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Believe it or Not Being a Blogger Makes Me A Better Mum

Yep, you read that title right. How can being a blogger make me a better mum? After all so many people who are not familiar with the whole bloggersphere don't get it, and I'm not entirely sure that they will until they become a blogger themselves. But believe it or not, being a blogger makes me a better mum. 


It was a weekly cup of tea and a catch up with a friend that I realised that blogging means so much more to me than just a place to write. As we chatted about my blog and the many opportunities that have come my way I never actually realised exactly how passionate I was about my blog, my job, my corner of the internet. Whatever you want to call it. I realised that I don't just write in the hopes to empower parents in their whirlwind journey of parenthood, I actually write for me because I WANT to. That little tea date opened my eyes to the fact that I have finally found my passion. But me being so passionate actually inspired and encouraged my friend to being own personal journey in blogging. And that feels great. To know that with my passion for blogging, lots encouragement and a little push she decided to start her own blog in the hopes to make a difference to someone somewhere in the world. This blogging job is pretty amazing that you can actually go as far to help and encourage others to bite the bullet and become their own person in their own right. To share their story, to share their honesty, their passion, their love and to share their life even the hard parts. I don't think I have ever been so passionate about a job. As cringe as this may sound I do think that blogging is part of me and who I am now. I don't think I could ever not be a blogger. Even if I won the lottery I would probably blog about it. My little corner of the internet gives me an outlet. A way to be me, be honest to the point, not only with the world but myself. 

My blog and my platforms have really blossomed lately, and it's really helped me deal with some tricky parts in motherhood, life and so much more. Yes, I tend to use social media more than others mainly because my income depends on the shares, comments and likes. But even if I am not I do love social media and getting lost in all the beauty of pretty pictures, baby spam and food. But even if you can't understand that being a blogger makes me a better mum sit tight because I will tell you exactly why.

Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

When I pressed the publish button for the first time I had no idea that it would have lead to me getting some real and genuine friendships, it's strange to think that you can build an amazing relationship with someone without actually meeting face to face. There is a whole community who understand the whole passions of the perfect Instagram photo. They understand the pressures of followers and engagement and making sure that your SEO is on point, even though many of us have yet to master the whole idea of SEO. But being a blogger has opened up many doors to new friendships who are always on the end of a twitter rant or there to offer advice in those Instagram pods. But that aside, there is always someone there to offer advice or encouragement when it comes to being a mum. I know only too well that being a new mum can be pretty lonely and isolating experience and my blog helped me feel part of a community of parents and I am a better mum because of it. 

Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

Using my blog and sharing content has help me stumbled across so many great blogs that offer some amazing advice when it comes to this whirlwind journey of  being a parent. And by connecting with different parents online has opened me up to a whole world of parenting ideas. Now I am not talking about becoming to the perfect pinterest mum or making sure that I get the perfect photo of the little lady for Instagram but actual advice on being a parent. From figuring sleeping patterns, dealing with milestones, weaning recipes or just something that we can all resonate with as parents. 

Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

My blog has open so many new ones that I never ever envisioned in my pathway to success. It really has. I am actually making myself a brand and by writing about my life as a mum I have realised my passion, writing. It means so much that people actually read my posts, it makes me appreciate myself so much more and to realise my worth. But it doesn't just stop there. Becoming a blogger can help with so many careers, not just writing your blog. If you wanted to get involved with social media marketing, become a freelancer or work in PR, writing a little blog can help steer you in the right direction.  As a woman, I have seen myself grow. As a mother, I have seen myself achieve. Trust me, being a woman cannot be easy at times, but being a woman is the most magical thing that could happen to a woman. And I want to show my daughter that anything is possible. Yes I may not have a traditional job but nonetheless I get to earn whilst spending as much time with her. Can Mother's have it all? Sure as hell they can!!! I’m proud of the fact that I’m working from home and I’m living an ambitious life. I’m proud of the fact that after I became a mother, it gave me the strength to do something so that it sets an example for my daughter that she could live and look up to.

Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

As well as getting many opportunities to discover new toys, new gadgets or new apps we have also discovered new places, had amazing days out and even gone away as a family thanks to this little blog. I will be forever grateful for all the opportunities that my blog has given me and my family. We have discovered so much more, and things that we wouldn't normally think about doing if it wasn't for this blog. My blog and my social media platforms has opened up a completely new world for me and my family. And I couldn't be happier about it. 

So like I said believe it or not being a blogger makes me a better mum. And blogging has opened a new world for me and has shown me what I am really passionate about. I’m proud of the fact that I’m working from home and I’m living an ambitious life. I’m proud of the fact that after I became a mother, it gave me the strength to do something so that it sets an example for my daughter that she could live and look up to.

Explore The Adventure: Wells-Next-The-Sea


I have to say that I do feel so lucky to live so close to so much of the beautiful coastline. Breathing in the fresh sea air of the tranquil Norfolk coast, walk on unspoiled sand where my little girl can build sandcastles, paddle, have a picnic, walk the dog, you are certainly not short of a few ideas. So whether you prefer the beach with beautiful cliffs in Hunstanton, beach huts and boats in Wells-Next-The-Sea, peaceful walks along the promenade at Walcott, or action packed adventures at Great Yarmouth, there really is something for everyone. As a family we have created so many beautiful memories of all of these places. But today I wanted to tell you a little more about our little adventure with the family at Well-Next-The-Sea.

Wells is one of the most attractive towns on the North Norfolk Coast. From the long sweeping beach bordered by pine woodland, along the gentle harbour with small fishing boats and children fishing for crabs, past the shops on Staithe Street, to the tree-lined park with Georgian houses, quiet pubs and restaurants . Wells is an unspoiled seaside destination, waiting to be discovered.

My brother, sister and I have so many fantastic memories at Wells-Next-To-Sea as children. I can remember spending so many weekends together as a family at the beach with picnics and games. We would also normally go to a small boating lake and trampolines, however I sadly discovered last bank holiday weekend that this is now a caravan park. But there is so much more to discover and explore.

The beautiful sandy beach, with its pine trees, sand dunes and colourful beach huts, is most poignant feature. Not forgetting the gorgeous pebble free sands and clear blue sea. So whether you decide to collect shells, fly a kite or build a sand castle, Well-Next-The-Sea is the perfect choice. 

I must admit my favourite part about visiting the beach is the colourful beach huts and no visit to Wells is complete without a visit and a picture or two. The beach huts are set against a backdrop of mature pines, planted over a hundred years ago. Wander through the woods and you might spot grey squirrels and rare birds. The pinewoods can be accessed via the Wells beach car park, or directly from the beach via numerous sets of wooden steps. There are quite a few of them. 

Not forgetting the only way to travel in style is by train, well a miniature one anyway. The Wells Harbour Miniature Railway takes you a mile or so down to the beach. Four steam and diesel trains (Edmund, Densil, Howard and Weasel). They run approximately every 15 minutes from the town and harbour, down to the Pinewoods Holiday Park and beach. It is THE way to travel down to the beach, and children absolutely love it. The best way to return to town is by walking along the raised footpath which affords great views over the channel and salt marshes, the harbour and the town itself.

The Quay and The Granary are also great locations to take your family. You could go crabbing, play in the arcades, grab an ice cream, or pick up some candy floss and rock. You can also buy cockles and crab sticks from the fish stall and watch the fishing boats come and go. The freshly caught seafood is a speciality in many of the local restaurants, and eating fish 'n chips on the quay is a popular pastime, and one that we loved to indulge in. Have you ever been to Wells-Next-The-Sea? If you have, what was your favourite part?


Can you believe that Birchbox turns five here in the UK this month? I'm pretty annoyed that I was late to the Birchbox party, like why? But, I am definitely a Birchbox girl now and I knew that if Birchbox were celebrating their fifth birthday then this month's box would be pretty good. So much so, I actually wanted to wait in for my delivery. Sad, I know but so worth it. Birchbox most definitely wanted to celebrate their birthday in style with the very cute keep sake tin full of goodies by channeling the most British occasion, the tea party! And who doesn't love a traditional English tea party. But this box is not like any other, not only does every subscriber receive six, yes six products in their box, but they will also get a beautiful keepsake tin inside of the normal drawer boxes. Seriously this is such an adorable tin, I'm in love with the pattern. Every subscriber will receive the Ella Eden Compact Eyeshadow in either Julia or Faith. Being a girl who is all about the subtle pink shades this time of year I decided to go for Julia and I am really impressed with the pigment too I can't wait to try this shade with some summer looks. So let's take a closer look, shall we?

Birchbox June 2018 Review

Ellen Eden. Compact Eyeshadow in Julia. RRP | £12.99

Ella EDEN’s mineral pressed eye shadow gives you a versatile base of color you can easily add to, or wear alone. The creamy consistency is easy to blend, and the deep hues create the perfect look for conservative daytime wear, or bolder statements to highlight your nightlife. Being a girl who is all about the subtle pink shades this time of year I am really impressed with the shade Julia as the blend and colour has been formulated for all skin types and long-lasting wear. I also love that it's cute and compact for on the go as I can easily pop this into a handbag for those top ups.

Benefit. POREfessional Pearl Primer. RRP | £27.50

I do love primers and I was really eager to try this one, however I was slightly disasspointed with the size of the product that I came in my Birchbox. I only had just enough for just two applications. This is probably the smallest product that I have got so far, come on now Birchbox!!! But the primer itself is pretty good and I think I will probably will make a purchase. This soft-radiance face primer instantly minimises the look of pores, locks on makeup and helps skin look bright, boosted and awake. It’s the same oil-free, lightweight, silky smooth texture as the original the POREfessional: Pore Primer PLUS a hint of soft pearly pink. 

Birchbox June 2018 Flatlay

Number 4. Jour d'automne Smoothing Balm. RRP | £24.50

I came across Number 4 a couple of boxes ago with their sugar spray and if was amazing and gave my hair a lot of texture, and I pretty sure that this soothing balm will be pretty good too. This soothing balm mimimises frizz, restores softness and protects against humidity and heat damage. Fluoro Technology makes it all possible with the ability to create the tiniest smoothing molecules that enable the finest Number 4 ingredients and Liquid Complexes to go into the hair’s core and work faster, reducing drying time while creating a shield of humidity resistance and heat protection. Have you ever used Number 4?

Polaar. Velvety Sun Fluid Face & Body. RRP | £25

The most important part to a skin care routine is sun scream, however even though it's super important so many of us forget. Don't be fooled by the lack of sun in the UK you need to still protect yourself and your delicate skin from the harmful UV rays. We are now going into the summer season with many of us booking holidays abroad and family getaways to the seaside, so don't forget your sun cream and add a thin layer into your daily skincare routine. And so I was happy to see this in my Birchbox because I was actually looking for a sun cream that would be good for my sensitive skin,. So far it's been great for my skin. But if you're like me you will feel like putting on sun cream becomes a bit of chore because it takes so ling to sink into the skin. I really like this one from Polaar because it goes on so smoothly and quickly sinks into the skin to help protect you from the harmful UV rays. It's light non greasy formula applies easily without leaving any white streaks. Perfect balance of UVA and UVB filters to help fight against sunburn and helps protect the skin from premature ageing. Gimme that sunshine!

Lord & Berry. Strobing Highlighter Pencil. RRP | £14

The concept of strobing is pretty new to me, and I have yet to use this on my cheekbones, cupids bow, or nose. I have used it to outline the corners of my eyes and it made my eyes look much brighter and that I looked refreshed and awake. This little pencil help give me the beautiful radiant glow that most of us desire during this time of the year. It's precise tip allows for targeted, foolproof application so you can highlight the positives while the creamy formula blends seamlessly into skin, thanks to vitamin C and E. It's also buildable so you can go from a subtle radiance to a high-voltage glow with just a few strokes. We are all about the glow. 

Whittard of Chelsea. Teabags. RRP | £5.50 for 25 Bags

It's time for tea! Celebrate Birchbox's 5th birthday with three different tea blends from Whittard of Chelsea. I love tea and I am pretty sure that if you have stumbled across my blog before you will know I have a tea problem, so I immediately boiled the kettle when I saw these in my Birchbox. In my little Whittard of Chelsea box I got three individually wrapped tea bags; Earl Grey, Mango & Bergamot and Lemon & Ginger.  Yummy!

Birchbix June 2018 and Tea Cup

So what did you think? Are you a Birchbox fan? If not, you should at least try a couple of boxes. A monthly Birchbox subscription, with no long-term commitment, costs just £10 (+ £2.95 P&P) per month.

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My Blogging Inspirations

A dream doesn't become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and a hell a lot of hard work. But an inspiration or two along the way is a great way to keep focus for achieving that dream. I take my inspiration from everyone and everything. I'm inspired by beautiful and honest blog posts, photography, social media but most of all I am inspired by people dedicated to their dream. The hard workers, the grafters, the dreamers, the believers and the achievers. By sharing my blogging inspirations in the hopes that you may become inspired by them and perhaps remember why you love this wonderful world of blogging, just in case you're in a blogging slump!

Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

I have also been an avid reader of blogs, actually you could say that I has become somewhat obsessed with them, spending many nights binging on post after post after post. But I do have to say that bloggers are the reason why I started a blog. As I like to google everything, when researching 'how to start a blog' I came across some many posts talking about all the good things and bad things that come with blogging. I decided that blogging for me would be an outlet to talk about my life as a mum to one and exploring all the adventures as a family of three. Especially a place to talk about my journey into motherhood, and talk about the fact that it was probably one of the hardest things my husband and I have ever gone through. By sharing my story I hope to empower others who have struggled with infertility and to know that they are not alone in their journey and hopefully reach out. I must admit, it's a journey that I am apprehensive about. I started my blog because I was feeling so lonely, so low and felt the need to share my story. Blogging for me has been therapeutic. It's not been easy, but I do feel comfortable within my own skin to share my story to empower others to share theirs too. 

I have always been obsessed with beauty blogs, spending hours and hours scrolling, bookmarking and shopping through affiliate links. And I remember dreaming about starting my own blog and becoming my own boss, but I never really has the courage to go and put myself out there. However, something made me think it was time to start a blog. Three years on and I now make an income from my blog and this year I become self employed all from setting up my little corner of the internet. It's thank to these three blogs that I decided to step out my comfort zone and build up the courage to click that publish button. It's a step that I know I will never ever regret. 

Dizzy Brunnette: Way before becoming a blogger myself I would spend hours and hours scrolling through Corrie's blog, it's just so beautiful. This girl, is legit an inspiration. Corrie loves to share snippets from her life, beauty, fashion (she rocks those instagrammable walls), talking about her pretty in pink wedding and her beloved labradoodle Frankie! Who is the cutest pooch about. What I love about Corrie is how she comes across in her blogs and Youtube videos, it honestly feels so genuine and she seems super friendly. My favourite videos are her beauty hauls, and her tips and tricks with beauty looks. Another reason why this girl is pretty amazing is those luscious locks she maintains, she is most definitely a hairspiration. 

Jordan Bone: Jordan is a makeup and motivation Youtuber and published author who lives in Norfolk. WOOO! This girl is most definitely one of the most inspiring Youtubers out there at the moment and I have seen her brand go from strength to strength and I know it will continue to do so for many years to come. Back in 2005, Jordan was involved in a car accident which would change her life forever. Ever since that day she has been a quadriplegic, paralysed from the chest down, she has also been through depression because of the reality of her injury. However, despite how difficult her life as a quadriplegic can be she is super positive and has a drive to live a full life and created her own YouTube videos about positivity and motivation to hopefully inspire at least one person. She has even released her first book My Beautiful Struggle where she shares her incredible story which is truly inspiring.

Tanya Burr: It was her night time routine that first got me hooked onto her channel, and I have pretty much followed her since them. I guess that's what I love about blogging, is that you see bloggers grow up, you get to see them through all their life changes. Tanya Burr is a British fashion and beauty blogger. She grew up in Norwich and completed a short course as a make-up artist before working behind the beauty counter. In 2009, she launched her YouTube channel, uploading make-up tutorials, telling people how to recreate celebrity looks at home.. Tanya launched a line of cosmetics through Superdrug and released a non-fiction beauty guide and others books. I just love how honest and open she is about everything, there was a daily vlog where she completely broke down and cried. Everything got too overwhelming for her, and she poured her heart out. And that in itself takes courage and I completely admire her for that.

Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

Dilan and Me: I discovered Lauren through a blogging group and was enthralled by her gentle and gorgeous Motherhood blog and Instagram feed with her son Dilan. Honestly, her photography is so beautiful and Dilan is just the cutest little man. I must also note that she has recently embarked on an incredible company with her partner of Adam Robertson Photography empowering women through the message ‘We Are Enough’. Aside from this empowering message for women she has also has been brave enough to share a parts of her life that show nothing but courage, and everything she writes is so beautiful. One to watch, that's for sure. 

Beauty By The Bunny: Do you ever just want to scroll through and get lost in beautiful, floral photos full of beauty products? Well then this is the lady for you. Angela is an Instagram queen. She loves makeup and beauty products and always gives the low down on the best beauty products and shares some of the most amazing tips. And her complexion, is actually amazing. But what stands out the most for me, aside from the completely gorgeous flay lays is her sheer honesty. Whether this is on a personal level or just life in general. Angela has seen some really dark moments in the life but with all the support of friends, family and her blog she is working hard to move forward and that's so inspiring.

Tigerlilly Quinn: Tigerlilly Quinn is a lifestyle blog brought to you by Fritha Strickland; a professional blogger, freelance social media-type-person and shop owner. She blogs about her family life, interior design, fashion, travel, vegetarian recipes and lots more besides! Fritha is a mum of two children under five who are completely adorable. This lady is like superwoman being able to run a multi-award winning lifestyle blog, as well running a successful shop and doting on her two little ones. Her story started seven years ago where she and her boyfriend bought a run-down house in Bristol. With little more than some savings in the bank, a few good friends with DIY skills, and lots of cups of tea – they decided to do it up. Add to the mix a their two gorgeous children and two fat cats, and they are constantly adding to their dream home. And her Instagram? Literally has one of the best aesthetics out there at the moment, all her posts are super dreamy.

Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

Georgina Gardner: I'm so obsessed with Georgina, and all those pretty darn cute flay lays. Gee is 20 something year old, sleep deprived girl Mum to Eloise and Lily, wife to be to Ben who has been blogging for five or six years.  I have been questioning why have I only just discovered this beautiful blog now? And her photography is so pretty, delicate and very feminine. I really love the way to takes her photographs with the compositions, the theme and not to forget to mention how bright and beautiful they are. I really love her style. 

Little Paper Swans: I came across Cathryn in a Instagram hashtag and pretty much since there I have ever so slightly fallen in love with her photography. I love the style and it's very the aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Pastel colours and florals are her thing. And I think that's why I find it do easy to gravitate towards her beautiful photography. Over on her blog she shares lots of tales of motherhood, gives amazing tips about Instagram and of course photography, being a photographer and all. I have also seen that she has launched her course over on Etsy for those who are interested in upping their phone photography game. 

Gemma Louise: This blog shares tons of advice that any millennial woman will love. The blog covers all aspects of 20-something life such as blogging, photography, beauty, style, and her personal life as a mum to her gorgeous little boy. I find the content on this site to be super relatable and love that she answers every questions or comments from her readers on her site. And her photography is INSANE! I must say her photography just keeps getting better and better and she is definitely someone that you should admire and follow. I must also note that she is amazing with graphics and illustrations too. I love the fact that she is going from strength to strength with her brand and is going to be one of those you need to watch for, all this success whilst being a single mama to her little boy is actually pretty inspiring too. 

Amadeoâ„¢ Regular

Pouting in Heels: Pouting In Heels is an award winning lifestyle & family blog written by Katie Portman. Covering everything from motherhood to style, women's issues to travel, Katie aims to inspire women with her writing by speaking openly about the things we often find the most difficult to say or talk about. The lovely Katie Portman and her beautiful blog will be one you remember, the header immediately grabs you, don't you think? But there are a couple of posts that have really stuck with me in my journey into motherhood. You know the type of posts that are raw, honest and completely open. Yep, this lady inspires me to want to be comfortable in my own skin, to love my body and more importantly love myself. 

The Inspiration Edit This is a blog that you cannot help but feel inspired after visiting. I literally love her. The writer behind The Inspiration Edit is Angela who lives in Lancashire with her husband John, her very photogenic daughter Sylvia and their pet dogs Yoda and Casper. I came across her when I first started out and but Angela blogged under a completely different name, Days In Bed. And I must admit she is someone that will always chat if you want to and gives some of the most amazing advice. But after making the big decision to take her blog into a completely different direction and so The Inspiration Edit was born. Way before Angela became a blogger she was an Early Years Teacher living in New Zealand with her daughter and husband, however her life soon took a dark turn where her marriage became abusive. Angela had no choice but to get her daughter away from that environment and move back to the UK. In 2013, Angela married John, who is a wonderful step father and completely dotes on Sylvia. But it wasn't long after their wedding that Angela was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency and since then has been trying to live her life the best she can with this chronic illness.

You Baby Me Mummy: The wonderful Aby Moore. I honestly cannot tell you how important this lady and her Mamapreneur revolution has been for me and my blog. If it wasn't for stumbling across her amazing blog and channel I don't think my blog would be what it is today. For those who are seeking to turn their blog to a business then look no further than this wonder blogger. I am not just saying this, but Aby has helped me so much personally and professionally. But for me it was her journey before blogging that made me really fall in love with Aby and her incredible blog. A few years ago Aby and her husband were blessed with a beautiful baby girl after trying so hard to conceive, they were blessed a month before their first IVF appointment. A miracle. But soon after the birth of her daughter Aby sunk deeper and deeper into Postnatal depression and that's when she started her little corner of the internet and turn her blog into a business. A inspiration and someone to definitely admire. 

This has been a bit of a long post, so I think I’ll save some more of my current fave bloggers for another time. I hope that you liked this post and it maybe gave you an insight into the reasons why I started my blog and what keeps me inspired to keep writing. I would really love to know who inspires you to blog, to write or be you. 

Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil

The Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil is amazing. I could just leave it there, but that wouldn't make me much of a blogger now would it, so I want to tell you why it is amazing. I received my bottle in May's Birchbox and I have spend the past month falling more and more in love with it. Caudalie is a French brand that uses no parabans, Phenoxyethanol or sulphates and is not only cruelty free but it doesn’t use any animal derived raw materials. Big thumbs up from me!

caudalie cleansing oil

But I seriously loves this little wonder bottle. Micellar waters seemed to becoming quite popular in the beauty world with lots of brands bringing out their own product to take on the trend Micellar waters from oils, alcohols and fragrances, the products work without the use of water by containing micelle cleansing molecules that pull oil and dirt away from the face. As far as makeup removers go, the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water is my favourite. The product did a wonderful job of removing makeup from my face, without leaving my skin irritated or overly dry. In fact, it left my skin looking clean and refreshed. However, as much as I love my Micellar water I can't help but feel as if it's drying my skin out, I also love to layer my lashes and Micellar waters are not quite cutting it when removing my makeup. 

So you could say that this Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil came at the right time. I have been using it daily. It’s a lightweight oil that emulsifies when you add a little water – standard procedure for most cleansing oils. It removes make-up effectively, although I need two cleanses to completely remove heavy eye make-up. Then again, I find this to be the case with all cleansers and I double cleanse anyway. But I am finding this one is perfect for getting rid of stubborn mascara and eyeliner without pulling on the skin too much. Using 3 pumps of the oil and rubbing it gently into my skin, the cleansing oil easily breaks down makeup, even the most stubborn eyeliner. Once you have broken down all the makeup, apply some water to wash the product off. At this point I tend to remove the final bits of oil with a flannel to make sure the skin is completely clean. I also find using a fresh flannel each time helps with your complexion too, I have one for each day!

I have been using this all over my face as part of my cleansing routine. Something that has had a real shake up to battle my dry patches, breakouts and dark circles. I can honestly say that it has made removing all of my makeup so much easier. I don’t tend to layer that much makeup on my face as I prefer a natural base, but I do go in hard on the eyes. There will be eyeshadows, liner, highlighter, blush and then layer upon layer of mascara, so a cleanser has a lot of work to do. Wearing makeup, and just life in general, can result in clogged pores and your complexion looking dull and this cleansing oil tackles that with ease. It dissolves the debris that clogs the pores, reduces excess oil in the skin, tackles micro-pollution particles and leaves you with a bright and calm complexion. Your makeup is instantly dissolved and you don’t have to spend 15 minutes scrubbing away at your eyes.

If however you have oily skin, I wouldn’t say this is the best product for you. Caudalie suggest that this cleanser is more suited to dry, sensitive or combination skin. If your skin is really dry, you need to replace the lost skin lipids with an oil-based product to help repair the integrity of the skin; the drier the skin, the richer the product you should use. So for me, this one is perfect. I am already a huge fan of Caudalie and I intend to add more of their products into my life, that's for sure. So this is a welcome addition to my stash, I must say I am completed converted to an oil based cleanser.

Have you tried Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil? If so, what did you think? I am also looking for some other recommendations from the Caudalie range, so hit me up with your favourites. 

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