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How to Encourage Toddler Chores

Small children love to help and my daughter is no exception. Recently she has become quite the little helper and she will watch and follow me as I do the cleaning, creating mischief on the way of course. I think its great that she is always willing to help and I want to build on that by making it a FUN and fulfilling experience for her. Furthermore by 'starting her young' will help her become more independent as she takes on a few responsibilities. Don't worry I don't leave her to it whilst I binge on Netflix... not yet anyway! I will only encourage if she wants to.


Make it FUN!

So with a little inspiration from Pinterest we created a game that would encourage Amelia to become more hands on. I completely forgot that we bought our daughter the Melissa & Doug Cleaning Mop and Broom Set for Christmas. In all honesty it was ironically collecting dust in the living room and she would only be interested in pulling the cleaning set apart to try and eat the fluff off the mop! Why do toddlers eat fluff? Any so let's try and make it fun...

The materials you will need are: 

Melissa & Doug Cleaning Set
Electrical Tape
Pom Poms 

That's it!

The game is pretty simple. Before you begin, make a square shape on the floor using your tape - the first square I made was far too small so make sure yours is big enough. But we both had a square so we were both really happy.

I then gave my daughter a few pom poms so she could throw them, not before trying to eat the of course. Then the fun could begin. I then tried to show my daughter what she needed to do and to get the broom to sweep the pom poms into the square and use the dust pan and brush to tidy them away. 

After she got over the excitement of the pom poms and trying to eat them AGAIN she began to sweep them into the square box, and began to really enjoy sweeping them away.

The main goal was to try and encourage our daughter to get involved with chores by making it fun and now she has become the greatest little helper. Whenever I get the mop, duster or vacuum out she is more than happy to take over - she loves vacuuming but has a tendency to have a meltdown if I touch the vacuum or if I put it away. It's something we are working on! 


My daughter has been getting involved with our chores a lot more and she is actually helping me. Yesterday while I was arranging our anniversary flowers lots of petals fell on the floor and she began to put the in the bin all on her own. I handed her a dust pan and brush to make it easier to clean up but I was quite proud that she did that all by herself - proud mummy! So I have been thinking that now would be the perfect time to explain that the few chores she does have are solely her responsibility and that these would need to be done everyday as a part of the family routine. 

Practice makes perfect

Everyday we will eat our breakfast, watch cartoons, get dressed and then begin our daily household chores - we have so many giggles doing them together. Most days she is eager to get her Melissa & Doug cleaning set out or get her hands on the vacuum and she is wanting to do more each day. So practice makes perfect.

What toddler chores do you give your children? Do they have a favourite? I'd love to hear all about it.

Explore The Adventure: A Messy Morning with Mega Messy.

Children absolutely love getting messy don't they? I am sure that I am not alone in saying that we don't always have the resources or the space to make that happen on a regular basis. Who likes the clean up anyway? It is an absolute nightmare especially when the little ones try to 'help'. So this week I thought that it would be a great idea to attend a local toddler group called 'MEGA MESSY'. We took along my mum so she could help and join in the fun, I think she enjoyed the session more than some of the other children.


Mega Messy is a local toddler group that allows children to use all of their senses to explore and discover the environments that they are in, it will help develop their imagination and creative thinking. But the best part about it all? Children can have the best time with their parents and they don't have to do the clearing up. Yay! The toddler session is ran by a friendly and creative Zoe who provides all the materials for the sessions. The only recommendation she makes is to make sure the children wear old clothes and no shoes. I am so glad we wore old socks as they had mushed spaghetti, play dough, paint, glitter and lots and lots of lentils on them. 

No amount of oxy will get rid of those stains! 

Messy play sessions can give your little ones a chance to experiment and learn by pouring, measuring, moulding, colouring, sprinkling, and sticking. Many parents have mentioned that messy play sessions can also have a great effect on children's temperament, as it allows them to become creative and vent any feelings of frustration they could have. The Mega Messy session took place at a community centre and once we arrived we went to the wrong room and nearly attended a slimming world session. Oooops. But then we spotted parents and their children heading towards another door and immediately followed. Once we were through the door we were greeted by Zoe who told us all about Mega Messy and how the sessions worked and she left us to it. Then the fun began....

There were so just so much we could do and I couldn't help but be a little excited. There were six trays and a long strip of paper along the middle of the room that was full of boxes that the children could decorate. The six trays consisted of the following materials:

Sand with shapes and scoops.

Green and yellow spaghetti.

Lentils with spoons, scoops and small cups.

Foam with kitchen utensils.

Play dough. 

Painting with sequins, glitters, stickers.

No Nanny I will show you how to do it!!! 

Little Lady had most fun with the painting tray and even when I tried to encourage her to see what else was about she would always go back to the painting table. I think she liked playing with the sequins and tried to give every single person in the room a sequin.

All this playing is making me hungry! 

The least favourite tray for my daughter was the foam tray. As toddlers love to put everything in their mouths straightaway she put the whisk full of foam in her mouth and made a silly face before saying yuck and going back to the painting tray! 

We all had such a good morning at Mega Messy and it was so great seeing my daughter experimenting with all the materials. I was very proud at how good she was with the smaller babies and wanting to share with everyone. A significant change from our last toddler group where she wouldn't leave the babies alone and grabbed a flower on another girl cardigan which created a domino effect amongst the children. 

Mummy I don't want to leave...let me just grab some lentils. 

Mega Messy is a fantastic session to attend and if you are ever in the area you need to contact Zoe and make an arrangements to attend a session. You will not be disappointed, just remember don't wear your new I did. For £5 a session every two weeks, you can't really wrong! 


I have noticed that everyday my little lady is becoming quite the mischievous toddler. Last week she emptied the fruit bowl so she could sit in it whilst eating an apple (as you do!) and this week she decides to sit on Upsy Daisy in a drawer that she pulled out of the coffee table! Toddlers eh? They never fail to make you laugh!

BEETS BLU KEY FINDER | Do you ever lose your keys?

I am forever losing my keys mainly because of my mischievous toddler who loves to hide them. They have ended up in some rather strange places - the changing bag, her toy box, the dog's bowl and even in one of my shoes...toddlers eh? But even without her help I am always misplacing them but I am way past using the excuse of 'baby brain'! Is there such a thing a 'toddler brain'? If not there should be, this can't just be down to simple minds.

A few weeks ago someone contacted me to ask whether I would be interested in reviewing the BEETS BLU KEY FINDER, as you can imagine I was only too pleased to receive that email as my keys are always going walkabouts. 

The package arrived a few days later and I was very eager to get started. The device itself was quite small and would even be slim enough to slide into your purse or wallet, attach to your keys, your handbag and even to your dog's collar.


To use the Beets BLU Key Finder you have to download an app called PagerTag' on a compatible phone, switch on your Bluetooth and begin to pair your device. The key finder is a clever wireless device that will work alongside the app to help track all your belongings

The main function of this product is to set an alarm to locate your lost belongings within a 10 meter range. The pager tag can also play music, take photos, record videos or voice memos, schedule reminders and can even enable a lost location tracking. It also works as a remote for your phone - which is great if you have a light fingered toddler.

I was very impressed with this Beets BLU Key Finder and can see already this is definitely something that I can see myself using in the future. It is such a handy little device to own especially when I am trying to leave the house without a toddler meltdown or Amelia thinking now is a great time to poop whilst looking for my keys. A mum only can do so much...

When I first tested the key finder it actually took me by surprise as how loud and high pitched the beeping sound was, so much so I could hear the tag over three noisy toddlers at my sisters house. As key finder this product is great and the built in camera was pretty good too especially for an odd selfie with a little wriggler.   

I struggled at first in trying to get the app and device paired together and the connection was faulty but after a few taps on my tag and phone we were ready to go. The instructions are fairly basic and only has information on the back of the packaging which tells you to download Pager Tag and that's it! I had to figure out all the other functions so for me a short tutorial would have been much easier.

I don't always like to keep my Bluetooth on mainly because it guzzles the battery and the Pager Tag will not work unless the Bluetooth is switched on. I also have a tendency to shut all my apps down when I lock my phone and when I do this I get bombarded the annoying notifications to let me know that I need to switch it on.

The Beets BLU Key Finder retails at £20 and think that this is a fair price considering what is actually packed into this nifty device. This is a definite must have for anyone that loses their keys or parents that have inquisitive toddlers that love to hide them in places you would never think to look.

*DISCLAIMER - I was sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all the opinions are my own.

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