How My Fertility Lifestyle Program is Working for Me

There is always so much to look forward to and plan when conceiving a baby. And although it might happen quickly, it could take longer than expected. As you know, my husband and I have been trying to conceive a second baby for nearly two years. Every single month seems to become a vicious cycle of emotions and we are left wondering, will this be the one? If not, when will it happen? 

We have been trying to conceive for some time, those ups and downs have been really hard. Fertility is never easy to predict, after all we do already have a beautiful baby girl. Over the last year my husband and I have been trying to make big changes to our lifestyle, keeping a positive mindset and getting healthy. We even signed up to a new program with MyBuBelly in a final bid to try and conceive a baby, naturally. 

For those who are not familiar with the MyBuBelly, it's a fertility boosting program that is a natural and ethical way to choose the gender of your baby. It's a simple and straightforward program to help nature in the right direction. By making simple changes to your diet, taking supplements and boost your overall well-being can help determine the gender of your baby. The MyBuBelly plan seems to have changed my outlook on fertility and help me change my focus and that preparing my body for a baby is what I need to be doing right now and now we are three months down the line. It hasn't been an easy change but it seems to have fitted into my daily routine very easily. 

For the girl method, the food supplements include sticks of calcium, sticks of magnesium and B6 vitamin and folic acid and vitamin D3. The food supplements have been specially designed to make the MyBuBelly method and the dietary programme more effective. At the start of the day I need to have 1 calcium stick and 1 folic acid tablet and that calcium stick is still not something that I look forward to, however I don't forget it! I think it's because I dread it every morning. During the evening I need to have 1 magnesium stick around 7pm and because that is around my daughter's bedtime it is something that I tend to forget, unless I set myself reminded in the MyBuBelly app. 

With the cycle monitoring my ovulation is getting easier and easier to pinpoint, I am noticing the signs a lots quicker and rarely have to use all ten tests. Before the MyBuBelly plan my cycles would be pretty irregular, however they are becoming more regular between 28 and 30 day cycles. As part of the MyBuBelly plan I have to undergo regular pH measurements for 5 days, three times a day so it's long enough to get a good monthly average. Last month I had an average of 6 and I am really happy with my progress as this month it's 5.7. There is still a little way to go but it's really important for me to focus on my pH stablising. I am a little apprehensive with this month being Christmas and temptations is all around. 

So that brings me onto the next part of the program the diet, and this has been something that I have struggled with this month. The dietary balance is absolutely essential to guarantee good fertility, the program has been designed to provide the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals to avoid any deficiencies. Since starting the program I have been spacing my mealtime, giving myself three hours in between and so far it has worked really well. I am eating more food than I have before and the fruit and veggie intake has tripled. The plan really has showed me that I was depriving my body of so many minerals and nutrients, but it has been fun trying to create healthy delicious recipes. 

On a typical day, my breakfast will consist of fruit and yoghurt, porridge, or toast with unsalted butter. My lunches are normally salad based where I like to poach fish, sear tuna or use chicken to compliments my salad with a drizzle of a home made dressings, spices or herbs. My dinner is based around the carbohydrate with some sauteed or steamed vegetables and protein if it's not something I had for my lunch. Snacks are also some kind of fruit, egg cups or yoghurt. One of the hardest part I have found is the amount of milk that I need to consume, it's a lot! It is mandatory to drink around 750ml dairy and I have been struggling to consumer this amount on a daily basis. I did ask Eve for a little advise with the calcium intake and so I have been having a small cup after each meal and alongside my snacks, it seems to be making a difference.

Being stressed is something that can really effect fertility and so I have been introducing little ways in which I can keep those feelings at bay. Every morning after the school run I will go for a little walk to try and get some fresh air - it's good for the soul but it's also the perfect to indulge in a little photography too. As a work from home mama you could say that life can be pretty stressful and so I have been taking lots more time our for myself for a little pamper session, there is nothing quite like a little pamper session to help battle those feelings of stress.

The MyBuBelly plan is fitting into my lifestyle very well and I have finally got my head around the regular pH testing and ovulation. I have a better understanding of the natural signs of ovulation, something that I didn't before the MyBuBelly plan. It seems as if I am actually ovulating each month, so the next month I need to focus on the diet and begin to experiment more with recipes. 

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