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Rolling Through Adventures with Rookie Pulse Quad Roller Skates

Watching a three year old in skates for the first time is the best thing ever, I don't think me or my daughter have ever laughed so much. But all jokes aside, getting my little lady skates has been something that I have been wanting to do for some time. Roller-skating together is such a fun and healthy way to spend time together as a family. I remember spending so many weekends with my parents, brother and sister at roller skating places when we we younger. We had so much fun as a family and of course there were a few bumps along the way too. And so I wanted to have just as much fun with mu daughter. 

Some children show an interest in roller-skating as young as four or five years old. However seeing as I have a nearly four year [oh that sounds so odd] I thought that we would try and explore roller skating a little. However, my daughter isn't great on her walking feet so I will be holding her hands most of the time until she learns the basic skills. But once she masters the basic skills involved with skating I am sure we will be able to go to roller skating together around the neighborhood, at the local park or at roller skating places. 

So finding the perfect skates was everything. And we were really spoiled for choice at Skates, there are so many designs, fits, sizes not to mention the variety of colours available. We decided to settle on these cute pink and white Rookie Adjustable Quad Roller Skates Pulse. These pretty pink skates have been designed to combine the superior comfort with practical size adjustment making them perfect for little one's and their growing feet. The Semi-soft boot offers ample support and allows natural movement whilst skating. Perfect for any beginner.

These skates were a very big hit with the little lady, mainly because they are pink. So these are perfect for my little pink loving princess and as soon as they arrived she couldn't wait to get them on. But have you actually seen a three year old in skates for the first time? It's the best thing ever. I don't think we have ever laugh so much. After about 20 minutes of mastering a stable stand in her skates, yep she couldn't even stand in them at first, she soon got the hang of skating. In terms of their fit, they were perfect. I decided to get her a size eight which is her actually shoe size and they fitted her so well. Most people decide to buy a larger size, however for her first pair of skates I wanted them to fit her properly without any gaps or spaces. 

These skates feature a combination of three fastenings to ensure the perfect fit. Micrometric buckles, velcros and laces enabling the connection between the boot of your skates and your foot so the more precise the fastening, the less loose your foot will be. The fastening that stood out for most for me was the micrometric buckles closure, which are notch straps that have an adjustable strap for an easy fit, which is perfect for those adventures outside. A well-designed pair of skate boots can make you feel confident when skating for the first time [or at least try to, if you're a three year old] and ensure that you feel stable and most importantly comfortable. At this stage she is still wobbles, she has had a few bumps and she has a lovely bruise on her shin but slowly but surely she is getting there and having lots of fun doing so too. Something that she hasn't grasped is braking, she can't quite tip her foot forward to break but I am sure that this will come with time. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect skates for your little one there is so much consider. And I am pretty sure that this goes without saying, but safety in the most important factor to take into consideration. Wearing appropriate safety gear like a helmet, knee and elbow pads decreases the risk of injury if the child loses control while skating. Let's face it there are going to be a few bumps and bruises along the way before they can become pro. 


When choosing roller skates, you have two options: classic quads or the skates with two pair of wheels, or inline skates, with one row of wheels in the middle of the skate. Both types of skates are popular always consider you little one's age and ability. The primary difference between the skates is braking. Stopping with quads is done with the toe, but with inline skates, stopping is done at the heel. As my daughter is a beginner stopping on the quads in proving much more difficult than I realised, but as they say practice makes perfect. 

While quad roller skates are more nostalgic for many people, they are more suited to indoor skating on smoother surfaces. The skater will be able to skate at their own pace ensuring stability during the skate, even the smallest obstacles can be a problem when it comes to using quad roller skates. While inline roller skates do require some balance, the wheels are faster and made for speed. With the skates all in a line, it’s easier to avoid obstacles in comparison to quads. When you’re looking for speed skates or skate for exercise, you need to be looking at inlines.


There are a few elements to consider when buying skates. Plates, wheels, bearings, stops all affect how some skates will work for your little one. However, an important aspect when buying skates is how well they fit because if you're not comfortable you won't be able to progress. I decided to buy skates for my daughter in her normal shoe size and they fit perfectly. If you do buy skates in a larger size they will give you space between the foot and the skate causing the foot to move just a split second before the skate.  Not only that, skates that are too big can cause all sorts of problems like blisters, shin splints and foot cramp. Skates that are too large also tend to stretch out faster due to the extra pressure on the body of the skate when your feet move around inside.

Roller Skate Maintenance 

By cleaning and maintaining skate will help keep them in top condition for years to come. Brakes are a must, as is proper maintenance. So just like a car, you must carry out regular checks, replace the brake stops, pads, wheel when they wear down. Your toe stops are incredibly important, as they are your roller skates’ brakes! Over time, it’s likely that they will loosen. Make it a habit to check your toe stops regularly, and if they are loose, simply tighten them. Not forgetting that roller skates wheels need to be tight to ensure a safe ride. So, after several uses, check your skates wheels to make sure they aren’t loose. You can even rotate your wheels so they get an even amount of wear and tear. Dust or dirt may cling to your wheels as you skate, and this can make for a difficult glide. 

What age did your little one get their first pair of skates? 

Kitchens Don't Have To Be Dull Anymore. Why Not Try These Décor Enhancement Tricks?

A kitchen is certainly the heart of the home, and every kitchen is unique in it's own special way. A spacious and organized cooking space makes her cook happy and content. A lively kitchen is the most comfortable place to cook and share your meal with your loved ones. Most enjoyable happenings of our lives occur in our kitchen area. A great part of cooking is talking, laughing and sharing our moments of happiness, sharing and caring. A modern refreshing kitchen interior is quite interesting for the homemakers who spend most of the time cooking delicacies for their family members. So shall we look at some ways to make your kitchen colorful, interesting and certainly not DULL. 

Colour of the Kitchen Walls

When it comes to painting we all know that colour has a great impact, especially on the kitchen walls. The shades of blue, yellow, grey and white are always a beautiful option for a kitchen space. By giving your kitchen a fresh, clean, colorful look can really be appealing and sure wake anyone who enters. Blue is unbelievably versatile and it's shades create a refreshing look and can be sparingly used in painting walls or and ceilings. I have always found that the yellow colour is a great way to give your kitchen an brighter look, instantly. It is also scientifically proven that the yellow stimulates a persons appetite positively. These sunshine coloured kitchens are sure to create a calm and happy environment making your life more definitely more colourful. Not only is yellow a great option for kitchen walls white and grey can make a big impact too. 

A neutral grey or a bright white can make a kitchen look exceptionally heartwarming and fresh, which can be paired with an array of colour for a big impact. I really love the look of white units and grey walls, they are are great contrast with one another giving a simplistic and clean look throughout. Even red and green can beautify a kitchen with their individual versatility. A beautiful and bright look on the kitchen wall has more of an impact that it's other accessories such as the cooker, sink or even the utensils - A colorful kitchen with it's attractive wall paints pair nicely with the mood of the cook.

Decorating The Kitchen Walls

The cooking area is not always considered to be the primary place for artwork. However, there are limitless options if anyone wants to decorate the kitchen. The decoration of the kitchen walls with excellent artworks can be an awesome visual treat and would add a certain elegance to the space. The artwork, simple or kitchen-themed should pair well with the kitchen walls. Kitchen themes such as baking or serving with delicacy can make the room a favourite. The framing or laminating the pages of the cookbooks looks quite interesting and can add some more colour to a kitchen. Or an oversized bold colored utensils with some hanging photo frames can be also be a great nchoice. The artistic floral decoration also look attractive with certain art pieces are great imitations of the real functional essentials of the kitchen. Even a clay apple on your fruit basket can be charming look for when you have visitors. 

Organising The Kitchen Essentials

Closed glass shelves are a must to help keep the cookbooks in tact so that they are not exposed to the moisture and grease from the oven or the refrigerator. Perhaps an arrangement of clay dishes and pot holders on a higher shelf can make all the difference to a kitchen decor. Not forgetting to arrange them on the basis of the frequency of using them. The utensils that you use everyday should be kept in front and easy-to-reach lower shelves and the delicate ones should be placed behind or above. The plastic or glass container keeping spices and other cooking essentials should be kept within reach and in order to make them easily available. I also find that when the kitchen is fully quipped with sticking pads, calendars, to do lists and pen so much easily when setting out tasks for the day, meal planning ensuring that the the whole family is productive.  

Interesting Cabinets For A Kitchen

Being organised in the kitchen is an essential and organising cabinet in a way that makes it easier for a cook can mean so much. It makes cooking interesting, prompt and of course quick. Usually, kitchen cabinets have doors and drawers making the cabinets more spacious, organised and effective. The standard variety of kitchen cabinets can be a place for crockery, pot and pan so you won't be cluttering kitchen sides or unit tops. Cabinets are normally used for storing food, tins, and condiments making grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking so much easier. Not only do cabinets have a practical use in home, they can also offer an economical relief when thinking of refurbishment in a kitchen space too.  An efficient arrangement always saves time trying to locate the ideas. Another importance of having a big cabinets in a kitchen space is that it actually keeps the kitchen clean and ready to use anytime, whilst remaining clutter free. No one like a cluttered kitchen. A three-four drawer cabinet can make space for a number of appliances,storing food in the upper cabinet can work for kitchens without a pantry. Therefore, an attractive cabinet matched to the color of the kitchen walls not only looks amazing but also helps to keep it organised.

Other Small But Effective Ideas

There are other ways in which you can decorate and redesign your kitchen area so that it becomes more interesting to work inside. The cups and mugs that are our favorite stress-relievers are structurally designed well. Hanging the mugs on the walls, or on a mug tree can save taking a valuable space and can be found in no time. Keeping them hanging beautifully near you can fix your problem to find them in need. Storage containers that you have arranged really well are quite problematic if they are not transparent. With names written on them, they can be located whenever you need them. Another way of decorating your kitchen is adding texture and colour to it. The fabric inside the kitchen not only softens it's surface but also looks great and quite refreshing. Curtains of light shade or a bright coloured carpet on the floor ensure privacy and bring a change to the kitchen exhibiting your elegant sense of aesthetics. You will find a lively, modern, inspiring an elegant makeover for your cooking space. We hope it helps you in creating an awesome kitchen for your lovely house.

What do you like to do with the space in your kitchen?

What's So Bad About Bribing Your Child?

Life with a four year old can be both rewarding and exhausting! At that age they love being independent and doing things for themselves even if that causes more problems that solves them. They can be sweet little angels who are kind caring and want to share and then with a click of a finger they turn into a little gremlin, stamping their feet or rolling around in an epic meltdown. There's nothing that she does that doesn't surprise anymore. With that being said and always being kept on my toes I have been thinking a lot about ways I try to compromise with her behaviour, yep I'm talking about bribes.

I try really hard not to use bribery with my child, but there are times when I have said to her that if she is a good girl and walks to nursery really well then we can have something nice after lunch. Or something along those lines. But I have been wondering if I use bribes too much? Or asking myself is it bribery or am I helping her move towards the next thing [or getting to nursery on time] with a little incentive? It's a general belief when it comes to parenting and bribing children that it's a bad thing and usually only something that parents who are desperate use. But you know what? Most parents use them from time to time. Hell, if I am being honest I don't know how I could actually get to sit down with a nice cup of tea without a bribe or two.

Children are not born knowing what is expected of them, what is good behaviour from bad, or table manners. If we expect these to be understood by our children then we must teach them, and that's our job as parents. We all work for something in life, and so why would children be any different? It's important to understand the difference between bribes and rewards. A bribe is something offered before the task is done in order to get your child to do what you want them to do and a reward is a way of compensating your child for their good behaviour, rather than being manipulated and extorted. Does it really matter if it’s a bribe or reward, as long as it makes your child co-operate and carry out the task in hand? Well, that depends on what you are trying to teach them in the long term.

Truthfully, we all work for something right? The use of bribes as a parent mirrors the adult world. Every single day, we all accept some kind of bribe of all sorts in exchange for our work, attention and energy. Although the term bribery may feel negative, this is totally normal part of life that our children will learn and apply to life as they grow. In our home, we have certain expectations, especially when it comes to chores and this itself is a good opportunity to use bribery but in a positive way. It's a matter of choosing the right motivators. Bottom line bribing gets results. But I do try not to use bribes on a daily basis because the habit will become the norm and she will alter her behaviour for gains rather than because she actually wants to. At the end of the day life is hard, life with a little one is even harder and a bribe can sometimes get you through the day. But the whole goal of a bribe is to build motivation in a positive way so children naturally choose to make the best decision on their own.

Bear in mind when it comes to bribery and children sometimes it can be too much. Especially if it gets to a minute by minute habit, it's no longer effective. It's important to understand that using bribery on a regular basis can become an ongoing pattern teaching your child that they need to misbehave in order to get what they want. You don't want your children to ask for some sweets for something that they are supposed to do, like brushing their teeth, or putting their shoes on. As long as we are using each situation as a teaching opportunity, bribing can be a valuable tool for all those involved. As a parent I want to teach my daughter to be kind, considerate and respectful because it's the right thing to do rather than reward her for her behaviour. But she's three years old so it's not always going to be successful, and so a bribe or two comes into play every now and again.

In the end, be kind to yourself as parents we are all still learning too! Remember that when you use to bribery to control your child’s behaviour, it can had the adverse effect than intended. Instead, teach your child to earn reasonable rewards by taking care of their responsibilities and making positive actions in improving their behaviour.

Let's see what some parents think about using bribes?

"I can't get through a single day without bribery. I like to think of it as rewarding good behaviour (but letting them know what's on offer beforehand so they make good choices". - Kate, Ever After With Kids

"I use bribes all the time. I'd love to be the mum who's kids just do what they are asked. And the majority of the time they do, but sometimes I have to pull out the bribes. I think essentially I am breaking a million 'rules of parenthood' but it works, so I'm going with it" - Sophie, Soph-Obsessed.

"I'm all for bribes and I actually think it's a good life lesson, as adults we still have the same concept, do good things and you'll usually be rewarded. We work hard to get bonuses and promotions etc. Plus how do you ever get your kids to do something without bribery?" - Georgina, Georgina Clarke Blog.

However, it's not always black and white!

"I try really hard not too, it's definitely not a common thing here. For the most part I am trying to teach my son to be kind, respectful and caring because it's the right thing to do rather than for specific reward. I want him to be intrinsically motivated to be a good person basically. But he's four so it's not always successful" - Lauren, Dilan and Me.

"Yes and no, I sometimes feel as if bribing is does all the time can have a negative affect, like santa. Even if the child is bad they will still get gifts. However bribing them with a movie or a biscuit so they tidy up is okay" - Sarah, Mummy Cat Notes

"Yes and no! I don't bribe for the day to day stuff, and we teach the kids to do things as requested with them understanding when things should be done. They can earn extra treats by doing more, but there's no pressure to deliver from our side. We do bribe when our son has procedures done in hospital for bloods, tests, scans , allergy tests, operations etc so he know he will be rewarded for being super brave and has something to look forward to" - Nathalie, The Intolerant Gourmand.

Do you use bribes with your children? 

Bullyland Chubby Unicorn Figures

Unicorns are pretty much having a moment right now, and I couldn't be happier about this craze if I'm honest. And like me, my daughter has also been sucked into the unicorn obsession, but it's hard not to see why though. Unicorns are very unique, mystical and they are pretty cute. When it comes to the unicorn craze you are either in one of two camps. Completely obsessed and everything you own, wear and eat is of a unicorn theme [okay maybe not, but you get the idea], or you're in the 'unicorns aren't even real' camp! But whether you love them or hate them it doesn't look like they will be going anywhere any time soon, which is why I wanted to tell you all about these adorable Bullyland Chubby Unicorns Figures we have. I know you will fall in love with them just as much as we did. 

Bullyland Chubby Unicorn Figures

The Chubby unicorns are the cutest and roundest unicorns you'll ever come across. I must be honest, if it wasn't for my unicorn obsessed daughter I would want them for myself, these little chubby unicorns would be the perfect gift for any unicorn fan that's for sure. The Bullyland Chubby Unicorn Figures are hand painted making them unique and very realistic, not forgetting that Bullyland are the only manufacturer that uses synthetic rubber material and not PVC. BOOM. I'm pretty sure you will instantly fall in love with these chubby unicorns, it's hard not to really, they are so adorable. If you like the Bullyland Chubby Unicorn Figures you will also love the added accessories that are available such as money boxes, photograph frames and key rings.

You can tell that these figurines are able to stand the test of time, as mine daughter decided accidentally dropped one of these cute unicorns outside the car door window in a car park and the drop didn't leave any marks. So I am sure our new friends will be able to withstand playtime at our house. I think my daughter [apart from the car door window] is at an age where she really appreciates these types of figures and they are certain more robust than some of her other toys. Poor Nanny Plum doesn't have her wand, wings, arms but has one leg that's still hanging in there. My daughter likes to play with her unicorn along with all her Happy Land toys, she can sit there for hours entertaining herself. 

My daughter's favourite has to be the fairy one of course, sticking with the whole mystical obsession. Our Chubby Unicorn Fairy is called 'Poppy' and she goes everywhere with us. On the nursery run, out in the car and enjoys exploring many other adventure too. It's not surprising that my daughter wants to take her along on our adventures because she fit perfectly into her hand and her pockets. But Poppy gets to meet lots of new people on our adventures as my daughter loves to tell everyone so much about her too. 

These little unicorns are not just made for little ones. It really doesn't matter your age, as long as you love unicorns, you will love these. The Bullyland Chubby Unicorn Figures are available now and range in price between £4.99 -£6.99 with the money box and photograph frames being around £9.99. All are available from Amazon. The figures I have are:

If you want to keep up to date with Bullyland and make sure you are in the know about what figures will be released in the future be sure to follow them on:

*DISCLAIMER* Mimi Rose and Me is a personal blog written and edited by myself only, unless otherwise noted my reviews are completely based on my own opinions and my own words. These products were supplied to me as a gift to review from Bullyland. If you'd like to know about this then please visit this page.

How To Get Your Legs Summer Ready

Wow, we are certainly having a heatwave at the moment. It's been beautiful. And it's strange to think that we are only half way through April. Months after hibernating under those chunky knits, thick jeans and tan boots it's time to get ready for the bare leg season. Now I must admit, I am not a great lover of the sun and if I am being completely honest I have always been incredibly envious of women with lovely legs. As they walk by with their super smooth, long tanned legs paired with oh so cute shorts or skirts and I am in trying to hide my shorter, pasty white legs are trying in jeans or tights for as long as can stand in the heat. So it's time to get my legs summer ready and make them smooth, soft and tanned thanks to a selection of great products on the market.

So, here’s my guide for gorgeous summer legs:

Step 1 // The Brush Off

Instantly perk up skin with The Mio Body Brush from Mio Skincare. A brush that has been developed to stimulate and revitalise, perfect for the start of getting your legs summer ready. This brush features natural boar bristles and massage nodules to sweep across the surface layer of skin with an exfoliating action, activating cellular renewal and circulation to help reduce the appearance of ‘orange-peel’ for a firmer, smoother feeling texture. Use this body brush on dry [not wet] skin to exfoliate the legs and remove dead cells. Simply start at the ankles and brush upwards in soft, circular motions. 

Step 2 //  Hair Removal

Next year, if you’ve got a bit of spare money promise yourself you’re going to have a course of laser hair removal from the Pulse Light Clinic. Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicle with laser light, this energy damages and goes on to destroy the hair follicle, thus stopping the follicle from producing further hairs. The laser delivers an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicle whilst the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. There are so many reason to get those hairs zapped that's for sure. No more ingrown hairs, super smooth skin, less irritation and the best part? Not having to shave or wax again. You would want to find out more information, watch this quick video and then get yourself on their online booking system, the first consultation is free so there's no excuses. 

Step 3 // Exfoliation

Once you have super smooth legs, it's time to exfoliate. So get rid of your dead skin, protect yourself against ingrown hairs and give your legs that radiant look with a good scrub. One of the best and cheapest ways to do this is with a pair of exfoliating gloves, which is probably one of the best inventions ever and you can pick up a pair for less than a £1. However, if you're feeling like a more 
indulgent scrub there are so many different ones that you can pick up and one of my favourites is Soap and Glory's The Scrub of Your Life. I love body scrubs and this one has a scent that combines fresh bergamot and mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oak moss, amber and woody notes. I am a massive fan of this gorgeous scrub. Best scrub ever leaves skin so refreshed after each use and you only need a small amount and has a lovely smell.

Step 4 // Moisturise

And now that we have super smooth legs it's time to get them hydrated with a good moisturiser. As there's nothing more frustrating that applying fake down to dry skin, so always make sure that you moisturise after every shower. It's the best time to keep those pin hydrated as it will trap more moisture. I am a big fan of body butters, like this Almond Milk & Honey Soothing Body Butter from the Body Shop. If you get the chance to try the body butter, try it. It’s AMAZING!! The name itself describes how it is, it really is like butter. The smell of this cream is absolutely amazing. It will leave your skin feels smoother, softer and fresher. I normally use it after I have a shower so it absorbs better but anytime should be fine. Unlike other moisturisers out there this one is not heavy at all and is really light and delicate on skin. 

Step 5 // Work on Your Tan

A really good fake tan is a great way to feel more confident about baring those legs that haven't seen the sun all winter long. Before you tan make sure that you apply a layer of moisturiser to your ankles and knees you don’t get any excess fake tan clinging to these areas. As alwways the best way to apply fake tan is with a tanning mitt and these will provide an easy, even and streak free application. You can either mix your fake tan with body lotion for a subtle grow, or wear alone for a tanned, radiant glow. Don’t apply to much to your feet and literally brush the mitt over your ankles so that they get some colour but not too much. My favourite is St.Tropez Self Tan Express Bronze Mousse. It's perfect if you want a long lasting fake tan without having to to wait around for hours whilst it develops, then this one is for you. Leave it on for one hour for a light sun-kissed glow, two hours, for a medium tan and three hours for a deeper bronze. Another option for those who like the natural look is to apply a gradual tan. You don’t need to use a mitt for these and they contain moisturiser so you can skip that step as well. This Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze is amazing. The scent of this one, a classic cocoa butter fragrance, is strong but there are no hints of that traditional fake tan smell. A thick, white lotion, it moisturises skin well but also sinks in quickly so there’s no hanging around waiting to get dressed. It’s easy to use thanks to the pump dispenser, and we noticed the tan developing after two applications – it was a natural golden brown that got darker with every use. At this price, it’s hard to fault too.

Step 6 // Cover Up

You might remember to apply sunscreen to your arms and face, but take extra care to reach the back of the legs. This is an area that is often overlooked and under applied. For more accurate coverage use a cream rather than a spray, I am obsessed with this Garnier Ambre Solaire one. The perfect balance of moisturising care and protection with advanced UVA and UVB photo-stable filters. This non sticky, non greasy formula is quick and easy-to-use, and instantly absorbed by the skin and leaves no white marks

Simple and Easy Vanilla Cookies

As you will probably know my daughter is obsessed with bunnies and loves getting into the kitchen with me, so it makes complete sense to combine the two and make some adorable bunny cookies. These bunny cookies are so easy to make as they only have five ingredients and go perfectly with a cup of tea. However, you don't have to make bunnies you can use any cutter you have in your kitchen to suit your occasion or celebration. These are so simple and easy to make and are perfect to make with children. We love making these when we have special guest coming over because you can whip up a batch of cookies in less than fifteen minutes and there's nothing more inviting than some sweet vanilla cookies baking when you have guests. 

You will need:

100g/3½oz unsalted butter, softened at room temperature
100g/3½oz caster sugar
1 medium free-range egg, lightly beaten
275g/10oz plain flour
1 tsp vanilla extract


1. Preheat the oven to 190C/170C Fan/Gas 5. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

2. Cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl, then beat in the egg and vanilla extract, a little at a time, until well combined.

3. Stir in the flour until the mixture comes together as a dough.

4. Roll the dough out on a lightly floured work surface to a thickness of 1cm/½in.

5. Using biscuit cutters, cut biscuits out of the dough and carefully place onto the baking tray.

6. Bake for 8-10 minutes, or until pale golden-brown. Set aside to harden for 5 minutes, then cool on a wire rack.

For the icing, sift the icing sugar into a large mixing bowl and stir in enough water to create a smooth mixture. Stir in the food colouring. You can either carefully spread the icing on the cookies using a knife or use a piping bag and gently squeeze the icing onto the cookies. Be as creative as you want and add sprinkles, chocolate chips or small pieces of fruit. Then set aside until the icing hardens. That's it! Why don't you get in the kitchen with the children and make these simple and easy vanilla cookies. 

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5 Little Luxuries That Make Me Happy

We all have those little treats that make us happy. Those little luxuries that we don't necessarily need, but we love because they make us feel good and make us smile. They say that life is always about the small stuff and I couldn't agree more. So whether it's pretty flowers in your garden, getting to sit down with a cup of tea, reading a book or finding an old note in a purse. It's all about the little things. And in light of all these little things, I thought that it would be fun to write about five luxuries that make me happy. 

C O F F E E   &   T E A

Yep I am one of those people that cannot do anything productive until a nice cup of tea or coffee.  Who isn't? Actually you could probably go as far to say that I am addicted to caffeine and that it would be pretty impossible for me to function like a normal human being until I have had a cup of something. But for me, my favourite times are when friends or family pop over for a coffee and a chat to get me up to speed what they've been doing or to tell me their troubles. After all, a cup of tea can solves most problems. So a nice cup of tea or coffee is pretty much a daily must have. 


Flowers are one of those things that every household should have, as a blogger you could say fresh tulips or peonies are a big cliché but they really do make a house a home. Flower really make me happy. Where ever possible, I love to buy myself freshly cut peonies, roses or tulips and keep them on my dining table, porch or on my sideboard in the hallway. Mostly though, my husband is kind enough to buy me flowers every week, he knows just what I like. Anything pretty pink or pastel.

B E A U T I F U L   M A K E U P

Being a self-certified beauty addict I actually love all makeup whether it's a splurge or a budget friendly product. My latest obsession when it comes to makeup are beauty subscription boxes, these little gems are probably one of the best ideas on the market. It gives some many of us the opportunity to try products that we wouldn't normally get to try and even make some amazing discoveries. 


I think we all sometimes sit and dream about what we’d treat ourselves and for me it's about buying new things for our home. I can actually sit for hours browsing Pinterest for all the beautiful images that make me want to redesign our entire home. Even when we are out and about, you'll normally find me down the home aisles trying to convince my husband that we need a new cushion, vase or  candle. I am literally obsessed. Whether's it's a fake plant to go into the kitchen window, a new cushion or throw, a new vase or something for my little blogging room I love buying new things to shakes things up in the home. 

T H E   C U D D L E S 

Nothing makes me happier than cuddles with my little lady and my boy. My favourite time of the day is the nursery pick up because she always greets me with the loudest reception and gives me the biggest cuddles and kisses she can give. And then when my husband gets home she loves to be picked up and have our daily family cuddle. Every time she asks for family cuddles my heart melts a little bit each time. How did we create such a loving little girl. 

So these are 5 little luxuries that make me happy. What little luxuries make you happy?

GLOSSYBOX - April 2018: Nostalgia

Can you actually believe that we are already in April? I'm so excited to see all the spring makeup looks and adoring all the pastels colours, however I am completely over this rain. So receiving a cheeky little delivery brightened my dull morning. The GLOSSYBOX for April is a theme dedicated to all things nostalgia, taking inspiration from all things from the past. This months box definitely features more makeup than past boxes; with all the items I received being cosmetics apart from one. So opening all these beautiful makeup treats definitely brightened my day, that's for sure. 

If you're new to Glossybox, it's a monthly subscription box that comes packed with both full sized products that cover all areas of beauty from skin care, hair, nails, makeup and everything else in between from brands we all love to those new discoveries that we wouldn't normally get to try if it wasn't for Glossybox. Each box costs £13.25 per month and contains contents that are always over the cost of the box. In a nutshell, you get a box full of goodies all for that monthly price.

So without further ado, let's see what's in the Glossybox for April. 

Carmex. Lip Balm in Strawberry. | RRP, £2.79. 

I am sure most of use know what Carmex is and probably owns at least three tubes. No, just me that keeps this little tubes of wonder in every drawer, every handbag and every pocket then! But if you don't, you really should get some as this is amazing for dry and chapped lips. This medicated lip balm goes on smooth to soothe and protect dry, chapped lips with SPF 15 and with the amazing scent of strawberry flavour. This Carmex lip balm provides a long lasting protective barrier to help with healing which is great as a little goes a long way.

Affect Cosmetics. Matte Effect Translucent Loose Setting Rice Powder. | RRP, £9.35. 

Now I must make a confession, I didn't have a clue what rice powder was until I read the description on the Glossybox card included in the box. But it's something that is pretty new in the whole setting powder family, being a combination of mica and rice starch to give a perfect matte finish. Now I know that so many people and bloggers rave about banana powder, but for me it just seem far too yellow for my skin tone. So I am pretty excited to include this one into my makeup routine and so far it's been amazing, like why are we only discovering this one now. It's helped me achieve such a flawless look and this will be something that I will be using more often. 

Eyeko London. Fat Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black. | RRP, £16. 

Bringing back bold lines from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, inspired by the looks of Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy, this little liquid eyeliner is set to deliver some serious winged effect punch. This was the product that I was most excited to receive, but let's face it, eyeliner has never really gone out of fashion. I have to say I love discovering a new eyeliner, and this one is pretty epic and gives me some of the best winged eye looks. It’s smudge free and the fat felt tip end helps make my winged eyeliner work like a dream. 

Modellauncher Cosmetics. Safari Bronzer. | RRP, £20. 

Bringing back the 90’s with a leopard print bronzer, this talc free, mineral-enriched bronzer is versatile for every complexion. It’s has a very cute design of leopard print and I am really excited to try the mixture of different bronzed colours on my cheeks. It's not something that I normally go for as I prefer to work with solid colours when it comes to creating the desired bronzed look. I also like the idea that some of the shades in the compact bronzer have a shimmer to them which is prefect for this time of the year. I have used it already and added some bronze to a my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose, and over my forehead and chin giving me a definite sun kissed look. 

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo. Baked Blush in Light Beige. A GLOSSYBOX Exclusive!!!!

A natural blush in the shade Light Beige, this is a far from the bold blush looks of the 80’s. This baked blush brightens and highlights all complexions, and it's so pretty and looks super pigmented. I was so excited to try this as it's not even been released yet, a Glossybox Exclusive! Yes please. This shade is a light beige and looks ideal for my skin tone. This highlighter has iridescent pearl pigments and light reflecting particles leaving an instant luminous glow with a warm tone and comes in a good size too. Now a blush is not always something that I grab when I am looking for an everyday look, but I really like this one. It offers more of a shine than a glisten which is perfect for a subtle glow appearance, no one wants to look like Edward Cullen! But this highlighter is super pigmented and gives just the perfect illusion of a shine, that's not too much. 

And that’s a peek at April's GLOSSYBOX, so what did you think? I must admit, this box is pretty epic and has so many great products that are full sized. This has by far, been my favourite box. This box focuses on throwing back to the beauty of the bygone eras to celebrate favourite timeless trends and reminisce about certain looks. However beauty is all about mixing up timeless looks with new trends and this is exactly what this box helps you do. There are two products that stand out the most for me and these are the rice setting powder and the beautiful glow of the baked blush, which is going to help me achieve the perfect sun kissed look. 

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101 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas That You Need To Write

When it comes to filling up your calendar with quality content you need to be organised, it's pretty key to success as a blogger. There are times when we all feel as if we are in a slump and coming up with blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers isn't always so easy! Being a girl who loves to plan and becoming a queen when it comes to list making, I know what exactly what I am writing about each week right up until June. And when June comes along I will try and fill up my calendar for the next few month, and so on, and so on. 

Why do I do this? Because I used to hate sitting down at my laptop and wasting time thinking about what to write. Life is so busy as it is, anything that can save some time is such a life saver! And I must admit, as a family lifestyle and beauty blogger there is always so much to write about. But in order to succeed as a blogger you need to be organised, not only for your own sanity but it's also a great way to stay focused. As I said being organised isn't so easy, and we've all been there. I don't think I can say this enough, it's so important to support one another. There's nothing quite like sharing some positive vibes in the blogging community so I wanted to share a few ideas in the hope to inspire you to write some good quality content. 

Sometimes life just gets in the way and this is okay. If you have a lot going on the last thing you want to do is force out a post, that's probably too rushed and crap, your readers will see that you're clutching at straws and you could loose regular readers. Ease the pressure and brainstorms a few ideas on a piece of paper and work from there, don't just sit at your computer hoping inspiration will come your way. It just may not work in your favour. I have found that when you're in the throes of writing good content, take five minutes each day to write down a few ideas for blog post, you could even host a poll on twitter asking your followers what content they would like you to share. When it comes time for me to sit down and fill in my calendar, I always like to start with a good brainstorming session and making lots of different lists under each of my blog categories. And since I’m always writing blog post ideas down as they come to me, I compile all the post titles together, and organize them to figure out which ones should go where in my calendar, which normally gives me more blog titles as I go. 

So let's get out this slump and be proactive. I really hope that some of these blog post ideas will give you inspiration to getting writing...

1. Write about why you started your blog.
2. 8 lifestyle bloggers that you can't live without.
3. 5 picks for your [Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter] wardrobe. 
4. A peek into your daily routine. 
5. Ten of your favourite series on Netflix. 
6. Travel bucket list.
7. Inspirational quotes.
8. Friday favourites - a selection of your picks you've enjoying throughout the week. 
9. Round-up post of your favourite podcasts
10. Your favorite Instagram accounts for [interior, fashion, travel, beauty, etc.] inspiration.
11. Five favourite cocktail recipes. 
12. Write a letter to your younger self (as a child or teen) with life lessons. 
13. Your favorite desk accessories for your home office
14. Your weekly fitness routine
15. Share you favourite Pinterest home DIYS/hacks
16. What's in my bag?
17. A post about your dream job
18. Share ways in which you keep organised.
19. A list of your favourite twitter followers.
20. 5 things you love to do for fun. 
21. How do you plan an indulgent night. 
22. List 10 things people don’t know about you. 
23. What are your favourite healthy snacks
24. Top 10 splurge buys
25. List of things that have made you happy this month.
26. Share your guilty pleasures. 
27. Your favourite hair hacks that save you time in the morning
28. How to host the perfect girls night in. 
29. A gratitude list. 
30. Top 10 books to read and why you should read them.
31. The best blogs to follow for style [or travel, or beauty, or food, etc.] inspiration.
32. Your favourite time saving hack.
33. 5 ways to get motivated. 
34.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, you'd go...
35. Your best blogging tip for new bloggers.
36. The best budget friendly makeup buys. 
37. A round-up of your best blog posts. 
38. Your favorite social media platform and why.
39. Six moments in your life that make you smile. 
40. Create a wishlist from anything [fashion, desk accessories, baking. makeup, bullet journalling]
41. Share you best photography props.
42. Best buys for home decor.
43. How to start a bullet journal. 
44. Ways to find inspiration.
45. 10 must have travel essentials you NEED. 
46. Share your self-care routine with readers
47. How to decorate a small space.
48. Your favourite DIY beauty treatments. 
49. Favorite subscriptions boxes that you couldn't live without. 
50. Share your best phone photography tips.
51. Create a city guide [yours or somewhere you have visited]. 
52. How to throw a dinner party for friends.
53. Ten ways to style a [skirts, jeans, leather, a white shirt, etc].
54. A roundup of your favorite beauty You-tubers. 
55.  A style inspirational board. 
56. Share your favourite accessories. 
57. Top tips for shopping on a budget. 
58. What are your favourite things to do outdoors?
59. Reverse bucket list. 
60. How do you stay creative?
61. Share your top 5 apps you couldn't live without as a blogger?
62. What's the best piece of advice given to you by someone else.
63. Talk about something in your life that you found hard.
64. Why do you love blogging?
65. Create the ultimate resource list [bloggers, courses, apps, photography, inspiration]. 
66. Share 10 of your favourite blog posts and why?
67. Monthly favourites
68. Life lately [shares photos from Instagram over the last few weeks].
69. Share 6 simple date ideas. 
70. What are your favourite blogging tools you couldn't live without. 
71. Share an embarrassing childhood story. 
72. Your week in pictures.
73. Adding personal touches to your home. 
74. How to hygge at home. 
75. Share your favourite staple baking recipes. 
76. The happiest moment of your life. 
78. Spring cleaning hacks. 
79. Most challenging part of your life, why and what have you learned from it. 
80. Top tips when it comes to de-cluttering your home. 
81. Behind the blogging scene, give your readers a glimpse into your process. 
81. Best photography blogs that inspire you. 
82. Talk about a recent change in your life and it's impact [diet, started yoga, fitness level, etc.]
83. Share ways you like to wind down in the evenings. 
84. Top picks for your office. 
85. Share a recent shopping haul. 
86. What things couldn't you live without. 
87. The meaning behind your blog name. 
88. 15 destinations you'd like to visit. 
89. 8 ways you can add glamour to your bedroom.
90. 10 easy spring colour palettes for your decor. 
91. Talk about your first time abroad. 
92. Best budget destinations
93. Your five product face. 
94. Share your best handbag products for a night out. 
95. How do you stay productive?
96. Best ways to keep your [makeup/desk/house] organised?
97. What are your worst habits?
98. A list of your favourite clothes shops and why?
99. What are you favourite books and why?
100. Share your photography equipment [props, cameras, editing apps and backdrops].
101. Five ways to disguise a bad hair day. 

Wow, we got there in the end. And that's a whole lot of blog post and I hope that somewhere in that mega list you have found something to inspire you to write? Have you been struggling to find inspiration for what to write about? I’d love to hear your tips!

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Explore The Adventure: Banham Zoo

Ahh Zoos! Who doesn't love a family day out to the zoo? Even though I am a fully grown adult I still get excited about going to the zoo, and I know that I am not only one. It's a great opportunity to see and learn about these magnificent creatures, and it's also a great way to help charities and conservation. As a child we would go to a zoo at least once a year and we have been all over Norfolk and Suffolk, and now that I have my own family I feel as if the tradition should carry on. We took our daughter to the zoo for the first time when she was a year old and she was completely mesmerised with all the different animals. And we thought that it was time for another adventure to Banham Zoo

There is so much to see and do for families at Banham Zoo, and this year Banham Zoo are celebrating their 50th birthday so there is even more fun and activities that you and your family can get involved with. You can see the Tigers, feed the giraffes, be complete mesmerised by sloths and monkeys as well as seeing some of their newest arrivals and some rare ones too. The birthday celebrations start with the official opening of the brand new California Sea Lion enclosure which is pretty epic.

Enjoy a full day out with lots of activities to thrill and entertain every member of the family, including daily animal feeding talks, ‘Amazing Animals!’ presentations and one of the most exciting ‘Birds of Prey’ displays in the UK! I remember both of these presentations on our last visit an they were amazing. The 'Amazing Animals!' presentation takes place throughout the year, where you get the opportunity to see the animals live on stage as they give you a glimpse into the world of some of the most incredible creatures. The show lasts for 30 minutes or so giving you plenty of opportunity to see so many different animals such as serveral, ring tailed lemurs, European genet, Swainson’s lorikeets, monk parakeets, kookaburra, rats, barn owl and blue & gold macaws. It’s an absolute ‘must do’ on a day out at Banham Zoo. The 'Bird of Prey Display' situated in the heart of the zoo at the Bird of Prey Centre, you can come face to face with the magnificent bald eagle, beautiful owls and vultures flying together! However, on our visit this time sadly the display was cancelled due to all the rain. 

Sea Lion Bay

Banham Zoo’s new residents are five Californian sea lions. These adorable, playful, curious and very sociable marine mammals have already settled in and love a crowd. “Sea Lion Bay” is an exciting new saltwater marine habitat and provides the perfect environment for the five sea lions; it's a deep water pool, rocks and ledges will allow them to show off their natural behaviour, giving visitors an amazing insight into sea lions, while learning all about these beautiful mammals during educational feeding talks.

Penguin Cove

Last term at nursery my daughter was learning about birds and  become interested in penguins especially since our visit to the SEALIFE centre in Great Yarmouth. So, as you can imagine we had one excited lady heading towards Penguin Cove. The enclosure is home to lots of black-footed penguins, as well as other birds such as cape teal, white-faced tree ducks, little egrets and African spoonbills. This recently renovated enclosure allows visitors to see the penguins in something that would be like a natural habitat whilst get up close and personal. 

Farm Barn

As with the zoos we also adore farms, I guess there's something about farmyard animals that everyone likes. We got to see pygmy goats from Africa, llamas from South America, and Kune Kune pigs from New Zealand which were of course my favourite. You can also visit our infamous rat room and even get to feed them. In the farm barn area you will be able to touch or feed some of the animals, and we met a couple of very friendly goats on the way, our daughter of course wanted to have a cuddle.

Lemur Encounters 

In this enclosure you really do get close and personal with the Lemurs, one stood next to my daughter for a little while. It was pretty amazing. The enclosure is home to a troop of one of Madagascar’s most recognised inhabitants – the ring-tailed lemurs, and also to a group of some of its noisiest – the red ruffed lemurs. During our walk through to the enclosure my daughter was very excited to be seeing lots of King Julians, but as the sun was shining you could see that they were enjoying a little sunbathe session.

Eureka! Aminazing Oasis. 

I must say that this was probably one of the highlights of our day. Banham’s immersive enclosure ‘Eureka!’ invites guests on a voyage of discovery around the world to find out all about its amazing inhabitants and their incredible adaptations! There were so many amazing animals in this enclosure that we went around again just to make sure we didn't missed anything. It is home to a variety of animals, including two-toed sloths, titi monkeys, tortoises and bats as well as free-flying birds and butterflies. On our way out we came across another family who had visited the zoo coming back in the enclosure with a butterfly from his mother in laws coat. These butterflies were only a few days old and we just getting to grips with their wings, it was pretty amazing to watch them. It was like they were in slow motion. ‘Eureka’ was also the perfect place to warm up on a rainy day too. This was my husband highlight of the day and was in complete if the Sloth they has inside the enclosure, and I must admit he was quite the little poser.

Seeing beautiful big cats was another highlight for everyone. Amur tigers, snow leopards, cheetahs and the beautiful, but rare Sri Lankan leopards and their cubs. There are also so may primates including lemurs, monkeys and siamangs as well as our feathered friends such as flamingos, owls, parrots and ibis. It was an amazing experience. 

We also got on board on the free Safari Road Train where we took a small journey around the zoo to see some of the animals, of course my daughter enjoyed the Safari train and was chug chug chugging all the way around. Our daughter's favourite part of the day was at the Giraffe enclosure, as it was their feeding time. She was so interested in watching them eat their snack and then asked if she could ride them like a horse, she couldn't wait and told everyone she saw lots of Melman's. 

So if you're looking for an adventure with the family and you're around the Norwich area, you must go and take a trip to Banham zoo I know you won't be disappointed. 

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