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BIRCHBOX - July 2018: Say Yes To Adventure

It's BIRCHBOX time! Well, this one is a little delayed because my box arrived late, boo BIRCHBOX. So let's get to it. I have to say that I'm in no way impressed, actually it's probably the worst box I have received. I guess BIRCHBOX have had a good run so far and there was always going to be a bad box. But nonetheless their July edition is all about encouraging us to be bold and try something new and contains two new makeup items along with some skincare and body care products too. Every subscriber will receive the Manna Kadar Compact Powder in either Paradise or Trifecta. Being a girl who is all about the subtle bronzed shades this time of year I decided to go for Trifecta and I am really impressed with the pigment too I can't wait to try this shade with some summer looks. So let's take a closer look, shall we?

If you're new to Birchbox they are one of the main leaders in the beauty box subscription game. Each month you will receive five deluxe samples and travel sized samples and these will be with makeup, skin care, body care or hair care. It's a great way to discover new products that you wouldn't normally come across if it wasn't for this little beauty subscription. So without further ado let's take a closer look. 

Manna Kadar London. Wear Powder in Trifecta | RRP £15. 

First up every subscriber will recieved on of these full-size multi-purpose powder from Manna Kadar – a makeup brand that I’m not overly familiar with. The powder has a lovely, silky, lightweight texture and blends easily, plus I love this shade. You can use it on cheeks or eyes, and even as a brow colour if you have the right colouring for it. There are two shade that every subscriber was able to choose from Paradise which is a more peachy pink ideal for adding a rose tint to cheeks in the summer. Or Trifecta a darker more bronzed shade which is prefect for added a sun kissed look to your cheeks and forehead. 

Browcote. Waterproof Brow Gel. | RRP £7.

I am one of those girls that have to deal with unruly eyebrows from time to time, especially if I skip a tweeze or wax so this is perfect to help keeping those unruly eyebrows tamed. Now before this little gel came through my post box I never used a gel on my eyebrows at all, so this was a first. This clear formula grooms bow and adds shine without flaking, clumping or crunchiness. You can either use these over brow for a more natural unruly look or on top of other brow products to help give the extra staying power. 

What’s In It For Me?…. Shower Scrub | RRP £7.

Next up, there’s a travel size Shower Scrub which is microbeads free and instead uses crushed walnut shell to gently but effectively exfoliate your skin. This is a really great two-in-one product to pack in your holiday bag and it smells so good too! When we went away for our holiday a little of this each day lasted for the duration of my stay, which really impressed me as I do tend to go through shower products like there's no tomorrow. 

Balance Me. Congested Skin Serum | RRP £16.

One too many late nights and being on the other side of my twenties serums, gels and creams are something that I just cannot skip. At the moment I am trying to find something that work for my sensitive skin and I have a feeling that this Balance Me Congested Skin Serum will be a front runner because it's 99% natural and can be used as an all-over facial serum as part of your regular skincare routine, or as a dedicated spot treatment to balance the skin and help refine those congested pores. 

Merci Handy. Hand Cream In Cherie Cherry. | RRP £5.

When it comes to deciding which hand cream is best for you, it is often a tricky one. While some hands (like mine) may need a slathering of moisturiser to soften and protect them, there's nothing worse than being left with a greasy film on your hands. More often than not, it takes ages for the cream to work it's magic and you end up leaving greasy finger prints everywhere and anything you pick up slips through those greasy hands. And nobody wants that and so put your best palm forward and let me introduce a new hand cream that you will want to try. What if you could make them softer than you ever imagined? Introducing the crème de la crème...Brimming with moisturising ingredients and mouthwatering fragrances, this little tubs of joy will transform dry skin into soft, soothed, skin in no time. Oh, and the formula sinks in quickly so there’s no sticky residue left behind!

So what did you think? Are you a Birchbox fan? If not, you should at least try a couple of boxes. A monthly Birchbox subscription, with no long-term commitment, costs just £10 (+ £2.95 P&P) per month.

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7 Simple & Easy Ways to Explore the Fun This Summer!

Summer holidays are upon us, finally. And I couldn’t be more excited. My little lady has left nursery and I must admit it was one milestone that was tough for both of us, but it’s been amazing. Even though it was tough seeing her leave nursery for the last time, I was so happy to see her excited for the next milestone. It may be an end of an era for us but it’s the start of something amazing. However, I can’t take too much time to realise that she’s growing as I have lots adventures and activities to plan for my little explorer. We are going to make these summer holidays count that’s for sure.

But with summer fun it’s doesn’t have to always cost the earth, so if you’re looking to avoid pulling out your purse for another adventure park, farm, or zoo perhaps more budget-friendly ideas would be more suited. It’s all about saving those pennies. But what makes this even better is that the whole family will enjoy them, so you'll be spending that all important quality time together.

Let them explore

Since starting nursery in September my daughter has become quite the explorer and has become completely fascinated with nature. We have the ultimate stick collection in the bottom of the garden, my coat pockets are full of daisies and my utility room has so many little finds collecting in her explorer bucket. We have pine cones, stones, daisies, feathers, rocks, sticks just to name a few. Both my husband and I love to get into the grips of exploring with her and it even makes me think back to my childhood going on scavengers hunts with my grandparents. So why not give your little ones a magnifying glass and send them on a bug hunt! There are a ton of creepy crawlies all around. To make things educational go to the library and borrow a book or two about bugs. Not forgetting to encourage scientific exploration and introduce your little one to a key scientific tool that is fun and exciting to explore like this GeoSafari My First Microscope. We have been exploring everything from a fairy wand, stones and sticks, you can magnify any flat or dimensional small object up to 8x it’s size, this is a real working microscope designed for kids and perfect for little hands!

Fly a kite.

Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height. I love flying kites and if you don't have one it could be fun trying to make one. I have come across some great tutorials from My Best Kite that shows in detail how to make small kites for small children to the larger flying creation for the bigger children. Yes Dads we are talking about you! If not you can pick up some really cheap ones from supermarkets.

Go rocking.

Rock hunting involves decorating rocks, stones and pebbles, before hiding them for others to find. The stones are decorated using pen or paint, sealed to ensure they aren’t ruined by the rain and then those that find them are able to keep them or hide for someone else to enjoy. We have had some much fun creating some really pretty rocks for other people to find. We are already familiar with rocking, we have been taking part in Norfolk Rocks for some time and the community seems to be getting bigger and bigger. So it was of course super exciting to discover something a little different with Mardles who have their own rock project and it was something we needed to get involved with. So embrace Augmented Reality in the form of these stickers that are sure to bring summer fun to your home in 3D.


Well clearly this one had to be on the list. Who doesn’t love to bake? Usually when it comes to baking sweet treats my daughter will sit on the floor entertaining herself with the colander or other kitchen utensils, but now it's time to get her more involved and embrace the whole baking idea with her. Now I must admit, it's not easy and they will get messy so you have been warned. However before you embark on a little baking session with little ones that have to be well equipped, as we all know how messy little ones can get so what better way to get in the mood for a little bake off than with this adorable personalised apron from Gift Pup. This apron was a little too big for her but we have a special way to make it fit and doesn’t she look cute? This apron is a gorgeous lilac pink and is made from polyester canvas material and I know it’s going to stand the test of time. These little aprons can be personalised with their name up to 15 characters. A great way to encourage your little ones to get into baking or cooking, they will be master chefs in no time.

Roller skating!

Roller-skating together is such a fun and healthy way to spend time together as a family. I remember spending so many weekends with my parents, brother and sister at roller skating places when we we younger. We had so much fun as a family and of course there were a few bumps along the way too. And so I wanted to have just as much fun with my daughter. However watching a four year old in skates for the first time is the best thing ever, I don't think me or my daughter have ever laughed so much. But all jokes aside, getting my little lady skates has been something that I have been wanting to do for some time. This is one you all must do.

Get creative

It is always a good idea to try and encourage little ones to be creative because it is a great way for them to become expressive by using their imagination. When little ones are creative they can try new exciting things and will therefore learn new ways of being - whether this is through the magic of play dough, the noise of saucepans lids or even through messy play they will soon be excited to try and become more expressive.

Summer learning.

Even though it’s the summer holidays, always take the opportunity for some summer learning. Over the last few weeks my husband and I have been getting our daughter some activity books and some learning cards for preparations and so far they have gone down really well. We are doing great with colours, identifying different animals, transport and every day objects, number and letters. However books are also great for the letting their imagination run wild too and without fail every night we will always read together, it's her favourite thing to do before bedtime. My daughter is completely obsessed princesses, she even likes to think of herself as a Rapunzel so during the summer we wanted to get her something that I know she would love but more importantly have that magical touch.

Disney. A love for Disney is something that never really goes away, if anything it grows. Whenever I think about Disney it takes me back to my childhood and the fond memories of love, magic and fairy tales. Now that I have my own daughter I want the magic to continue.. At three years old she knows a thing or two about being a Disney fan as we are making our way through the collection of classics. My daughter is in complete awe of the Disney princesses, one in particular is by far her favourite. Princess Rapunzel! But seriously who doesn't love Disney though? So a great way to explore the fun during the summer than with a Personalised Disney Princess Book from I Just Love It. All Official Disney Princesses feature in this mesmerising personalised edition, with the recipient’s name beautifully embossed on the cover of the book, and space for a special message on the inside page. The recipient’s name is even magically weaved into the top of each page, and the entire book is presented in a free gift box.

So there you have it 7 simple and easy ways to explore the fun this summer that don't cost the earth. So go and make memories. 

5 Tranquil and Exotic Honeymoon Destinations That Ooze Romance

Just over a month ago my sister asked me to help her plan her wedding, and she gets married in less than eight months and has booked the church and venue and that's it! So you could say that I have my work cut out for me, but when it comes to being organised or getting organised I am your girl. As strange as it may seem but I really do enjoy organising events and thinking about all the little details. It's kind of therapeutic and fun. But one part of the whole wedding that I am really excited to plan is the honeymoon. Eeeek! Nothing but the sun in your hair, sand in your toes, and a much needed dose of relaxation, right? But trying to figure out what exotic honeymoon to book can be a hard decision as there are so many beautiful destinations in the world. 

One place that is always on a newlyweds honeymoon list is without a doubt is the Caribbean! When you think of the Caribbean you immediately think of beautiful white sandy beaches, tall palm trees and those unbelievable turquoise waters. A place that so many of us can only dream of. Discovering paradise with captivating cultures in colonial cities, ancient ruins, heavenly shores with inviting waters on some of the most beautiful islands known to man. Cuba!!! Now I am biased when it comes to this choice as this was the perfect honeymoon destination for me and my husband as it has tranquil settings, beautiful beaches, romantic and complete relaxation. You need to visit  Destination2 Caribbean Holidays as they show some truly beautiful parts of the islands and the exotic location is perfect for honeymooning couples. What better way to start marriage bliss than exotic excursions, romantic walks along the beach, swimming with Dolphins and consuming as many cocktails and champagne as you possibly can. 

Bali is also another great choice for honeymooners, especially if they crave exploring and adventures. The beautiful Bali boasts an incredibly unique charm and spiritual air that makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. I must admit this a place that has been on my bucket list for a while and it's hard not to see why though with sun, beautiful beaches, famous volcanic mountains, tranquil scenes and gorgeous green forests. How about exploring your first adventure as a married couple with a sunrise volcanic walk and romantic rain forest restaurant? Mount Batur, a unique and enthralling experience that will be sure to take your breath away with it's beautiful crater lake, hot springs and fantastic panoramic views from its peak. There's an experience to suit every taste and accommodation options for all budgets, from luxe villas and spa retreats to sophisticated hotels and resorts. 


Tuscany in the wonderful country of Italy just oozes romance and tranquility. Tuscany has astonished people with the beauty of its natural landscapes and its art cities featuring the highest concentration of artistic masterpieces in the world. Florence, Siena, and Pisa are just some of the most popular cities for a romantic honeymoon in Italy. The region is popular for its hilly terrain that alternates between picturesque vineyards and countless olive groves, and charming medieval villages throughout the hillside making it an irresistible Italian region for newly-weds. Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is a romantic destination of its own and generally no one skips it. Whether you are interested in amazing architecture, art, and history or food and shopping, just stroll the streets of the city centre and take in their culture.

Thailand was our second choice for a honeymoon destination choice before we finally settled on Cuba. But this is still a place that I would love to venture with my family. And so it makes it the perfect destination for a honeymoon, with luxurious hideaways and magical vistas infused with an exotic culture that never fails to charm. Some parts of Thailand are simply too marvellous to miss, so make sure than you plan an itinerary as there is lots to see. Whether you plan to see temples, relax on beaches or venture out to taste some of the best street Thailand would be the adventure that you will tell family and friends from years to come. 


And here we have made it to the ultimate  honeymoon location that so many can only wish to visit, Mauritius with their sun-kissed beaches, beautiful blue lagoons and blissful scenes, who wouldn't want to visit this tranquil volcanic island. Mauritius, with its miles of beautiful white-sand beaches, backed by lush forests and dramatic volcanic peaks, is made for romance, with some of the best luxury hotels in the Indian Ocean. I would really love to know what you thought of the choices I have picked our for my sister and her husband to be. If you went on a honeymoon where did you go, are there any exotic honeymoon destinations you'd recommend. 

*This is a collaborative post*

GLOSSYBOX - JULY 2018: Under The Sea

This month GLOSSYBOX is calling all mermaids to dive under the sea to get some of the most gorgeous treats this month. However  I'm sorry I was a little late to the party, not entirely sure what happened with my box this month, but thank goodness it arrived!  I must admit I really like the design of the box this month which is inspired by azure oceans and jetting off to a dazzling oasis. Have you noticed that we are actually having a summer, for the first time in forever. So as I am melting away writing this, let's see if this box is worth the hype. This Under The Sea GLOSSYBOX is jam packed full of beach babe essentials that are the perfect way to help you get the summer holiday vibes, whether it's gorgeous mermaid waves or sun kissed skin, GLOSSY have you covered. 

If you're new to Glossybox, it's a monthly subscription box that comes packed with both full sized products that cover all areas of beauty from skin care, hair, nails, makeup and everything else in between from brands we all love to those new discoveries that we wouldn't normally get to try if it wasn't for Glossybox. Each box costs £13.25 per month and contains contents that are always over the cost of the box. In a nutshell, you get a box full of goodies all for that monthly price.

SENHOR DO BONFIM. Sea Water Hair Spray. RRP | £16

Not a brand I am familiar with but during the summer so many of us want to achieve effortless mermaid waves. This spray enhances curls without using any heat, all you need to do is spritz onto damp or dry hair and you're good to go. And it smells amazing! I think the only downside to it is that it seems quite pricey for the product, but I am hoping that this little bottle lasts me a while. 

CRABTREE & EVELYN. La Source Hand Therapy. RRP | £8

Dry hands are just the worst. Hand cream is a must have essential all year round. However when it comes to deciding which hand cream is best for you, it is often a tricky one. While some hands (like mine) may need a slathering of moisturiser to soften and protect them, there's nothing worse than being left with a greasy film on your hands. More often than not, it takes ages for the cream to work it's magic and you end up leaving greasy finger prints everywhere and anything you pick up slips through those greasy hands. And nobody wants that and so put your best palm forward and let me introduce a new hand cream that you will want to try. This hand cream is enriched with a marine blend of antioxidents-rich seaweed extracts and red sea algae. The hydrating power of hyaluronic acid also protect you hands with a moisture barrier. I have to admit I actually like the consistency of this one and it's definately going in my handbag this summer. 

ORIFLAME. The ONE 5-in-1 Wonder Lash Mascara. RRP | £8

So this mascara has many claims to live up to. So I was more than excited to try this as it claims to lift, curl, volumise, lengthen and separates the lashes. I am hoping that this mascara is going to give me beautiful lashes in less than no time. When it comes to choosing a mascara I always choose a plastic wand rather than one with bristles. So my favourite thing about this mascara is actually the brush. It’s super flexible in a neat conical shape to get right into those tiny lashes at the inner and outer corners of eyes. It seems to pick up just the right amount of product without overloading my lashes, so I am only need one or two coats. This wand contains lots of plastic bristles both small and large in a slight cone shape the brush is able to coat all the lashes with ease. The flexible wand moves on contact with the lashes so no pressure is needed. I have used this mascara a couple of times and if I am honest I was slightly disappointed. Yes it helped separated my lashes better than my usual mascara however failed to curls or give me eyes a great lash. However I will stick with it. 

INUWET. Cheek Shell Brush. RRP | £13.20

Yes calling all mermaids I am sure you'll love to add this little beauty into your makeup brush collection. Like seriously how gorgeous is this brush? A little gem created by Korean brand, as we know that they know a thing or two about skincare so I am sure that they know ideal brushes too. The Shell brush is perfect for precision contouring and bronzing. Bronzer is a must-have for a healthy, sun-kissed glow. Something else that my makeup routine needs a gorgoeous glow and this brush is perfect for highlighting the cheekbones, cupid's bow and nose. Bronzing and highlighting are perfect ways to get that post-holiday glow, even if you’re not jetting off this summer. 

REGENERATE. Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste. | RRP £10

Also in the box is a travel-size of a toothpaste that has a lovely minty taste and it cleans teeth very well. It’s also the first toothpaste to regenerate enamel and reverse the early erosion process. The formula contains a unique blend of enamel minerals that wrap around your teeth. I use this twice a day, and I’m hoping that over a bit of time, it works wonders. 

HAWAIIAN TROPIC. Duo Defence Sun Lotion SPF 30. RRP | £15

Finally, this month you get a handy little sachet of the amazingly-scented Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defence Sun Lotion SPF 30. This is great to keep in your handbag for an unexpected day in the sun. Protection is something that we all need. There are so many benefit to using sunscreen, by protecting you from harmful radiation from the sun, sunscreen reduces your risk for skin cancer, premature aging and sunburns. You can optimise your protection by choosing the right sunscreen, wearing it regularly and using it as directed. Just remember to apply sun lotion 20 minutes before sun exposure.

In a nutshell, if you're a mermaid or want to be then this is the box for you. However, for me personally I really like the brush and mascara but nothing really grabs my attention straightaway, well in comparison to previous boxes. 
If you want to receive this box, you can get 15% off of July’s edition by entering the promo code WELCOME at checkout here.

Capturing Those Moments to Remember with TimeSpring

I will always remember that moment I became a mother. I will never forget all those emotions, the thoughts and those feelings that overcame me in that moment after trying for so long. Those two pink lines were finally staring back at me. After wanting something for so long, I remember how surreal it felt. I remember feeling a rush of excitement, elation followed by worry and so much doubt. Several pregnancy tests later it was the answer that we had longed for, it was happening. We were expecting a baby and from that moment I pretty much fell in love. And with that rush of love came an obsession to make things and keep anything to do with my pregnancy. I really enjoyed writing a pregnancy journal documenting all those unpredictable mood swings, the butterfly moments and everything else in between. Then when she finally made an entrance into the world the love for her just grew and I became obsessed with documenting everything, there wouldn't any moment that I wouldn't be able to look back on, especially with the way I would snap away. There is not a moment in my daughter's life that I haven't documented. The pregnancy, her birth, those special days and moments, first holidays, the weaning stages, the meltdowns and even the sassiness! I want to be able to cherish them forever.

My beautiful baby has just turned four and as each day passes so does all those baby and toddler quirks, she's is beginning to say words the correct way and doesn't really need my help for most things unless it's to put another episode of Ben & Holly on Netflix. My baby is a baby no more, she is a fully fledged little girl and this little girl of mine is heading off into the big wide world of school. As a mother this is a milestone that many don't really look forward to because it marks such a big moment for both little one and parents. As a mother this milestone has been particularly hard for me, well she has been in my life full time for the past four years and in September she will be her own person, at school full time. It's really bittersweet. No one really wants their baby to grow up, but it's something that happens and if you're like me I want to remember every moment of her. I never want to forget her quirks, the sass, the way she says vegetables I want to remember it all. I am quite a sentimental person, my husband calls me a hoarder, however I feel I am more sentimental.

Since becoming a mother to my beautiful miracle baby I have kept so many keepsakes. I have pregnancy journals, boxes that are jam packed full of photos, hospital letters and baby cards. I have kept her first size sleep suit, first bib, her first dummy, hospital bands and even her hospital blanket. I just can't bare to part with these little keepsakes. However it's not just the physical keepsakes that I just want to remember. Something that I did before becoming a blogger was write snippets of my thoughts and feelings down. These snippets would normally be during the 3 am wake up calls or when I was feeding her. And it really didn't matter what nature these snippets were about but I just knew they would be something that I wanted to remember. 

For these kind of memories I did set up an email address for my daughter and I have been sending email after email for the past four years with the intention that she will open them all on her eighteenth birthday, but I have discovered something a little different that we can share with all her aunts, uncles and grandparents who are just as sentimental as us. TimeSpring which is an amazing app that is like an online memory box that everyone can enjoy.  It's really simple and easy to use, you start off my creating profiles for your family members including their relationship to you, their date of birth and an email address. Once you have added all your loved ones to the wheel you can then  start sending them messages and photos, whether it's a milestone, a first smile or you can just send your child a little message for them to open when they are older. I think that this is so much more than the basic email I had for my daughter, it's a great way to involve the whole family. 

With TimeSpring I will find it so easy to documents the perfect little moments and be able to share them with family and friends ensuring that they are a part of the journey too. I can't help but feel that an app like this will be even more meaningful than a simple photo. It will be a great way to reflect on those moments as a mother and see how much I have grown as a mother, as well as watching all the fun with my little one along the way. I really love the idea of 'time-release messaging' as they will give those messages a life of their own, ensuring that friends, family, and children will not only see and enjoy those photos, but also experience how I was in time and space. It's brilliant. In September I am sure that my daughter's messages are going to be jam packed full of sentimental thoughts and feelings about her first day of school, things like how I am missing a leg or that it's an end of an era for us or other mushy stuff. But I hope that in some way with the 'time-release messaging' we are able to share moments together and perhaps she will want to open this message on her child's first day of school. My daughter best be prepared with all these messages though, as it will probably take her another eighteen years to read though.

It also has a new feature 'send to self'' which is probably one of the best ways to help me get organised, as I am able to send messages to myself reminding me of things. TimeSpring was originally developed for parents to send their children messages to open on their eighteenth birthday, but you can also share important moments with other family and friends too. I think it's also a great way to share those memorable moments with friends and family who live abroad. We have relatives in Australia so this app is a fantastic way to keep them involved with my daughter and all those milestones, it makes keeping those memories as easy and convenient as possible. For those too young to have an email address, you can simply leave it blank and add when they do create one. There are no limitations to recipients, so go and get all the family involved. It's free to use and can be downloaded in the app store, so it's really accessible. Just note that if you wanted to include videos you can will have to make a purchase. 

For us, TimeSpring will always be a part of out lives to shares the memories, reflects on the big moments and appreciate the little ones. Do you think TimeSpring is something that you would use? You can download the app for iPhone  and via google play. So what are you waiting for, go and documents those moments you want to remember. 

This is a post in collaboration with TimeSpring, as always all my views and opinions are entirely my own.

Choosing The Perfect Shower For Your Bathroom

Our bathroom is a room in our home that is often overlooked, and when we do make changes to it, there is often not enough thought gone into the layout. So, if you are looking to replace your bathroom in the future, here are some things that will help to make your bathroom a place that you love to spend time. You usually find that there is limited space available in your bathroom, so it is essential that you utilise proper planning techniques to get the most out of the small amount of space available. If you need some inspiration on what can be done with limited space in your bathroom, look at the Pinterest website which has hundreds of ideas available to inspire you.


Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

One of the first things that you will need to do in the process of renovating your bathroom is to measure the total space that you must work within. Many of the bigger companies may have CAD design software that can help you with this task, but if you are doing this yourself, you may need to use paper and a pencil and draw a scaled version of your bathroom. Once you know the total area that you have available to you, you can then start to look at what you wish to include in your brand-new bathroom.

Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

There is no point looking for showers for sale online if you already have your heart set on an abstract or uncommon colour, and then look to purchase the fixtures and fittings for your bathroom. When you are after only a specific colour, you will make it a lot harder job to find the fixtures that you like in the colour that you want. The first thing that you should do is decide what your bathroom needs, and then look at colour choices available.

*Medicine Cabinets

There is a lot to consider before you can go out purchasing the items that you will need for your new bathroom.

Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

The next question you will have to ask yourself is am I going to do this job myself, or get a professional to do it for me? If you have extensive experience, as well as all the tools that you need, then you may wish to opt to do the job yourself. However, if you lack in the DIY department, you may want to contact a professional and have them give you a quote for installing your new bathroom. If you are looking for a professional builder to do the job for you, ask for recommendations from friends or family first, before you start your search. If you have no luck there, then try looking at websites such as, where you will be able to contact a host of different contractors within your local area.

Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

Once you have either installed your new bathroom yourself or used the services of a local tradesman, you will then need to finish things off and get the decorating done. As bathrooms are usually small, you should be able to do any painting or wallpapering jobs yourself, which should help you save some money. Once you have finished, you will be left with a brand-new bathroom that looks great and is also practical. If it is too comfortable, you may find that your family starts spending much more time in there and that you have to queue to get in yourself each day!

LQ Liquid Health Supplement for Skin, Hair and Nails

As you will know lately skincare has become pretty important to me, so much so that I had a complete overhaul with my skin and introduced a bunch of new products into my day and night skincare routine. However, as important as it is to look after your skin on the outside there are times where we have to be kind to our skin from inside. Now that I am not on the good side of my twenties anymore this is becoming even more important to me.

We all know how important it is to keep your inside all healthy and super hydrated, avoid too much sugar and bad food and to eat as much fruit and veg as we can possibly consume. But when it comes to beauty we tend to shortfall and focus on adding serums, oils, creams and no end of gels. So what better way to improve the look and feel of your skin that to do it from the inside out and choose to add a supplement into a daily routine. Taking an inside out approach to beauty and formulated to work effectively on its own or alongside beauty lotions and potions giving maximum results; drinking collagen is the new way to target skin ageing. But now one healthcare company is taking us one step closer with a new drinkable super strength, wrinkle-busting complex that is taking anti-ageing to new heights. Now I have to admit I was immediately intrigued because let's face it who doesn't want younger, wrinkle free skin?

LQ Skin, Hair & Nails is a as the non-invasive answer to collagen fillers and far safer and cheaper than the craze for vitamin and collagen drips and injections, the ‘super shot’ drink is the first of it's kind to contain all three of the most effective skin anti-agers. Collagen, resveratrol and hyaluronic acid along with advanced antioxidants to fight off lines and wrinkles and loss of skin tone. So as you can see it jam packed full of goodness that is sure to help with the complexion and skin and hopefully help fill those wrinkles out too. LQ Skin, Hair & Nails is clinically proven, age-defying ingredients to work more quickly from the inside out. And I don't know about you but I could do with a little love for my hair skin and nail now thanks to this awful dry and hot weather. I feel like I look a bit frazzled! This supplement comes in a bottle that is designed to simply be like a probiotic yoghurt or something, ensuring that it can easily be added to a great morning routine. 

LQ Skin, Hair & Nails - Give Us The Deets...

LQ Liquid Health’s Skin, Hair & Nails liquid collage supplement comes in 50ml bottles containing 7000mg of high quality hydrolysed Peptan™ collagen, which has high bioavailability. That means that it’s easy for your body to take up the collagen and make use of it. It also includes hyaluronic acid and Grape Seed extract, which contains resveratrol. Vitamin C and E are antioxidants. The supplement also includes Selenium and Biotin (Vitamin B7) which are important for the maintenance of normal nails, skin and hair.

Collagen exists naturally in skin but it's production decreases with age, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. And even though I hate to admit it one too many late nights and the whole age thing has been a little wearing on my skin. So as you can imagine I was more than excited to add a little LQ into my life and help battle the wrinkles and sagging skins, even just a little. But what I like most about LQ is that the supplement actually aids the natural process and it's becoming far more effective that other collagen creams, oils, serums or treatments. It gets highly concentrated, quality collagen peptides straight into the bloodstream, getting straight to the deeper dermis to directly encourage the skin’s collagen making cells to produce more collagen and hydrating hyaluronic acid. A winner all round if I do say so myself. 

When it comes to loving my skin from the outside this product is not a first, I am more than sure that those who are reading this will know about Forever Living and I was sucked into the 'dream' and decided to try their Aloe gel and I must say that was a completely bizarre experience itself, and one cup of this stuff was suppose to help you in all kinds of way. However, the gel tasted so awful that I threw up and it didn't matter if I swallowed it quickly or added a cordial. It tasted vile. So you can imagine that I was little apprehensive when it came to this little supplement, and you know what? It didn't taste bad at all, it was actually quite nice. 

I have been using this product just under a month and even though I can see a little difference in my complexion I cannot really say if it's a product that I would say has impacted my life and I couldn't live without it. Well so far anyway. I am guessing that seeing a difference with my hair and nail could just take me a little bit longer to see a difference. This little supplement is on the pricey side but to ensure that it's a supplement that is working for me, I will have to purchase some more so I can see the difference and how much I am consuming. LQ is £29.99 for 10 x 50ml shots which works out at £3 per day. However after the initial 3 months, you have the option of reducing your intake to 3-4 bottles a week which obviously reduces the cost. Have you ever tried LQ Liquid Health before?

Mimi Rose and Me is a personal blog written and edited by myself only, unless otherwise noted my reviews are completely based on my own opinions and my own words. These products were supplied to me as a gift to review from LQ Liquid Health. If you'd like to know about this then please visit this page.

Pork Mince Roasted Stuffed Mushrooms

In our household we love chicken and pork mince, however sometimes mealtimes can become predictable. And seeing as I love cooking and being in the kitchen there is always so many opportunities to become a little adventurous and create a quick and easy recipe that tastes pretty good too. These little morsels are great for a party but we like to eat them over dinner with some rice and simple steamed vegetables. You can make the filling and stuff the mushrooms ahead of time so all you have to do is stick them in the oven when you get home from work. I think that's why I love these stuffed mushrooms so much, it's a pretty versatile recipe too. Try replacing pork mince in place of lamb or beef and add some chopped scallions for a refreshing flavour. 

To make these pork mince roasted stuffed mushrooms you'll need:

300g Button Mushrooms
½ Medium Onion , finely diced
1 tbsp Olive Oil
300g Pork Mince
1 whole Egg Yolk
50g Cheddar Cheese, grated
Salt And Pepper


1. Preheat oven to 200 °C/395 °F. Line a baking tray with parchment. 

2. In a medium frying pan, cook onion in oil for 1-2 minutes over medium heat.Transfer to a bowl with raw pork mince, salt and pepper and combine well with your hands until well incorporated.

3. Remove the mushroom stumps by carefully twisting and pulling. Slice a paper-thin layer from the top of the mushroom heads to make them more stable when sitting upside down. 

4, Fill each mushroom cavity with about a tablespoon of pork mixture. I did find it easier rolling the filling into a ball and it should look like a little dome of meat sitting inside a mushroom. Place stuffed mushrooms on baking paper covered oven tray on the middle shelf of the oven. Roast for 14-20 minutes at 200 °C/395 °F.

5. Remove mushrooms from the oven and sprinkle some cheddar on the top and pop back into the oven for a further five minutes. Serve with rice and vegetables. 

Stuffed mushrooms are so easy to make, they’re great for parties, and the variations are endless. Just regular button mushrooms are perfect for stuffing. You can get as creative as you like with the filling, you could even put a Spanish twist on them with a little spice and tomatoes. If you like this recipe don't forget to pin. 

How To Give Your Kids The Best Chance Of Succeeding In School

Even though schools are massively important to a child’s development, the real work starts at home. Being a parent is a gift but it comes with responsibility. You want to be as involved as you can with your child’s school to give them the best chance of success possible. This article will talk about some things you can start doing that will help give them the boost they need. 

Firstly, if you are living abroad, one of the best things you can do is source a credible and reputable international school. Finding and visiting a respected international school in Thailand like Panyaden International School amongst others will give your child the right environment to thrive in. From there, you can take part in key aspects of your child’s school life to enhance the time they spend on campus. This way, their chances of success increase dramatically as you give your child the best start possible in life. 

Here are some top tips for helping your kids succeed at school: 

Get as involved as possible with teachers 

You want to be meeting and spending time with the teachers assigned to your children. You want to be on first name basis so they know they can contact you to talk about absolutely anything. As your partnership develops, you can also get to know others around the school environment. 

Attend events and conferences 

Teacher parent conferences can be a great way for you to keep at the forefront of your child’s education. There are normally a couple held every year and, if you struggle with the language, you can always invite a friend to translate or enquire about interpreters. 

Keep your child inspired about homework 

Whenever possible, help your little one realize the importance of extra-curricular activities and homework. You should give your child time to do their work without distractions of TV and mobile phones. Getting kids into a regular homework time can also be good for setting up a routine they can easily stick to. Remember, congratulate and encourage your child when they have completed things or receive good marks. Helping prep for tests, exams and being willing to help where possible will also make a big difference. 

Keep up the communication 

Always be open to talking about your kid’s school days. Get them to walk you through what’s happened, what they enjoyed, what they might be struggling with. This will have a great impact on what they achieve academically and boost their overall confidence. 

Generally, implementing these actions will help your child enjoy school and make them most out of their learning. Studies have shown these tips to be highly beneficial to how well kids do in their school lives also. 

Creating the Perfect Bed Time Routine with Miffy

My little lady loves books, every single night we always read a book together. I think that it's so important for children to get into a habit of sitting down to read a book before bed, it's a crucial part of our bed time routine. Reading time before bed can be a precious few moments of calm that the two of us can share. With busy day schedules it can often be difficult to find time for just us two, so getting cosy with a book is a great way for us to bond. Not only that, reading is also a great time to allow my daughter to unleash her creative imagination. Whether it's getting lost in the magical world of fairies and unicorns or trying to understanding characters and their behaviours. By reading with her every night is a great way for her to expand her knowledge and understanding.

So you can imagine we are a big fan of books, we even love going to the library. I do find when browsing through the children's sections of the library always evokes fond, nostalgic memories of childhood. Looking at the colorfully illustrated, eye-catching covers, the stories that filled imaginations quickly return to us like no time has passed at all. Children’s books are full of encouraging quotes and life lessons, many that we should carry with us throughout our lifetime and pass on to our children. I really love introducing my little lady to collections of books that I enjoyed as a child. We have previously brought a couple of full collections of Beatrix Potter and Julia Donaldson but there is one character that I have yet to introduce to the little lady and being a rabbit fan I can't believe I have waited until now to do so. Miffy the rabbit

Now these are a collection of Children's books that will make you feel nostalgic and I am sure you'll remember this white rabbit from your own childhood. Miffy is a small female rabbit in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. The first Miffy book was produced in 1955, and almost 30 others have followed so you won't be short of an adventure or two with Miffy. However, Miffy mania doesn't stop there. These books have even led to two separate television series as well as items such as clothes and toys featuring the character. Even a feature-length film, Miffy the Movie has been released too. So as you can imagine I was excited to introduce Miffy to my little lady. 

As I have said Bedtime routines are crucial for children. Regardless of age, regular schedules and bedtime rituals help us get the sleep we need and give us the ability to function at peak levels. When it comes to children, having a routine is especially important. Establishing and maintaining good sleep habits helps your child fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up rested and refreshed. We are very strict on bedtime routine in this household, but it doesn't mean we can't have a little fun. And with our friend Miffy I am sure we can make them even more special.

A few weeks ago it was my daughter's birthday and like most children they love a big fuss over their birthdays. They love cake, the enjoy presents and they are also pretty demanding too. Did you sing 'Happy Birthday' six times on demand? No, just me! But like I said they are pretty demanding anyway, but we allow them to get away with it when it's their birthday. My little lady's birthday weekend was full on and super tiring, but even so, a bath, book and bed was something that we made sure we did together. My daughter loved her birthday bubble bath and when I showed her some of the most adorable Miffy PJs she was really excited for bed time. With little Miffy sitting on the moon, the white pyjama top reads, 'Don't Stop Dreaming' and with sprinkles of glitter, my little lady loved wearing this sweet PJ set for bedtime. Finished with grey shorts that have bunny heads as an all-over print and an elasticated waistband for comfy wear. Not going to lie, if they did this set in an adult size I would have them for myself. They look so cute and comfy.

And to complete our birthday bedtime we read Miffy's Birthday. Written in large print, the rhyming sentences are still as wonderful to read as they were when they were first written. Dick Bruna's writing style is classic yet manages to slot into modern day with ease. The book includes brilliantly bright pictures so any child can pick out different objects and even begin to learn their colours as they turn the pages. We actually love Miffy and we plan on adding to our collection. Are you a fan of Miffy?

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