Hello! I'm Kelly Anne and welcome to my blog. I'm a writer, wife and proud mother to the most perfect little girl who is the light of my life. All together along with the newest addition to the family, our little puppy we all live in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk. 

My family are the most important thing to me as you can probably see from the first glance. I'm so happy that you have found us and hope that you stay around to watch us explore adventures to make our everyday extraordinary. 

Our journey into parenthood was a long and still at times, a heart breaking one. Our story includes infertility, miscarriage but also happiness with our beautiful little girl. It wasn't an easy decision to share our story and it has taken some time to find our way but I know it was absolutely the right decision for our family. I feel so blessed and incredibly fortunate. 

I'm so so excited to finally have my own little space here online. I've thought about blogging for years and never had the time or determination to make it happen. But after having my beautiful little girl I started to feel that I needed to do something for me and I've always enjoyed reading blogs. So, I took the plunge and invested in myself and started my own little space. As far as my content goes you will find me writing about motherhood, my struggles with infertility, sharing simple recipes, to beauty reviews, home projects and of course documenting our adventures along the way. Below is a little more about us.

Kelly Anne // The Mother, The Wife, The Writer and Photographer.

I'm the writer, the photographer and the content creator! I'm a perfectionist and overthinker that has a soft spot for pretty stationary, cups of tea, photography and binging on true crime documentaries. I'm happily married to the most wonderful husband and we've been together over twelve years. We have been blessed with the most perfect little girl who is the most kind and caring person you will ever come across, she is our everything. 

Through creating content for this blog I have come to realise that photography is a big passion of mine. I love to capture the authentic moments and big adventures, one milestone at a time. I'm in no way a professional and really need to update my old camera, but that doesn't stop the creativeness and snapping at every opportunity possible. 

I feel that it's my mission to help encourage and inspire women (and men) through a variety of content to live a life that they love. I want to really share my struggles with infertility and show those who may have those struggles too, that they are not alone. I want each and every one of them to realise their worth and show them that they can still make their everyday, extraordinary. 

Mimi Rose // The Sparkle, The Miracle and The Light of Our Life. 

My beautiful little girl. A true blessing that we feel incredibly fortunate to have in our lives and so this whole blog is dedicated to her to document those authentic memories, the exciting adventures and those moments in between. My daughter is a typical sassy six year old who knows exactly what she wants in life, she adores animals, singing, dancing and baking cupcakes. 

My little girl is the most patient, compassionate person who has the kindest heart that is bursting full of love. She is so sweet, creative and never stops imagining or caring about loved ones. I really admire her confidence, independence and that she is never afraid to show her determination. Throughout her little life she has faced so big struggles that have left a big impact on her but her strength and perseverance amazes me. I'm so so proud of her and seeing her overcome all those hurdles fills me with pride. So if you're ever lucky enough to meet her, just know that she is a force reckoned with and that she will sprinkle a little sparkle into your life. 

Tony // The Father, The Husband and The Yorkshire Pudding Maker. 

So, the other half, my partner in crime! Well, without sounding too soppy my husband is pretty wonderful. We have been together for 12 years and they have been fun, exciting and rather eventful to say the least. Even though this blog will focus on us as a family you may see posts about this one crop up from time to time. By day he is a professional engineering deputy manager and by night he is a serial napper, remote pincher who loves a good Netflix binge. We have the best time as a perfect little trio plus pup! Tony is the best Instagram husband who likes football, rugby, a little DIY and savoury snacks.

Winston // The Pup, The Sausage and Curtain Destroyer

The newest member of our family! Say hello to Winston, our little sausage dog. Isn't he the sweetest little puppy? After talking about getting a puppy for some time we decided that it was time to take the plunge and welcome a new fur baby, what better time to get one than during lockdown 1.0! Winston is a black and tan miniature Dachshund and was a surprise birthday present for our daughter. It was so so hard to keep a puppy a secret from a five year old but somehow we did manage it. 

We thought long and hard about his name but seeing as he was our daughter's puppy she got the last say. He was either going to be Winston or Boris. After a little cuddle with her new best friend she said that he was definitely a Winston Churchill, she had this thing about Prime Ministers at the time. So Winston, well...getting a puppy is of course great, but looking after one is another thing. It's like having a new born baby, a feisty toddler and moody teenager rolled into one. It's lots of fun. You will see Winston on the blog as we share tips, tricks and progress as he grows.

So that's us! We would love for you to stick around, so go grab a cup of tea and have a little gander.