Things Everyone Should Do When Moving Into a New House

Moving into a new house is a time for many transitions, and it is a time where change is bound to follow. However, for many new homeowners, there is confusion as to what should specifically be done in order to make things go smoother.

There are essential things to do upon moving into a new house. Being someone who has moved a few times in their lifetime you could say that along with those moves I have learned a thing or two and what you should make sure you do before settling in.

Have The Locks Changed

Making sure that the locks are changed should be your priority when moving into a new residence. This is because the danger of having a stranger having a key to your front door exists. Change the locks before you enter your home, and you will be able to have a secure transition and security at the same time. In addition, having the locks changed before having your belongings transferred inside can prevent them from being exposed to the period of lock changing.

Change The Toilet Seats

If you want to make your new home feel like yours, you will want to change the toilet seats. This will keep you from worrying about who used it and what happened to it before you got there. It's recommended to consider a detachable toilet seat because sometimes it can be frustrating scrubbing the hinges of the toilet seat. Having a detachable seat will make for easier and more efficient cleaning. You can find plenty of toilet seat options (along with other bathroom accessories) at places like Bath Shack to help you revamp your bathroom and make it feel more like home.

Get Maintenance Out of the Way

General housekeeping items should take priority, and this may be the biggest move in your transition that you can make. From vacuuming out the coils behind the fridge to flushing out your water heater of any sediment, you need to tackle a list of major tasks in order to make sure your home feels good as new. Instead of assuming the last time where certain tasks are done, you should just be prepared to set a time as to when you plan to do them yourself. It will always benefit you to start from a clean slate, and ensuring your house is up to date with maintenance is the first step. Another maintenance tip you will want to make sure of is ensuring there are no leaks. This is done by checking the water meter and ensuring that it only fluctuates when the water is being used. Consult help if you see that the meter doesn't read the same when no one uses any water.

Update Your Address

This seems obvious if you are changing locations, but it is something that you will have to do. The
USPS offers mail forwarding for movers and you can change your address through simple steps. Eventually, when it comes to more complex items such as credit card, subscription accounts, and other services, you may need to this manually. However, you can buy yourself time by getting set up with the USPS first.