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The Best Way to Have a Relaxing Night In.

Being a parent is hard work, actually when I actually sit there and think about it, it's pretty exhausting! I only know too well chasing around my very hyper three year old daughter. Sometimes she keeps me on my toes and by the time she goes to bed I can hardly keep my eyes open. If there is one thing that I have noticed since becoming a parent is that I never really get time to do anything by myself. I never get much time alone with my husband anymore, time to actually wash, dry and style my hair, or even to poop. My daughter wants to know my whereabouts down to the minute and therefore I really struggle to manage any time I do have for myself. Before my husband and I became parents we would always do things on a whim, we could get up late, spend all day in bed. And now our time is no longer ours and we struggle to get a few minutes by ourselves. When we first became parents, so many of our friends and family would tell us the importance of keeping time for yourself...

Time for myself? Forget it! I cannot remember the last time where I actually had a big bubble bath just for me, without a certain little lady using me a slide. To actually be alone, to sit in the quiet, to exhale and slump down in the sofa because someone offered to take my daughter for an afternoon, just to relax. I honestly really struggle to actually make time for myself, even though it's so important, I just end up forgetting. But looking after a toddler, the cooking, the cleaning and bath time I am just too knackered to have me time. All I want to do is sleep. But this is something that I need to change and so I have made a promise to myself to take time out for me and so here are a few things I could do to relax and have more time for me...

#1  B A T H

The ultimate start to a cosy night in is without a doubt a bubble bath. One of the most affordable yet self-indulgent ways to practice self care is to try and take a long, luxurious bath. Baths can make all the difference when you're feeling tired, or stressed - it can hep you unwind after a long day at work, relax before bed, and of course will leave you feeling refreshed and clean. You can spice up your bubble bath with different oils, salts, creams and soothing and hydrating ingredients that you leave you feeling anything but pruney when you get out of the bath. So, when it comes to me time the best way to start a cosy nigh in is with the ultimate bubble bath my favourites include; Philosophy Coconut Frosting, Origins Ginger Float Cream  or Sanctuary Spa Foaming Bath Soak.

#2  C O M F Y   P A J A M A S

Nothing says let's have a cosy night in than getting into your favourite pjs after a long luxurious bath. But let's face it who doesn't love throwing on their pjs as soon as they get through the door? When it comes to the type of pj's you choose there are an array of options available and it really depends on what you prefer for bedtime. I love to pinch my husband pj bottoms and pair with one of my vests. I don't know why it is but his clothes are so much more comfortable than mine, even if I buy similar one to his.

#3 W I N E

Whether it's wine, champagne or some a home made punch, choose something you enjoy! Is there such a thing as a relaxing night in without a glass or two of wine? Wine is a must! There’s nothing like relaxing with a glass of wine after a hectic week. Not forgetting some of the finest selection of premium wines for an evening all about you. If you are feeling a little more adventurous then why not try your hand at some cocktail making, just make sure that you have some paracetamol handy for the morning after. I'm a Rosé kind of girl but I do like to make cocktails too, my favourites are Miami Vice, or a Strawberry Rosé Sangria as it's probably one of the most tastiest cocktails I have ever tasted.

#4  C A N D L E S

Candles just make a cosy night in, there is nothing better than filling your space or your bathroom with the sweet aroma of your favourite scent. My favourite scent at the moment has to be this Lemongrass & Verbena Exquisite Candle. Bright citrus notes with with verbena blended with notes of melon, rose and jasmine. It's super fresh, vibrant and uplifting. I love to wait until little lady goes to bed and relax in a nice bubble bath with candles, it's the perfect way to rest and recuperate. As soon as I opened the box to the scented candle I could instantly smell the lemongrass, it was so refreshing as I was running a bath I could definitely notice the scent in the bathroom. 

#5  E N T E R T A I N M E N T

Normally nights cosy in consist of switching off from the world to catch up on some programmes, a box set, a lovely film or begin a Netflix binge. When we are taking time for ourselves we like to pull the duvet and pillows off our bed and bring them to the sofa so we can get super comfy whilst watching our favourites. We have been making our way through a couple of Netflix box sets at the moment: Orange is the New Black, A-Typical, Suits and The Originals. What do you recommend on Netflix?

#6  S N A C K S

No cosy night is complete without a selection of snacks. For extra special treat and if you're good in the kitchen then you can find the most delicious treats in the wonderful world of Pinterest. I like to whip up something special as treat once a week and without fail my cookie recipes are always a favourite as I can use any ingredients we want to indulge in, recently we have had chocolate chips and peanut butter. However if they are too delicious and don't even make the storage tin then personally I  like to grab a selection of crackers, pretzels, popcorn and chocolate too. I like to indulge!

What do you like to do when you are trying to relax and unwind? Let me know in the comments below...
8 comments on "The Best Way to Have a Relaxing Night In. "
  1. Ah, I could do with a lovely night like this right about now! x

  2. Some fab ideas there. I always love the idea of a bath but usually make it far too hot and have to get out soonish. I think yummy desserts and a film in PJs and a duvet is a good way to relax in the evening.

  3. I feel like I want to all of the above immediately!

  4. I love this list, and just because I read it I'm lighting some candles immediately and I'm off to put some PJ's on. Thanks for the reminder to indulge myself sometimes (I have a glass of wine beside me too!!)

  5. The great thing about chilling in PJs is it is something you can do around a toddler. In fact they love to do it too. Bath, candles and entertainment that isn't children's TV is slightly more challenging.

  6. Great ideas here, I'm not allowed a full bath for at least three weeks post-op so the thought of a relaxing bubble bath sounds bliss x

  7. That all sounds so good. Need to plan a 'night in' now x

  8. Candles always! Perfect way to get cosy.


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