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Well, Muggles! It's Finally Time to Feel Like a Real Wizard and Join in The Magical Fun.

Calling all muggles! Calling all muggles. If you're not completely obsessed with the magical world of Harry Potter then this post may not be for you. But for the rest of you muggles that love the wizarding world we have something special for you. To say that the Harry Potter series is popular would be putting it mildly. The books and movies are a worldwide pop culture phenomenon and nothing has caused such a craze as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I remember reading it for the first time and being completely engrossed in the wizarding world reading about flying letters, wands, sorting hats, to potions, a changing staircase and even an invisibility cloak.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to disappear with a flick of a cloak? Well, muggles! It's finally time to feel like a real wizard and join in the magical fun with this WOW! Stuff Invisibility Cloak. This one is just like Harry's invisibility cloak when it made its first appearance in the Philosopher's Stone when Harry received it as a Christmas present. Who remembers the first thing Harry did with the cloak? So you can imagine our excitement to finally be able to feel like a real wizard and disappear. 

The WOW! Stuff Invisibility cloak comes with a free downloadable app. All you need to do is simply enter the unique authentication code that comes with the invisibility cloak on the app, follow the instruction and set the scene. Have you ever wanted to recreate those iconic scenes, well with the amazing invisibility cloak you can!

The WOW! Stuff Invisibility Cloak measures 139.7cm meaning that there is plenty of material for eager wizards wishing to disappear. The cloak is made from two high quality layers of fabric with one side being black and grey patterning, and the other side being lined with green silky material - the side where the magic happens. When the patterned side of the invisibility cloak is facing the camera it will be visible on screen. However, when you flip your cloak inside out so that the green lining is facing the camera, whatever or whoever is hidden beneath the cloak will magically disappear on screen.

You can view, take photographs or film family and friends through the app on your smartphone or tablet which all can be saved onto your camera roll. The Wow! Stuff app is suitable for smartphones or tablets running iOS 11 and Android 5.0 and above.

Setting The Scene 

Downloading the app is simple and straightforward, however setting your scene can be a little tricky at first. Inside the box you get a set of instructions, the cloak and a phone stand that is fully adjustable with rubber feet ensuring that it doesn't slip. However we needed to use a different phone stand for our magical fun due to the position of our scene we needed something a little taller than the one provided.

Once you have your camera in place, click the WOW! Stuff app and follow the instructions. To set the scene you need to make sure that the camera view doesn't include any moving people, toddlers or moving objects. While you are setting the scene you must keep your phone or device as still as possible, the slightest movement can reset the scene and you have to start all over. After you have set the scene then click the camera icon below to start the invisibility mode.

Now the real fun can begin. You can choose to take a photo or video when recreating those scenes with the cloak. Or record up to ten minutes of invisibility fun and there is even a countdown option to help you if you are the one behind the camera and the one in the cloak. It did take us a couple of times to get the process right, but in no time at all we soon got the hang of it all. 

I cannot tell you how much fun we all had with the invisibility cloak, that's not even including the kids. The cloak is aimed at children of six and over, but I think that older children and most adults will have more fun. The WOW! Stuff Invisibility Cloak and free app can take a little time to get your head around, but once you do the fun can really begin. We tried being creative with a household broom, levitating books, lanterns, pumpkins and even a toddler. Why not try and create those iconic scenes or become a floating head? The WOW! Stuff Invisibility Cloak normally retails at £45.99, but at the moment it's only £29.99 on Amazon and Smyths so grab yourself one now before they are all gone. I'm sure that this cloak will be on every Harry Potter fans Christmas list, if you're still unsure take a little peek at our video below to see how it all works. Just remember this cloak is not just for kids. 

We just wanted to thank Living with the Clarks for their help with making this video

** Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted our WOW! Stuff Invisibility Cloak  but as always all views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity. All images and video are subjected to copyright ©2019 .**

Autumn Leaf Hand Prints

It's half term for us at the moment and we have been busy little people, I'm actually amazed at how many activities we have crammed into our week already. But due to the rain most of those activities have been inside, so when the sun decided to make an appearance we decided to take advantage and go on an autumn scavenger hunt. We found so many wild and wonderful autumn treasures, but our autumn scavenger hunt excitement was soon met with the rain so we made our way home. After warming up with some hot chocolates and a snack or two it was time for an afternoon full of autumn crafts and these autumn leaf hand prints. 

Children love any chance to get messy, don't they? I know my little lady lady loves any opportunity to get her apron on and get her hands messy when craft box comes out. That's why I love these autumn leaf hand prints because they are a great excuse to unleash a little creativity, take in all the beauty of autumn whilst getting a little keepsake at the end. As long as you have wet wipes at the ready you will have lots of fun. 

For these autumn leaf hand prints you will need:

A4 white card or paper
Yellow, orange, red and brown poster paint
Assortment of paintbrushes
A black or brown felt tip pen.

1. Simply start off by squirting each colour around a paper plate or into separate pots if you prefer. 

2. For the lead paint your child's hand yellow, this is a great opportunity to encourage your child to take the lead and improve on their fine motor skills. Depending on their age you may have to be watch them in case they want to lick their hands or drip the paint onto the floor. 

3. One they have a yellow hand using different paint brushes for each colour; orange, red and brown paint dot the colours all over their hands. Just keep in mind to coat the hand in a thin layer of paint to get the best results for the leaf if not you have just have a blob of paint on your paper or card. 

4. When you have the desired colour for your lead simply take their hands to the paper and press down and make sure all of their hand makes contact with the paper and then gently peel away. 

5. Set aside to dry for 10-15 minutes and the take the brown or black felt tip one and draw some veins onto the hand print. You can be as creative with the colours as you want and add in some greens or more browns. 

We both enjoyed our afternoon making these cute autumn leaf hand prints, even if we did get a little messy. It's a great craft to do over half term and they also make the perfect little keepsake for family and friends. We have a scrap book full of all our daughter's creative flare so we shall pop some of these in there too. Will you try and make your own autumn leaf hand prints?

Sparkle Your Day with Sodastream

Water is the best thing you put in your body, yet even though we can all agree that drinking water is good for us we still don't drink enough. Water can help to control calorie consumption, boost kidney function, help with digestion, and improve our skin. Now I'm not going to sit here and say that I drink enough because in reality I just drink enough to keep going and over the last few week I have noticed a change in my skin, my hair and I feel really tired all the time. 

Drinking water has so many great health benefits, but let's be honest water can be boring. I know that I can drink around three glasses of water before reaching for the kettle, but I'm trying to limit my caffeine intake too. So over the last few weeks we have been looking at ways to drink more water and so far by jazzing up my water the whole family seems to be drinking more water. 

Infusing your water can make all the difference. It's so refreshing and I think it's far more appealing than just water and by preparing water in advance you can have as much ensure you keep to your water goals. We have even gone one step further by adding a little sparkle to our fruit infused waters, with our brand new Soda Water Maker the possibilities are endless. 

As a child a SodaStream was THE thing to have but for one reason or another my family never seemed to get around to getting one, so now we finally have one and can totally get behind the hype. My husband has been talking about getting something like this for a while but there are quite a few different types, styles and colours available on the market so we couldn't agree. But finally we decided on the SodaStream Spirit and its great way to add a little sparkle into our drinks. 

There are a number of reasons why we wanted to get a SodaStream the most important reason was to help and encourage us to drink more water, as plain ole tap water can be pretty boring. Not only that, over the course of a month my husband and I consumed far too many carbonated drinks on the go and it was pretty costly. We also have become more aware of our plastic usage and with this little SodaStream we can helped stop the single-use plastic bottle from going into landfill and help save the planet.

Our SodaStream Spirit is a compact cordless design that is super sleek and stylish, making it easier for use to enjoy a little sparkle at the touch of a button. The SodaStream Spirit comes in lots of colours including black, white, red, blue, pink, navy blue and dark purple to fit in with most kitchen decors. We had a black one but with our brand new kitchen the white would have gone so much better with the kitchen decor. You can buy the SodaStream on its own or with extras.  The hydration pack included the SodaStream maker, a gas cylinder, two 1 litre bottles, two 500ml bottles, Soda Press in the flavours Ginger Ale and Blueberry & Lime. 

The SodaStream Spirit comes with a single gas canister which can make up to 60L of sparkling water; so around a months worth. You can purchase additional gas canisters via the website, or from Argos, where you can take your old spent canister in and exchange it to save yourself the cost of a new one. Not only that SodaStream also have gas cylinder plans to choose from where you can choose to pay yearly or every three months making it more than affordable. Its going to be cheaper than buying single use plastic bottles which is also better for the environment.

How to set up your SodaStream?

To set the SodaStream Spirit up all you have to do is take off the back, twist the canister in and replace the back. It's that simple. Then fill your reusable bottles with water up to the line, place into the machine and push it back until you hear a click. Then press the button on the top for ten seconds or until the button feels harder to press and then pull the bottle forward and you're good to go. 

Now its time to get creative with the flavours and perhaps create a delicious cocktail or two. The bottle can then be reused as many times as you would like. You can either pour it into a glass as soon as you have made it fizzy or you can put the cap on the bottle and store in the fridge for later. We like to drink the water as it is or add some squash to it too. In our hydration pack we got two flavours Ginger Ale and Blueberry & Lime which are organic, less sugar content and no artificial flavourings. Honestly my favourite flavour of the two was the blueberry and lime but it still needs more than the two spoonfuls suggested. The Ginger Ale wasn't my favourite but its not really a flavour that I like anyway, but my husband preferred this one. 

Since we have been using the Sodastream Spirit we have been drinking so much more water, we still like to infuse with fruits, add the Soda Press flavours or squashes. It really tastes so much better than plain tap water. We are saving money, the planet and our health! So its a great change to make. 

** Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted our SodaStream Spirit and the Hydration Pack from SodaStream but as always all views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity. All images are subjected to copyright ©2019 **

Slap Ninja: How Fast Are You?

As my daughter is getting older she seems to be getting more into games, they are a great way to get some quality time as a family. However if your family is anything like mine then you will avoid games like Monopoly like the plague. But over the years games have seem to exploded with designers thinking of the most craziest ideas to get the whole family involved. Personally the best family games are the ones that you require a little luck with an element of surprise or tension, but most of all offer a lot of laughter as you play. The crazier the game the better.

That's exactly why I need to tell you all about our latest game Slap Ninja. Its fast paced, crazy and has an element or surprise with a zap or two just for fun. It is similar to the game you played in the school playground where you avoided your hands being touched or slapped at any cost, anyone else remember that game?

What is Slap Ninja?

Slap Ninja is the new fast paced skill and action game. Are you fast enough? You can play as a Ninja Master and use his huge karate chop SLAP to defend his coin from a very sneak opponents. Or play as a student trying to tap the coin in the Ninja's hands to try and defeat him. Three points need to be scored by the student or the master to win, its simple and easy to get your head around. On each side of the bench there are three sets of stars to help you keep track of the score, as it can be super quick and you want to try and aim for the stars to light up on your opponents side. The first player to defeat their opponent three times is the winner, and the loser gets zapped. 

I'm not normally a big fan of these types of games as they tend to lose their fun factor quickly but it was so much fun playing slap ninja with my daughter. We both enjoyed taking it in turns playing the master and then the student, the game is really fast paced so it kept us both interested. You really need to keep your eyes peeled though because if you don't you will most certainly get slapped and zapped. 

Slap Ninja is set up on a bench where the master and the student are trying to get to the precious coin which is clearly seen in the Ninjas hand. With the coin being red and pretty big in size really made it easy for each opponent to try and hit it before being slapped and zapped. On each side of the bench there are three sets of stars to help you keep track of the score, as it can be super quick and you want to try and aim for the stars to light up on your opponents side. The first player to defeat their opponent three times is the winner, and the loser gets zapped. The zap certainly packs a punch too, so make sure you get to the coin before being zapped.

The sound effects on the Slap Ninja are pretty intense and really take you by surprise. The first time we started to play my daughter wanted to be the student and jumped right out of her seat when she got zapped. I don't think we have ever laughed so much. It really is such a great game to play with the family. It definitely brings out a competitive streak in our daughter and for obvious zap reasons she wanted to be the master, every single time. 

One of the best parts about Slap Ninja was that it was so simple and easy to understand the aim of the game, we also loved that this each game was super quick and everyone was able to enjoy being a student and the master. We also got some cool red ninja bands included in out set so we could feel like a real ninja. However, my five year old wanted to play Slap Ninja with a blindfold to make it extra hard! Ha. Lets just say she wasn't a master for long. The only negative that we found with our Slap Ninja was that sometimes the handle would catch on the master side making it easier for the student to get to the coin, but other than that its a brilliant game. 

Slap Ninja is going to be that game everyone wants to add to their Christmas lists for sure, especially if you like getting slapped or zapped. Slap Ninja retails at £19.99 over on Amazon but they are available for only £14.99 at Very and £15.99 at Smyth Toys. 

** Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted Slap Ninja from Jakks Toys but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own **

Little Monster Halloween Treats

As always this time of year is the busiest month in our social calendar and we have so many adventures to look forward to. But just in case we don't already have a million things to organise we added a little Halloween baking into the mix just for fun.

Halloween treats are the best and if you're looking for a quick and simple Halloween treat or party food, then you will love making these little monster treats. They are so easy and simple to make you'll can make a batch of these in no time at all not including the setting of course. We enjoyed making these monster treats for home whilst watching some Halloween favourites, but they are great ideas for a spooky party or for you to enjoy at school. 

No monster Halloween treats are complete without a monster apron, right? We can't get over how cute our monster apron  is and the fact that they can be personalised with her name is even better. My daughter gave her little monster apron a name, Boris! Of all the names she could pick Boris was the one! Gift Pup have a wonderful range of Halloween gifts for children such as aprons, mugs and notebooks to jot down all those Halloween recipes. So we have prepared all the ingredients we need for our little monsters, washed our hands and now we are Halloween apron ready...

To make these little monster treats you'll need:

For the simple and easy treats use:

12 Kelloggs Rice Krispies Squares (see below for homemade)
500g white chocolate
Squires Food Colouring in Green
Writing Icing Pens in Green, Red and Blue

For the homemade rice crispy squares

165g Rice Krispies
45g Butter
250g Marshmallows

For these little monster Halloween treats you can choose to either use Rice Krispies Squares for a quick and easy treat. But if you have time and you're feeling more creative you can make your own Rice Krispies Squares so continue to first step of the method. However, if you want to make a simple and easy treat skip to step four. 

1. Melt the butter in a large non-stick saucepan over a low heat on the stove. Once melted, add the marshmallows and stir continuously until melted into the butter.

2. Add the Rice Krispies into the saucepan and stir into the melted butter and marshmallows using a spatula. When thoroughly combined, line the base of a dish with parchment paper and pour the mixture in.

3. Press into the dish until compacted down and up to the sides of the dish. Leave to cool. Once set, cut into 12 Rice Crispy treats.

4. Insert a lollipop stick into the base of each monster treat and place onto a baking sheet. Then place the baking sheet into the fridge for 15 minutes. 

5. After 15 minutes. Chop your chocolate and place in a heatproof bowl over simmering water, stir occasionally until completely melted, no licking the spoon.  

6. Now to colour your chocolate. For best results, use a oil based food colouring when it comes to adding it to the chocolate. Even a drop of water can turn your melted chocolate into a gritty mess, so add the colour in small increments and stir in thoroughly before deciding whether to add more. 

6. Taking each treat carefully dip each one into the bowl of chocolate and ensure that each one is fully covered, if you want a less mess approach spoon over the chocolate over the bowl and turn as you go. Then place onto a baking tray lined with parchment, then give each monster two edible eyes before the chocolate sets.

7. Let the little monster treats to set for about fifteen minutes then it's time to give your little monsters a face, nose and eyebrows. But you can really be as adventurous you want and remember to try and be creative. Wait a few minutes and your little monsters will be ready to eat. 

These little monsters are so easy and simple to make you can make a batch of these in next to no time. We enjoyed making these monster treats for home to enjoy watching our Halloween favourites, but they are great ideas for a spooky party or for you to enjoy at school. 

* Disclaimer: For this post we have used affiliate links, so if you do buy anything from the links used I will earn a small commission. We were kindly gifted our monster apron from Gift Pup but as always my words and imagery are my own.*

Unravelling the Language of Reverse Mortgage Application

When you retire, there are a lot of things to enjoy. But one thing you may not enjoy is having a severe reduction in income. When you need more retirement money, a traditional mortgage might be your first thought. However, getting one means paying an ongoing mortgage bill. A reverse mortgage is a good alternative, but before you apply you need to understand the language of reverse mortgage application.

What a retirement only mortgage is...

A reverse mortgage is sometimes called a retirement mortgage or a retiree-only mortgage. That is because you can only get it if you are at least 62 years of age. It is a mortgage designed to give you the most living security during retirement without increasing your monthly financial stress. It does so by providing you with funds out of your home value to spend free and clear for as long as your home stays your main residence. Since that could be several years, that means you can be financially freer during retirement.

Why is it referred to as 'reverse'...

A reverse mortgage is referred to as “reverse” for one simple reason. It pays you instead of you paying it. If you select to receive regularly scheduled payments, it can simulate the income you lose from working, at least for as long as funds last. Since you do not have to repay portions of it early on like you do with a traditional loan, the cash flows in the one direction, to you.

So what is a reverse mortgage calculation tool?

It is not as easy as it sounds to figure out how much you can borrow with a reverse mortgage. It requires the help of a reverse mortgage calculator. The purpose of a reverse mortgage funds calculator is to access your total home value and then apply specific formulas to figure out how much of that value you can legally and safely borrow. Those calculations are necessary due to government lending limitations and other rules.

Figuring out how much you can borrow is only one issue when dealing with a reverse mortgage. Knowing what the reverse mortgage calculator says you can borrow is essential. But another issue you have to deal with is choosing between a regular reverse mortgage and an HECM after the reverse mortgage. An HECM is a home equity conversion mortgage. It is essentially the same as a reverse mortgage, except it is offered through a government agency and is thus protected and insured by the government.

Deciding if you want a home equity line of credit...

The term “home equity line of credit” is one commonly associated with reverse mortgages. It simply means an account set up like a credit card. It allows you to borrow from your home equity when and how you want or need. The two common alternative ways to receive your money are in planned equal ongoing payments or as a single up front large payment. Deciding if you want to set up the line of credit is up to you. It depends on your current retirement needs and any future financial issues you anticipate.

How a loan period relates to a reverse mortgage...

In the world of reverse mortgages, the loan period is not as much of a concern as it is in the world of traditional mortgages. That is because a traditional mortgage has a set loan period, or period of time in which the loan must be repaid by you. A reverse mortgage is only fully due whenever you stop living on your property. Therefore, the loan period is not defined when you first sign the loan agreement.

As you can see, the language of reverse mortgages is not always straightforward and easy to understand. That is why it may benefit you to talk to a reverse mortgage advisor. He or she can help you decode the language. Once you clearly know the meaning of everything in a reverse mortgage contract, you can sign it with confidence.

Meet the Little Goo Drops from the Goo Goo Galaxy

My daughter has been completely enthralled by space since learning about it during her first year of school. Astronauts, planets, the sun, the moon if it's in our galaxy she wants to know about it. It was only the other day that I was trying to teach her that silly acronym about remembering the planets, anyone else remember that one? I think it's important to encourage children to learn about space to help develop an appreciation for the universe, but we can always have a little fun, add a little sparkle and use a little imagination...

Crashing from the the gooey galaxy far away are the squishy jiggly Goo Drops. These little alien babies are lost and stranded far from their home stars waiting to be rescued by goo loving Earthlings. Their squishy, jiggly bellies are filled with some of the goo from their galaxy and when you squeeze them you can see their sparkling, glittery galaxy move about inside them. 

We were kindly send over Astra Nommy and Yumi Unicorn who arrived in their little alien goo pods with windows all around. But during their crash landing our ones did get a little damaged but they were still great to use in our creative play. Inside each goo pod you will get goo doll, passport, goo-to-go cup, straw, string and three goo ingredients! There's a DIY galactic slime activity included that we were able to mix, make a little slime smoothie, with each colour having a special meaning.

Astra Nommy 

Say hello to Astra Nommy who has a very squishy, jiggly belly filled with some of the galaxy as we squeezed her belly we could see her sparkling, glittery galaxy move about inside. It looks like confetti and reminds me of sprinkles. Astra Nommy has a really bobbly body and we loved watching her head wobble as we played our games. She loves donuts, can be shy but is super sweet who is always on the look out for sweet treats to eat.

Inside the goo pod there is goo-to-go cup with the cosmic cloud and star shine, a straw with a string attached to the cup.  Inside the goo pod there is a pull the emergency hatch where the Inter-GOO-lactic Passport and the slime crystals were hidden inside. It's filled with heaps of fun details about Astra Nommy like her birthday, eye colour, height and what planet she's from. When we went to make our slime we couldn't find the slime as they had slipped into the back of the box so we went ahead with the cosmic cloud and star shine. The slime fell out and we took the cosmic cloud and star shine out of the cup, made the slime and popped the others two back into the cup. A slime smoothie perfect for our little goo pod, it was a pretty turquoise colour. As it has a little string attached to the pod we decided to attach it to a bag but we didn't secure the lid enough and cosmic cloud went everywhere, so its perhaps made more for display.

Yumi Unicorn

Meet Yumi Unicorn who is an adorable little unicorn. As many of you know my girl loves unicorns and magical creature so Yumi Unicorn was by far her favourite. It's hard not to see why she is the sweetest little goo drop filled with pretty purple mystical glitter goo from her Mystico home star. Yumi Unicorn is the Goo Drop who always has her head in the clouds, she's a dreamer who's a little forgetful! Aren't we all? With the D.I.Y activity with this go drop was easier as we knew that the slime crystals were hidden behind the pull emergency hatch, my daughter did this little smoothie on her own and it was a pink goo with blue on the top with a secret hidden message telling us to follow our dreams. 

DIY Galactic Slime Activity

Inside each goo pod you will find a little goo-to-go cup that had two small sachets inside, with a cute little straw and string attached. My daughter couldn't wait to start our slime activity, how as the slime crystals with Astra fell into the back of the box we couldn't do the slime part first. So make sure you checked your passport for the slime. The inter-goo-lactic passport included some information about the goo drop including their birthday, planet, eye colour and things that they like. For the Galactic Slime Activity there was a step-to-step guide in making the slime, or as we like to call it a goo drop smoothie! We started with adding the slime crystals and a little water into the goo-to-go cup allowing enough time for the slime to set. The next step was the cosmic cloud slowly adding water as the cloud grew, topping our goo drop smoothie with star shine. It is important to remember that the goo drop smoothie is for display only. Each smoothie colour has a special message from their little goo drops such as shoot for the moon, you're a real star, follow your dreams and you're out of this world.

We really enjoyed make the goo drop smoothie, but it's a shame that it is for display only. It's a tiny one shot packet of slime, cosmic cloud and star shine! The goo-to-go cup isn't secure enough and ended up on my carpets but a quick scoop back into the cup as we were good to go. At only £14.99 per Goo Drop it would make the perfect little stocking filler or small gift for someone who loves slime, glitter and creative play! My daughter has asked for Luna Laguna next. You can get these from Smyths Toys, The Entertainer, and Amazon. You can choose Astra Nommy, Yumi Unicorn, Stella Skygems or Luna Laguna why not collect them all?

** Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted the Goo Drops from Character Toys bundle but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own **

Autumn Goals

Hello October. It's the second of October and so it make complete sense to update you all with our plans for the autumn. I know, technically it's been autumn since the end of September but I kind of feel the start of October is when all things autumn can begin. Finally, the best month of the year is upon us and we can't wait for the beautiful colours, the fresh crisp air, walking in crispy leaves and the hot beverages, er hello pumpkin spice lattes! I'm definitely looking forward to snuggling up in blankets and reading a good book whilst watching the changing colours of the season. As always this time of year is our busiest month in our social calendar and we have so many plans. 

Go Pumpkin Picking

Something that has become our family autumn tradition is of course pumpkin picking, its a day out that we all look forward to. Living in the countryside we are surrounded by fields and fields, however there doesn't seem to be that many pumpkin patches where we live. So we have to jump in the car for a little adventure to a pumpkin patch our favourite place to pick our pumpkins is at Undley Pumpkin Patch. Over the last few years it really have grown in popularity and they even have car park attendants over late summer early autumn. But as well as it being a great place to pick up your pumpkins there are a few things that children can get involved with such as bounce on the pumpkin shaped bouncy castle, get lost in the the maze, have their face painted, ride a donkey as well as climbing tyres and hay bales. There is also a tent that is full of lots of stalls that have an array of different handmade things perfect to add to your autumn decor. A couple of year back there was also a craft area but for one reason or another that part was taken away, so we are hoping that it comes back this year. 

Update Home Decor For Autumn

As soon as we begin to see those crisp golden leaves fall from trees, I am always ready to update my home for autumn. At the minute, everything still seems to be light and bright but now I am ready to welcome the seasonal changes. We have pretty neutral d├ęcor in our house, so we’ll be adding in a few autumnal prints and a cosy knit blanket or two. So far, we have updated our blinds and added some lovely mocha thermal curtains which is something that we have been meaning to do for some time, but never seem to get around in doing. I am ready for the autumnal feels in our home and we have already started to update every single candle, not forgetting stocking up on the best autumnal candle, the gingerbread candle. We have been adding a few copper hues to our living rooms and last month we some jar lights that are perfect to switch on alongside our lamp in the evenings. When it comes to being comfortable during the colder months, everybody is different. Some like to add a new blanket or pillow to their current decor, some enjoy turning the heating up and some like to indulge. By adding a new rug, or curtains can make all the difference to your home to help make it feel more comfortable. 

Autumn Photography

Being inspired by the lovely Sara Tasker and her wonderfully creative book Hashtag Authentic I plan on exploring the world in all its glory this autumn. By reading this book has really impacted on the way that I look at the world and its so much more exciting behind a camera lense. Honestly, if you love photography and want to try and up your game them go read her amazing book. Its full of photography tips, tricks and there are even a couple of challenges in there too. So with that in mind I'm so eager to get out, explore and capture. Autumn brings the warm colours, glowing lights and glorious backdrops, making something truly magical that only autumn photography brings. One of the great things about family autumn photography is not only the glow and the warm colours, but that it's not too cold so children are more than happy to be outside playing in the leaves, collecting conkers and returning home for a hot chocolate. There are many different places in Norfolk that we have yet to discover. 

Drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

With the cold autumn weather it gives you an excuse to sip on mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream. Not forgetting that Starbucks have launched their Pumpkin Spice Latte and drinking indulgent drinks is an absolute must do for autumn, forget the calories. Is it even autumn if there is no pumpkin spice? Probably not! However, the extra expenditure over the colder months can add up so I plan on making my own creation of the pumpkin spice latte, so watch our Starbucks! A little indulgent drink every now and again is ok but being on slimming world can be pretty difficult. That was until I came across this little bottle of goodness. Say hello to Jordan's Sugar Free Syrups with Pumpkin Spice, they even do a foam whip that you can pump into a latte! Yes please. 

All Things Halloween

With October comes the time we get involved with all things Halloween and we are all so excited to get into the spirit of Halloween. It has to be the best time of year for my little girl and like every year we shall be getting dressed up and heading into town to do our local Halloween trail. Our local Borough Council and the Vancouver Quarter always team up to celebrate Halloween with a special trail around the town. Last years trail was in the main town centre and started at 3pm where children and their parents were invited to collect a special Halloween map before making their way around to collect clues and sweets. At the end of the trail we handed our maps in to get a bag of sweets as if they needed more. They are changing things a little this year and the event is on a Saturday and during the day meaning that there will be lots if villains and workshops in town. What is Halloween without a little pumpkin carving? Carving pumpkins is so much fun and the possibilities are endless. My husband and daughter had a great time carving pumpkins last year together, obviously my husband did the actual carving, however our daughter had so much fun scooping the insides out. You can have just as much fun with some of our no carve pumpkin ideas too. 

What are your plans and goals for autumn?

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