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Bella Mamma Are Launching Their Tees!!!!

Bella Mamma Are Finally Launching Their Tees!!!

The wonderful duo, Julia and Jennifer who are Bella Mamma have been busy creating something that is made for Mothers by Mothers. To help make you smile, to make you feel comfortable, to make you feel confident, to make you feel proud, to make you feel the awesome Mother you are!

These beautifully designed tees have been styled for any occasion, that are simply apt for meeting greeters or just relaxing at home. Bella Mamma have a great selection of tees available over at the tee mill that will help keep you smiling throughout your venture into motherhood. Each tee has been made from organic or recycled materials in an ethically accredited wind powered factory, all tees have been hand finished using low waste printing technology in the UK. 

Why Choose Bella Mamma?

Bella Mamma are mothers who have been inspired by other mothers to create something special in the form of these tees with feel-good designs aimed to brighten up other their day. Smiling their way through the challenges that many are faced with during motherhood. Each tee has been especially designed and printed on hand finished cotton garments, that have been ethically made. Bella Mamma offer a wide range of slogans, colours and sizes for both mothers and fathers. And on top of that, you will help other Mothers and their babies too! With every purchase part of the profit will be donated! This month Bella Mamma will be supporting Warwick Hospital's Neo Natal Unit! You can find our more information on their just giving page. 

The lovely Julia kindly offered both my husband and I a special tee all of our own. There were too many designs to choose from in the end I decided to go for 'Mother of a Toddler - Embracing the chaos and loving it', in white. It was a no brainer, this one really made me smile. How quirky is this slogan tee? I could choose from White, Red Wine, or Athletic Grey ranging from sizes 8-18. I checked over the sizing and the Bella Mamma Tee Mill recommends that you choose a tee in your size, if you're in between measurement then opt for the larger size. But to be honest, I don't think there was any need for that recommendation, as my tee fitted perfectly. I am not just saying this, I wanted a tee that wouldn't be tight fitted to try and hide the ole mum tum and this Bella Mamma one was perfect. 

For my husband, I asked Julia to send over a 'Father of a Toddler Basic' in Athletic Grey. I adored the neat design of this slogan tee which looked like a good sized, comfy tee. When my husband tried his on for size we were both surprised that it fitted perfectly. As we read the recommendations to get a larger size if we measured in between sizes, but honestly, again there was no need. Bella Mamma tees are perfect for sizing. These tees are available in Denim Blue, Navy Blue and White, ranging from sizes Small to XXL. I think theses tees would be the perfect gifts for a birthday, Christmas and Father's Day.

But as well as these quirky slogan tees there are also offered another items on their Bella Mamma Tee Mill. With their 'Mother of a Toddler Boy Bag' in White, a perfect solution for mothers who have to carry a truckload of things around with them for their little ones. I am pretty sure you know exactly what I mean! Both my husband and I are very happy with our Bella Mamma Tees and the fact that they offer a rapid service, completely free, no-fuss returns and easy exchanges made them so much more appealing. I do have to say the customer service that I received with Bella Mamma was outstanding with the frequent emails to let me know that my parcel was on it's way, it was that step further that so many customers want. So why don't you embrace the fun in motherhood and help other mothers too and get a Bella Mamma Tee from Bella Mamma Tee Mill?

** Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted these tees from Bella Mamma but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own **


Hello and welcome back to another instalment of The Baby Feeding Series, that features real stories from real parents who have experienced how hard and baffling feeding your baby can be. I want this series to be a place where parents can share their own experiences in the hopes that other parents who are struggling can feel less alone. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it's one of the most rewarding jobs too and so I want to share their stories.

I'm very excited to say that this week for The Baby Feeding Series we have the lovely Emily from A Slummy Mummy guest posting for us. I was so happy when Emily decided to get in touch asking to take part and share her breastfeeding story. I couldn't help but fall in love with Emily and her experience as a breast feeding mama, it's honest and to the point. I think that a lot of women who breastfeed their children will understand what to expect when it comes to breastfeeding and will see that many women go through the same feelings and emotion as the next, thank you Emily for kindly offering to share your post.

What to Expect: The Boob Diaries

Breastfeeding! I’ve touched on this topic before, it’s a subject close to my heart (pun fully intended). Now, I know promoting breastfeeding can be seen as ‘pushy’ and listing the benefits or mentioning that formula is inferior can raise emotions. There are articles upon articles of the benefits of breast feeding for both mother and child….. This is not one of them, it’s a what to expect guide from my own experiences and my role as a parenting supporter, I feel I need to add a joke or further pun there, to fit my normal style but I’m struggling, sometimes this parenting stuff needs to have a serious side.
In the UK, only 1% of women successfully manage to nurse exclusively for 6 months…. Given that it’s estimated that 95% of women can physically do so. Why is this? I know that I’ve come close to quitting on several occasions with all three of my children. I want to share with you the things no one told me, the things I wish I’d known and the things bizarrely you don’t hear about,

It takes a village to raise a child…. That's people, not facts and figures… Real emotions are involved. Quoting IQ scores or immunity statistics only enhances the feeling of guilt many bottle feeders experience. Breastfeeding is everything your child needs. If a wonder drug came on the market that provided all the amazing things our milk does, what parent would turn it down? I bet not many, which means mums who don’t breastfeed don’t take this choice lightly, for many it’s not a choice, it’s a decision made through tears, frustration and exhaustion… A decision that feels taken away from them.

So here are some facts from my own experience!
Breastfeeding hurts!!!!

If your baby is latched correctly it shouldn't hurt I was told when big girl H was born! So why did my toes curl, my teeth grind and my boobs sting and ache every time she came to my breast….despite midwives, YouTube and every frikkin book I read, saying she was on correctly?? Seriously!!! I actually used to bite down on a teething ring and cry.

Truth is! When we were in the recovery room she had gone on fine first time, no pain, no desire to run away, no thoughts of I can’t bare this…. but, sometimes between then, and a feed down the line, the pain kicked it. Imagine falling off a bike, grazing your knees, then having to get back on repeatedly, not giving them time to heal… Splitting them open with every turn of the spokes! This is why breastfeeding hurts! All it takes is one poor latch… Which in the early days is bound to frikkin happen cos you know, you’ve never had to do it before and your baby is used to an all encompassing life support system which requires no effort…… (More magnified if they are poorly, underweight or prem) Then imagine, that pain is so bad but you have no idea if it’s damage pain, or poor latch pain…. You’re tired, exhausted, you're feeling like a failure cos it’s meant to be natural…. Is it right? Is it thrush? Should you leave baby on, take her off, call someone??
There’s rarely support

Who you gonna call then? Ah your midwife…. Any midwife… What?! every time your baby wants a feed?? (I’ll get on to that in a sec) To breastfeed you will feel as though you need someone there 24/7, someone offering you constant pointers and reassurance, affirmation that you’re doing a fab job and its normal! Or,when it’s not normal, and you should seek help.

But then you also feel you should trust your own instincts…. Something which is impossible to do when you’re a hormonal mess, one min you’re crying, then laughing, then you move quickly and your back hurts from the spinal or hours of pushing or your c section scar stings,…. And you can’t take pain killers strong enough cos your frikkin breastfeeding.., and your baby is crying and you know you’re a mother who should be soothing and comforting her… But you feel like your lack of knowledge is the REASON SHE is crying….and there’s no midwife there 24/7. Your partner is trying, but he doesn’t have breasts or your mum/sister/aunt is saying the wrong things. So someone says formula and you feel a bit more confident! Yes I can do that, my partner can do that. They can help! I’m not alone in this battle anymore. My baby is crying! And it’s suddenly within your power to make it better… And what mother doesn’t want that??
Your baby will cry more than you expect

The world is a strange and scary place for the newborn. Coupled with a tiny tiny tummy, she cries a lot! You think there is no way she needs more milk? She just fed for an hour on sore nipples. Perhaps you’re thinking I’ve had ten mins to get a drink and she’s crying again! Everyone says she hungry…. There is no way you’re producing enough milk, you express: nothing happens save a drop of the white stuff and that took 20mins. You clearly dont have the supply…

This is not true, pumping is no match for a child’s latch… In fact I couldn’t even express one drop with nerg… If he had been number one I would have concluded my supply insufficient… But, if your baby is putting on weight, has wet or dirty nappies and otherwise a clean bill of health from your check ups… She is getting enough. (Always see a professional if you’re concerned) maybe she wants to feel close to you, reconnect, breathe in your smell, top up that tiny belly…. Breast satisfies many needs.

Most people don’t care

The media likes to remind us daily that breastfeeding is an issue, that women are harassed and hounded on the streets for providing milk to their offspring. While I’m not denying this happens, I can tell you I’ve never experienced it!! Not once, with any of my children, even when they passed a year. I have, however had compliments and smiles and, in turn, I have offered a knowing nod to other women publically nursing. Many new mums, especially if they’re experiencing the issues mentioned, are terrified to leave the house! Worried about the boob police… I’m not saying it won’t happen to you! But I can say there are a lot of people out there who support you and your baby…. And the rest? Well, name and shame them in the daily mail…
Don’t be afraid

Maybe if I had heard these before having a baby I would have been scared, afraid of the pain that was coming… But isn’t that what we do when pregnant? We know labour hurts but we are ready and willing for the rewards? What if no one told you labour hurt? You were walking in blind

I also know that if someone was with me in those early days, perhaps reading the above to me, I would have felt consoled, understood and supported. Big girl h had a few bottles in those first weeks…. But I did persevere and I have successfully nursed all three of my children into toddlerhood.

Perhaps if somone had told me beforehand it wouldn't be natural or easy I may have avoided even those early formula feeds. I don’t beat myself up about them and I don’t tell you to brag. I just want any mums out there gong through those early days to know that, more often than not those problems are NORMAL! And every breastfeeder has experienced them and come out the other side.

One last thing

 It gets easier!!!!! I promise

About Emily
Emily is a 30 year old wife to her husband Scott and professional slummy mummy to three beautiful children. In the midst of being a being a parent to H, Roo and Nerg she also works two demanding jobs. There is not enough hours in the day for this girl, but she enjoys juggling her life one cup of coffee at a time.
You can find Emily over at A Slummy Mummy
Don't forget to go and find her social media platforms and give her a little like or follow

Change Up Your Skin Care with SkinYoga

Normally I like to keep my skincare routine as simple as possible but I do like to venture into the unknown from time to time. On this occasion I am venturing into a new skin care range Skin Yoga. A brand that was started and owned by three sisters Radhika, Jargriti and Deepika. They believe in the essence of natural remedies, and this belief is what led to the beginnings of their brand Skin Yoga. I was very lucky to be able to try two of their products; The Coffee Body Scrub and The Post Work Out Neem Purifier. Before I talk to you more about their products I just thought I should tell you a little more about my skin type and my skin care routine. I am very unlucky with my skin, I have super dry and sensitive skin and there are certain ingredients that I am not allowed to use, I also suffer from Eczema. I like to use a moisturiser on a regular basis to try and achieve silky smooth skin. However knowing how often to apply moisturiser can be difficult, but I know  I need to moisturise everyday. So, I was very excited when these naturally products with pressed oils came my way. I would be able to use these scrubs to help with my skin type, to keep my skin soft, hydrated but to also venture into scrubs, which normally dry out my skin. I couldn't wait to try them.

First up, I want to tell you all about the Coffee Body Scrub. Over the last few years there's been a lot of hype about coffee scrub and to be honest I was a little dubious, but I did a little research and I found that there are so many benefits to using a coffee scrub regularly. This coffee scrub is amazing. Amazing for the body, amazing for the mind and even more amazing on the nose. With its ingredients list of Ground Coffee Beans, Pure Coconut Oil and Pure Sesame Oil this coffee scrub will tackle acne, cellulite, stretch marks, scarring and psoriasis. And oh no it doesn’t stop there either! With naturally pressed oils; Coconut and Seasame, tightening and moisturising your skin will get an overall mini makeover in the comfort of your own shower
You simply take small handfuls of the coffee scrub and apply onto wet skin in shower. Scrub your entire body for 5-7 minutes. Follow with your routine shower. It's that simple. As soon as I opened the packet, I was bombarded with the glorious aroma of roasted coffee beans. It smells so amazing that coffee lovers won’t be able to resist this. Since the scrub contains naturally pressed oils, when washing it off I could feel the oil still on my skin. Once patted down with a towel, the oiliness reduces and in about 15 minutes the remaining oils completely soaks into my skin, and I am left with a well hydrated, butter smooth and supple skin with absolutely no stickiness or greasiness.
The real reason why I was so excited to use this product is that Skin Yoga claims that is helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, as I have only used it a few times I cannot confirm that it does but my skin definitely feels tighter and firmer. Since this is formulated with organic coffee beans, it should help with cellulite over continuous usage. The moisturizing and nourishing part, yes its true that people with dry skin will absolutely love it.  Overall I had a pleasant experience with this scrub and I am liking it too. This Coffee Body Scrub retails at Rs.1,795.00 INR which works out to be around £21.43, which to some can be on the expensive side, but honestly it's done wonders for my skin so far and would make the perfect gift for someone special.                    

Next up we tried our the Post Work Out Neem Purifier. This purifier is packed with naturally sourced ingredients of Barley Powder, Pure Coconut Meal and Pure Neem Leaves, again I was curious about the benefits of the such natural ingredients and did some research. It seems as if Neem Leaves are a great answer to solve most skin problems. The bitterness of the Neem Leaves will help you get rid of bacteria and some skin allergies, as I sufferer from Eczema I was very interested in the benefits of the Neem Leaves. If you use this product regularly it is aimed helped with body odour, which is perfect after a work out. Furthermore, the Post Work Out Neem Purifier has anti-inflammatories and medicinal body wash qualities which is the perfect way to help your body and your skin post exercise.

You simply take small handfuls of the Neem Purifier and apply onto wet skin in shower. Scrub your entire body for 5-7 minutes. Follow with your routine shower. As soon as I opened the packet, I was bombarded with the glorious aroma of coconut. It smells so amazing. It’s strong and overwhelming that it made my whole bathroom smell like coconut. I was expecting a bitter fragrance because of neem in this, instead I was mildly surprised that it had a strong fragrance of coconut. The powder is soft to the touch, but when you mix it with water, it gets a slightly rough texture that allows you to massage your body with it. I made it into a slightly runny paste and massaged it well. When I washed it off with warm water, my skin was moisturised and felt nourished.

This natural body scrub made my skin feel squeaky clean and radiant without making my skin feel dry, it's perfect for my skin type. This is a really good scrub for the underarms. The addition of barley is amazing as it is known for gentle exfoliation and their oils without drying up the skin. This product does both. The Post Work Out Neem Purifier retails at Rs.1,990.00 INR, which works out to be around £23.76 which again to some can seem expensive but if you think of all the benefits of the Neem Purifier I am more than sure you will see it's worth.                 

Overall, I do have to say that  I thoroughly enjoyed using these products from Skin Yoga. I love the fact that there are 100% natural ingredients, preservative free, paraben free, cruelty free and vegan friendly.  For me, I would have to say that I preferred the Coffee Body Scrub compared to the Post Work Out Neem Purifier. Only because I feel as if my skin benefitted from the coffee scrub more than the purifier. So, I would definitely buy the coffee scrub again, despite the price tag.

Let's Make A Fairy Garden

Fairies are kind of a big deal in our house. Our fairies have helped my daughter ditch the dummy, give up her nappies and are always around with sprinkles of fairy dust to help us when she hurt ourselves. So, fairies are quite important to us. Now that summer is well and truly here we have decided to create a little space for the fairies to go as they please in the form of a magical fairy garden. We couldn't wait to get started but I couldn't believe how expensive a magical fairy garden could be, so I wanted to try and create a magical fairy garden on a bit of a budget and with the help of Gardens2You and a bit of creativity we are able create our very own fairy garden. 

Gardens2You offer a unique collection of garden fairies and fairy doors that are sure to add a little bit of magic to your garden. There are a wide range of options available which are perfect to help children get excited about being in the garden and create a place for their fairies. You can choose from a differing range of sizes, shapes and colours that will be sure to match anyone's tastes. If you are looking for a few pieces to add to your fairy garden or want to start your own, then Gardens2You will only be too happy to help you create a magical corner in your garden. 

We decided to go for a fairy garden starter kit to help us build a magical and enchanting area in our garden, that will not only attract fairies but to ignite the imagination of my little girl. This set comes complete with 2 small and 2 tall red head toadstool mushrooms and a detailed, wooden look blue door! Our fairy garden wouldn't be complete without fairies so we got these cute little laying flower fairies in a soft, neutral coloured pallet and detailed design. 

First things first, we needed to find a little place for the fairy garden. If you are trying to create a magical and enchanting place for your fairies why not have a look around your garden to see if you can use a little creativity. A tree trunk would make a great container, as would an old wooden planters, or even broken flower pots. With a little bit of magic you will be able to try and create the perfect base for your fairy garden, then look around the garden and your home for any pieces that could offer a great start for your fairy garden. Bark, slate, stones, string, lolly sticks, or even small toys. We decided to use a space in the garden that was just for our daughter. We have just planted some sunflowers so it may take a little while to bloom but for now we have placed our fairy garden ornaments around them. 

However if you don't want to wait for your fairy garden to bloom head over to a pound shop. You will find an array of finds in there such as dry moss, wooden sticks, decorative stones, gems, paints to help create the magic. In addition to the pound shop finds you could then go in search for some miniature plants to add to your enchanted garden, just like these ones. Once you begin to set up your fairy and if you budget allows it, get yourself a few special items such a table, chairs or even a mail box. 

We had so much fun planting the flowers for our fairy garden and cannot wait for them to bloom, it was great to get outside and I'm sure we will continue to add to our magical corner of our garden. Do you have a fairy garden? If not, why not try and create one on a budget!

** Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted this fairy bundle from Gardens2You but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own **

The Sunflower Growing Challenge

A sunflower challenge is always something that I remember doing along with my brother and sister behind my Nan and Grandad's caravan. It's something that we always looked forward to every summer, I don't know how but my brother always seemed to take the lead, but I do remember winning one year. Just one, mind you. But it feels really good to try and carry on a family traditional and set a sunflower challenge with my daughter. It will be such a good way for us to get into the garden. Sunflowers are by far the easiest and most rewarding to raise from seed, with impressive, long-lasting flowers, which why the sunflower is an ideal plant for growing with children. Sunflowers look equally magnificent in borders or as cut flowers. Along with GBC we are taking part in their #SunflowerGrowingChallenge Campaign. 

GBC are an outdoor garden building and gardening accessories brand who stock beautiful outdoor buildings such as log cabins, summerhouses and playhouses. With summer just around the corner, and with it being the perfect time to plant sunflowers, GBC have kindly sent us all the things we all need to take part in their #SunflowerGrowingChallenge Campaign. To help encourage us all to get outside with the little one so we can all enjoy the garden. 

Sunflowers can grow anywhere from two to fifteen feet tall depending on the variety, and their seeds can even be harvested and enjoyed as a delicious snack. We couldn't wait to get started and with the help of my brother who is a gardener we came up with three easy steps to plant our sunflower seeds. It was a great way for both my daughter and I to learn how to plant, maintain and hopefully when our sunflowers grow learn how to harvest them too. 

Prepare Your Garden

Choose a variety of sunflower that fits your garden needs. While most sunflower varieties grow to be several feet tall, there are some miniature varieties that peak out at under three feet tall. GBC provided us with Sunbeam seeds that are a giant single variety, standing at about five feet tall and producing flowers about five inches in diameter. Sunbeam flower petals are long and asymmetrical and the flower centre is often yellow, making for a dramatic addition to any bouquet. Sunflowers thrive in warm to hot climates with full sunshine during the day. So choose a place in the garden that is perfect for your sunflower to grow and if possible try and shield from the wind. We decided to plant ours in my daughter's part of the garden which gets the sun all day and is near a fence which protect the sunflowers from the wind. 

Planting the Sunflower Seeds

STEP 1: You can choose to either pot your sunflowers or sow them straight into the soil. Use a good compost and fill your pots about 1cm below the rim. Tap each pot to settle the compost and firm gently. We set ours straight into the soil, this part of the garden is especially for our daughter and her plants, flowers and fairy garden. 

STEP 2: Make sure you place the seeds carefully in the ground and cover the seed with about 1.5cm of compost. Label each pot or space and water well so that the compost is just moist throughout.

STEP 3: Feed with all-purpose fertiliser twice, once in mid-June and again in August. Whichever method you decide to sow sunflower seeds the flowering should occur in August.

Taking Care of the Sunflowers

I guess this one goes without saying really, water your sunflower once or twice a week. Never let your sunflowers dry out – look out for wilting leaves. Be aware that it’s a long way up a tall stalk to nourish the growing tip of a sunflower! When I had my sun flower challenges with my brother and sister, my Grandad would always stake our sunflowers, so stake yours when necessary. Especially if you're in a windy area. To harvest the seeds, cut the flower heads off when they begin to droop, or when the back of the head begins to turn yellow. Hang them upside down by the stem in a dry, breezy place and cover with a paper bag to catch seeds as they fall out. 

** Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted this sunflower bundle from GBC but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own **

For Amelia On Your Third Birthday

To my beautiful little lady, 

I’ve been putting off writing this letter to you, refusing to believe that my baby girl is no longer a baby at all and in the blink of an eye, you are three. You are now my little girl! I’m not sure how it’s already been three years since you made your entrance into this world. Three years of morning snuggles. Three years of staying home with you. Three years of lots of books and kisses goodnight. Three years talking with your dad about how much of a light you are in our lives. Three years have passed by so quickly and they’ve been the best three years of my life.

Becoming a mother was something that I never thought was possible, but we were blessed with you beautiful baby girl. The minute you were born I felt a love like no other, you brought some much joy and love into my heart and I didn't think it possible that my heart could be more full. But, I was wrong and as time passes as I watch you continue to grow, so does my heart. The night you were born, in some ways I feel as if I born, being your mother was something that I was just meant to be. You give me a meaning to my life. I'm not sure why, but I am finding myself in your room, watching you, watching you sleep and listening to those little noises you make when you're sleeping. It makes me smile every time. I cannot actually remember the last time I did this, it just feels so perfect watching you sleep. But as I watch you sleep, it takes me back to our first night together. You made your entrance into the world and we were moved to the maternity ward, we thought your first night would be at home as a family of three, but it was not. I had to watch your dad walk away from me, from you all on his own. It was absolutely heart breaking. But it was just us, all alone behind that curtain in the cubicle. I was so scared but you were so perfect. I just stared at you like I am right now and thought about all the memories we were yet to create. But neither of us were quite sure of what we were doing, but both so filled with love that nothing else would ever matter again.

The first night was so surreal. You were finally in my arms and I remember feeling so overwhelmed but I was so grateful that I was finally holding you baby girl. I knew that I would try my hardest to be the best mother I could be, but that first night I struggled. I was feeling so scared. I felt as if I couldn't do it without your Dad. But I just stared at you and it was then that I knew that everything was going to be alright, we had each other. I will forever be grateful that we were blessed with such a beautiful baby girl, you were so wonderful and I was completely in love with you. I know that this will grow as you continue to amaze me. 

After our first night together I just wanted to focus on getting you home so we could be a family of three. We settled you into your car seat, ready to take you out to see the world. I walked out that hospital with your Daddy bursting with pride and so in love. It was quite overwhelming at times, as we were yet to discover what was in store for us as we ventured into the unknown that is parenthood. But I remembering thinking on our journey home that I was one of the lucky ones, I was a mother now and I am now responsible for you, even that moment I was so aware that it was my job to protect you. Our journey home was less than five minutes but it took use nearly 20 minutes driving 10mph constantly checking if you were breathing. Something I still do now and you're three!

The past three years have not been the easiest, it's been a rollercoaster. We've had great moments, bad moments and awful moments. There were times where I didn't think I would be able to see a positive light, but you my beautiful girl, would smile and it was that smile that I knew that everything would be alright. As a mother I have learned to survive bad moments because of you, which has actually made me appreciate all those great moments and make them amazing. You fill me with the same feelings of pride that I felt that first night in the hospital and every single moment with you will be amazing...

It's only just now as I sit and write this that it's hit me how independent you have become. You don't need me for everything anymore, and that's so hard. I thought that parenting would get easier, I guess in some ways it has, but sometimes I miss those days when you couldn't do anything without me. This is all going to get harder, as you'll be going to pre-school in September and as exciting as it will be for you, I feel as if it's an end to something. I know I will cry like a baby when I leave you for the first time, but I know you will be fine. Seeing you grow into a well-mannered, kind-hearted person, being a social butterfly all on your own, developing your own identity, your own laugh, annoying fake laugh, a great imagination and ambition to try to do everything yourself. I love the little girl you have become, but could you slow down a little? 

I never knew how much being a mother would change me. It's pretty amazing how one little person and the love I have for her has brought a new meaning to every moment. What once seems so important, now feels insignificant. It's like I get to see the world for the first time again, but through someone else's eyes. It's a beautiful and an amazing thing to experience. My beautiful little girl, you have already made me the happiest and most fulfilled mother in the world. The night you were born, I was born too, I became the person that I was always supposed to be. You gave my life meaning and purpose in a way I didn’t know was possible. I love you so much sweetheart...

Happy birthday my little lady xxx


Hello and welcome back to another instalment of The Baby Feeding Series, that features real stories from real parents who have experienced how hard and baffling feeding your baby can be. I want this series to be a place where parents can share their own experiences in the hopes that other parents who are struggling can feel less alone. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it's one of the most rewarding jobs too and so I want to share their stories.

I am very delighted to tell you that for The Baby Feeding Series this week we have the lovely Alex from Better Together Home. It's not the first time that Alex has been a feature on Mimi Rose and Me, she has also been a feature for our #MotherhoodMondays blog series so don't forget to try and read her post too. For The Baby Feeding Series the lovely Alex has kindly offered to share her feeding experience with her little one and so without further ado I'd like to hand you over to Alex.

My Feeding Experience

A lot of the new-born days are a bit hazy for me now; it still feels a little surreal to have a seven year old daughter to be honest, but one experience in those first few weeks is still very clear in my mind.

Breastfeeding is something that I just assumed I would do. I had bought special nursing bras and tops and a ‘privacy’ cover because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about feeding in public. My husband was keen to be involved in the feeding process too so we decided that I would express and we would split the feeds evenly when he was home from work – and so of course we bought a fancy electric breast pump, and a steriliser and bottles and a special bottle holder that could hook onto the handle of our insanely expensive pram.

When Lily was born at home, after an extensive natural labour, the midwife placed her on my chest and she nuzzled instinctively at me for a feed. The first couple of times seemed fine – she latched on, the midwife was pleased with my positioning and then left: leaving me with a tiny baby and some advice to purchase cabbage leaves.

It was three days later when they returned, expecting to find us settled and happy but instead I answered the door, Lily attached to my chest sucking furiously only to stop and make a heart wrenching scream every few minutes. I was exhausted and so was my baby – falling into a fitful sleep as the midwife weighed her and checked her over.

“It’s perfectly normal for a baby to lose weight in the first week or so, just keep trying”.

I nodded, all the while wondering in my head how this could possibly be considered normal – I couldn’t understand why I was struggling so much with something that was the most basic part of motherhood.

“Remember it takes a while for your milk to come in,” advised well-meaning friends.

“You’re probably not drinking enough water,” said my cousin.

“Try expressing instead, perhaps she’s not latching well” said a random stranger in Asda after I broke down in tears in the cleaning aisle.

And so that week I stocked up and ate foods that were supposed to increase breastmilk; oatmeal, spinach, eggs, and I drank a horrendous tasting tea that a sallow faced man in Holland & Barratt recommended. And then I tried expressing: whilst my husband went off to do a night shift I sat with the breast pump attached to me – Lily was crying, I was crying and I suffered through six hours of BBC Three TV. When I couldn’t face another minute of Family Guy I looked down at the bottle – it was empty. I sat there, shell-shocked – this couldn’t possibly be right. In tears I called my husband at work, desperately trying to soothe Lily for long enough to have a full conversation with him.

The next morning I called my midwife who asked me to pop down to the hospital, and so we went down and they hooked me up to an industrial style breast pump that made me cry in pain and left my breasts bruised whilst they weighed Lily and exchanged worried looks at the amount of weight she had lost.

Eventually a consultant came by and after looking at my notes, at Lily and at me he sat down next to me, took my hand and said “You have primary lactation failure – your body isn’t producing any milk.” And suddenly it all made sense.

He said some other things I’m sure, but all I remember is realising that I had been starving my baby for nearly two weeks. That I had been through hell and put my tiny newborn through hell just because I hadn’t considered any other option than breastfeeding.

It turns out that my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome was giving me hormonal complications which meant that my body had decided it didn’t need to produce milk. I cried again *I did an awful lot of crying in those days* - this time partly out of disappointment that my body had let me down, but also in relief that I finally knew what was wrong.

A nurse arrived and handed me a bottle filled with formula milk and my crying baby drank the entire thing in almost a gulp. She stopped crying and fell asleep in my arms, a deep sleep that only a satisfied and full belly can give.

That night I lay in bed and watched my husband feeding her with a Tommee Tippee bottle that looked bigger than her little head and I breathed a sigh of relief. We were going to be OK.

It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t able to breastfeed, but I now look back with pride at how I handled that situation.

Because, at the end of the day, regardless of whatever posters get blue-tacked up in maternity units and what people want to declare on social media “Fed Is Best” – and I fed my baby, and we bonded and I gave her nourishment and love in the way that I could. And now she is a thriving, healthy, happy seven year old with a healthy appetite, who hardly ever gets sick, and still curls up next to me to rest her head on my chest (because whilst they were a bit useless for feeding, my ample chest is a living testament to the Brimful of Asha lyrics ‘everybody needs a bosom for a pillow’)
About Alex
Alex is a mum, a wife, a sister, an aunty, a daughter, a granddaughter, a friend… Alex is a lover of life; of travel, of food, of red lipstick, of laughter, of interior design, of craft beer, of books, of gin, of music, of exploring and meeting new people, of craftiness, of the seaside, of people, of talking, of writing and of so many other things… Alex lives in South East London with my little family (one patient husband and one crazy 6 year old daughter) but I’ve left my heart in Scotland *one day I’ll live there*

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Soft Pink Blush Bedroom Inspiration

Seeing as we are finally in the summer months, it's time for some change. As you know my daughter will be turning three and I cannot believe that in those three years she seems to have accumulated more belongings than both my husband and I, and so it makes complete sense to upgrade the size of her bedroom. 

But as she goes into the bigger bedroom it does mean that the smaller room will be vacant and we have decided to create a home office, which is an exciting project. However our big summer project is to try and create the perfect space for my daughter and her many belongings that I am sure that family and friends will add to when she her birthday comes along. I have always dreamed of a soft and pretty scheme for her bedroom and so I have been putting together some mood boards to give me some inspiration to set my husband to task.

My daughter's new bedroom is a good size with wide windows and plain cream walls. I have always wanted to have a bright light colour scheme for my daughter's bedroom with a rabbit theme throughout. As my daughter adores pink we have decided to use blush pink the colour scheme is predominantly white, with accents of pink and copper. I feel as if the copper gives the pink a bit of edge and the pink brings out the warm rose tone in the copper. However when the two colours are paired with a white or a marble effect it really looks so beautiful so let me show you what I have in mind.


With the help from Dandelion Interiors I have all the bedroom furniture I could wish for. The theme is soft blush pink that is predominantly white with accents of pink and copper, so with some help I have found the perfect bedroom furniture. The beautiful Boudoir Provence range in Antique White, is perfect for completing and complimenting all the pretty pink d├ęcor. I have decided to get her the bedside cabinet, wardrobe with a two mirrored door and dressing table with a mirror. I absolutely adore this collection and it's perfect to create a bedroom for my daughter that will sure to last the test of time with a few changes here and there of course.


So if you didn't know already I am head over heels with the colour palette of coppers, pinks, and whites that would work  beautifully. As a base I would paint all the walls a pale pink and have beautiful white wooden flooring to help set off the room. White wooden flooring is such a stylish and an attractive option for any interior design, it's a colour that really goes with a whole mixture of furnishings and would be great for the copper and pale pink theme I have in mind.


We have a large window space and we currently have nets and some black out curtains, and we are looking to upgrade our windows and we know that the company VELUX offer a wide range of options. So we can finally get rid of those nets and have beautiful windows and some blackout roller blinds from VELUX Blinds Direct, my favourites are the pale pink and light grey. 


Through the lighting, your home can get an entirely new look and can change the appearance of your house. Good lighting can create a welcoming atmosphere in the home, which is why I have chose to use lamps and of course no bedroom is complete without fairy lights.  By finding the adequate lighting to brighten up my daughter's bedroom is a must and will help create the ambience and set the mood in room. I have been scrolling through the internet for the perfect copper lighting that will help bring out the pale pinks and white flooring to give them a certain edge. I adore this beautiful range of copper lamps, ceiling lighting and wall lights. They are so unique and will certainly be eye catching. 


As the colour scheme is soft blush pink I have selected a few pieces that would be sure to add those finishing touches to my daughter's new bedroom. My daughter loves rabbits and Peter Rabbit is kind of a big thing in our house and I have managed to find the most adorable prints and bedding to go along with the soft blush bedroom.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Bourdoir Two Drawer Bedside Unit, £160 | Sequin Star Pillow, £12 | Star Cushions, £28 | Peter Rabbit Floral Prints, £15 | Peter Rabbit Pink Bedding, £32 | Boudoir Wardrobe with Two Mirrored Door, £325 | Bourdoir Dressing Table, £235 | Wooden Bunny Night Light, £12 | Paloma Wool Rug, £245

So what do you think of the soft blush pink colour scheme for my daughter's bedroom?

7 Best Teacher Gifts That They Will Actually Want...

As we are gearing up to the end of term I thought that I would share some gift ideas that are perfect for your child's teacher. I think that a little thank you goes a long way, so are you prepared to say THANK YOU to that special teacher that has helped encouraged your child throughout the year? Or perhaps sending a little thank you gift hasn't even crossed your mind and now you have so many teachers thank. Don't worry that's why I have chosen to focus on a few teacher gifts on the blog this morning. First, to share the friendly reminder. And second, I’d love to ease the burden you might be feeling … just a bit.

GIFT IDEA #1: Handmade Cards

What says thank you better than a handmade card. It's a one size that fits all, so you cannot really go wrong with this option. So why not spend an afternoon with your children to get creative and make their teacher feel special. There are so many ways that you could try and be creative with your card, Pinterest will be your new friend as it's great for inspiration. However if you have left it too late there are always some great crafters out there that are only too happy to help.

Apple Teacher Card, Etsy, £4.50

GIFT IDEA #2: Teacher Tea Gift Set

As a tea lover this would be a great gift to receive. Being a teacher I am more than sure that a few tea breaks are needed so why not surprise your child's teacher with these personalised assorted teabags. Each are packaged individually in a paper envelope. Handmade & designed specifically with quotes for a special teacher. These are the perfect gift for the end of term. The designs include cute, witty and encouraging quotes to brighten up a special teachers day! The teas are sourced from well known British tea companies and the set includes a selection of flavours:  English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Camomile, Rooibos, Indian Spice Chai, Mint (spearmint), Jasmine Green Tea and Honeybush.

Teacher Tea Gift Set, Victoria Mae Designs, £7.50

GIFT IDEA #3: Personalised Hanging Hearts and Apples

These sweet personalised hanging hearts or apples will make a thoughtful and special extra little gift for your teacher you want to thank. A pretty accessory for them to hang proudly in their home. The Heart & Apple wall hangings are approx. 20cm by 20cm at their widest points and are provided as seen in the pictures with garden string and a button to suit the colour scheme. You can choose any wording you like up to 15 words and choose from an array of different colours and fabrics.

Personalised Hanging Hearts & Apples, Baked Bean Baby, £12.50

GIFT IDEA #4: Teacher Prints

Nothing say you're fab than a personalised teacher print. I adore these beautiful print by Made in Snetty. Each one of these prints are A4 size, printed onto luxury cardstock and even present in a cellophane envelope. If I am honest I also think that these teacher prints would also be the perfect addition to any room in your home, this would look perfect in our little girl's room.

Teacher Print, Made in Snetty

GIFT IDEA #5: Stationary Supplies

As a geek who loves stationary, this would be the perfect gift for me. I love handwritten notes and therefore I enjoy giving the gift of cute note cards to encourage handwritten sentiments. Throw in some cute office supplies that you know would be practical and visually so fun, punch a hole in the corner of one of the cards, tie some twine, string, or ribbon around the collection, and you’re done!

GIFT IDEA #6: Unique Personalised Gift

I have become a little obsessed with Love Unique Personal, there are so many wonderful gifts that would be perfect for your child's teacher. You can choose gifts from: pencils, plaques notebooks to wooden spoons, key rings and even coasters. For me I have to say that this adorable apple key ring was by far our favourite so why not reward that hard working teacher who has helped your little one over the last year at school or nursery. A Perfect gift to be kept as a keepsake.

Apple Key Ring, Love Unique Personal, £8.99.
GIFT IDEA #7: Cookies

I do not know many people who don't love cookies, so why not surprise your child's teacher with a bunch of super delicious cookies. A selection of sweet vanilla hand iced school themed cookies that can also be personalised with their name to make them feel extra special.

Schools Out Teacher Cookies, The Cookie Collaboration, £25.99
Have you thought about sending a little thank you gift with you child on their last day?

Father's Day With Waterwipes

Wow what a weekend we have had, we managed to cram in quite a few adventures, I can't wait to share them with you. But for now I'd like to share our Friday with you. My daughter and I were taking full advantage of the beautiful sunshine with lots of garden fun, sun bathing, a picnic party and opening packages that the poor postman struggled with. A beautiful hamper arrived for us and we could wait to open to see what was inside. 

I don't know what you're like but when it comes to certain celebrations I always think about them last minute, I always have the best intentions but times flies by. So when this beautiful hamper arrived from WaterWipes I was only too happy to open it. This hamper included an array of stickers, feathers, paints, glitter pens, colourful paper and oh so much ribbon, we couldn't wait to get started and unleash some creativity. Whenever my daughter asks to get 'the painting' out, I wince, the clean up is just too much some days, but with the help with WaterWipes I was only too happy to let her loose and be creative to make her Daddy a Father's Day Card. 

About Waterwipes

A baby’s skin is much more delicate than your own. So it should be cleaned with only the gentlest and purest elements possible. WaterWipes are the only wipes made with just two ingredients water, specially purified and softened, and a tiny drop of grapefruit seed extract. There are a great alternative to cotton wool and water. WaterWipes have been carefully designed to be gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. They are the only wipes that contain absolutely no chemicals, just 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract – a natural skin conditioner. They don’t irritate the skin; instead, they may help avoid nappy rash and other skin conditions. 

The first thing that I noticed about these wipes was the fact that they feel completely different to standard baby wipes, they seem almost purer. The wipes were much thicker not like other wipes that seem to be see through, I definitely won't be caught out whilst wiping the little lady's bottom again, that's for sure. WaterWipes are both effective and durable without containing harmful chemicals that may cause your baby to get rashes. In a nutshell, WaterWipes are amazing. They are an excellent alternative for people who want to use water and cotton wool method, which would have been perfect when my little one was a new born, as she has sensitive skin. These WaterWipes are perfect for parents who are looking for natural, chemical free wipes but still need the convenience of a packet of baby wipes. 

Along with the help of WaterWipes I decided to encourage my daughter to unleash some creativity. We made a mess, we created a masterpiece or two and we had the most fun. The first thing that we decided to do was play with the glitter glue, something that we've only really dabbled in once before, as the first time we used it she thought it was a good idea to try and eat the glitter glue. But this time she did really well and didn't eat the glitter glue - winning. Next we both played around with the big round paint pads, let's just say we got purple everywhere. But after a couple of wipes we were good to go for the green. 

It was during our messy play that I realised that there weren't going to be many more of moments like this with her, she's three next weekend and is off to nursery in September. So I have to cherish and be grateful for all the ones we do have and look forward to her stories from nursery. On to some more sticking, glitter and feathers...What do you think of her creation? I do have to say this is one card, that I have let her loose one. I am learning not to be such a helicopter mum. I personally think it's probably the best one she's made, clever girly. 

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