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The Perfect Father's Day Gift - The Personal Barber

Can you believe it, it's less than a month until Father's Day! I never have a clue what to get my husband or my dad, mainly because getting gifts for a man can be so difficult. They never like to give you ideas, not like subtle hints us ladies like to drop. Nope, none whatsoever. For Father's Day we normally get them some form of voucher, something personalised or the little lady likes to try and create a masterpiece to treasure forever. However, the collection of personalised items are getting a little crazy on his bedside unit. But this month I think I may have discovered a little solution to all those 'I don't know what to get you' moments in the form of a subscription box from The Personal Barber.
The Personal Barber subscription box is described as “The ultimate shaving subscription for men”. The team behind the box want to provide men with a shaving routine into an experience to look forward to, rather than a daily chore doing this by offering deliveries of razors and new hand-picked shaving products on a regular basis with free UK delivery. My husband was kindly offered an opportunity to review The Personal Barber Subscription Box for a month, which he was more than happy to do. For someone who clean shaves once a week, he thinks that this is the perfect traditional kit for creating a sleek, clean shaven look in a matter of minutes. But what makes this box even better is each month you will get a different range of products to try, what could be a better way to discover some amazing brands that you wouldn't necessarily come across, if it wasn't in this subscription box.

The first box includes a free traditional styled safety razor, blades, soap and shaving brush as step-by-step instructions for using the razor. After the first month the box contains more products including new soaps, blades (new brands every month) and pre/post shave items such as oils, balms, colognes, balms and more. The Personal Barber has got you covered for all your shaving needs. I think what makes this subscription box so great is the fact that all the equipment is beginner friendly, and the box comes with a set of detailed instruction to help make sure that you can clean shave within minimal grazes.


What a great selection of products to tame the wildest of beards. Each month The Personal Barber sends  out hand-picked selection for the best shaving products available for a traditional wet shave, right to your door. Double edged razors, blades, brushes, shaving soap, creams and so much more. There is also a step by step guide to help you along your way in taming that unruly beard.

Safety Razor

The Personal Barber safety razor is perfect for everyone and even a beginner. The traditional styled safety razor has a balanced weight and had a relatively small head for maximum control which is perfect for an angled shave by maintaining a light pressure. You also get some handy replacement blades with every subscription box and to make it even more interesting the brands change every month.

Shaving Brush

Also included in the box is The Personal Barber synthetic hair shaving brush, which is ideal for whipping up a thick lather that feels comfortable on your face. I couldn't actually believe how soft this brush was, it just feels like a make-up brush. Looks great, feels great on your skin, so easy to clean and in addition it isn’t animal hair so its lasts longer and it won’t become mouldy over time.

Shaving Soap: Wickhams 1912 Vegetal Shaving Soap

The 1912 Vegetal Shaving Soap is a high quality English shaving soap from Wickham Soap Co. These handpicked ingredients compliments one another to deliver a dense gloss lather to help protective sensitive skin. The soap texture is completely different to previous ones my husband has used. It's dense but not rock hard which made it easier to lather inside the tub. My husband ran the warm water over the brush and emptied it right in to the bowl and began to lather. The scent was getting stronger but still on the light side and after a minute or two creating a great looking lather that was thick, rich and creamy.

After Shave Balm: Dapper Dan Barber Shop Classic

The perfect balm after a clean shave. This balm contains Aloe Vera, alantoine and chamomile to reduce skin irritation caused by shaving. The balm soothes and moisturises without leaving an oily trace on the skin. It can be used as a daily moisturising cream with excellent results. My husband really liked this product due to the fact that it doesn't leave a residue on his face, it's super smooth and sinks into his skin very nicely.

Fragrance: Dear Barber 'WITH CONFIDENCE' Gentlemen's Fragrance

This aromatic eau de toilette is a masculine, vintage-inspired fragrance with an invigorating fresh, spicy twist. A light top note of bergamot is given depth with hints of musk, vanilla and sandal. An intense, daring scent for the 21st century gent. I do have to say that I really loved the smell of this gentlemen's fragrance, it was very subtle and lasted all day. Some fragrances can be too overpowering, but this one is perfect and comes in a small bottle, perfect for travelling.

Final thoughts
For someone who normally uses an electric shaver, the traditional set was a little bit of a challenge at first. Instead of just simply grabbing my shaver and getting to work, the traditional shave took some preparation, patience and a bit of time. But I soon got the hang of things. For a quality shave with high end results it does require a bit more effort, but the results outweigh the time any day of the week. The Personal Barber is a unique monthly service for gentlemen, that is perfect for all your shaving needs.

So if you are struggling to get a gift for the man in your life, why not give them something a little different with this subscription box from The Personal Barber.


Things I Swore I Would Never Do As A Parent

I was so happy when my husband and I found out that we were expecting our little bundle of joy, just over four years ago. My little lady will be celebrating her third birthday next month so I thought that I would do a little post about all the things that I told myself that I would never do, but three years into parenthood has seen me do every single one of them.

A dummy

Before having my daughter I thought of myself as an expert on children and would always be the first to offer my know it all expertise. I would bang on about what was good for a child and what was bad for them, a dummy being something that new parents shouldn't rely on. If I could go back, I would bitch slap that know it all me in the face! Becoming a parent is full of surprises. It doesn't matter how many books, parenting forums or articles you read, nothing can completely prepare you for parenthood. Being a parent is hard, harder than I had ever imagined. In the midst of bottles, nappies, cries and sheer exhaustion, I completely caved in and gave my daughter a dummy - she was only two days old.


Oh my, I remember telling myself 'don't be one of those mums' who allow their young children to watch television. Be that mum who chooses to read a book, take them for a walk, play with them or organise some kind of sensory play. Haha, who the hell was I kidding. Seriously! When you are that sleep deprived who wants to go on a lovely walk, no one. Absolutely no one. All we want is for our new born to not cry for hours on end, just so we can get a few minutes sleep. Cbeebies you were my saviour and will continue to be for those 4 am get ups. So yes, I am a parent who will allow their child to have screen time. Don't judge me when I say that I enjoy giving my daughter a little bit of screen time. It's not hard to guess why though? Peace and quiet to enjoy my cup of tea. Those fifteen minutes are absolutely magical. Please tell me I'm not the only one. Parenting is hard and we deserve those fifteen minutes to catch a breath and shouldn't be made to feel as if we are doing something wrong.

'Bad' food.

It would only be fresh and organic home made food for my little one. No jarred foods, no crisps, no nuggets and certainly no McDonalds. I would take the time to prepare their food everyday and make silly faces out of their food, Pinterest I blame you for setting that bar so high. Fast forward three years and going through sleep exhaustion, teething and too many tantrums there are times where only chicken nuggets and waffles will do.

Baby Spam

Yes I am guilty as charged. If you check my Instagram or Facebook it's full of my daughter's little face, whether these are angelic captures or a snap of a complete meltdown because I have said no to a lollipop. I am an over sharer. I have probably even lost a few friends because I am obsessed, so be warned any future followers or likers there maybe statuses about the consistency of her poops and 100s of uploads from my camera roll of the same picture. GUILTY.

Tantrums in public

Both my brother and sister had children way before I joined them in parenthood, so I have seen a tantrum or two. I remember thinking to myself when they were trying to deal with their little sprog that I can't believe they are allowing their child to go crazy with arms and legs kicking before stepping in. I told myself that I wouldn't allow that behaviour and will do everything in my power to prevent a complete meltdown. Seriously this one is cause for another bitch slap from that know it all childless person who thought they knew everything about being a parent before actually knowing what it's like. When a child doesn't get what it wants it becomes a demon. You have to run and hide and deny all claims to that child who is having a complete meltdown because you took a quaver.


I remember my Auntie's little boy having an almighty meltdown in a shop, he was lying on the floor, banging his hands on the floor and kicking his feet. I couldn't believe it. But one little word stopped all his melodramatic meltdown, McDonalds. I kid you not, that little word saw my cousin turn from a demon child to such an angelic and well behaved child. I remember thinking I will never ever bribe my child. Three years into parenthood my little girl knows exactly what to do to get her dad to buy her an overpriced mashem, or some form of food. I am just as guilty though, food is the ultimate bribery.

Letting myself go  
I will make time to shower every morning, style my hair and never leave the house without a full face of makeup. Never ever will I let myself go. Hmmm. I have never been blessed with a beautiful bod, but having a child I swore that I wouldn't turn into shamoo. But you know what I am far from shamoo but I'm partial to squeezing my mum tum in leggings and oversized tees and totally rock the no make up look with the oh so essential mum-bun. Being a stay at home mum to a very feisty toddler can make it difficult to always look fresh faced. She drives me crazy when I am trying to get showered, dressed and attempt my makeup, with lots of requests to use the potty or asking if she can have a look. But if I do manage to get up, get showered and dressed to look half decent by the time my husband walks in I look like a complete yeti, with dribbles, snots and stains all over my clothes including makeup smears. I often find myself asking myself was there a point. Some days are made for PJs, mum buns and being a complete slob. So bugger you, you childless know it all.

Are there things you swore you would never do before entering the world of parenthood? I'd love to hear about them.

Shaken Udder YogOaty Pouches

Our little lady is obsessed with Shaken Udder and their milkshakes so you can imagine how thrilled we were when we discovered that Shaken Udder are moving into yoghurt pouches too. YogOaty are a high-protein range of pouches that have been created for children that contain yoghurts, fruit and oats. Perfect for a wholesome breakfast, on-the-go snack or lunchbox addition for children of all ages. Great for those on the Moo-ve!

What Are The Shaken Udder YogOaty pouches?

The Shaken Udder YogOaty are yogurt, fruit and oats based snacks that come pre packaged in single pouch. They are made with real fruit and other natural ingredients which are perfect on the moo-ve snacks.

Discover the delicious dairy in three flavours.
Smashing Strawberry & Banana, Mega Mango & Peach, and Awesome Apricot & Vanilla.

These three delicious flavours are a perfect product for an energy boost any time of the day. They contain calcium, which is essential to building strong, healthy bones. Potassium will help energize you, and protein will keep you going through the day. Perfect for little one.
A few facts about 'The YogOaty Pouches'

- 100% natural ingredients
- No added sugar, just naturally occurring sugars
- Great source of protein
- School approved
- Suitable for vegetarians
- Smooth with no bits
- Perfect for breakfast, a quick snack or even an addition to a lunch.

Thoughts from the little one?

Before I even managed to get a few photos of the pouches she was only too eager to try one. We used fruit pouches a while back when she was poorly, so she knew exactly what they were. What I like about these pouches is that they are packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals such a calcium, Vitamin C, Potassium and ever more. Making them the perfect addition to an already balanced diet.
I do think that the Smashing Strawberry & Banana pouches were her favourite YogOaty. A delicious smooth blend of cool strawberries and refreshing banana, so what's not to love. We used our pouch after a very active toddler group and it was the perfect way to replenish before a long walk home. Knowing that these pouches were full of fruits and oats I did think that they have some kind of texture but I was delighted to find out that they were super smooth, as my little one doesn't even like her mashed potatoes lumpy.
Mega Mango & Peach came in a firm second favourite. A tropical tasting mango blend with a fresh peachy finish, I do have to say that this was by far my favourite because it was so refreshing. The last pouch of YogOaty was Awesome Apricot and Vanilla which was a mixture of sweet vanilla and tangy apricot. Mimi Rose was not too keen on this pouch and I have to say that I agree with her. I think she would eat the flavour but I know that if she had a choice this flavour wouldn't get a look in. It probably because both of us are not great fans of apricots but I try and encourage her to try food again every once and while.

Would we buy them?

Oh yes without a doubt. We really enjoyed the Smashing Strawberry & Banana and Mega Mango & Peach, so we would buy these ones again. The YogOaty Snacks are available for purchase from the Shaken Udder website for shipping to England addresses only because of their need to remain refrigerated. You can purchase the snacks in the following sizes.
  • 8 Cases (8 pouches in each case for a total of 64 portable pouches): £60.00 plus shipping and handling. You have the ability to mix and match the flavours of your cases when you order this option
  • 4 Cases (8 pouches in each case for a total of 32 portable pouches): £40.00 plus shipping and handling.
Personally I think that by making a purchase online you are guaranteed great value for your money. I think that bulk buys are a great way to gave money. So why don't you add some YogOaty into your child's diet and discover delicious dairy.


7 amazing baby apps you need in your life

Children's programmes have changed so much, well in comparison to when I was a child anyway. I think we've come a long way from the Rainbow days. But children's programmes today are highly regulated to teach our children an array of activities. They can teach colours, letters, counting, basic morality (thank you Bing Bunny), teach them how to share, create friendships and to believe they can be who they wish to be. Why wouldn't you want to help encourage your child's learning? There is only so much you can do as parent, sometimes we need a helping hand from the good ole CBeebies channel. The CBeebies app has even been my saviour during those 4am get ups!

As a blogger to a toddler we are always been offered opportunities to try new apps. There are a countless number of amazing apps that can actually help enhance your child's development, some promote motor skills, enhance memory and pattern recognition. But as with anything, screen time should be limited. Screens are in no way a substitute for parenting! But just because I let my daughter have screen time doesn't mean I am a bad parent. So today I wanted to share the best apps for babies and toddlers.

White noise app

As a new parent if there is one piece of advice I will always suggest to expecting parents other than 'sleep while you can' would be to download a white noise app. The sleepless nights were a killer, especially in the first few days and one afternoon I made a discovery while I was drying my hair, my daughter fell asleep in minutes. We both had the best afternoon nap, as you can imagine I downloaded an app straightaway, seriously the best £1.99 I have ever spend.


I would go as far to say that certain apps have helped my daughter in her learning development but also encouraged her to go through certain learning milestones at a faster rate. As a parent it's quite fascinating watching my daughter learning and developing because it means that she's becoming more independent and even if I don't like it, she is growing up. That is the reason why I like the KidloLand app so much. My daughter is two years old and can quite easily navigate herself around the app without prompting, but I can also see that by her interacting with this app she is beginning to understand key parts that is crucial for her development.  KidloLand is a fun and educational app that is jam-packed with Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Games, Stories and Activities that will be sure to engage your pre-schooler and promote further interaction.  The app teaches about different fruits, vegetables, animals, ABCs, numbers and shapes just to name a few.

BBC CBeebies playtime

We are big fans of CBeebies, I am sure there are lots more out there. We discovered this app during a very early wake-up call and the only thing that would settle her would be Bing Bunny. This app stars lots of the CBeebies favourites, free games for little ones and fun features that all children will love. CBeebies Playtime will sure to delight and entertain your children helping them to learn as they play. I think what makes this app a great one to download is that there are no adverts, no in app purchases and a parental lock to make sure that little fingers don't wander too far which mean that many parents can have a peace of mind whilst little ones enjoy a very special playtime.

Elmo Monster Maker

Elmo talks kids through designing their own Muppet monster. There are four body types with multiple hat/eye/nose/mouth combos on offer. They can then watch their monster dance, and make him laugh by tickling under his arms. Or, if they're more impishly-inclined, they can make him fall down by tapping him in the head. Again and again, until your battery runs out.

Bubble Paint Pop Party

There is no need to get your hands sticky with paint when you have Bubble Paint Pop Party! Popping Bubbles is ok but popping paint filled bubbles that splat colourful paint splodges all over the screen now that's fun! My daughter has so much fun with this app, I kid you not she can be occupied for as long as I allow, works wonders when I want a hot cup of tea. Popping the bubbles could not be easier just touch the bubble you want to pop with your finger and boom, the bubble games pop leaving behind a big coloured paint splat!

Peppa Pig Painting Box

Explore the world of Peppa and her friends through a fun-filled interactive game. You simply start off by picking a tool from the drawer and start your masterpiece. There are brushes, paint tins, stickers and some special tools too. This is a must have app for the ultimate Peppa Pig fans. But there are so many more apps that you could enjoy, there are even bundles available.

Bing Baking

We are huge Bing fans, are there any #BingBunny fans out there? My daughter absolutely loves to get her hands on my phone to play with this app, it's based around biscuits, what could be better? By using this app you and your little one can be a part of Bin's colourful and playful world, where they can join him and Flop in their kitchen to create lots of mess for the best baking experience without any actual clearing up! You and your Bingster will have so much fun rolling, poking, squidging, cutting, cooking and decorating your very own biscuits. After all that hard work you can sit down and enjoy eating them with Bing and Flop.

So there you have it! 7 amazing baby apps that you need in your life. Believe me when I say that some of these will be your saviour to get those 5 minutes of peace and quiet, or time to finish a nice hot cup of tea.

Slimming Eats | Savoury Rice Balls

Our family health kick began last year and we did so well. But we have noticed that we are slowly getting back into our old ways. So this week we have been trying to make better choices. We've ditched the bread, we've ditched the fizz and loaded our fridge with lots of fruit and vegetables. Yesterday we made a tasty discovery, these slimming eats savoury rice balls. My daughter absolutely loves rice, actually we all do so we thought that we would be a little creative and make these rice balls to go with our Thai chicken and salad. It was the perfect combination. What a discovery, they are so easy to make, super tasty and so good for you. Around 27 calories per rice ball so you can't really go wrong.

You will need:
A packet of golden vegetable savoury rice
1 baking potato, grated,
100 ml vegetable stock 
2 spring onions, chopped
Salt & Pepper
Barbeque seasoning
Calorie Spray

Honestly, I cannot tell you how easy these are to put together. With this batch of prepared packet rice and one baking potato I made 12 medium sized balls and four mini ones, for smaller mouths. Follow these simple steps to make the scrumptious savoury rice balls.
1.  Line a baking tray with good parchment and preheat the oven 180°/Gas Mark 4. Boil the kettle and make up the vegetable stock. Then prepare the golden vegetable savoury rice as directed on the packet
2. Peel and chop the baking potato into four, then add the potato to the stock and cook for 10 minutes. You want to potato to be softened and not cooked thoroughly, as it makes it easier when it comes to grating.
3. Drain the potato and allow to cool before grating into a bowl. Add the chopped spring onions, salt, pepper and barbeque seasonings.
4. Then add the rice to the other ingredients and mix until combined. Then roll into 12 balls and place on the baking parchment and spray with low calorie spray.
5. Pop the rice balls into the oven and cook for 12-15minutes or until golden brown. Serve with diced chicken and salad. 

* You could try use smash if you want a quicker option instead of cooking and grating them. For a naughtier option you could add some grated cheese or sweet chilli sauce.

The Baby Feeding Series with This is Me Now

 Hello and welcome back to another instalment of The Baby Feeding Series, that features real stories from real parents who have experienced how hard and baffling feeding your baby can be. I want this series to be a place where parents can share their own experiences in the hopes that other parents who are struggling can feel less alone. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it's one of the most rewarding jobs too and so I want to share their stories.

Last week we had the lovely Becki from The Mum in Brum who kindly shared some amazing tips for bottle feeding parents, it's a shame I didn't see her list when I had my daughter. It would have saved me so much time. This week I would love to introduce my friend and amazing blogger Susie from This is Me Now who asked to write a post about a toddlers understanding breastfeeding, I was intrigued and couldn't wait to see what she came up with. So, without further ado, I'd like to hand it over to Susie.
Breastfeeding and my toddler

When I look back on mine and my daughters feeding “journey” (cringe, hate that word), I feel pretty lucky. Then I think, don’t feel lucky, you worked bloody hard to make that happen! It was by no means an easy task…

I can’t really remember the first feed all that well, but what I do remember is a midwife coming and squeezing my boob and sucking up colostrum with a syringe and putting it into my baby’s mouth. Then when my husband left later that night, I was all alone and my baby wouldn’t latch on. I had to ask the midwives to help throughout the night and all the next day. After no sleep and being told I couldn’t go home until I’d fed her I got extremely upset. I remember sobbing on a midwife saying “she doesn’t like me!” I was exhausted from two days of no sleep and being on a noisy ward. After more tears and a third night in hospital I’d finally managed to feed my baby and we were allowed home.

The rollercoaster of emotions didn’t stop there though. I was so sore and she lost more weight when she should have been gaining it and we were very nearly forced to give formula by the community midwives. Then those same midwives spotted that she wasn’t feeding well and had a possible tongue tie. We were lucky and only had to wait a week or so before having that snipped. That, plus multiple visits from my NCT breastfeeding counsellor, really saved us. After three or four weeks it all got a lot easier and we enjoyed so many days feeding, having snuggles, watching TV boxsets and getting into our feeding groove. She wasn’t a sicky baby and despite a brief biting stage (OUCH!!) she fed very well. I fed her until she was just 18 months old and she pretty much self weaned.

Fast forward nearly a year, and my toddler is still interested in the boob, but in a naturally inquisitive way. I have friends who are breastfeeding and she fully understands what boobs are for. If she sees a friend or even a stranger breastfeeding, she says “Mummy, baby having the milk!”. She knows babies are fed that way. At first when she started vocalising her knowledge in public, I cringed and thought “sssssh!!” But I have been met with smiles from both my friends and those well meaning strangers.

For a while she’s been pulling my top, having a good look and saying “boobies!” then laughing, usually as I say “yes, Mummy’s, put them away, leave them alone…” Now, if she looks down my top she says “boobies! for milk!” She knows she no longer needs the milk, but she still knows that is what they are for.

And when we went to see some baby lambs recently, she saw lambs feeding. “Mummy, baby sheep having the milk!” She could tell they were having milk even before I told her. It got me thinking that actually, I’m proud she knows what it’s all about. It’s human nature. No, I’m not saying it’s for everyone, and I’m not saying it’s easy. But it is natural.

She has a toy baby which we bought her for Christmas and it came with a bottle of milk. When she first played with it she enjoyed giving the baby it’s bottle. I have, some months later, been given said baby, and asked to give it milk. As in, pretend to breastfeed a plastic doll. Hmm, what is one to do in this situation, I thought? Should I say no, and say the baby’s got a bottle? Or should I be comfortable with her wanting her baby to be breastfed? I did cringe, and I did say, the baby can have a bottle. But I also said “or does the baby want milk from the boobie?” And yep you guessed it she said “boobie”. So yes, let’s add it to the list of things I thought I’d never do… I pretended to breastfeed a baby doll!

It get’s better - a few days later, I watched her pick it up and hold it to her chest and pretend to feed it! But, as I stood there, I didn't say anything. I sort of reluctantly, got over the feeling of embarrassment. I let my inner “is this weird?” question go. I let her be. I mean if we’re supposed to encourage women to breastfeed, what is the point of hiding it from children?

So yes, some people might find it a bit odd, but I think it’s lovely that my toddler understands what boobs are for, and how babies are fed.
About Susie
Susie, originally from York but is now living in Norfolk with her lovely husband Matt. The have a daughter, Miss Belle who is two years old. Susie loves to write about her family life, days out, and about those moments where you pull your hair out and those moments where you feel so happy you could burst. Susie has become a bit of a foodie and so she has started to add some recipes and foodie posts into her blog too. So please don't forget to go and visit her on her blog.
You can find Susie over at This is Me Now

The Ultimate Blueberry Muffin Recipe

It was absolute #MuffinMania in our house today. When given the opportunity my daughter is always so happy to get herself into the kitchen to make some 'cancakes'. So this morning we had some left over dried blueberries and decided to make some magic and create the ultimate blueberry muffins and we wanted to share our recipe with you. Our blueberry muffin recipe couldn't be easier to make with this super simple recipe that makes perfect muffins every time. Blueberry muffins have been a firm favourite in our house for years and one that I can always remember making with my dad on a Sunday afternoon. This simple recipe can make 12 regular sized muffins, but we have been known to make 18 smaller ones for little mouths, which are the perfect addition to their lunchboxes for a special treat. So for our ultimate blueberry muffin recipe...
You will need:
100g butter
100g caster sugar
2 large eggs, beaten
300g self-raising flour
1tsp vanilla extract
140ml milk
1tsp baking powder
150g fresh or dried blueberries
Are you ready to create the ultimate blueberry muffins in 6 simple steps?
1. Line a muffin tray with paper muffin cases. Preheat the oven to 180°C/Gas Mark 4
2. Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy then add in the eggs, one at a time. I find that by adding a spoonful of flour with each egg, can make it easier to combine the ingredients.
4. Add the remaining flour and baking powder to make the thicker batter, then stir in the vanilla extract and milk.
5. Add the blueberries and spoon the mixture into the muffin cases.
6. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Leave the blueberry muffins to cool in their tray for 10 minutes before turning them out.
Don't forget if you like it, share it, pin it or create it.

Explore The Adventure: Church Farm Stow Bardolph

A few weeks ago we were surprised with a family visit, it was a lovely couple of days. During their short visit we decided to go exploring and managed to get lots of activities squeezed into two days, even a trip to the farm. You can't really go wrong with a day at the farm, can you? Our day at Church Farm Stow Bardolph was the perfect day and full of adventures. We fed some lambs, cuddled a goat and a sheep (as you do), went on a tractor ride to feed some pigs, bounced until we couldn't bounce anymore and even saw a lamb being born. There are so many adventures that you and your family could get into at Church Farm with their rare breeds of animals, adventure play and so much more to enjoy. We visited after the Easter holidays which was the perfect time to visit Church Farm. There were so many chances for us all to get up close to lots of farmyard friends; from new born lambs to rabbits, pigs, sheep, goats and so much more. The friendly farmers on hand are always more than happy to introduce you to these farmyard friends.
My daughter's favourite part of the whole day had to be petting the animals, an experience that neither of us had before. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed hugging all the sheep and goats, but it did get a little too much for the poor sheep, I think they were all hugged out. I am really glad that we waited until lambing season to come to Church Farm as there were so many lambs being born, something that I never seen before. The children obviously has no clue but enjoyed feeding the 'baby lambs' their milk. It was a great way for my daughter to get up close to the lambs and pet them. They did however escape from the toddler cuddle.

My favourite part was petting the pigs. I have always been fascinated with pigs ever since I could remember, I don't know what it is, I just love them. So when an opportunity to get inside the piglet pen came my way, I was in there straight away. They were so friendly and came straight to us nibbling at our hands. My daughter was naming them of course and I bet you can't guess what she named them.? Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig, George Pig and Jakey Pig, after our pet beagle.

After petting lots of pigs we then headed over to the play area. First up was the trampolines, but these were not like any trampoline I have been on before as they were set deep into the ground so there was not need to worry about the children hurting themselves. As much as my brother in law didn't want to go on the trampoline, he had no choice when we were given an opportunity to push him, we had to really! The children thoroughly enjoyed bundling him and using him as a trampoline. Poor uncle Andrew.

But the fun didn't stop there. In the children's adventure play area there were some small tractors that the children could ride. When the opportunity to be a big kid is staring you in the face you have to go. So both my husband and I joined in the fun and decided to race alongside the children. They won of course, or so we tell them. As well as the tractors there was a hay barn, a sand pit and the football pitch. Not forgetting the indoor play area which also had a gated area for children under 5s complete with an array of toys and books to play with.

Our last activity of the day was the tractor ride to go and feed the pigs, and it was quite the ride for only £1! I didn't think that the ride would be for too long, but I would say we were easily there for 20 minute seeing lots more animals and stopped off to feed the pigs. There was just so much to see and do at Church Farm, especially for the price. There are so many adventures that you and your family could get into, you will honestly be surprised.

Creating memories with Printiki

I used to live for afternoons going through old photos with a cup of tea and slice of cake with my nan, it was always a laugh. The funny hairstyles, the baby photos and not forgetting the photos that no one wanted people to see . But it seems as if today, not many people actually print out their photos. Many of us are always on our phones capturing the moment uploading to every social media platform in an instant, but we never seem to take the time to print these amazing memories out. I think I have a handful of photos, and that's it. My grandparents had hundreds of albums to hand and with the help of Printiki I can do just that, create lots of memory books to look back on.

Who is Printiki?

Printiki is fuelled by people with a passion for print and technology. They enjoy the technological innovations that puts a camera in everyone's hand to make us all the photographer we hope to be, but they believe that there is something magical about a printed photograph. I couldn't actually agree more. We live in a society where photos are uploaded to social media platform in an instant, but in all honestly, many of us have stopped printing these beautiful memories to look back on, so with the help of Printiki I am able to finally finishing my baby journal of my beautiful baby girl.

Another great fact about Printiki is the meaning behind their name. The 'print' part of their name is quite an obvious one, the whole concept of the company is printing. But the 'iki' part of the name was  intriguing. I assumed it would be a nickname from the founders or something but it actually means, an expression of simplicity, sophistication, spontaneity and originality. It's a great name, right?

What did I order?

Printiki kindly gave me a voucher for my order that enabled me to choose 30 4x4 square photos. I then had the choice of choosing a border in either black or white or no border at all, and also if I wanted a matte or glossy finish on the photos. 
It took me a little while to decided which photos I wanted printed, and in the end I decided to go for some of my photos that I had uploaded to Instagram. With Printiki I was able to login in with either my Facebook or Instagram account to pick and choose the different photos. But you could also upload photos from your computer. I uploaded 30 photos from Instagram that would be borderless and a lovely gloss finish. I couldn't wait to receive my photos in post.

I have ordered from another printing company before and it was not a great experience. Their website took some time in uploading photos to and when they arrived I was so disappointed, heads were cut off and pictures looked distorted. But I didn't have any of this with Printiki. Their website was so easy to use and to navigate around, I thoroughly enjoyed reading their INSPIRE ME page. My prints took exactly three days to arrive with helpful emails to let me know that my order was being processed and dispatched. Once they arrived, I was so happy with them. There were no missing heads or poor quality photos printed. I will most definitely be using Printiki again, so onto our next project with Printiki. A scrapbook of our summer last year...

Do you like to print your memories?




Hello you lovely lot and welcome back to another instalment of the #MotherhoodMondays guest post series; a weekly feature for mothers to share their stories about their incredible journeys of motherhood in all kinds of forms. Don't forget to get in touch if you want out get involved, we're always looking for some more mamas to guest post for us. This week we have the lovely Olivia who is a regular author over on Highstylife and has asked to share a unique piece of content about pets, discipline and children. So with this I shall hand you over to Olivia...

Can Pets Helps Parents With Disciplining Their Children

Being a parent is a task like no other; having the responsibility to bring up a child and turn them into a responsible, honest, wonderful human being is pretty big. While they say parenting instincts kick in the moment you give birth, truth is that can’t really be taken as rule of thumb. Some parents don’t really have parenting instincts as pronounced as others which oftentimes makes them insecure and anxious. Naturally, this doesn’t mean they’re becoming bad parents; if anything – looking for expert advice on ways to bring up a child and discipline them healthily is a responsible, loving act that shows care and devotion.

Apart from plenty conventional tips paediatric psychologists and professionals tackle into when advising on children discipline, there’s often a mentioning of getting your child a puppy or any other pet they (would) love. There’s a whole psychology behind the child-pet relationship, giving successful results and an overall quality increase of a child’s mental, emotional and social life.

Here are some insights into how a pet can guide your parent-child relationship into a healthy direction.

The effect of pets on forming family bonds and discipline

While pets are often thought of as a part the family, they’re rarely given enough appreciation for everything they do for it. One of the many benefits of having a pet is that they can help families grow stronger and closer, making their relationships more open and their methods of communication more successful.

If a parent is experiencing difficulties communicating discipline points through to their child, a dog (or any other pet) may be a perfect bridge between the two. Once a parent sets themselves as a role model and an authority figure to the pet, the child will immediately pick up and mirror the dog’s appreciation of their owner (no matter how weird this might sound). A child whose love for their pet is unconditional will want to share qualities, features and habits of their beloved animal, and if listening to the parent figure is one of them – it’s highly likely they’ll want to pick that one up, too.

In addition, a pet is often the central figure of activities that families do together. This contributes to sharing of responsibilities, overcoming communication barriers, and generally building of a more loving connection between a parent and a child.

Social, cognitive and emotional benefits

To kids who are introverts, communicating feelings may be very difficult, even with their parents. This, consequently, tends to lead to a series of parent-child relationship glitches. Anyhow, when a child has a trusted, non-judgmental friend (pet) to confide into, they are likely to break emotional and social barriers and slowly but steadily open up. Further, sharing a very tight bond with their pet will help them feel constantly loved, especially when they feel they aren’t loved enough by their parents and/or surroundings (regardless of this being their subjective opinion or an actual state of facts). Physical activities that come with owning a pet, like taking them for a walk, playing outside, etc. can be a fine bridge between your child and other pet-owners, allowing them to interact, open up and form friendships.

In situations where parents are overly concerned for their child’s well-being or pet therapy isn’t working as effectively as they’d hoped it would, it is advised they seek counsel with trusted experts like Heath Group Practice that provide help to both children and adolescents (individually) and entire families (group therapy) with a wide range of psychological issues. That way, parents are given the opportunity to get to the bottom of their child’s problem and engage in solving it/keeping it under control early on.

Teaching responsibility, for life

Children who are entrusted with a task to care for another living creature tend to form strong emphatic feelings, commitment and consistency, respect for life, and instincts of responsibility very quickly. Further, in taking care of their pet successfully, a child builds self-confidence and realizes they are a trusted, capable human. A parent’s encouragement, “along with the tail-wagging gratitude of the dog, will create a lasting feeling of self-esteem that will follow the child through life”.

Giving a child an opportunity to practice being a caregiver when they're young is the best way to instill them with a sense of purpose and responsibility, and teach them how to handle their relationships (whether they are within a family, with their parents, friends or animals).

If you’ve been experiencing hiccups forming and grounding a relationship with your child, maybe it’s time you took experts’ advice and got them a pet – it will help in development of your child’s personality and will definitely help your parent-child relationship be even stronger.


About Olivia

Olivia Williams Jones is psychologist from Brisbane, dedicated to making some changes in the world, starting from her own environment. Also, she is regular contributor to High Style Life blog. Olivia is a writer who is passionate about mental health, parenting, healthy living and pets. Her motto is "Be the change you want to see in the world". Thank you very much for sharing you lovely post with us Olivia and taking part in #MotherhoodMondays and don't forget those of you who enjoyed Olivia's post to share, share and share some more. You can find more posts written by Olivia over at Highstylife and I'll link her social media links below.

The Baby Feeding Series with Mum From Brum

Hello and welcome back to another instalment of The Baby Feeding Series, that features real stories from real parents who have experienced how hard and baffling feeding your baby can be. I want this series to be a place where parents can share their own experiences in the hopes that other parents who are struggling can feel less alone. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it's one of the most rewarding jobs too and so I want to share their stories.

I'm very excited to say that this week for The Baby Feeding Series we have the lovely Becki from The Mum from Brum guest posting for us. I was so happy when Becki decided to get in touch asking to take part, she runs a very successful guest series on her own blog, #bottlefeedingstories. So don't forget to go and have a mooch about on her website and perhaps ask to take part, I'm sure it will be appreciated.
Over the last few weeks or so we have had lots of people guest posting to share their breastfeeding journey, which are beautiful of course. But it's quite refreshing to see feeding from the formula side of baby feeding and so when Becki from The Mum in Brum got in touch to share her story as a bottle feeding mum and to share some great tips, I said YES straightaway. So without further ado, I would like to introduce the lovely Becki...
My Journey as a Bottle Feeding Mother

As readers of my blog will know, I had planned from very early on to exclusively breastfeed my son. I couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't plan to, but was firmly in the Fed Is Best camp and far from anti-formula. I was formula fed myself and I don't think I've turned out too badly!

X's birth wasn't a straightforward one, and I only dodged an emergency section by the skin of my teeth. I lost a lot of blood and it's fair to say I was a bit knackered! But so was X. The after affects of a 23 hour labour and Pethidine had knocked us both about. When it became apparent that X wasn't keen on breastfeeding, I panicked. I couldn't get him to stop screaming long enough to keep him on my breast, but he'd happily gobble up anything I'd managed to express into a syringe.

Despite my constant requests for help, by the time we went home 3 days later, X was a formula fed kid. We still had a go at breastfeeding but his latch was appalling, and I was in agony... the first week of his life was probably the longest in mine. But I'm not here to bore you with the tales of my breastfeeding failure. I'm here to talk about muddling through, and starting to use formula when it wasn't the plan.

We had NOTHING in for formula feeding. No formula, no bottles, no steriliser - nothing. There was a lot of panic buying in those first few troubled weeks. I didn't even know how to make up a bottle safely. So these are my 6 tips for things to get or do when you suddenly find yourself reluctantly bottle feeding...

1. Premix formula - yes, it's more expensive, but in those first heady days of being exhausted, on top of sleep deprivation and still trying to figure out when water is at 70 degrees, they are life savers. They're also super handy for when you want to go out and haven't figured out a way of making up a bottle that works for you.

2. Get a flask - I had a Tommee Tippee one. It keeps water hot, but not boiling, literally for HOURS. Got a screaming child and need to feed them asap? Keep a stock of cooled boiled water in the fridge, use the hot water from the flask to "hot shot" your formula then add the cooled water et voila - a safely prepared bottle at perfect drinking temperature. Alternatively, you could go along the Perfect Prep Machine route - there's been some bad press lately, but just like everything when it comes to babies, you need to ensure you're cleaning it properly, only using the correct filters and checking it regularly for any problems. The flask, however, is cheaper, easier to clean, and suitable for taking out and about...

3. Talking of Out and About - Treat yourself to a nice change bag - I needed a bigger bag than I thought I would, so the cute little thing I'd picked up from Babies R Us wasn't going to cut the mustard. So instead I treated myself to a beautiful turquoise number from Oi Oi. It wasn't cheap, but it easily held all the extras you need as a formula mum, and it's GORGEOUS. Certainly made me feel a bit better too.

4. Cold water or microwave sterilisers are better than electric ones - for one, they're smaller, and they're not going to burn out on you and screw you over when it's suddenly not sterilising your bottles.

5. Ask your midwife for help - yes, officially, they are not supposed to promote formula over breastfeeding, but at the end of the day they want to see your baby happy and healthy - and that means FED, and fed safely. If you're not sure on the current recommendations for making up a bottle safely, get them to run through it with you.

6. Don't beat yourself up - yes, this wasn't the plan, but since when do kids do the things you want them to do? Please, please, remember that you're doing the very best for your baby. Mummy guilt is a git, and it doesn't like to leave you alone. You'll be dragging it around with you for years to come, so please try to lighten it by remembering you're doing your best.


About Becki

Becki is a 30 year old stay at home mother to her darling son X and a grumpy wife to her darling husband. As well as being a wife and mother she has a very successful family lifestyle and photography blog. Like most, she started her blog as a means to stop her brain from turning to complete mush, she envisioned pink angel delight. Becki is Brummie born and bred but has now started a new life with her lovely family in the beautiful Northampton. You can take the girl out of Birmingham but you can't take the Brummie out of the girl. As well as being an amazing blogger, Becki enjoys lots of adventures, going on long walks to find new places and to sing along to Musical Theatre soundtracks.
Remember you can find the lovely Becki over at The Mum From Brum

The Joys in Being a Blogger

I have a very exciting post for you today! If you're a regular reader you will know that I published my first post on Mimi Rose and Me just shy of two years ago. It was a time when I felt so low and my anxiety was at an all time high. I wanted to create a place that is just for me, to be creative, a place to write about and most of all tell you all about the exciting adventures as a family who are always following the fun. Two years on and I still absolutely love blogging. My little corner of the internet has done so many things for me as a person. It's kept me focused, encouraged to chase my dreams and have a more positive outlook in life. I feel so lucky. I have got to know so many amazing and brilliant people from writing this blog and I would never had expected the blogging community to be so welcoming. So in light of this, I want to share the joys that come with being a blogger. 


The blogging community is amazing. It's strange to think that you can make long life friends through a blog. There is a whole community who understand the whole passions of the perfect Instagram photo, you know the ones. They understand the pressures of followers and engagement and making sure that your SEO is on point, even though many of us have yet to master the whole idea of SEO. But being a blogger has opened up many doors to new friendships who are always on the end of a twitter rant or always there to offer advice in those Instagram pods. I honestly couldn't be any happier. 

Opening Up New Doors & New Adventures...

Speaking of new doors, my blog has open so many new ones that I never ever envisioned in my pathway to success. But yes, it really has. I am actually making myself a brand and by writing about my life as a mum to one I have realised my passion, writing. It means so much that people actually read my posts, it makes me appreciate myself so much more and to realise my worth. But it doesn't just stop there. Becoming a blogger can help with so many careers, not just writing your blog. If you wanted to get involved with social media marketing, become a freelancer or work in PR, writing a little blog can help steer you in the right direction. 


A little while before I had my daughter I was in a dark place. One negative test after another, it was disheartening because becoming parents may never happen for us. Our future in becoming parents was bleak and we decided to stop trying for a baby as this was the only thing we were focusing on and it had taken it's toll on us and our marriage. We began focusing on us again, trying to discover what we wanted to do with our lives and then something amazing happened. I was incredibly fortunate to become pregnant with our daughter. Being so happy and grateful for my daughter, I relished in the moment. But then... friends would stop coming over for a coffee, people stopped texting and ringing to see how we were and in the loneliness of motherhood I began to read blogs. By reading these blogs gave me comfort, some made me feel as if they were writing exactly what I was thinking and encouraged me to write my own blog. Over these past two years, I can see such a change in myself. I am getting further and further away from that black hole that was trying swallow me up. Everyday I am pushing myself to do things that used to scare me. Slowly we are getting the confidence to go out into the world, go to those baby classes, and having the confidence to speak to new people. This is because of my little blog, and the amazing blogging community. I will be forever grateful for my blog pulling me out of that dark place. 


Following on from gaining the confidence that I have been seeking out for many years, my blog is a great opportunity to see my progress as a blogger. There's nothing I like doing more than anything is going through my archive, I have those cringing moments. Seriously did I write about that? Oh no what is with that photo, clearly not Instagram ready, whatsoever. But I do find that a visit through my archives can show me how far I have come along. In that, I have become a better writer, better photographer, I have a better understanding about SEO, HTMLs, widgets and creating beautiful images for my blog. There is so much more that I have yet to figure out, but it's an exciting journey and I am so happy that I have the opportunity to explore these skills and to make them better. 

Do you have a blog? What are your joys in blogging?


I’m sorry, but where on earth is this year going?! Before we know it, it’s going to be summer. Not that I'm complaining because I can't wait to spend the weekends in our garden, soaking up the rays whilst the husband plays around with his new Barbeque. So today I will be sharing some of my favourite discoveries from April, if you want to see what made our favourite list last month, please do.

Superfruits and Booster Drink Sachets (£1.10 per serving).

A while back I was asked to take part in a campaign with a newly launched company called HAPS, who have created new innovative ways to improve low moods and boost wellbeing in the form of this yellow sachet of goodness. This is not just a healthy drink, there's a real science behind it. It's natural because it contains whole fruit powders and boosters which increases serotonin production naturally, rehydrates, revitalises and improves mental wellbeing. Anything that tries to boost your mood naturally has got to be a good thing right? I do have to say I cannot be sure if this trial effected my overall mood, but I can say that during the days that I had one of these I felt as if I had more energy to tackle the day, it helped my motivation that's for sure.  

Soap and Glory 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash (£8.00/350ml).

I'm still getting through all my lovely gifts from Christmas and I finally got to use this little product. I'm a big soap and glory, if you didn't know. This 3-in-1 Daily Facial Wash has to be the best skin care product I have ever used. I've tried so many different types of skin care products and none have worked until I tried this one. Most skin care products make my skin go very red and become itchy but this one makes my skin feel so much better. Definitely worth the money!

 Oh Flora: What If I Fall? Printed Quote (£8.00 - On Sale).

If any of you lovely readers follow me on my Instagram account (if not, then you need to) you will know that I am partial to a few quotes or more. I saw this beautiful quote and had to get one for my daughter's bedroom. There have so many amazing quotes on their website, I am more than sure that there will be something for everyone. But be quick because they are on sale, and I'm sure it won't be for long.

Ellie Goulding: Star Collection Embellished Espadrilles (£18.00)

How pretty are these? I don't normally buy espadrilles but how could I refuse these embellished ones. They were the perfect gift for Mother's Day from my daughter. Deichmann have teamed up with the amazing Ellie Goulding to create a footwear collection that will rock your world, and your wardrobe! Ellie’s style is unique, fun and quirky, with a dash of pop-rock thrown in for good measure so why don't you #RockYourLook with some of these beauties.

Pretty Little Liars

Yes, I realise that I shouldn't be watching such program at my age, but it's so addictive. I have a confession...I have been watching Pretty Little Liars for almost seven years and the final season is finally airing. Even though it's one of my guilty pleasures it has got pretty ridiculous over the years as the mysterious 'A' has crafted more and more crazy plots to harass the liars. So, being a true fan for over seven years I need to watch to find out how this all ends. I wonder what they have in store...


I am back with a monthly round-up. I am actually quite proud of myself with these round-up posts as I have managed to do one every month. I hope you're enjoying them as much as I have been writing them? So this month? Another cray busy one. We obviously got involved with lots of Easter fun, a day out at the farm and finally made a start on the decorating, after talking about it for so long - it's lovely to see it all coming to life.


On the blogging front, I have been crazy busy. This whole being a blogger thing definitely keeps me focused and on my toes, which is why I like it. But as I said I have been crazy busy and have been offered many fantastic opportunities. A while back I was asked to take part in a campaign with a newly launched company called HAPS, who have created new innovative ways to improve low moods and boost wellbeing in the form of a yellow sachet of goodness. This is not just a healthy drink, there's a real science behind it. It's natural because it contains whole fruit powders and boosters which increases serotonin production naturally, rehydrates, revitalises and improves mental wellbeing. Anything that tries to boost your mood naturally has got to be a good thing right? I do have to say I cannot be sure if this trial effected my overall mood, but I can say that during the days that I had one of these I felt as if I had more energy to tackle the day, it helped my motivation that's for sure.  This month we also got to work with Bidvine, which is a site that helps you hire trusted local service professionals easily. It was actually the perfect opportunity because we are on the hunt for a handy man to help us with our spare room.
In other blog news, I have been asked to be a ambassador for a brand. But I cannot reveal too much information just yet, but I am excited. As well as being busy bees I have been trying to up my game on the photography and Instagram front, so if you have any blog posts for me to read then please leave them in the comments. I will appreciate any help.


As always we have been a very busy little family. I think that we are finally getting to grips with my husband having just two days a week off, it did take us some time to get use to but we got there in the end. April saw lots of bank holiday fun, a week off with Daddy, Easter fun and even a day at the farm. Easter was so great this year, now that our daughter is old enough we got more involved, we even managed to make some Easter nests. But the Easter fun didn't stop there. We spend the weekend eating chocolate for breakfast, dinner and lunch and some nights enjoyed some more with a nice cup of tea. I ate wayyyyy too much.  We were also creative this month and made some Easter cards for the family, and other Easter crafts. That week was messy and very fun.

We went to the beach a few times this month. It's been 'the sun's out, let's go to the beach'. We've had a fair share of visits to the beach in the beautiful sunshine. But we've also had times where it's been absolutely freezing. Do you visit the beach even when it's cold? A cold day at the beach is just as fun, if you're a toddler you can run, slosh around in the sea make sand castles and even throw seaweed at poor Nanny Caney. It's moments like these that we will remember, cherish and be more than happy to share.
Over the Easter break we went for a lovely day out at Church Farm Stow Bardolph | Rare Breeds Centre.. My husband's brother and family came down for a spontaneous visit and so we explored and ended at Church Farm. We fed lambs, saw chicks, cuddles a goat and sheep, went on a tractor ride, bounced until we couldn't bounce anymore and even saw a lamb being born. A brilliant day! I was even a little creative and made a video of our day out, I was very pleased with it. I'm in the middle of writing a review for the farm, but it's taken a back seat. So don't forget to come back to check it out.


At the start of the year I told you that we are planning on lots of decorating and renovations in our home. This month we finally made a start, just so you know, when I say we, I mean my husband. Haha. Anyway we started in the utility room, it was in desperate need of a lick of paint and some TLC. I honesty can't believe what a difference it has made already. We are planning on giving the kitchen a lick of paint and start all the glossing, which is always a bugger to do. Our biggest project this year is the spare room! We are planning for our daughter to move into the bigger bedroom so she can spread out her toys as and when she likes, at least then it can be confined to one room.

Spreading The Blog Love
I love this segment of the monthly roundup is another way to discover some great posts and other bloggers. So don't forget to have a look at these posts and share them. Sharing is caring and all that! I'm sure that it will be appreciated. So what have you been up to this month?
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