice in between and back on the strict plan soon after. 

I was very eager to go onto Phase 2 and felt that my pH level stablised so I decided to send an email to Eve and she needed to do a dietary review before giving me an answer. Eve said that I had a good balanced diet and that my diary consumption is good. It was great to see that I added some sesame seeds to my diet plan but I needed to look into more nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. 

Phase 2: Conception. 

During the first stage the dietary programme has allowed me to stabilise your urinary pH, more precisely the pH of the cervical mucus. Now that my cycle monitoring and ovulation has been more than established we are hopefully going to calculate the right dates for conceiving for a little girl with any luck. For Phase 2 my milk consumption needs to increase to one litre today and to consume 1 dairy product with each meal (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner). These can be plain or flavoured such as 1 yogurt, 1 cottage cheese or 2 small Swiss. For one of my meals during a day I need to include a serving of cheese without salt per day. Lastly, Eve mentioned that I needed to be careful with my water intake and make sure that it's no more than 1.5 litre per day. 

So for the rest of the month I will try and focus on adding more seeds, nuts and herbs into my diet to ensure that it is varied, eat more dairy and figure out way to drink a litre of milk each day. But so far it seems promising and hopefully we get to move on to Phase 2 with the February box. 

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  1. This sounds like a good idea if you want to help boost fertility. I wouldn't know where to start.

  2. Such a wonderful programme to help you boost fertility. Good luck!

  3. Fingers crossed you get the results you want. It sounds like a very thorough and well prepared plan.

  4. Sounds like an interesting plan and wishing you the very best of luck

  5. Oh wow this is a great idea. What z fab plan and I hope that it works out for you

  6. We struggled too, to conceive second time round. Have you had your thyroid checked? For me, it turned out my thyroid levels were so out of wack, I basically had just a 1% chance of conceiving.