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6 Ways to Help Prepare for a Holiday with a Toddler

A trip to the beach. Nothing but the sun in your hair, sand in your toes, and a much needed dose of relaxation, right? A trip to the countryside. Nothing but quaint cottages and tranquil views, right Maybe, but that’s only if you discount the frantic packing and shopping and list-making that occurs the week before you go. And adding a toddler to the equation guarantees at least triple the amount of planning, packing, and stuff to cart along with you.

Honestly, the immense degree of forethought required when talking a holiday with a toddler might make it tempting to skip the salty waves and tranquil settings altogether. To make the whole process less intimidating, today I’m sharing a few tips that come to mind when thinking about holidaying with a one-year-old. Today we set off bright and early for our first family holiday, something that both my husand and I were looking forward to, that was until we started to pack and ended up in a complete meltdown. Even though these people are little, there need so MUCH stuff, and I am the type of parent that wants to be prepared for everything. But what one earth do I pack for a toddler? For seven days? And for a holiday in England in the Summer time, where it will undoubtedly rain at some point in those seven days!

I love writing list and so I thought that I would start off by writing a list of all the things the little lady would need and how many sets of clothes I should pack before, I then did a list for me, and then my husband. Before I knew it, I had one day left to pack! Whoops. Then a small frantic meltdown occurred. What do I pack for a toddler? How many baby grows do I take? What shoes? A coat? What if its hot? What if it rains? I some how managed to pack for the three of us, for seven days in less than 24 hours! BOOM! Squeezing as much as we could in our car, setting off for our four hour car journey. But before we are even at the end of the road I can hear this little squeaky voice in the back 'Ooooh' 'Mum, look' 'Raisins please'! Any car journey with a toddler can be difficult and so I thought that I would share my top tips in surviving those car journeys with them. So sit back and relax, we got this.

Make a plan and make lists.

Plan ahead and allow plenty of time in order not to feel rushed or stressed when getting to and through the car journeys or the airport. You need to have some sort of idea of what you will need to take with you, and think about all the thing that you may need to on the plane or in the car. You have packed your suitcase so the last thing you want is to pull out your heavy suitcase to try and get a change of clothes for your little poop machine, so be sure to have some essentials at hand.

Be organised.

Being organised is a complete essential when it comes to holiday and especially the case when you have a little one. If you have more than one child, then you have your work cut out. So along with you lists start packing in advance, not like I did! By the time it comes to your holiday you may be able to scrap a couple of items meaning there's a little more breathing room for your belonging. 


As parents we are not supposed to use food to bribe our children, but on long car journeys, regular snacks can help alleviate boredom and keep little ones happy. A hungry travelling child is NEVER a happy travelling child. Dried fruit, crackers, rice cakes and cubes of cheese are all great choices for snacking. Avoid anything too sticky, because a few chocolate buttons were a great idea to give to my daughter. 

Load up your phone or tablet. 

Download plenty of toddler friendly apps and games. It also helps to have a good supply of cartoons. Some people may frown upon kids being given tablets to play with, but kids love feeling like they’re doing things that adults do, so are much more likely to be kept entertained for longer if they’re using their mum or dad’s tablet. And for the sake of a peaceful journey, it’s worth it!

Don't forget about those comforts.

When it comes to your little one getting some sleep on a long journey, make sure they have whatever comforters they like to help them settle. This could be their favourite blanket, a special cuddly toy or even just a dummy. If you have room, pack a small pillow to make it easier for them to nod off on a flight. We all have those material comforts that help with our well-being so remember to pack their favourite blanket, a favourite book or their favourite toy so that they will feel more comfortable. My daughter does like sleeping in her cot bed so I bring her bedding, night light and her favourite yellow blanket.   


If your child suffers from travel sickness or struggles to get to sleep when travelling, make sure you pack some medicine that will help them to feel better and also help to ease them off to sleep. Calpol is the perfect child-friendly solution to making little tots feel as good as new again if they’re feeling a bit under the weather.

Hopefully it all sounds a bit more appealing now? If so, it’s never too late to book a last minute holiday.

Amelia's 14 Month Update

As I started this blog after my daughter's first birthday, something I really regret. I have missed out on writing about the milestones, the lack of sleep and watch my daughter grow. I have decided that I need to begin documenting her progress with some updates on her. Wow, today my beautiful daughter is 14 month old how is this even possible? It honestly feel like only yesterday when I was holding my 6lb 7oz new born baby. But she seems to be changing so much every day, even those chubby cheeks. 


My daughter weighs 20lb and is measuring 31inches, meaning another growth spurt. And sometimes it's really hard to keep up with her and the rate she grows. Especially those long legs of hers. I can actually remember at a growth scan that her legs were measuring older than her body, well at least she wouldn't be following in my family's foot step and being a midget. At 14 month old, she still gets taken for an eight or nine month old. My daughter's hair is FINALLY growing, so I don't always have to flatten the crazy hair style you seem to rock these days. 

Despite being only 14 months old she still wears clothes that are aged 6-9 months and some 9-12 months, and in comparison to other babies in the family she is very small. A little exciting trip to Clarks this week when we had her feet measured and she was a C3, but at other shops she's in between a 2 and a 3. But my husband is not so excited about being able to get into proper shoes, as this mean she will have lots and lots. I mean she has to have a good collection like her mum, doesn't she?


This month, big changes were happening. It's time to ditch the night time bottle. However, half way through the month and we are failing miserably as she still loves a 7oz bottle before bedtime. But this is something that we can work on over the next month or so as the health visitor has said that you really shouldn't be having a bottle at your age. I am not sure what age is the right time though? Real food wise she's having three meals a day with a couple of snack in between. My daughter is pretty obsessed with veggies and can never eat a meal without some broccoli and always asks for more trees. New food is something that we are trying to experiment with over the next few months, because I want her to have a balanced diets that doesn't become the same meals all the time. Our new food for this month has been courgettes and there are so many new recipes that we have discovered with this super food we have been enjoying some courgetti spaghetti, courgette bakes, and these amazing courgette fritters.


Am I allowed to say that I literally have the best one year old? Is that allowed? Like beauty never fails to make me smile, even when I really should have a 'it's not funny' look about. It's always so hard though? This month the little lady has been enjoying theatrics, by falling over to try and get even more attention. The ones that tend to fall for her theatrics are of course the grandparents who immediately get up to give her cuddles, she already has them wrapped around her little finger. However even though most of the time she is this adorable cute baby, the tantrums have well and truly began. Actually, they are coming thick and fast. I would have to say that most of the tantrum stem from your frustration, but it's a learning curve for both of us. 

At the end of the month all three of us hit a big milestone, our first family holiday It was such an exciting time in our live and we were all looking forward to spending some time away together, however those seven days were complete hell. We didn't sleep, she didn't sleep, no one got any sleep. I know that it's got something to do with separation anxiety


I must admit when it comes to sleep, we are pretty lucky as you have been sleeping through the night since she was about six weeks old. No, we don't have a nanny, or anything she actually sleeps through. Some of us will be lucky and get a great little sleeper who sleeps through before they can walk, whilst others get an night owl who is awake for the best part of two years! I'm afraid it does happen. Now if you are one of those parents who have a little night owl, I feel for you, I really do. It was hard graft, that's for sure. I can wholeheartedly say that both my husband and I worked so hard with our daughter and believe that establishing a routine as soon as you can helped her sleep through.
We also were advised by a friend to get little slumber elephant and a white noise app, best 89p I have ever spent. 


Oh my word she absolutely loving raisins at the moment, it's like she cannot get enough of them and it's such a great snack to tie her over until lunch time. My daughter also loves to brush her teeth and I think that this is great and when ever I ask she will try and make her way to the bathroom. And as much as you love to brush your teeth when it's time to take the toothbrush away, you tend to have meltdown so brushing her teeth is something that I have come to dread some nights. Let's hope that this is short lived. 


My daughter took her first steps at 11 months old but over the last few week she seems to have gone back to crawling to get everywhere, especially when she's wearing new shoes. Just imagine bambi on ice, yep that's how my daughter is. Another milestone that we seem to be smashing at the moment is speech and she's beginning to make complete sense, words such as  'hi', 'bye', 'duck', 'dog' and even 'jakey', 

My daughter only has 2 teeth but it seems as if she's been teething for months - I just wish these suckers would come through already. Sometime told me that this month would be a great time to introduce potty training, so this month we got some Peppa Pig underwear. She took to it quite well? Yep, the potty went onto the head. I am unsure if it's too early I have no clue but we will see how we go. If any of you have a potty trained little one I am more than happy for any advice, probably thankful.

WICKED WEDNESDAYS | #3 Oh no mummy is back!!!

Oh no mum is back...why does she always come back when I am busy? Doesn't she know I like to be creative with my mess. 

What Would You Tell Your Pre-mummy Self?

What would you tell your pre-mummy self? Have you ever wondered what you would tell yourself before having a baby? What NOT to do or actually take advice you should have. I know that I wished I'd taken some advice of "you need to sleep when the baby does". There was always something that I had to do instead. So here are some things that I would tell my pre-mummy self...

The first few months are hard work, actually hell!

These first few months are pretty much hell especially if you love sleep, showering, eating hot food and functioning like a normal human being. But trust me if you can survive these first few weeks with a new-born baby you can pretty much survive anything! When I was pregnant I was told becoming a parent was hard but its impossible to give you an idea of what it is really like. You become solely responsible for this little being and you will see parts of yourself that will be unrecognisable to you. You will be different, your body will be different and your life will be different. But be rest assured as bad as you think it is you will get through it and you will have special moments with your little one along the way that will be unforgettable. My first unforgettable moment with my daughter was when she clutched my hands for the first and look into my eyes - something that I will treasure forever. 

Sleep, sleep and sleep some more...

I really wished I listened to this advice as you will honestly not know how hard it is when your sleeping routine is thrown up in the air with the arrival of your baby. So any pre-mummy's out there please please please forget whatever you think is important and go catch some zzzs and have those eight hours of sleep that you will never get again. 

You need to appreciate how simple your life is right now...

Once you become a parent you will soon realise how simple your life was before. What used to be a 20 minute trip to do the food shop will now be an hour long run to account for the boot load of stuff you will need to take with you. The car seat, the pram, huge overloaded changing bag, emergency feeds, keeping dummies to hand or being prepared for an explosive poop! ALWAYS BE PREPARED. Those days of a doing a simple food shopping are well and truly gone but now I look forward to eating my squished bread, half a bunch of grapes and handling soggy cereal boxes. 

Don't take anyone for granted...

Being a parent is hard work, something that I didn't realised before. Understanding their cries, when to feed them, when to change them and learning to do what is best for both you and your baby. Since having Amelia there is one thing that I can say - I appreciate my mum and dad so much more than. My mum had three children under four by the age of 24! When I was this age the thought of having three children under four scared me - I only just managed to move out!!! Parents are always willing to help you and lend a hand and don't feel bad if you do want to drop the baby off to the grandparents for a few hours while you sleep - they will love it. Let people help if they want to, its okay. 

Catch up on all your TV watching...

After your baby arrives there will be no way you can watch TV without that little person wanting you or making a noise! I have a one year old so I expect not to be able to hear my programme but what makes me laugh is that she is completely silent through Peppa Pig. What is all that about? Cbeebies will become your saviour but will also drive you a little crazy at times, unless you are like me and like to sing along! So make sure that you watch as many programmes as you can before the baby arrives. 

You need to understand that some things will never change...

Now this is not as bad as you may be thinking. Those perfect jeans you are always on the hunt for but can never find or those shoes that are never in stock in your size. Yes that will probably still be the same but what does change is that you will always be able to find the perfect outfit for your baby. You will never go into a shop without a visit to the little people department, whenever I shop for myself I always come away with outfits for Amelia. 

Say goodbye your lovely clean clothes...

Yes pre-mummy's soon you will realise that there is really no point in wearing all those lovely expensive clothes for the first few weeks as the will be covered milk, vomit, baby dribble, boogies, snot, tears and poop! The lot! I know and I am sorry to say but it doesn't really change as they get older. Whenever Amelia and I go out I will wait until the last possible most moment to put on my tops as she loves to chew my hair and dribble all over my tops! :)

But here is the great part...

You will never ever experience a love like a love for your child. Before your baby you thought you knew what it was to be loved or to love another, you cannot begin to comprehend this type of love. The bond between a parent and a child is one of the strongest ever known to nature, the love is unconditional and impossible to break. Once your baby comes along none of this stuff will actually bother you in the long run. You will discover so many new things about yourself as a parent - you will become a stronger person, be overprotective but at the same time become a little vulnerable. But its the most amazing experience becoming a parent and I am so lucky to have my little lady in my life and along with my husband we are having the greatest adventure.

One Month into Blogging

So its my one month blogging birthday. Happy birthday to meeeeee, happy birthday to meeeeee, happy birthday to meeeee okay okay I will stop now and get back to the post :) I have been blogging for one whole month and I absolutely LOVE it, why didn't I do this sooner? When I first started my blog I was unsure whether people would actually read my blog or like the content. One month in and I am getting some lovely comments I really didn't think this would happen so early on. There is so much that I am learning as a newbie blogger so here are 4 things that I have come to realise about blogging...

one month into blogging

So many blog everyday...

All the bloggers that I follow blog almost everyday. How good is that? very organised! At the moment I am not as consistent with my content as I should be and I definitely need to work on this. I would love to be able to post everyday and have a few posts already to go for publishing. But it is definitely more difficult that I thought. I don't really want to rush all my content and publish stuff that will send people to sleep as I ramble on. But from now on I will make a bigger effort to be more organised. 

It's not just about your content of your blog...

That is only a small percentage. Before my blog I would on use Facebook, Instagram and maybe a little bit of Twitter. But now I have signed up to every social media possible linking up, sharing, hash tagging and reading new blogs all the time. Now I am not suggesting that is what all new bloggers need to do this but I was interested in connecting and building up readers and followers. But it's a great distraction too. 

There is a huge community of bloggers that have their own circles...

Blogging has great sense on community. As you know I love reading blogs there are some I read everyday and some that I just stumble upon. But since starting this blog I have found that many are so welcoming and very encouraging and will take the time to re-tweet your tweets or follow you. Yes I do get a little happy when this happens maybe even a little giddy!

I have definitely become more tech-savvy...

Technology is not my thing and I don't really remember loads from my school days. But I am learning so much I even know what a 'linky' is now...this did take a few attempts but I soon cracked it and now I love linking up with others. There are parts of my blog that I like to avoid at all times don't even get me started on HTMLs - how hard are these? I find it so confusing and take my hat off to those who do! 

But I want to thank you for taking an interest in my blog and I feel as if I am progressing rather well in way that I didn't think was possible so early on. I am so happy that I decided to start a blog and cannot wait to continue with the adventure...

Easy Peasy Courgette Slice

Many parents know that toddlers are fussy little people and trying to get new food becomes more difficult as their toddlers starts to gain their independence. Although this can be very frustrating, being a fussy eater is a normal phase in their development. Just know that it will get better with time. 

Most toddlers will eat enough to keep them going, even if they are refusing food at times. They know what they like and they need time to learn that unfamiliar foods are safe and enjoyable to eat. A big mistake parents make is believing their child doesn’t like something because she refused it the first time around. The key us to try, try and try again.

Food needs to be fun! There are a variety of ways that they can explore food so that they can become more familiar. Why not try and give a fruit or veggie a new funny name? Or try a hidden veggie recipe or bung everything into a blender for a delicious juice or smoothie! Offering fingers foods to my daughter is the best way to allow her to explore food, even if she does make as mess as she goes. 

We like to buy a new fruit or veggie each week so we can try new recipes or develop fun ways to explore them and this week our veggie choice was courgettes. They have a high water content, significant levels of Vitamin C and potassium and are a good source of soluble fibre. But they were never really a first choice when it comes to veggies, however since introducing courgettes to my daughter they are fast becoming a favourite of ours. So I wanted to share this easy peasy courgette slice. 

For this easy peasy courgette slice you'll need:

2 medium eggs 
64g of self-raising flour, sifted 
150g courgette, grated 
1/2 onion, chopped and diced
100g bacon 
40g cheddar cheese 
1-2 tbsp of olive oil


1. Preheat the oven at 180 ℃/Gas Mark 4. Grease a deep set baking tray or dish with parchment.

2. Chop the bacon and remove any visible fat. Add the bacon to medium frying pan cooked through, once cooked set to one side.

3. Using a medium bowl beat the eggs with a whisk until fully combined.

4. Gradually sift the flour in to the eggs until smooth. Add in the grated courgette, chopped onion, cooked bacon, cheese and oil until combined. 

5. Pour the prepared mixture deep set tray and dish and bake in the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes. Leave in the tray or dish for ten minutes before removing and choice into slices. Serves with a freshly cut salad and roast potatoes, or a side of your choosing.

I have Joined Bloglovin'

I would love to hear what you think about my blog so please feel free to get into touch. You can find me at Bloglovin, or you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest.

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We are back with another Wicked Wednesdays post where I get to share a fantastic and funny photo of my little one and this week I have decided to share this one. My daughter hair is FINALLY starting to grow but as soon as we dry it with a hair dryer we end up with this crazy hair do.

Why Having a One Year Old is The Best

I am the lucky owner of a one year old. My life is filled with so much joy, lots of smiles and giggles because of this one. As you know Amelia turned one just over two months ago and we celebrated her special day with lots of family and friends coming over, a visit to the zoo and cake. So I thought I would share with you the reasons why having a one year old is the best!

Our daughter knows who we are...

Now I know that this may seem strange but I can see that Amelia knows who we are. When we leave a room she notices and her face lights up when we arrive home. This is a fantastic feeling just to know that she has missed us.

Our daughter can do so much more...

I no longer have to live by the mantra eat, sleep, poop, repeat routine. Amelia moves about so much more and those days of leaving her on her play mat to try rolling over and crawling are well and truly gone! My days are filled with Amelia running away from me to go hide under our coffee table, climbing stairs or shaking the safety gate because I wont let her in the kitchen because I am cooking. 

We have our own 'language'...

Obviously Amelia cannot speak but we can understand each other...sort of. We have lots of hand gestures, pointing and screams when she wants something and I love this. Amelia's first word was 'dada' and I was so annoyed is wasn't 'mama' as I did spend most of my time with her - she said 'mama' a few months later :)

She loves to laugh...

Amelia is probably the only person in the world that loves to see me dance and listen to my awful singing. I love the fact that my antics make her giggle we have so much fun being silly. I am sure that there will be a time when she will not find me as funny but for now singing wheels on the bus with her all day is the way forward. 

Now that she is a year old we don't have to sterilise...

As soon as our little lady turned one we put her steriliser away. Okay I confess I did pull a major sad face when I used it for the last time, my baby is growing up way too fast. The steriliser is cleaned and put away FOREVER...oh I am such a drama queen...its away until my husband says we can start baby number 2! But to be honest with you all once she started crawling and put anything and everything in her mouth or licking the floor it seemed pretty pointless sterilising.

Toys are so much more fun...

Before Amelia turned one she would have a lot of soft play but now she has lots of new fun toys to play and we can join in. Yes as WE have to test them out too. But sometimes we are left playing together in the middle of our living room while Amelia has gone off to play with the coasters. But this is okay because we have a child and have an excuse. This is not the case when we are out and about and Tony sets off all the noisy toys in the shop and does a runner!!! We get some funny looks!

She loves to mimic...

We love that she has so much fun when she copies our behaviour especially sticking her tongue out, waving and blowing kisses. Amelia is getting on so well with nursery rhymes and their actions her favourite is 'wind the bobbin up' - she loves to point. However when we try to show family and friends the little monkey doesn't want to perform. Why do children do that? Build up to their trick and think 'no more today'! I want to show people how amazing my daughter is...

My one year old is just the best and she makes me smile from ear to ear everyday. I honestly couldn't imagine my life with my little ray of sunshine.

Interiors: Let's Finish This Bathroom

Last weekend was a busy one for us my husband as "project get the bathroom finished" commenced. When we first moved in this was one room that needed lots of work. As you can see it was not great. I hated the tiles with the black grout that had flecks of orange in them. Then there was the random blue and white tiles above the sink and along the bath, they just looked odd.

The first step was to re-tile the bathroom. I am glad we decided to start this project as there was some damage to the walls behind the tiles and they needed re plastering. I had a go at the plastering too - I don't think I did too badly but Tony did most of the plastering.

Our bathroom was half tiled and half wallpapered as we wanted to break up the light tiles. For the bathroom we were going for a nautical theme. I know a nautical theme for a bathroom, who knew? We used Dulux in blue lagoon as it looked so vibrant and it looked amazing against the tiles. 

Then it was time for my favourite part to add the finishing touches. We had a few ornaments, a white mirrored cabinet and a wooden unit along with some pretty artwork.

What do you think of our nautical theme in the bathroom? Do you like the colours?

WICKED WEDNESDAYS | Why won't she mute?

So we wanted to start getting involved with blogging community this month and I have taken part in my first ever linky. Brummy Mummy of 2 hosts this amazing weekly linky called Wicked Wednesdays where you share a funny picture of your little one and this week I want to share this little picture of her. Why won't she mute? My mummy trying to keep me quiet when all I want is her attention. Doesn't she know I am having a tantrum!!!

The Best Banana Loaf


We love bananas in the house, however on the rare occasion if we do have one or two left over there is only one thing for it! BANANA LOAF! For those who love a cup of tea and a slice of cake, this post is for you! I have to say, I could be biased, but it's pretty good. 

To make this banana loaf you will need:

140g butter 

140g sugar 

140g self-raising flour 

2 large or 3 medium eggs 

1 tsp of baking powder 

2 over ripe bananas 

50g icing sugar 

A few crushed banana chips

1. Preheat the oven to 180C for fan assisted or gas mark 4. Grease and line a 2lb loaf tin with parchment. 

2. Cream the butter and sugar then slowly add the eggs with a spoonful of flour. Add the remaining flour, baking powder and mashed bananas. 

3. Pour the mixture into the loaf tin, bang on the counter to get rid of air bubbles and bake for 30-40 minutes all depending on your oven. 

4. Let the loaf cool in the tin for 10 minutes 

5. Mix the icing sugar with tbsp of warm water. Add more or less to get a thick consistency. If you want pop the mixture in a piping bag and pipe a pattern on the top, if not just drizzle with a spoon. Then decorate with the crushed banana chips! 

Happy baking beauties

What's the Big Issue About a Dummy?

I never really planned on using a dummy! I wanted to be able to power through and not let my daughter rely on one, but at just two days old, I completely caved and gave my daughter dummy. It was so awful to hear her cries her sobs and feeling completely useless! Being a first time mum is hard, perhaps I could have stuck it out, but do you know what I don't care and I don't regret giving her one. My daughter soon settled, she laid peacefully in her Moses basket, happily sucking away. Finally, she was happy, she was content, I felt as if I had actually accomplished soothing her with a little help of course. So what's the big issue with using a dummy?

I don't know what it is but there seems to be a huge stigma with using a dummy. So many people judge and make comments. Some people have even made comments that using a dummy shows your weakness as parent, oh come on. Do we all have to be in competition with another. As if we haven't got enough to try and figure out as new parents. I then came home, told myself not to listen to someone else's negative comments, I will do what I think is right. My husband and I have fought really hard to become presents and I need to have more faith in myself and know that I can do this, with or without a dummy. Even David Beckham has been criticised for giving his four year old a dummy! Some many people who like to call themselves 'experts' have jumped on the band wagon to try and criticise the Beckham's parenting skills. So much so, making awful suggestions that it could cause developmental issues. I'm not here to say there is no truth to their claims but what I am here to say is who has the right to actually judge other parents and their parenting skills, we are too quick to judge these days.

We have to think that despite the judgemental comments, it is just a dummy!

I cannot help feel as if I need to try and make a point, perhaps more of a moan. But it's something that I do feel very strongly about. No one has the right to judge other parents! We are all trying our best and this whole parenting thing is a continuous learning curve and something that not everyone can understand, unfortunately. My daughter has a dummy, and as you know people have already been making comments about it, at first I was bothered but now, I actually don't care. I actually read somewhere that you are supposed to take a dummy away at around 12 months old, some even go as far to suggest that there is no need to soothe a baby with a dummy after 4 months. Seriously are these 'experts' even parents? Not unless you have a patience of a saint and don't like to go to sleep! My daughter is thirteen month old and still has a dummy and quite frankly I don't care what people think if she has it or not. But it helps to soothe her, keep her content, it's her comfort and I do have to say she looks pretty adorable. I don't think there is an age limit of when to take a child's dummy away, just do what is right for you and your child. I will know when the time is right for my daughter, I am hoping she will be able to tell me she's ready and when she does I know I will be ready too!

So do you use a dummy with your child? If so, what do you think about the issues about dummies? If you don't I'd love to hear your thoughts?

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Forever Living

Lately, it seems as if our household are venturing into natural products more and more. Quite recently we have been using some natural products for our hair, our skin and now we have come across a this company Forever Living. I don't know if you have noticed but there seems to be a new health and beauty craze that everyone seems to want to try - Aloe Vera, which has become known as the miracle plant. It’s used in traditional Indian medicine for constipation, skin diseases, infections and as a natural remedy for colic. In Chinese medicine, it’s often recommended in the treatment of fungal diseases, and in the Western world, it has found widespread use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Aloe Vera produces two substances used for medicine: The gel is obtained from the cells in the centre of the leaf, and the latex is obtained from the cells just beneath the leaf skin. Most people use Aloe gel as a remedy for skin conditions, including burns, sunburn, psoriasis and cold sores, but there is a host of other Aloe Vera benefits. Aloe gel is used for treating osteoarthritis, bowel diseases, fever, itching and inflammation. It’s also used as a natural remedy for asthma, stomach ulcers, diabetes and for soothing side effects of radiation treatment. Aloe latex is used to naturally treat depression, constipation, asthma and diabetes.

So as you can see there are so many benefits to using this miracle plant and I couldn't wait to get my hands on some. Forever Living is a company that offers a range of natural products that combine all the benefits of the Aloe Vera gel with other ingredients. There are so many products that you could choose from to add a little Aloe Vera into your life, Forever Living offer a wide range of gels, juices, supplements, hair and beauty products, sport nutrition, weight management and even pet care. Seriously you'll be able to find something to suit your lifestyle. Luckily for me, I came across a representative that I actually know who was more than helpful in answering all my questions about one product in particular, their Aloe Vera Gel. I had heard nothing but good thing about this Aloe Vera Gel and I was really interested in all the health benefits of drinking a small glass of this everyday to help aid my weight loss and increase my energy levels. 

Aloe Vera Gel (RRP £21.62/1 Litre)

I honestly couldn't wait to try my Aloe Vera Gel, but before I tell you how I got on with the Aloe Vera Gel I thought that it would be a good idea to tell you about all the health benefits:
  • It contains 19 of the 20 amino acids that are required by the human body, and seven of the eight that the human body can't product itself, helping to promote overall health.
  • Contains numerous vitamins and minerals
  • Good for the gut flora
  • Can aid digestion
  • Can help with bowel movements
So, how was it?

First things first, let's get this one out of the way: the taste wasn't great! There were no two ways about it, it was pretty awful! In a nutshell, the scent of the gel was very medicinal, almost like TCP, and the gel itself tasted like watery, bitter acid reflux with a slight sweet tinge on the finish. Can you imagine that?  As I was trying to stomach the gel, I remember thinking what on earth have I wasted my money on! I spoke to my representative as I was struggling and she advised me to drink my Aloe Vera Gel before I did anything else, it was worse after brushing my teeth. However, when I started to add fruit juice, or cordial to the gel it became more bearable. Thankfully, you don't need to drink a lot to get the benefits and now I no longer wake up dreading that shot glass in the morning. 

The first thing that I noticed about drinking this gel daily was how settled my stomach became. Quite recently I have been suffering with my tummy, partly because of the complete change in my diet and I would get very strange sensations in my tummy, similar to baby kicks. But since drinking this little shot of Aloe Vera Gel, it's completely vanished. A bonus for me was seeing a big change with my hair, skin and my overall well being. I wasn't questioning whether the nasty taste was worth it or not, because I knew it was working almost straight away. A great improvement to help me ensure I live a healthier lifestyle that's for sure. After using this Aloe Vera Gel for a month, I was then kindly offered to try out some other Forever Living products. In order for me to reap the benefits of the Aloe Vera products I made sure that I swapped them with my usual products. 

The Products...

Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo (RRP £14.71/296ml)

This shampoo helped to create soft, shiny and manageable hair with the pure Aloe Vera content, for all types of hair. I really liked this shampoo, it foamed up really nicely and left my hair feeling much softer than usual. It completely stripped my hair of all products and left my hair feeling less tangled than usual after washing with my go to products - L'Oréal Elvive or the Aussie Range.

Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse (RRP £14.71/296ml)

This contains jojoba and vitamin B to help nourish, protect and strengthen the hair. I left this conditioning rinse on for a few minutes, as recommended, then rinsed out. Normally I only condition my ends, but with this I decided to do my roots too. This left my hair feeling so soft and shiny and smelled great. Even though the hair products are amazing the cost put me off, definitely over priced.

Aloe Hand & Face Soap (RRP £11.27/473ml)

This is a luxurious natural moistening, cleansing soap with a mild formula. This product is perfect for the entire family and great for sensitive skin (I have eczema). It has a wonderful refreshing scent and leaves your skin feeling soft and cleansed. At first I was put off using a hand soap for my face because I just thought it was odd, but I am glad I did. This left my face feeling hydrated and I didn't get that tight or sore feeling.

Aloe Lotion (RRP £12.73/118ml)

This Aloe lotion had a thick consistency but soaks in quickly without leaving you feeling greasy. After about 10 minutes I felt as if I hadn't applied any cream at all. My skin felt nourished and so soft, this is by far one of the best lotions I have ever tried. I would recommend and purchase. I even use this on softener my feet after a bath - its such a fab moisturiser.

Forever Bright® Sparkling Aloe Vera Toothgel (RRP £5.98/130g)

For me, this has to be my favourite product from the range. The Forever Bright® Sparkling Aloe Vera Tooth gel has been formulated for the entire family to use, it contains the highest quality ingredients. It is also suitable for vegetarians since it contains no animal by-products. Natural peppermint and spearmint flavourings leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. But what I am most intrigued with is that it is fluoride free, what could be better?

At first, I was a little dubious about the tooth gel in comparison to my usual toothpaste but I still couldn't wait to try the Forever Bright ®. Squeezing a pea sized amount onto my toothbrush, I was completely surprised by the bright green colour, I guess I wasn't really expecting that! I have been conditioned my entire life into brushing a white thick paste across my teeth, with the emphasis on giving you a brighter, whiter smile seeing that bright green pea sized amount of toothpaste on my toothbrush I was unsure. The taste of the tooth gel was super refreshing, cool and easy to brush around my teeth and gums, I actually thought that this tooth gel tasted a lot better than some of my other toothpastes as sometimes they can be over powering. After the first use my teeth felt clean and fresh and what made it even better was that it was so refreshing to use without the use of harsh chemicals. I think a big thumbs up goes to the fact that there is no fluoride, making it easier for my daughter to use. Forever Bright® is definitely a purchase that I will make again. 

Have you tried Forever Living? If so let me know in the comments below...

** Some of the products were send to use for the purpose of this review, but as always my thoughts are my own and all images are subject to copyright**

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