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Explore The Adventure: Paint Me Ceramics Hunstanton

I love being creative and there is nothing more than I love than getting creative with my daughter. So when a friend asked us if we would like to join them for an afternoon at Paint Me Ceramics, we were delighted. I am very glad that we were invited to their afternoon activity because it really was a fantastic experience for both adults and children.

The whole concept at Paint Me Ceramics allows you to be creative and at the same time be able to see the results of your efforts, there really is so much choice. The shelves are jam packed with a wide range selection of pottery that you can paint which range from £5 to £50! So you really are spoiled for choice.

As soon as we entered the studio we were immediately greeted by Dave who was very friendly, helpful and told us how it all worked at Paint Me Ceramics. We were only too excited to get started so while us Mummies were browsing Dave got the children to feed the fish, which they wanted to do when we left too. We picked our items and were taken into a separate room with a baby gate which was perfect because the children wanted to pick up EVERYTHING. But eventually we did manage to sit down to paint...

After a few hours of painting, playing with toys, painting, a quick drink and then more painting we finally finished our creative masterpiece. We had a very fun and creative afternoon and I would highly recommend you take a trip to Paint Me Ceramics. Dave was so friendly and only too helpful with keeping the children entertained by emptying boxes and boxes of toys out for them. However Paint Me Ceramics not only offer pottery events they also have a new attraction with BUILD-A-Teddy, which is perfect for little ones. 

Our masterpiece, what do you think? If you are looking for something to do in Hunstanton, Paint Me Ceramics is perfect and it is not just for children!

The Complete Guide For Taking Toddlers To Weddings

We went to a beautiful wedding on Thursday and to say that I was slightly nervous about my daughter interrupting the ceremony would have been an understatement, but I was so proud of my little lady because she was an absolute gem even if she did keep saying "Ooh a cat" during the ceremony. This wedding was our third as a family of three so both my husband and I knew exactly what to expect, you could say we have become quite the pros at this whole wedding with a toddler thing! We have come a long way since our first wedding with our three month old daughter who thought that it was the perfect time for an explosive poop as the bride was walking down the aisle. We regretted leaving the changing bag in the car during the ceremony - hasten to say that my husband made an embarrassing quick exit out of the church with an awful smell falling behind him! I thought that it would be a good idea to help all you parents with toddlers out there with a complete guide for taking a toddler to a wedding. So without further ado here are some ways in which you can prepare yourselves and your toddler for a wedding!

Where to start?

Atttending a wedding with a toddler requires planning! You have to try and anticipate any situation that may occur, any oversights and you could risk never being invited to any family function again. So here are a few things you may need to consider.

- What will your toddler wear? What will you change them into once they destroy the their wedding clothes? 
- What will you be wearing? Is that light coloured dress a good idea with a toddler with grubby hands? 
- Have you thought about an exit strategy? Explosive poops can happen at any stage during the day! Meltdowns during the ceremony or refraining the toddler from poking the cake before its even been cut. 
- Have you thought about the truckload of stuff you will need for the toddler? A little cute handbag may not be the way forward as your husband only has a few pockets already filled with your keys, your purse, extra makeup because that oh so cute handbag is not big enough! 

Getting Ready

It really doesn't matter what time the wedding starts as soon as you wake your ultimate goal of the day is to get to the wedding on time. The best thing for the toddler is to eat their breakfast, play, bath and then put on their outfit at the last possible moment! Toddlers cannot be trusted! Meanwhile the toddler is playing try and get yourself ready as interruptions from a toddler is likely. 

The Ceremony 

For us the most troublesome part of the day was the ceremony mainly because we had to try and keep the little lady quiet for a while so here are a few points to help keep your toddler entertained and happy. 

* Decide who will take the toddler out if needs be...

At the beginning of most ceremonies there is always a reminder to parents that it’s ok to leave the room if needs be, no one really wants to hear children having full on temper tantrums when the Bride and Groom are saying their "I dos". I am going to say that 90% of the time this is the husband's job...heels and a quick exit can never be executed very well. Is it just me then?

* Always sit on the aisle seat to help make that quick get away...

I think that this is so important for any parent with young children. For one it is easier and two it saves complete embarrassment in case of an emergency explosive number two situations. But it would be an idea to exit either before or just after the brides arrival!

* Take toys, books, bribery snacks - anything that will keep the toddler quiet during the ceremony and the speeches...

As you can imagine parents with toddler are already keeping a watchful eye throughout the ceremony and will have their favourite toy, book and snacks ready to hand to keep them happy and entertained. It was a little embarrassing when Amelia was saying "Ooh Cat" during the sacred marriage vows but we found a couple of distractions soon helped us out. 

* Tire them out...

If you are really worried about your little one interrupting the ceremony think about tiring them out just before. Let them run around, shout, scream have meltdowns...hopefully it is out of their system before the nuptials commence! 

The Reception

When attending a wedding with a toddler whatever you do don't expect too much. You may think that you can enjoy your meal without food being tossed towards you or actually listen to the speeches without bribing the child with some form of sugary sweet. You won't! Sorry! Be prepared to chase your toddler around the venue in heels when they try to make an escape. But just think they are likely to crash out sooner or later...

Phew...we got there in the end. So as you can see from this complete guide for taking toddlers to weddings it isn't a walk in the park, there is so much to consider and plan for but hopefully you'll manage to see the day through without too many hiccups. 

Just a quick picture of the beautiful bride and the groom on their special day. It was such an amazing day and quite an emotional one too - it was their ten year anniversary of being together. What a date to remember!!!

What NOT to say to a Stay-at-home-mum!

A decision to stay at home with our daughter is not a decision that we made lightly. Before I was pregnant I told myself that I would have our baby and get back to work within nine months. However that changed when I actually gave birth to our daughter and fell completely head over heels in love with her. Like many we decided that it would be best for our family for me to stay at home and I honestly couldn't be happier.

That is, until someone makes a comment about our lifestyle. Whether they mean to or not but there are some statements and questions that most stay at home mums are asked that make me want to pull my hair out! Most assume that we decided that one of us would become a stay at home parent because of financial reasons and that we wouldn't have made that decision for any other reason, but we did. It was best for our family and more importantly it was best for our little girl. So when I get asked ridiculous questions about our lifestyle it actually infuriates me...

What do you do all day?

Seriously I am not even going to comment on that one because we would be here all day! 

I would love to not have to work; you are so lucky.

Oh yes of course, cleaning the endless messes and destruction that my child leaves behind them. The whining the fake crying, the tantrums - easy peasy. Don't even get me started on Peppa effing Pig on bloody repeat! While being a mum is an important job with lots of cuddles and kisses along the way, I am not too sure that any mother would say that its completely stress free. We are busy people!!!

You must have so much free time?

Are you actually kidding me? I can barely get myself dressed in the morning. We may be at home all day cleaning, cooking, taking littles ones to classes or the shopping but there really is NO free time for us mums! If I am being honest a task that should take about 15 minutes can take me much longer as my daughter loves to get involved. Maybe one day she will stop turning off the vacuum when I clean the stairs.

Does your husband mind you not working? 

These types of questions really irritate me because why would my husband mind? My husband and I have a very equal partnership and even though I am not in actual paid work he is so appreciative of all that I do for him as a stay at home mum. For us as a family it was best for one of us to become the stay at home parent, I definitely wouldn't change it for any job. But regardless it's a hard decision to either work or stay at home, but we should all be careful not to judge each other because of it.

When are you going back to work? I couldn't handle not working.

Whether you believe it or not being a mum is WORKING. Its a 24 hours a day, 365 days a week type of job. We clean, cook, deal with bills, teach the little ones, the list is endless. All without pay! So nope I am afraid I have my hands full with my two year old toddler.

You're just a Mum?

Like it is something to be ashamed of...I am anything but 'just a mum' I am a teacher, a doctor, chef, housekeeper, a fluff remover, pram pusher, I'll carry that...and a mum!!!

I would get so bored if I stayed at home all day?

My life as a stay at home mum is anything but boring. Every day is a new day as I  never really know what my little one will throw at me, sometimes literally! Some days I will help her create a masterpiece with play doh, bake cookies other days I could be being used as a climbing frame or jumped on to play 'horsey'. No matter what I am always busy. Believe me when I say that my life is anything but boring!

So us stay at home mums are not 'just mums' we have lots to do throughout our day which can increase with the help of having little ones in tow. Yes we are at home quite a bit but it doesn't mean we do nothing, have lots of  free time and are a lady of leisure... so if you meet a stay at home mum please whatever you do refrain from asking such questions. Being a parent is hard work whether you are in work or at home all day, we shouldn't make anyone feel less valued if they choose something that is different to you.

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