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Gigantosaurus: The Game

A special treat for all those dino lovers! Launching next week is Gigantosaurus: The Game, based on the hit Disney animated series. It will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or PS4 so everyone can join in with the dino fun. So who is up for a roarsome adventure?

Gigantosaurus: The Game will allow many little ones and their families into the wonderfully vibrant world of Gigantosaurus for some exciting exploring adventures like never before. This new adventure will allow up to 4 players to explore and race together across the vast, prehistoric world of Gigantosaurus in a one-of-a-kind dinosaur adventure that is part saving the world, part rally racing extravaganza.

The game presents an open world, the Savannah, a place that, as the narrator says, is beautiful, but dangers can arise. As the inquisitive Mazu, playful Tiny, timid Bill, and courageous Rocky embark on a quest, facing their individual fears and working together to solve a problem. Like the meteor that's blocked up Giganto's Volcano. The design is great, with many elements bringing the game to life. You can discover the wonderful world of Gigantosaurus on your own, or with other dinos friends where you can solve quests and puzzles in order to save the day. And the end of each story is the start of a super rally to the next zone. Will you be the most fearsome adventurer or the fastest Racer?

To mark our special dino adventure we hosted a small family dino partyyyy as my daughter enjoys a party. It was quite fun preparing for our family dinosaur party. The dinosaur tablescape was so much fun but I really wanted to keep it minimal design with four main elements. A table cover, a runner, centerpiece, and place settings, but seeing as there was only a few of us we had to try and be creative. We used our own table cloth but trying to find the best table runner that has dinos was really hard, so we used some dino some gift wrap - and we had a table runner. For our centrepiece we used some artificial plants that we already pinched from our kitchen decor and then strategically placed lots of dinosaurs along the tables. It was the perfect dino table. For the place setting we did try and keep it minimal with the use of some dino bowls, gold stripped straws, some napkins and some home made food labels.

One of the easiest ways to bring together a party theme, apart from decorations, is fun food! All of your food needed to be of a dino theme, of course. But to help make it easier for us all we tried to keep to buffet style food with Dino Claws, Dino Eggs, Homemade Dino Bones, Dino Poop and Dino-wiches. All washed down with some Volcano Punch. It was the perfect way to mark the release of Gigantosaurus: The Game.

Not forgetting the party games. We had some fun with lots of different dino masks, colouring and a dino hunt. It was a fun filled afternoon with good food, dino fun and there was even party bags, who doesn't love a party bag.

After we went back to playing Gigantosaurus. The missions of this first level included rescuing some scattered eggs all over the stage or collecting nuts, planting seeds to feed another dinosaur. Basically the same concept as Mario Kart, although the mechanics were not very clear if it was only about reaching the goal first or we also have to collect items. You can see the game has been especially designed for little ones as parts of the game are easy, however there are parts that need a little more logical thinking or problem solving all key for social and overall development.

All three of us enjoyed playing the first level together and we didn't really find any problems with going onto the next level. My daughter loved playing with Tiny because her favourite dinosaur is a Triceratops and I definitely loved Mazu, simply because I am Mazu. Meanwhile my husband switched between the Rocky and Bill due to their individual skills and characteristics.

Gigantosaurus: The Game is quite beautiful and with very striking colours for all the elements of the scenes and for the characters. Each dinosaur is well detailed and has its own personality and ability, however the game also featured certain lights in the sky and purple bubbles to let you know where you need to go or where you need to be. This game was fun, vibrant and exciting new experience for everyone in this household. This was the first game that our daughter really enjoyed and was completely engaged with, I am more than sure that fan of Gingantosaurus or Dinosaurs will love playing this - they will have one GIGANTIC Adventure. The game will launch on March 27, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

**We have been kindly gifted the game that was featured in this post, but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright **

Meal Plan Monday: Week Nine - March 2nd

I have been sharing our weekly meal plans since beginning of the year and so far they have been so great and help me keep on track. Not only that when I share my slimming world meals over on Insta I always get people asking for recipes. This week has been really good meal plan wise and for majority of the time we stayed on track - we have been indulging in a few too many evening snacks so that's something we have to work on next week. A snack free week! Anyone else enjoy a little snack in the evening? My downfall is craving something sweet with a cup of tea.

Monday:: Slow Cooker Sausage Casserole

Our little lady has Rainbows on a Monday evening so we always need something that is quick and simple to eat before we go. Now that the colder weather seems to be going my husband and I are trying to be better and go walking as she is at Rainbows instead of heading home to sit in front of the box. So this week our plan for Monday is of course a slow cooker sausage casserole because it is super low in syn and low in calories. 

Tuesday:: Honey and Mustard Drumsticks, Quinoa and Feta Salad. 

I'm sure that you know by now that we are a big fan of these honey and mustard pork loins and so it made it's way into our meal plan for this week, but with a twist. We have swapped out pork loins and make succulent honey and mustard chicken drumsticks - it was a delicious spin on the recipe. We paired these drumsticks with Quinoa to keep the dish low calorie. 

Wednesday:: Spicy Fish, Slimming World Chips, Salad and Petit Pois. 

We all know that fish is a great source of protein and generally they are jam packed full of vitamins and nutrients making it a great option to add into our weekly meal plans. However, my husband isn't a great lover of fish and prefers to stick to meat. But I have been strict and said we are having it this week with a little spice. Our spicy fish does use some of your syns for a daily allowance, but they are worth them. We use around 30g of Chilli Heatwave Doritos with a teaspoon of onion powder, paprika and more chilli and crush together. We then sprinkle the seasoning on top of the fish and pop them in the over at 180oc for about 25 minutes. They come our hot, spicy and super crispy - it was a big hit with my husband. 

Thursday:: Turkey Keema, Boiled Rice and Steamed Veggies

Keema Curry is a South Asian dish that traditionally would use lamb mince, if you are happy to spend some syns, then you could stick to tradition and use ground lamb, but to keep this dish syn free, we love to use either turkey or pork mince. It’s a great dish for batch cooking and freezing up some portions and is gluten and dairy free. 

Friday:: Pizza Chicken, Crunchy Roasted Potatoes and a Green Leaf Salad. 

We LOVE a Friday night pizza parttty. But being on slimming world getting pizza is probably one of the worse takeaways we can tuck into so we have swapped out a calorie loaded base for a chicken breast. After searing the chicken breast we then pour over home made tomato sauce and top with some cheese. It honestly taste just like traditional pizza sauce.

Do you like some of the meal plans we have shared this week?

BIRCHBOX - March 2020: Idols

It's a great start to the month with this little beautifully presented box showing women from all walks of life. Feel inspired, and empowered with these treats from Birchbox with their 'Idols' box to celebrate International Women' Day. With five curated pamper products inside to help you feel the best version of yourself because we all deserve it. All subscribers could choose their very own Forgive Me Suzie Liquid Eyeshadow in either Love Letter, Fairy Dust or Dancing Queen this month. But you also get a Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner from The Beauty Crop and a Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum in every single box. 

This month it's time for us to embrace US. So who wants to know what's inside the box? If you're new to Birchbox they are one of the main leaders in the beauty box subscription game. Each month you will receive five deluxe samples and travel sized samples and these will be with makeup, skin care, body care or hair care. It's a great way to discover new products that you wouldn't normally come across if it wasn't for this little beauty subscription. So without further ado let's take a closer look. 

Forgive Me Suzie. Liquid Eyeshadow in Fairy Dust. RRP | £8

Meanwhile I tend to stick to powder when it comes to choosing eyeshadows, I am always happy to step outside my comfort zone and try different products. This long lasting metallic eye shadow really makes it easier to create a statement in one swoop. We all know that many of us women are always pressed for time whether that is heading our for the school run, work, going to a big meeting or a  catching up with a friend. I received the shade Fairy Dust and I really like wearing this with my everyday makeup, it really suited my complexion but you could build this up for a night time look if you wanted to. 

The Beauty Crop. Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner. RRP | £14

Being a beauty blogger, you could say I have used my fair share of eyeliners. I have had some amazing products that I will always go back to and others that I will always avoid and never recommend. Yes this one has a deep black formula that will help define my eyes the way I want without smudging. But it falls short on it's staying power which is a shame. 

Balance Me. Vitamin C Repair Serum. RRP | £32

Vitamin C is great for your skin and it is something that we all should be using more in our skincare routine. I discovered a Vitamin C Essence about two years ago and it has been so good for my skin and it is something that I just cannot be without. So I was more than happy to have this little gem in my box this month. This Vitamin C Repair Serum from Balance Me has been formulated to battle the beginning signs of ageing, yes I need some of this now I'm in my thirties. It has really helped with pigmentation and the hydraulic acid has been sooo good with hydrating my skin and leave me with a healthy glow. 

Daily Concepts. Dual Texture Body Scrubber. RRP | £6.95 

The innovative texture with micro scrubbers technology which is pretty perfect for a daily soft wash or for an exfoliating wash. I also think that it's pretty cool that they have a label with an indicator that fades to let you know when you need to replaced your mini scrubber. I am so glad that this one was in my Birchbox this month as my skin is breaking out and no matter what I try my makeup ends up slipping off my face after a few hours. I use my facial cleanser along with my exfoliating scrub and I have noticed a difference in my skin. I have consistently used this for a few days in a row it has helped that skin on the top be removed, leaving newer, healthier skin showing. The rough side exfoliates, the soft side helps rinse. 

Luxliss. Argan & Marula Conditioner. RRP | £20

Every now and then we have to make time for a little deep conditioning. Deep conditioners or hair masks are an essential part of a healthy hair care routine, whether you're natural or not, and no matter your curl type. And yet, so many people don't know how to properly deep condition their hair, or neglect the practice altogether! However, with this Luxliss. Argan & Marula Conditioner you can treat your hair to a little extra nourishment in one simple step. After one use it has left my hair feeling silky smooth, nourished and super healthy.

In a nutshell, this is a pretty great box and what better way to celebrate 'us women' than with a pamper session, a killer eyeliner for a handbag or some serum to brighten our skin. I really enjoyed the products that Birchbox has this month and I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for April.

So what did you think? Are you a Birchbox fan? If not, you should at least try a couple of boxes. A monthly Birchbox subscription, with no long-term commitment, costs just £10 (+ £2.95 P&P) per month. 

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Meal Plan Monday: Week Eight - Feb 24th

Heyyy! It's time for another meal plan Monday! As you know it was half term last week for us and it was fun filled with a trip to the beach, the funfair, a little soft play and a family visit - so it was pretty much a write-off for weight loss. I didn't eat very well last week and I slipped right off that Slimming World wagon. Treat day became TREAT WEEK! But I'm back with a brand new meal plan full of nutritional, calorie controlled meals for the week.

So now that you know how our meal plan wen didn't go last week, let me tell you all about our plans for this week. In addition to all these tasty recipe we will be trying to eat more fruit and veg during the day to make sure we hit our fruit and veggie targets. But let's get back to the meal plan. 

Monday:: Five-Spice Cucumber & Pork Stir Fry with Boiled Rice, Green Beans and Peas

When most people think of cucumbers, they tend to think of uncooked preparations like salads and pickles. So I know what you may be thinking about cucumbers in a stir fry, but they are pretty great stir-fry ingredient The fragrant five spice blend—made from cumin, star anise, cinnamon, peppercorns, and cloves gives diced pork and crunchy veggies such a distinctive flavour. We will definitely make this dish again. 

Tuesday:: PANCAKES

Okay so we are back on plan but doesn't mean that pancakes are not on the cards! Whether you plan to stick to your syns or allow yourself a day off to fully indulge is entirely up to you. There are so many different versions to be found. But instead of american style pancakes we were craving some crepes. They are super delicious and really light. You could go for any toppings you like for these, such as syrup, ice cream, yoghurt, sugar or a even some dusting some cinnamon. You could even go savoury with these crepes like my husband who had some chicken and mushrooms. While my daughter and I had lemon, sugar and some fresh raspberries and blueberries. 

Wednesday: Paprika & Balsamic Chicken Drumsticks, Roasted Chickpeas and a Green Leaf Salad from Slimming Eats. 

This week we are trying to go through all our frozen meat and we found some drumsticks that we needed to use. These paprika, tangy balsamic vinegar and a little honey creates the perfect marinade for these drumsticks. We paired these with some cumin chickpeas and a chunky cut salad.

Thursday:: Honey and Mustard Pork Loins, Sweetcorn Mashed Potatoes and Salad. 

Oh these honey and mustard pork loins are soooo blooming tasty and are so quick to make. Literally a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard and 100ml of stock. The sweet and spicy loins are great with salads, but this week we decided to pair our loins with sweetcorn mash and some green beans, broccoli and peas. I really love this meal as it can be made in less than 20 minutes - perfect dish for us busy mamas. 

Friday:: Salt & Pepper Chicken Thighs, Slimming World Chips and Salad.

Fridays always mean FAKEWAWAY! We love finding recipes that are low syn or syn free but taste like a takeaway and these thighs are just that. We made these when we started our slimming world journey, but it's been a little while since we've had them. These salt and pepper chicken thighs that are only 308 calories in each portion making these slimming friendly so good. We had these with some slimming world chips and of course a green leaf salad. 

Joules Waterproof Floral Navy Jacket

Spring is arguably one of the best times of years. It's when you can finally break out dresses, sandals, and accessories. We are all ready to welcome the spring time. We can hear the birds singing, we spotted a few daffodils blooming on the school run this morning and even caught the glimpse of the sun. Spring is on it's way and we cannot wait to see more pretty blooms, go on adventures and most of all we are looking forward swapping our winter coats for a jacket and sunnies. 

But it can be tricky picking the perfect spring jacket because whatever you decide needs to be thick enough to keep you warm in the morning, but it has to also be lightweight so you're not sweating when the sun is finally out and about. A good jacket is what everyone needs for this transitional time when we are waving goodbye to winter but still waiting for springtime sunshine. 

One of my favourite picks for the little lady is the Joules Waterproof Floral Navy Printed Coat which comes in a range of colours and other styles, but we decided to stick with the florals – a bright, jolly statement. This jacket is classic, practical and smart so there is a lot of versatility. It fastens with both zip and buttons and the fabric is both breathable and waterproof. It is also warm with a polar fleece lining meaning is great for those crisp mornings, light showers without feeling too heavy. 

This Joules Weatherproof Floral Navy Printed Coat comes in a beautifully packaged box and you can get this coat in many different styles and pattern. We chose these gorgeous navy and floral one for our daughter as she has a slight obsession with everything floral at the moment. We have always loved Joules and their funky bold designs, you cannot really fault their amazing quality and practicality when choosing waterproof coats for the school runs.

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