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In Two Minds

After a couple of blog posts and in the hope that you understand us all a little better, we want to share something with you. We were in two minds as to whether we should hit the publish button, but here goes anyway. 

It all began a few years ago. We had just seen Twilight New Moon at the cinema - that's how long ago. So we had just come home from our date night and my husband began to complain about a pain in his back and that it was becoming a little unbearable. I tried to ease it by applying pressure and he took some pain killers but nothing seemed to help. Then all of a sudden he began to vomit everywhere and *too much detail* it was yellow and frothy, his lips started to go blue and he was screaming out in pain. It was horrific.We called for an Ambulance and he was rushed to hospital. After being assessed a little colour came back into his face but still in quite a lot of pain, I just felt so helpless. The doctors were not too sure what was going on and gave him some medication to ease the pain but after lots of tests, scans and a short period of time in hospital they found that my husband had a duplex system and that parts of his kidneys were slowly dying. It was a complete shock for us all and if I am completely honest it was scary as we had no clue what a duplex system. 

Fast forward a few years and my husband is still having problems with his kidneys, he has stopped smoking, doesn't drink alcohol or caffeine, eats healthy and exercises anything to prevent the pain. All doctors can say is drink more water and undergo regular screening. So after all this we were finally told that he would have to have surgery to remove that dying part in order to save the kidney, but I could see in my husband's face that he was apprehensive - it something that would scare anyone. We were told that the surgery is very difficult and has only ever been done on a few patients due to how complicated the surgery is. The doctor said that it is not as clear cut such as cutting an apple and that there could be a chance that he would loose the whole kidney and perhaps even more. After thinking over all the information we received that day we were told to go home, do our research to make sure that it is something that we feel is necessary to do. Obviously I thought it was because I hate seeing my husband in that amount of pain regularly and most of the time there is nothing I can do to help him, but my husband had his reservations. 

But what about if our girl ever needed my kidney? I won't be able to help her. 

My heart broke. I guess like any every parent, I would do anything for my child. For husband this was something that he will never be able to do if our child ever needed it and it laid so heavy on both our hearts - but I guess we have to see it as this...plan for today not for something that may never be. As we continue to move forward I will keep you updated on any progress he will make.

My First Godson: Elliot Paul David


Sunday was a fantastic day as my husband and I were given the great honour in becoming Godparents and it was such a privilege. Our Godson Elliot Paul David Combes.

On the day we had to travel down to Rugby for the service it is such a shame we live so far away. But after a long car journey we managed to spend some time with Elliot before his special day commenced. The church service was so beautiful, we were very proud. As both Tony and I were Elliot's godparent we had to leave Amelia with Nanny Caney and she started to misbehave with the order of the service and want to get to us.

After a few photographs and another ride in the car to the social club we were ready for a few sandwiches and cake. I didn't really see Amelia as she was with her grandparents, aunts or uncles. When she did come back to Mummy and Daddy she had a face full of chocolate cake - so thank you Grandad Combes.

But all in all it was a beautiful day and such an honour.

Amelia Turns One

Even though our daughter's birthday was last month and before I started this little blog I still thought it would be a great ideas to tell you all about her special birthday weekend. A weekend that was full of family, friends, cakes and lots of celebrations!

As our little lady was turning one it only seemed right to make the celebration special and hopefully she would have the perfect day. Our daughter's birthday landed on a Thursday and so we thought that because it was during the week, we would have a day to ourselves, just the three of us. So we decided to take her to our local beach, Hunstanton. Our little fish loves swimming and so we decided to take her to Oasis for lots of splashing and lots of fun. The pool was empty so we had it to ourselves, which was lots of fun. We did spend most of our time in the baby pool because it's a little warmer, so we spend the afternoon watching the little lady go down the slide whilst pretending to be worms chasing one another, that was until I scrapped my knew on the grainy floor. Soon it was time to leave the pool, we then had a walk along the promenade, ate lots of ice cream and wayyyy tooooo many doughnuts. For us, it was the perfect way to spend our daughter's first birthday. Until the weekend...

Soon enough it was the weekend and we had lots more planned for our special little lady. We invited all our family and friend over and asked them join us for a trip to the Zoo. We all bundled into our car and headed to Banham Zoo, there are not too many people that I know that don't like a Zoo! It was the perfect day for all the family. Our first venture was to the Amazing Animals presentations which takes placed througout the year, you are able to have the opportunity to go and see the presenters and animals live on stage as they give you a glimpse into the worlds of some of the most incredible creatures. The show lasted for around 30 minutes, our daughter did so well and was entertained completely for those 30 minutes! We saw so many different animals throughout the show such as serval, ring tailed lemurs, European genet, Swainson’s lorikeets, monk parakeets, kookaburra, rats, barn owl and blue & gold macaws. It’s an absolute ‘must do’ on a day out at Banham Zoo.

For me the highlight of the day had to be when we watched the 'Bird of Prey Display' situated in the heart of the zoo at the Bird of Prey Centre, you can come face to face with the magnificent bald eagle and beautiful owls.Throughout the day you are able to experience one of the most exciting ‘Birds of Prey’ displays in the UK, including up to 9 vultures flying together! During a fantastic half hour display the zoo keeper demonstrated how amazing these birds really are. However, during the show my focus was taken on the display to laugh at my husband being scared of some of the birds flapping near his head. Yes, a full grown man scared of birds. 

Our next trip was to the Farm Barn, home to domestic animals from around the world. Many of these can be seen in the farm barn near to the zoo entrance. Here you will see the pygmy goats from Africa, llamas from South America, and Kune Kune pigs from New Zealand as well as many more! In the Farm Barn we had plenty of opportunities to be able to tough and feed some of the animals, which was an experience itself. 

Half way through making our way around the zoo it was time to stop for some lunch and we all decided to bring a picnic, giving us all an opportunity to stop for bite to eat, have a drink before more zoo fun. Our first stop was at the Giraffe enclosure, as it was their feeding time. That was an experience because they got so close and we even managed to see a baby giraffe. Our daughter was convinced that they were our dog, Jakey but these creatures were far from a sausage dog/beagle! In a nutshell, we had an extraordinary day!

On Sunday, we had lots more family come to see our daughter on her special birthday weekend. We spend a few hours playing with her new toys, we then had to put the little lady down for a nap because she didn't go yesterday and was a little grumpy. After an hour or so she was up and ready for more birthday fun. This time we all went out for a family meal and shared some of her birthday cake, we got this one especially made for her, she adores Waybuloos! De-Li is her favourite! 

Our little lady turning one was a weekend to remember! It was full of family, friends and lots of celebrations. It was so thoughtful of everyone coming over to make our little lady feel so special on her first birthday. All three of us thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our beautiful baby girl turning one, we have however, set the bar quite high for next year. 

My Dream, My World, My Everything.

As you may know if you read my last post I am completely new to this blogging game, but it's a journey that I am very excited to share with everyone. But in the last post I touched on a few subjects that I will share on my blog and one in particular that I want to talk about some more is this little beauty...

Yep, how cute does she look in the tutu? It's hard to believe that this photograph was taken when she was just eight days old. It only feels as if it was yesterday. Fast forward a year and we are finding ourselves into those toddler year and having a crazy ride together. It wasn't so long ago that we were celebrating her first birthday, it's been quite hard for me to adjust to the fact that she will no longer be my baby but my little girl. I rememer shortly after I gave birth my her that many family and friends were quick to remind me that they don't stay little for long, and I remember thinking, alright calm down I have squeezed this little human out, at least let me enjoy the moment for a little bit before you tramp all over it. But I can completely understand what they mean though. For me, the realisation that my baby was no longer my baby came as she was tucking into her birthday cake walking around the front room. It was as if those first few months with her seemed to fly by at a crazy rate. As silly as I sound writing this but it did feel quite a whirlwind and boy was I emotional as her first birthday came around, that's for sure. Anyone else like this before their child's first birthday?

Nothing can really prepare you for being a mother. You can read all the books, attend all the antenatal classes and listen to all the advice that people like to offer freely, whether you ask for it or not. But when it comes down to this whole motherhood thing and you have a little person staring back at you, you will never know what it is like to be a mother, until you are one. For me, becoming a mother to my beautiful little lady has been one of the biggest accomplishments that I have ever and probably will ever make in my life. Any decision that I have ever made in my life has never brought so much joy and so much love into my heart. I am more than sure that many of you reading this, mothers or fathers will understand exactly what I mean. We all have felt what it's like to love another, but being a mother or a father is a completely different form of love, one that is everlasting, one that is unconditional, a love that's impossible to break. But my journey into motherhood has been by far one of the hardest things that I have ever had to go through, it's been an emotional roller coaster.

Many women don't want to talk about their feelings of pain, frustration and shame that comes with infertility. I think throughout society, there is a kind of stigma that to be a real woman you should be fertile and have babies. If anyone needs extra help, we are somehow less perfect or less of a person. But as a woman who has had fertility problems we just cannot beat ourselves up about it. Some women can look at a male and become pregnant, others it could take a little longer than they first anticipate and some need extra help along the way. No way is the right way for conceiving a baby, it just has to be the right way for you. A turning point for me was by trying to conceive a baby naturally began to have an impact on my life and my marriage. It was then we decided to stop trying for a baby and to seek further advice but then some incredible happened. My husband and I were very fortunate and found out that we were expecting a baby. I thought I was unwell, but it turned out to be something that we have been wanting for a long time, unexpectedly too. Our beautiful miracle baby girl, Amelia-Rose. She is my dream. She is my world. And she is my everything.

The Reason Behind The Blog

Wahoo post number 2! So this blogging business is much more difficult than I first anticipated. There is so much that I didn't even consider, but like with most things I am learning very quickly. Before I decided to becoming a blogger myself, you could say that I was a little obsessed with blogs. One day I will have to share some of my favourite bloggers with you. 

But already I have found the blogging community to be both supportive and competitive, something that didn't even enter my head before. As I like to google everything, when researching 'how to start a blog' I have come across some many posts talking about all the good things and bad things that come with blogging. And made a point that you shouldn't do it for the free stuff. Clearly I will be a long way off from working with brands and companies, but if I am honest I am not looking to blog professionally. I have decided to create an outlet for me to talk about my life as a mum to one and exploring all the adventures as a family of three. I feel as if this should be a place to talk about my journey into motherhood, and talk about the fact that it was probably one of the hardest things my husband and I have ever gone through. But I really hope that by sharing my story will empower others who have struggled with fertility know that they are not alone in their journey and hopefully they will reach out too. I must admit, it's a journey that I am apprehensive about, but I am so eager to share with everyone in the hope to make so kind of difference to at least one person. 

This is Me...

Hello there! I'm Kelly-Anne and this is my blog where I bring you a little piece of my passion. My love for blogging stems from the hopes to encourage and inspire women to be the best versions of the selves. I always believe in sharing life's big adventures and the little moments with you, to show that despite all the struggles you can make an impact. 

You will find a little bit of everything on here from beauty, skincare, mum style to home baking, life as a mama to seeing all the decor changes to our forever home. You will see it all. I live in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk with my husband Tony, our beautiful little girl and our cheeky beagle (more like sausage dog). 

Parenthood wasn't something that was so easy for us. While we were experiencing fertility struggles my love for reading blog really help me keep a positive mindset and allowed me alter my focus, even for a little while. After some time and by some miracle we soon found out we were expecting a baby. My pregnancy was idyllic and my daughter's birth was natural with only gas and air for pain relief, go me! As my daughter came into the world my husband and I were saving like mad to try and get ourselves onto the property ladder, seven months down the line and we were finally in our home. With a new house, a young baby in tow it was quite the change. This was when my anxiety began to set in. The idea of going out to a baby class filled me with dread, even the thought of going out to get bread or milk would get me in a fit of nerves. And so I decided to start a blog.

With the help of joining blogging communities and writing content I began to channel a little positivity into my life. Now a few months being a first time mum, along with this blog they have become more fulfilling than I ever expected. I love being a mum to my beautiful daughter. I love being a mum that blogs too, it's given me an outlet to share our adventures, write about the woes and wins of being a mama. It's given me a wonderful opportunity to have a passion in life, but I never need an excuse to play with her toys, dance with my daughter like nobody's watching and unleash a little creativity with her. Even better than that I am able to watch as much of Peppa the bloody pig as I want, now who wouldn't want to do that? 

So that's it for me, I hope you enjoy my blog and if you'd like to get in touch or say hi, please do. Go grab a cup of tea and stay a while.

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