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REVIEW | Olay Regenerist Cleansing System

The traditional soap, water and a good flannel cannot cut it these days, many are choosing to use a electric face brushes to give their skin a super deep clean. The first electric face brush to hit the market was the Clarisonic and I have been thinking about getting one for a while, but I am reluctant to fork out nearly £150 for one. So I was only too pleased when I saw that Olay had introduced their own cleansing system and I got one immediately.

Olay along with a team of dermatologists have created the 3 point Olay Regenerist Cleansing System which is proven to clean your face more effectively than if you were to use soap, water and a flannel. I have been using this 3 point system for about four month now and my skin feels amazing! 


Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System is shaped to suit the contours of your face for better removal of dirt and make up even in the T-zone and chin. A 2 speed system which is water resistant for use in the shower. The kit comes with the electronic casing, one brush head, exfoliating facial wash, two AA batteries and a set of instructions. 


Dampen your skin and the brush head with water. Dispense the exfoliating skin perfecting cleanser in your hand and massage over face, then turn on cleansing brush and gently move around the face for a minute, rinse your face and brush head with water. It's that simple!


I've really enjoyed using this product so far and I definitely think it's making a difference to the appearance of my skin, especially around my nose where I have some open pores. It does a great job cleaning off my makeup and leaves my skin feeling very clean. I'm not too keen on the cleanser that comes with it but I think that's mainly because it doesn't have much of a scent. I also like the size of the brush as it's not too big and will be good for when I'm travelling. The batteries being included is also a plus. My skin felt cleaner, softer and smoother even when I added my Aloe Vera Soothing Day Cream it absorbed into my skin so much better in comparison to when I use a traditional cleansing regime. 

The only downside to this product is that when I used the brush for the first few times the bristles were harsh on my skin. I have fairly sensitive skin and consequently found that this brush left me feeling sore on my cheeks. But this eased when I decided to use the brush every other day. The product doesn't come with a bag to keep it altogether and I think it would be quite handy if it did especially if you go away. The only reason why I said this was due to the fact that I had an explosion in one of my toiletries bags!

Overall I do think that this a great way to cleanse your skin especially for people with sensitive skin and prone to an oily t-zone. I would highly recommend this brush as it removes all traces of make up, does not irritate my skin (after choosing to alternate days) and leaves my skin feeling super clean, soft and smoother. 

Product (5/5)

Cost (5/5)

Ease of Use (5/5)

Packaging (4/5)

RECIPE | Hash Brown Egg Cups

Let's get our snack on with these...

Toddlers can be fussy little people. My daughter seems to be going though a stage where she hates everything apart from strawberries and crisps, when it's time for her evening meal we have tantrums and lots of complaints of 'yuck'. With this in mind we thought that perhaps we needed to go back to fun finger foods and to be honest these hash brown egg cups went down a treat! A big thumbs up from our little one! If you are in that fussy, 'yuck' I don't want anything stage then try these...but they are just so quick and easy to make and are perfect for a snack on the go or part of a main meal. This recipe is quite versatile and can be paired with most things - we have tried ham, cheese and peas! They were delicious. 

What you will need:

3 hash browns, thawed
3 eggs,
50g chicken, chopped
50g cheddar cheese, grated
40g sweetcorn
1/4 tsp salt 
Pepper to taste


1. Preheat the oven to 180c and spray a muffin tin thoroughly with cooking spray or use muffin cases.

2. In a small bowl whisk the eggs with the salt and pepper.

3. Add the chicken, cheese and sweetcorn. 

4. Crumble the hash brown along with the mixture into the muffin cases

5. Cook for 15-20 minutes, depending on the size of your muffin pans

Rainy Day Activities For Toddlers

Ohhhh it's raining again and I have a very hyper child. Toddlers are always full of energy and are only too pleased to get themselves into mischief. However when it rains and they are cooped up inside their energy levels are turned up a notch, making it difficult to keep them occupied whilst trying not to pull your hair out!!! So don't let the rain spoil your day and go have some fun and get creative! There so much you can do around the house. 


When given the opportunity toddlers love keeping their hands busy so why not try and cook up a storm in the kitchen with them. You could try and bake a cake or cookies perhaps something savoury like mini pizzas. They are all great fun to make and even more fun to eat...


It is always a good idea to try and encourage a toddler to be creative because it is a great way for them to become expressive by using their imagination. When toddlers are creative they can try new exciting things and will therefore learn new ways of being - whether this is through the magic of play dough, the noise of saucepans lids or even through messy play they will soon be excited to try and become more expressive. 


Even though Amelia is only two years old we will always spend time reading together. I will normally read through the book and then we will go back through and point out the pictures. We really do have so much fun when reading together - Amelia is learning some many new words and tonight we learned the word fox, it was more of a 'hox' but I know what she means.


Rainy days are a great opportunity to do a bit of learning. Over the last few weeks my husband and I have been getting Amelia some activity books and some learning cards, they have gone down really well with her. We are doing great with colours, identifying different animals, most transport and every day objects...numbers is something we will be working towards, we can identify the number two, we can say 7, 8, 9 but struggle with number one!!!


Thanks to a few rainy days with my daughter I have been enjoying making lots of secret dens. It is so much fun and all you really need is two chairs, a very large blanket or sheet and some toys to stash away. When we make our secret den it takes me back to when my brother decided it would be a good idea to sneak me and my sister out into the garden into our den made of bed sheets...but the it rained...very hard! Lets just say I think my parents knew what we were up to and were trying to teach us a lesson! 


Wait, whaaaaat? But this is a list off indoor activities. It is supposed to be summer and if it is only a light shower we will always put on our rain jackets and wellies to go outside to jump in puddles, look for worms, go for walks and watch out for rainbows. What do you do when it rains?

Our Week Off With Daddy

Okay so you may or may not have noticed that we have been a bit absent on the blog. We have been busy having a few fun filled days with Daddy and so today I thought I would share with you all what we got up to. *WARNING* the following post is not terribly exciting but if you would like to see what we did when Daddy was on holiday stick around...yippee!

Can we just take a minute to look at those gorgeous photos of Mimi...she is just so photogenic. Okay I am a little biased but I cannot resist those cheeky grins of hers!

So lets get to it. Tony booked twelve whole days off with us, we didn't really have any plans just lots of lie ins and lazy days but the weather was absolutely gorgeous so we decided to get our garden BBQ ready!!! 

On our first day off together we all got into the car and went to good ole B&Q to purchase soil, flowers, baskets, pots you know all the stuff we all get rid of at the end of the each summer with much regret heading towards B&Q! *MUST NOT THROW OUT GARDEN STUFF*. For any of you that know me I am not a great lover of gardening, that's the husband domain with my input of where he should put things of course. I am the boss after all! But this year our Amelia is old enough to get involved and in a round about way this made it a little more exciting for me and we got her the cutest mini garden set. Amelia potted most of our plants and really got stuck in, I think her favourite part was discovering that water comes out of this...

After spending most of the morning potting plants and filling up her watering can...with a few meltdowns because tipping all the water from her watering can over the dog was not fair on poor Jakey. We had a little visit from my sister and her two girls and we spent the rest of the afternoon in the sand pit while Mummy, Daddy and Auntie Sarah tried to relive their youth by doing handstands, cartwheels and teddy bear rolls in the garden!

The next day we planned to put up a dividing fence to separate the children from the dog/BBQ part. We even managed to rope in my Dad and the brother-in-law to help...they are such good eggs! My job was to run after Amelia in the hot weather but I didn't do the best job because Amelia got her first boo boo - bad Mummy!

But I was only too happy for nap time as Amelia had a ridiculous amount of energy that day, it must of been because Grandad and Uncle Sam were here. It was about half three when the guys had finished but I wasn't paying too much attention to the height of the fence and thought that it would be a good idea to mention this as the last panel was being fitted - I was banished from the garden! Haha! But doesn't it look good?
Dog/BBQ part
Children/Adult trying to relive their youth part!
On the Sunday we had my mum and dad over for Sunday lunch, oh my that was a very bad idea in the hot weather - why didn't we have a BBQ. It was rather delicious though. It was time for a cup of tea before going to see my Mum's horses Harley and Jess. When my mum first got the horses Amelia was quite frightened of them but it is so lovely to see how much she has grown to love them. If I mention Nanny Russell she will say 'Harley Horse' & 'Dress' it is the most adorable thing!

After such a great afternoon with the horses we went home put Amelia to bed and had a relaxing evening in our garden. It would have been rude to not have a tipple or two...with the husband showing how great he is at being a turtle - only in our house.

Mmmmm Strawberry Daiquiri
It was back to work for anyone else but we could have a lazy lie in. We ventured into town to do the boring food shop bought a few more pieces for the garden to add those finishing touches, we searched high and low for the perfect garden cushions! We ended up going to Tesco because I really didn't want to pay £20 for one cushion! Its because I am stingy! Later that day we invited my Mum over for a little bit of dinner and for a slice of the cake made by the husband...he is a man of many talents! This was one of the many cakes that he made during his time off and they were all tasted amazing.

The next few days we spend quite a bit of time with my Mum and her horses. It was such a great opportunity for Amelia to get involved with feeding them and enjoyed getting lots of Harley Horse kisses too. We also tried to fly a kite with Amelia and it lasted a whole 30 seconds in the air before bombing into the ground a breaking - bugger! Who would of thought a pound land kite wouldn't last, haha!
We all enjoyed spending a few late afternoons with my mum and the horse because it was just so quiet and peaceful and we would all feel really relaxed before heading off home.

In other news...Amelia is getting wayyyy to big for her cot and we need to change this into a toddler bed and we have decided to put up her big girl cot on her second birthday. I am not looking forward to this mainly because I am selfish and I really don't want her to grow up! But I am in no way looking forward to this monkey pulling out all the nappies, all the toys and all the freshly ironed middle suits wahhhh!

The last day we spend with Daddy was sofa shopping. So we have been meaning to look for a new sofa for a while as we have had ours for about seven years. We were only supposed to be looking for a sofa and I didn't expect to get one in the second place we visited, but it would have been silly to pass a bargain by! A sofa for the long legged husband and a sofa for me! Yay!

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed seeing what we got up to when Daddy was off, I know we did and we missed him terribly when he went back to work. Boo. We can't wait until his next holiday. 

MOTHERHOOD | Why I miss being pregnant

My daughter is going to be two in June and it honestly feels like I blinked and miss it all. Being a mum to her was something that I never thought was possible, especially after a lot of heartache with a chemical pregnancy we finally got blessed with a baby. Once I was pregnant so many people told me that I would miss my bump once she arrived, they were so right. At the moment all I seem to be seeing is bump after bump and it's making me super broody. Then I think back to when I was pregnant with my Amelia and I realised that I honestly miss being pregnant - it was the one time in my life where I felt comfortable and beautiful in my skin. Does anyone else miss being pregnant? Now don't get me wrong my pregnancy wasn't all unicorns and rainbows, there were some hard parts like with any pregnancy. Eurgh the morning sickness, sciatic pain, the awful heart burn and towards the end of my pregnancy the ugly swollen feet!!!

But the parts I do miss...


Towards the end of my pregnancy I was so big it was unreal. Now I am not talking normal heavily pregnant big, I seriously looked like a weeble!!! At a height of 5ft 1 and already chubby you can only imagine what I looked like. But I never thought that I would actually miss looking like a weeble. There was something so beautiful about watching your child grow each day and nothing would make me smile more than rubbing my tummy and receiving lots of kicks in response. 

Despite looking like a weeble I did have the best baby bump and even though I couldn't actually see my feet for most of the pregnancy seeing my baby grow each day was so much better. I loved my pregnancy body. I love to dress my baby bump it would always make me feel so beautiful and feminine, being pregnant gave me so much confidence. I definitely miss watching my little bump grow... 


Any excuse for a nap...but I would love to nap and my husband would always encourage napping - WINNING! But nowadays I cannot catch a few zzzzs without a certain lady trying to put all her fingers in my nose, mouth or pull at my eyelids! I think its a toddler thing to shhh you to sleep by stroking your face and then slap your face to say boo...No? Just my toddler then!!! 


When you're pregnant with a beautiful round bump people are so interested in you. It really did make me feel more appreciated and I would lap up the attention, I am sorry but this was my moment so why shouldn't I relish in it! Lol! In all seriousness it was so lovely to know that people would be so interested in my pregnancy and my little bump. Another way that would always make me feel special is that my husband would always want to rub my feet and he hates feet. I was always pulling that pregnancy card! There is no way in hell he would do that now! I need to get pregnant just for a foot rub!!!


Nothing would cheer me up more than shopping for my little lady. Whether it was adorable dresses, things for her nursery or nappies - it would always make me smile. It was hard to go into Mothercare without getting something for the her. I still have this trouble whenever we go out I always have to get her a little something, its hard not to really!


Even now I think I can feel those little flutters and it takes me back to my bump days with my little wriggler. It was wonderful to feel those flutters and see her kick - we got one of those heartbeat machine for bumps. My husband would always talk, read stories and sing to our bump and we would always look forward to her reactions, which would always end up with me in tears because it would pull at my heart strings. 


Any excuse to eat something is something I think I will always miss terribly and I would always crave naughty food. Chocolate, cakes and ice-cream. My biggest craving was tuna mayonnaise sandwiches but because of the mayonnaise I couldn't have it - as soon as I gave birth to my daughter my husband bought one for me. It was definitely worth the wait! My other cravings would be anything ice cold, bacon and chocolate! I do realise that pregnancy is not an excuse for eating lots of treats and indulging, but honestly what pregnant women doesn't indulge a little. You are already gaining a bunch of weight due to an impending little human you are growing so what is an extra couple of pounds...that slice of chocolate cake will be worth it! 

Do you miss being pregnant, if so what parts do you miss?

Inside The Mind of a Toddler

Today on the blog I thought that we would have a little bit of fun and think about our mischievous toddlers! Do you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a toddler? It has got to be crazy in there...A typical Saturday...

6.30am - I am awake, where is my Mummy? WAHHHHHH, [Bang, bang] WAHHHHHH is she even listening to me? *Cough* *Cough* I know that she loves my fake cough.

6.35am - WAHHHHH...I know Mummy can hear me? What is taking her so long. I am getting bored of waiting now Mummy hurry up with my milk!!!

6.45am - [Inside the parents room] Where is my Daddy? I know he is in here somewhere...Oh he is asleep! I need to stick my finger in his nose just to make sure he is definitely asleep, actually if I just slap him and jump on his tummy. Ohhhh he is not asleep he tried to trick me! Well it didn't work haha!

7.00am - [Breakfast time] Eurgh she is giving me horrible gooey stuff again [Porridge], doesn't she know that I will just put my fingers in my mouth and try and grab it out. Better yet, sneeeeeze all over her. Haha. 

7.30am - Now we have to go back upstairs for me... I like to tap each step as I go just to make sure it makes that funny noise. Finally I have reached the top and now for a quick get way. Why does Mummy always catch me, I need to get faster. 

7.40am - She has only gone and put me on that changing mat - I hate this thing! It is cold and I don't want to get dressed WAHHHH WAHHHH she has wiped my bum with those cold wipes! WAHHH. Nope I am not getting dressed Mummy we do this every time, Noooooooo! I don't want to put my legs in those tights so I will just pretend that I am running in the air- that is always fun. 

8.00am - I am all dressed now time to play. [Downstairs in the living room] I want a pear I guess I will just help myself I think mummy wants me to anyway, after all she left the fruit bowl in my reach. Ohhh on the coffee table there are those white noisy things I like [Coasters] TING TING TING. Oh no...Mummy is coming I can hear her make a run for it...if I hide behind the curtains she may not find me. Damn it she caught me! WAHHHH, WAHHHH. I am bored now so I will go and see what Mummy is up to. 

9.00am - Daddy is putting on that big coat that I love chew on...I love that fluffy part. OH NO...WAHHHHH. The car seat - I cannot move in this thing. I may as well give up Daddy always wins all this kicking and crying is making me tired [Yawning] I am sleepy [Falls asleep just as we pull into the car park]! 

9.30am - WAHHHH they woke me up!!!! First they want me in this car seat and now they want me out! Oh crap the big silver trolley I hate this too all I want to do it walk! I will just have kick my legs so they can't get me in that trolley. WAHHH [Kicks, a lot] WAHHHH Okay clearly they are not listening I need to cry louder. I give up!!! [Gets in the trolley] Oooooh my favourite yellow packet [quavers] if I reach far enough I may be able to get them. [Crinkles crisp packet for a while]. 

10.00am - [Snack time] Yay. Breadsticks. [Crunch, crunch] This are so tasty but it is best to offer Mummy and Daddy some but they don't want any - more for meee. Oh Mummy gave me a drink too [slurp, glug, glug] ahhh [Mummy copies - its our thing]. I am bored what else can I do... I will tip my cup upside down as water comes out. All over me, all over my bear, all over my Peppa Pig phone. Oh no Mummy is telling me NO. I will just smile at her but her face still scrunched up and tells me no. She gives me that face a lot. Maybe she wants me to do it again. Oh no she definitely doesn't. 

11.00am - [Arrives back home] I love helping Mummy and Daddy put the shopping away. So the bread needs to go in my this cupboard actually no it needs to go on the stairs, the tomatoes need to go in the bin I like to push the lid. Oooh I found the yogs [yoghurt] I will sit here and try to get into this. If I just push my finger through...I am in. I think the cupboard door wants a bit too. [Smears yoghurt on cupboard door] Mummy's crinkled nose has made an appearance again and says that word again. Oh no. I will smile lots! I think its working...haha!

12.30am - [Lunch Time] Spaghetti pasta. [oh nom nom nom] Maybe Jake the dog wants some...he likes it. I think that if I stuff some pasta underneath my bum they won't notice. I don't want anymore but my hair wants, haha Mummy and Daddy always laugh at me. I can hardly keep my eyes open. WAHHHHHH, WAHHHH, WAHHHH. [Rubs eyes] WAHHHH. Mummy wraps me in yellow blanket and I drink my milk. [Slurp, slurp]. Zzzzz

2.30pm - I am awake, where is my Mummy? WAHHHHHH, [Bang, bang] WAHHHHHH is she even listening to me? I done a stinky so Mummy has to change me. But I don't want to and maybe if I grab the nappy she may not want to change me...Noooooooooo. 

3.00pm - We are off to Nanny's house. We are off to Nanny's house. Daddy puts me on his shoulders but I can also pull at Daddy's hair, Hmmmmm, I wonder what it tastes like. Yuck! I love Nanny but where is she. Nanny, Nanny, Nanny! AHHHHH, there she is. I will just run from her so then she can chase me! Ohhh I love get the noisy things [Saucepans lids] out of Nanny's cupboard. BANG, BANG, BANG. Whoops I dropped one it is okay I will throw the other. Nanny loves when I come to her house. I need to have a look in that cupboard she has I want to chew on those camels [Brass Ornaments] Nanny falls for my face every time. 

4.30pm - [Dinner Time] Ohhh its dinner time we have lots of trees (Broccoli) these are so good! [Nom, nom]. Nope don't like that, nope, nope that can go on the floor (Fish). Ooooh now its time for CAAAAAAKE! Oh I am full now...I need to tell parents that I want out of this high chair OUUUUUUUT OUTTTTT OUTTTT! Yes at least one listened to me. I escaped! 

6.00pm - [Bath Time] SPLASH, SPLISH, SPLOSH. I love bath time. I need to make sure that Daddy gets some bubbles on his head and not forgetting Jakey of course. WAHHHHH Daddy wants to brush my teeth...NOOOOO! WAHHHHH ooooh its working, its working I have the toothbrush! Oh no that changing mat again I swear all they want to do is change me!!!! The snow [Talc] I will help Daddy rub it in my tummy and put some on him, he loves when I do that!

7.00pm - [Bed Time] Mummy is putting me in my balloon [Gro Bag] Mmmmm Milk, I have had a such a busy day today. Zzzzzzzzz

How To Raise a Little Helper

We all know that toddlers are better at creating a mess than keeping the house clean, but what better way to keep those hands occupied than with the household chores. A duster? A broom? A vacuum? Toddlers love to help and will always be too happy to get involved.  If you haven't thought about introducing your toddlers to chores please have a look at my post about encouraging toddler chores. I was a little unsure as to how my daughter would react to this little game but she thoroughly enjoyed sweeping up all the pom poms. 

By giving your toddler a few age appropriate chores can encourage them to become more helpful and as they get older they will understand how to complete household chores without being start them young I say! To be honest when I was younger my parents would always set chores for my brother, sister and I to do and it didn't do us any harm. I can vaguely remember my dad pulling a chair towards the sink so we could wash dishes and my sister and I would always want to play 'The Washing Up Show' - a running commentary on how to wash dishes! 

My daughter and I will do the household chores together everyday and have done since was about a year old. I always think that it's a good idea to introduce them around this age because typically most children are mobile and have a basic vocabulary and actually like to lend a hand. Therefore it was an obvious age to start but if she did find any chores too much to begin with I would try and ease her into them. Then as she started to master each one I would always find another area in the house where she could help!

Help Load The Washing Machine

Aren't all toddlers fascinated with washing machines? I know my daughter is as she likes to sit there and watch all the bubbles go round and round, it's a pretty great distraction! And as soon as the washing machine finished the cycle she will push buttons and help pull our clothes out of the drum and even if its empty she is more than happy to fill it! 

Dust & Polish

Dusters are so much fun aren't they? Well probably not for you and me but my daughter gets excited whenever I pull out those yellow dusters. As you can imagine I am more than happy for her to help me dust, just be sure that when you set your toddler to task remove any breakables or show them how to dust carefully. I believe that you should teach toddlers to respect things in their home by not moving anything out of their reach. But this is just my preference, choose what is right for you!

Help Feed The Dog

My daughter adores her little friend Jakey! They are thick as thieves as the saying goes. Jakey will follow little miss about most the day and she will always open the cupboard doors so she can give him food and treats. So now it only seems natural to allow her to take a small role in caring for him. Even though I give him his water as my daughter loves to tip it all onto the floor and stamp in it but I will let her scoop his food into his bowl, keeping a watchful eye mind you, as she likes to see what his food tastes like! 


My daughter loves our vacuum and will always makes a bee line towards it and really won't take no for an answer. However if I actually need to vacuum she gets the grumps and has a tantrum, it is quite funny. But she is doing really well at this chore and will even get under the coffee table and the sofa. 

Wiping Up Spills

Spills always happen with toddlers, it is inevitable. Not only does this mean they can help with spills but they can actually take on the responsibility for clearing away their mess. Whenever she spills I am not so quick to clean it up myself and I will ask her if she wants to get some kitchen roll and wipe it herself. But I have to watch out as she likes to tear the kitchen roll and eat it! Why do toddlers prefer to eat paper and every bit of fluff they can find???

Preparing & Cooking Food

I have always encouraged my daughter to get into the kitchen with me mainly because she can keep herself entertained with lots of exploring and discovering new toys to play with but I can also keep an eye on her. It's a lot harder to keep an eye on her when she is in the living room trying to climb the coffee table or pulling the drawers out to sit in them!!! She also loves to help me bake in the kitchen and I think her favourite has to be mixing cake batter, and being taste tester of course. 

Clearing Away Toys

Even before my daughter could walk she would help gather toys and put them away. I also think it's a great way to encourage wind down time too, we will always make sure that we put toys away before her afternoon nap and before bedtime. I can see that she enjoys this chore as she is becoming more and more independent everyday and she will tell me not to help. However, there are days when she doesn't want be helpful when clearing away her toys. 

Cleaning The Windows

After all the windows are normally dirty because of her little fingers so this one makes a lot of sense. I will spray them and she will wipe with kitchen roll, she does kiss the windows so we will have to start the whole process again, but we have lots of fun whilst doing it. When Daddy cleaned our patio windows she helped without being asked...

I hope that these ideas can give you some inspiration for getting your little ones involved with chores and show you ways to raise a little helper, you could even add fetching the post or popping things into the bin. These chores will help your toddler develop and give them a little responsibility encouraging them to do things on their own and to be honest we could all do with a helping hand. 

What do you think about raising a little helper?

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