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Things Everyone Should Do When Moving Into a New House

Moving into a new house is a time for many transitions, and it is a time where change is bound to follow. However, for many new homeowners, there is confusion as to what should specifically be done in order to make for a smooth transfer ( to make a smoother transfer).There are essential things to do upon moving into a new house. Being someone who has moved a few times in their lifetime you could say that along with those moves I have learned a thing or two and what you should make sure you do before settling in. 

Have The Locks Changed

Making sure that the locks are changed should be your priority when moving into a new residence. This is because the danger of having a stranger having a key to your front door exists. Change the
locks before you enter your home, and you will be able to have a secure transition and security at the same time. In addition, having the locks changed before having your belongings transferred inside can prevent them from being exposed to the period of lock changing.

Change The Toilet Seats

If you want to make your new home feel like yours, you will want to change the toilet seats. This will keep you from worrying about who used it and what happened to it before you got there. It's recommended to consider a detachable toilet seat because sometimes it can be frustrating scrubbing the hinges of the toilet seat. Having a detachable seat will make for easier and more efficient cleaning.

Get Maintenance Out of the Way

General housekeeping items should take priority, and this may be the biggest move in your transition that you can make. From vacuuming out the coils behind the fridge to flushing out your water heater of any sediment, you need to tackle a list of major tasks in order to make sure your home feels good as new. Instead of assuming the last time where certain tasks are done, you should just be prepared to set a time as to when you plan to do them yourself. It will always benefit you to start from a clean slate, and ensuring your house is up to date with maintenance is the first step. Another maintenance tip you will want to make sure of is ensuring there are no leaks. This is done by checking the water meter and ensuring that it only fluctuates when the water is being used. Consult help if you see that the meter doesn't read the same when no one uses any water.

Update Your Address

This seems obvious if you are changing locations, but it is something that you will have to do. The
USPS offers mail forwarding for movers and you can change your address through simple steps. Eventually, when it comes to more complex items such as credit card, subscription accounts, and other services, you may need to this manually. However, you can buy yourself time by getting set up with the USPS first.

A Letter To My Sister on Her Wedding Day

After all the meticulous planning, finding your dream dress, trying to get you to stick to one colour theme and being on your case about how unorganised you are. It’s over. It’s your wedding day and I can’t quite believe that my little sister is finally marry the man of her dreams. Today is the day that you have been dreaming about since we were as a little as I can remember. We always knew that this day would be something so special, and I know that you have made even more that I could have ever imagined. I honestly cannot wait to see you walk down the aisle in your beautiful dress towards the man of your dreams to start a new chapter in your life.

Looking back, Sarah-Jayne, you were an amazing little sister to me. If I'm being completely honest with you I don't think I really appreciated all you did for me growing up. Pretty much every single one of my memories as a child has you in them. We have climbed trees, paddled in streams and got into some mischief. We would spend most of our time playing together and loved to dress up in mum and dad's clothes, you had the quirkest style, I will forever remember that gorgeous blue dress of yours and you deciding to pair them with muddiest boots you could find. Or that time me, you and Stephen decided to make our own tent out of blankets and made plans to sleep in the garden after Mum and Dad told us no. As we were send to bed, Stephen helped us sneak out the back door, and he followed shortly after. We were all so excited that our plans had worked, until the thunderstorm came and we all got drenched, along with all our pillows, blankets and duvets! I don't think I even need to go into the time you locked us in Dad's Mini when he was doing some repairs on the engine, he was so mad! We really were little terrors, our poor parents. We great partners in crime. We have grown up side by side with one always catching the other when we fall, and making sure that we encourage each another during time of success.

We have been through so much as sisters and I feel so lucky to be able to call you my sister, my best friend. And even though we have had battles in our time we have seen them through the only way sisters can come back from. We have learned so much from on another. You have taught me to be kind and patient, and gave me the best advice when I came into the wonderful world of parenthood. A friendship may know all of your best stories, but a sister is the one who lived them with you. That's exactly what we have through those years, lived. 

There was no one else I would have wanted by my side as I married the man of my dreams and now I get to do the same for you. Our bond is stronger than most and stronger than ever before, and I will stand beside you today like I have our entire lives and continue to do so no matter where life take us. I am so thankful to you have a sister like you! You have finally made it into marriage club! 💕

Love your best friend and sister for life, Kelly-Anne. 

Our Easter Break in Pictures

Easter break was something that we all were looking forward to because we have two amazing weeks off with our girl. I do love the fact that she is at school, but most of the time I miss her little face. We all planned on lots of adventures of the Easter break as a family, with friends or just the two of us. I tend to organise so many activities that I forget that she needs a day or two to chill at home doing crafts or playdoh. But not this time around, we had jam packed our Easter break with play dates, trips to the park, picnics, shopping, museums and even managed to squeeze in a little day trip to the cinema. So I thought that I would share our adventures with you all. 

Spring is my favourite time of year, there's nothing better than seeing all the beautiful flowers, the days getting brighter and enjoying afternoons relaxing in the garden. But with spring brings Easter, which was always a favourite time of year as a child. Now that I have my own child it's exciting to get involved with a little Easter fun again. 

Our First Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter just isn’t Easter without an egg hunt. This year we have decided to put on a little egg hunt for our little bunny. We took our daughter on a hunt a few years ago but I don't think she could really appreciate it at the time. However this year both my husband and I decided to host our own one in the back garden. But it was really important for us to make it special for our bunny loving girl. Good weather? Check. Cute little basket? Check. Eggs, eggs and more eggs? Check, check and check. Let's go hunt.

Well we wasn't expecting an early wake up call from the little lady, we think it had something to do with the fact that the noisy neighbours headed out into their garden in search of eggs at 6.30 in the morning. Well she's up now so we may as well get prepared for the egg hunt. Considering it's a bank holiday weekend the weather has been glorious, we decided to do the Easter egg hunt outside. Thankfully the grass was only a little damp, giving me enough time to scatter the eggs everywhere before the sun came our way. We ate hot cross buns and my husband decided to try and entertain our daughter while I set up the Easter egg hunt without my daughter knowing. I sneaked back into the house and she was already prepared with her bunny ears and basket. 

As soon as we opened the back door the scattered eggs immediately caught her eye and she let out a very excited shriek. With our little one we chose to use visual clues, rather than written ones. You could cut out arrows out of pastel coloured card to direct your little hunters in the right direction, it's always a great way to help you stay on track. If I made the hiding spots too tricky she may unleash an almighty tantrum or make her super grumpy. And no one wants that!

So I decided to hide the eggs in obvious places rather than under or inside other objects. As I wanted to keep our little hunt really simple and easy. We picked up a pack of bunnies on sticks to guide our little egg hunter and used ready made pointers and directions. A pack was only £1 and it saved us a lot of time, so we can indulge in a little chocolate. When it came to hiding the eggs we tried to be as creative as we could. Planters and tree branches are some of the more obvious ones, but we also placed some in our hanging baskets, under her bike seat and beside the bin making things a little more challenging.

It was so much fun watching her getting so excited while filling her little basket with treats. It was so lovely to hear her be so grateful for each and every egg that she found. At one point she said that she had too many and that the Easter Bunny should have given some to the other children. She's a cutie isn't she? However, our Easter fun wasn't over because there was one more surprise waiting inside for our little bunny. Over the last few months we have introduced pocket money to our daughter in return she has to do daily chores like making her bed, eating her vegetables and tidy her toys. We also ask that she has good behaviour at school and at home. I have to say that introducing the pocket money has been amazing and given her a little incentive to be extra good. There's a toy that she's been saving her pocket money for, a Sylvanian Families Village Bakery. So my husband and I decided to give her something a little extra for Easter and get her the Village Bakery. It's safe to say that she soon forgot about all those delicious eggs she collected. 

So what did you do for Easter Sunday? Did you host a egg hunt or did you adventure out into the wild to look for eggs?

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