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The Best Budget Setting Powder You Need To Try!

A setting powder may not be the most exciting part of your makeup bag, but it sure is essential. Whether you count on it to mattify your makeup or set it, this is the absolute ultimate finish touch. But trying to find the best setting powder can be a complete minefield. 

You all should know me well enough by now that I love a bargain buy, which is why I wanted to tell you about a beauty brand that has some great dupes of some high end products. The brand is W7 Cosmetics, who have seriously upped their game lately and released some amazing products that have really impressed me. Some of their eye shadow palettes are gorgeous and can give some of the high end palettes a run for their money. However I'm super impressed with their concealers and their setting powders. With my skin being so oily at the moment because of the time of year, powder is my best friend right now.

Honestly, there is nothing worse that a cakey powder which is why I want to share this amazing setting powder with you all. Their Sheer Loose Powder is something that I have been using for some time and nothing seemed to compare to this one. 

This loose powder provides the perfect finishing touch to your makeup base. This powder is enriched with silk and vitamin E as well as UVA and UVB sunscreens that helps control shine all day long and smoothens out your skin’s texture. This is in the shade Natural Beige but it comes in four different colours. At it's low price point, this setting powder is your best bet to keep your foundation in place and shine at bay. It's only £5! FIVE pounds GIRLS and in some places you can grab it for about £3-£4, an absolute bargain. 

It is literally the best thing ever! Even though the shade is a little darker than my natural skin tone it's very subtle and looks amazing for my skin colour! It lasts on my face the whole day and I don't even have to top it up! It's perfect for special occasions or even every day! Plus it's cheap and affordable and GREATTT QUALITY! 

Have you ever used any products from w7 before?

Meal Plan Monday: Week Six - Feb 10th

So here we are week three of the meal plan. Now I am going to be completely honest and say last week was a bit of a write off as it was Valentine's on Friday and so there was cake, cake and more cake! Not only did I have cake, but we broke our no bread rule and indulged in a little picnic in the car. But you know what, I still managed to lose this week. 

As we were busying preparing for a weekend of birthday fun, I couldn't really sit down and meal plan like a pro so we are kind of free balling it with the plan this week, however we are determined to keep on plan this week and start our no bread rule again and stick to it, until our holiday at least.

Monday:: Sausage Pasta Bake with Broccoli.

As we had a busy morning I wanted to make something that I could whip up and put in the oven so sausage pasta bake it was. Yes the sausages have syns, but they were totally worth the 2 syns each in the delicious cheesy sauce which is so simple and easy to make. You need 100g plain quark, 100ml chicken stock, a tsp mustard powder and a tsp dried parsley whisk and then add to the pasta. So simple but jam packed full of flavour. 

Tuesday :: Turkey Koftas, Wholewheat Pasta and Salad. 

Oh these turkey koftas are always a good recipe, and these koftas are so delicious. What makes these turkey koftas even better is that a single portion of these are around 230 calories, and they go perfectly with a salad and potatoes or pasta and salad. Last week my husband and I were really craving pasta salad, so we decided that this would be the perfect partner for our turkey koftas. However this time instead of making mini ones, we decided to make them slightly larger and they were so good even if they did look a little odd, well according to my husband anyway. 

Wednesday :: Chilli Cheese Nachos from Pinch of Nom

Since starting slimming world one thing I have been craving is Mexican and especially nachos! Oh how I miss loaded nachos, however I don't miss the loaded calories. With Pinch of Nom their website is packed full of amazing tasting recipes that will sure to help with those cravings and I stumbled across this recipe for Chilli Cheesy Nachos. This recipe really has everything you need – gooey cheese, crispy “nacho” potato wedges, and spicy chilli minced beef. However we are not a fan of mince beef so we always use pork or turkey mince. If you're a fan of Nachos then you must must try this recipe it doesn't disappoint. 

Thursday:: Singapore Noodles

This recipe is ridiculously easy. Seriously – it’s 4 steps long & that’s it. It is low syn and less that 300 calories making it the perfect fakeaway. As always we like to add a noodles to this dish, however you could add rice, potatoes or keep to lots of speed veggies. I really do like this one as it can be cooked within 20 minutes and taste so good every time. 

Friday:: Spanish Omelette, Paprika Chips and Green Leafy Salad. 

My favourite egg dish is without a doubt an omelette because they really are so versatile and you can keep it simple and wholesome or be as dramatic and over the top as you dare. I prefer simplicity when it comes my omelettes but have to be jam packed full of goodness like this ham, tomato and mushroom omelette. The free foods are eggs, ham, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach and I have used Frylight 1 cal cooking spray to cook the omelette on both sides. I have used reduced cheddar cheese and I will be using as part of my Healthy Extra A, however if you wanted to save your Healthy Extra A then you will have to syn accordingly.

So there is our meal plan for our weekday meals, what do you think? Will you consider any of the recipes that I included?

Meal Plan Monday: Week Seven - Feb 17th

Oh dear, I'm a little slow at getting these meal plans posted! We have had so much going on this month it is a little crazy. We are well and truly in half term mode though with lots of plans ahead. 

So the meal plan for this week went really well. We both managed to stay on plan, however I did indulge in some bread this week. I literally have no will power. But still even though we indulged in a few naughty treats I still managed to shift 2lbs, so I'm winning!

Monday:: Salsa Chicken, Savoury Rice, Salad and Peas.

I'm so crazy about salsa, however those salsa jars that you can get in the supermarket are loaded with extra sugars and salts and so we thought that I would have a go at making my own and you know what it wasn't too bad. This tasty salsa can be made in just 5 minutes with tomatoes, onion, garlic, lime, coriander and white wine vinegar. We decided to use a tin of chopped tomatoes too as we were layering the salsa on top of chicken to pop on the oven. After about 40 minutes the chicken was flavoursome and so succulent. We paired the salsa chicken with a salad, rice and lots of peas. 

Tuesday:: Salt and Pepper Chicken Breasts and Green Leafy Salad from Pinch of Nom

This salt and pepper chicken is always a good recipe to make if you're feeling you need a takeaway. It tastes exactly the same as salt and pepper chicken you can get from the a Chinese takeaway with an exception of being less calorific. This seasoning goes so well with chicken thighs, however we are all out of chicken thighs this week so we tried it with some chicken breast and they turned out just as nice. We made enough seasoning to last us a couple of weeks so we can add this to loaded chips which are also amazing. But be sure to taste as you cook as this salt and pepper chicken can pack a punch. 

Wednesday: Bacon and Mushroom Crustless Quiche, Crinkle Cut Chips and Salad from Slimming World.

These slimming world crust less quiches are sooooo good. I think what we love about these crustless quiches are they are so easy to make and you can really use any ingredients you have in the fridge that make a tasty meal. It’s perfect for a lunch at home, or for pack-up or picnic when you’re out and about. We have made this recipes a number of times since starting slimming world and each and every time is just as tasty as the one before. Who knew that cottage cheese would have so many tasty uses, eh? 

Thursday: Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake with Salad.

If I’m stuck for time, then Italian is always invited in my house. It’s quick, simple and easily jazzed up with some store cupboard essentials without cutting back on flavour. This one tastes so good with chicken and bacon cooked in the creamiest sauce then added on top of some cooked pasta, if could also add some grated cheese onto the top and put in the oven for ten minutes or until brown and crispy. We normally use the cheese in the dish as part of our Healthy Extra A but you could syn accordingly.

Friday: Chicken Kebabs and Pitta with Wedges and Salad.

It is fakeaway night and what better way to do this than with a cheeky chicken kebab, wedges and salad. These Chicken Kebab pittas are an easy meal choice for anyone counting calories or following a diet plan. It’s a great slimming substitute for that late night takeaway. If you do choose to use this recipe its very important to ensure that the chicken has enough time to marinade so it soaks into the meat. You can add this chicken onto a skewers or just put onto a baking tray. This is particularly good if you're cooking for two to three people.

So there is our meal plan for our weekday meals, what do you think? Will you consider any of the recipes that I included?

In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind.

I'm sure that you have seen the incredibly sad news that has been circulating within the media over the last couple of days, it's been heartbreaking to read. As a modern society we have some many opportunities to show kindness and be supportive. Yet here we are. I didn't know much about Caroline Flack, but one thing I know for certain is that the British tabloids are toxic. I'm disgusted and appalled at the media and their treatment of this woman. Whatever the situation and whatever the outcome would have been, a woman took her own life.

In a forward thinking society it seems as if it's completely acceptable and a public right to tear someone down, to humiliate and attack them in the media because of the life they choose. It's not acceptable, it's not ok and it's certainly not our public right. There are people that think attacking others on social media somehow makes them powerful. That bombarding people with derogatory comments, spiteful insults, or inconsiderate memes is harmless. 

Being in the public eye does not mean you are immune to feelings or suffering. At the end of the day are all human. We casually destroy people with our judgement, criticism and thoughtless but vicious words. Social media has awakened something awful that seems to growing with hatred each day. Our words have consequences. So please before you write any words, just think for a moment before publishing. We are all just trying to get by and we need to be far more understanding rather than prejudging a situation that most of us probably wouldn't understand. 

That same media that tore her apart professionally and personally are the same as those now writing the articles of her passing. It's appalling. How many more wake up calls does it take for the world of the media to realise what they are doing is wrong. What ever the situation was or whatever the outcome would have been, a woman took her own life. Whether she was guilty or not. The media already made their decision. They ruined her life, to the point where she felt she has no one and no other option but to take her own life.

As a blogger, I have experienced hateful comments about me, my content and my life choices. I have had comments published about me that have really affected my mental health. But thankfully for me I was surrounded by great friends and supportive family that were there for me. It's so heartbreaking that Caroline had no one to reach out to, or those that she did, thought she was burden. No one should ever feel that taking their own life is the only option they have. 

So much more can be done to prevent this from happening again. Ultimately there should definitely be stricter laws around safeguarding those people in the public eye. To protect their mental health and their human rights are ensure that they are being respected. Changes need to be made for those people taking their own lives because of the media twisting their stories. Just because someone is famous doesn't mean that they should be treated any different than any other normal person. But laws alone aren't going to be enough, we have to make changes too. Our 'cancel culture' is appalling and brutal. Before we write things about others we really need to take the time to sit and think about the consequences of our words. Words are harmful, word can destroy someone. So in a world where we can be anything, always, always be kind. 

*In the UK and Ireland, Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123 or email or In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is 13 11 14. Other international helplines can be found at*

Soft Pink Glam Makeup

With Valentines just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about date night. Once you have children, those days of impulsive date nights that are stretch late into the wee hours of the next morning are long gone. Our date nights normally consist of ordering a takeaway, or eating our way through a box of chocolates whilst binging on Netflix. However this year we have decided to step it up a notch and actually go on a date, as parents these are very rare

So with the fact there is a date on the cards, trying to figure out the perfect hairstyle and makeup is essential. On on hand, I don't want to look like I have spent hours on end prepping every curl, every wave to perfection. But on the other hand I don't want to look like I have just rolled out of bed looking like I've not seen a brush or set of tweezers in years. So I thought that today I would share an easy Valentine's makeup look with you. Whatever your usual style, whether you want to shake it up completely, or wish to remain true to your roots, a simple and easy look for Valentine's that's created in next to no time means you can spend more time ordering the Strawberry Daiquiris. Am I right?

The Base.

The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base is a great place to start a primer and moisturiser all rolled into one. A rich and creamy formula that never leaves my skin feeling greasy once applied. It is the perfect way to prep my skin for flawless makeup. For a good coverage Revlon Colorstay Foundation is a great dupe for Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation, for less than half the price. Revlon Colorstay has been designed for us combination and oily girls, finally! It's always so hard to get a foundation that is a great all rounder that has lasting power. To brighten my eyes and hides those tired mama dark circles I like to use Veil Illuminating Complexion Fix for illuminating and soothing my circles but it also hydrates and leaves my skin feeling brighter. Then I like to finish my base with a setting powder BareSkin Perfection Veil Powder in light for my pale complexion which is so easy to apply and give me a gorgeous matte finish. 

Define with Colour. 

Defining with colour is always my favourite part with my makeup routine as it can enhance my complexion and skin tone. One of my favourite ways is with a contour palette. Now I am no contour queen by any means but I love how a contoured face can define your best features, creating the appearance of high cheekbones and a slimmer nose and chin. This Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit in Ultra Fair is a great little trio for a contour or a little bronze. For those with a pale complexion the bronzer in this set is light enough and super pigmented adding warmth to my face. The blush in this set is great for everyday wear but seeing as it's a special occasion I cannot simply go out without my favourite blush. The limited edition of this Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Baked Blush in Rose Pink. is a gorgeous pigmented pink and perfect for my skin tone. For date night we need to add more glow and I love the Memi Powder Radiance Highlighter in Lemon Drops because the glow is insane with iridescent pearl pigments and light reflecting particles leaving an instant luminous glow with a warm tone. Then I like to gently swipe this Laura Gellar Illumitating Stick in Ballerina on top on my cheeks for an enhanced glow, it's very creamy and goes on nicely without being too thick. Just a little goes a long way.

Soft and Pretty Eyes

In the mood for a soft and pretty beauty look? Look no further than pink eye makeup. Pink eyeshadow will provide a playful yet sophisticated vibe that won’t go unnoticed. Revolution Reloaded Fundamental Palette. 15 shade eye shadow palettes that are bound to pack a punch at an affordable price. Warm burnt shades for lovers of orange, pinks and neutrals, in a variety of matte and shimmer shades. I cannot believe the price of this palette and the fact that you can create so many different looks all from one palette really amazes me. And if you want to pull out all the stops adding this effortless crème eyeshadow with Show Glow Glitter Fix Stick in Flickering Pink which is absolutely gorgeous. There is nothing more feminine than a stunning cat eye! This look works to enhance the shape of your gorgeous peepers while serving up some serious sass for an unforgettable look my favourite is Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner it’s smudge free and the skinny felt tip end helps make my winged eyeliner work like a dream. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your makeup is to focus on your lashes and for voluminous lashes to add an extra glam Maybelline Lash Sensational can do wonders for lashes.

Beautiful Brows.

I really love using Soap & Glory Archery™ Brow Tint and Precision Pencil in Brownie Points to get precise brows as you can use the pen to outline and the pencil to fill in. This colour is perfect colour for me. Personally I really love the pen side as it delivered natural brows in secondsI am able to fill in my sparse eyebrows and build them up gradually so they appear natural. I love using L'Oréal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit as it has a tinted wax, setting powder, a mini pair of tweezers and a double ended brush.

Kissable Lips

A lipstick is an essential for date night, most stick with traditional with a red lippy as the rich hues give your pout a sultry and sexy look. But when it comes to lips I prefer a subtle shade like this Ted Baker Lipstick in Nude or Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Girlfriend. The lightweight formula glides on a thin coat of color that intensifies as it sets to a matte, transfer-free finish with amazing staying power. This shade 'Girlfriend' is the prettiest nude I've yet to find and it doesn't wash me out at all, so for all you ladies looking for that perfect, subtle nude shade, go and try it out.

What do you think of my soft and pretty look for date night? Have you tried any of the products that I've included in the look?

Meal Plan Monday: Week Five - Feb 3rd

It was such a busy and draining week for this house hold last week, but we somehow managed to stick to our meal plan without face planting into pizza or chinese. So last weeks menu was really good and went down pretty well with the husband and my daughter. So let's see what is in our plan for this week. 

So now that you know how our meal plan went last week, let me tell you all about our plans for next week. In addition to all these tasty recipe we will be trying to eat more fruit and veg during the day to make sure we hit our fruit and veggie targets. We will now be heading into our third week without bread and I have to say it has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I can normally eat, sleep and breath bread but this month we decided to set ourselves a little 'no bread' challenge. 

Monday :: Chilli & Tomato Basa Fillet with Savoury Rice and Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables. 

So this is my own little recipe that I put together, so if you fancy spicing up your fish then you should really try this one. A healthy dish full of colour, flavour and sunshine. Fish or seafood is the type of food that is by far from boring, you can cook fish in some many different ways and add what ever flavours that you want. This is a versatile dish. Fish cooked in a fresh coriander, chilli flakes and tomatoes is such a great combination to help enhance the delicate natural taste of the basa fillets. Roasted vegetables are easy to throw in the oven. These veggies are very versatile—toss them with pasta, top a pizza, stir into soup, stuff a sandwich or wrap, or toss with vinaigrette for a salad. I thought that that the Chilli and Tomato Basa Fillet on a bed of roasted vegetable is the perfect partnering.

Tuesday :: Chargrilled Chicken with Avocado Salsa Salad and Savoury Rice. 

Nothing says 'I am healthy' than avocado and I have to say it has been a while since we had some in the household. Avocado are a bloggers friends and so good for you, but in terms of slimming world they are not see as the thing you use your syns for. Now when it comes to using your syns a lot of people save them up and use them for naughty treats like chocolate, sweets or ice cream. However, I need to shed at least another stone and half to even be considered healthy so I would rather make better choice when it comes to my syns. Don't be fooled there are times where I will have the odd packet of haribo or curly wurlys, but I like to make a better choice. Healthy coriander lime chargrilled chicken with fresh avocado salsa makes this such a delicious low-carb meal that is so simple and easy to make.  The chicken marinade is jam packed full of flavour and could be changed according to your taste buds, but this chicken will soon become a family favourite. 

Wednesday:: Chilli Pasta Bake with Broccoli from Pinch of Nom

Half way through the week, comfort food is the only way to see us through and what better way to do that than with a Chilli Pasta Bake. This is not the first time I have made this dish, it is a good one. Its jam packed full of speed and packs a punch, but what I like about this recipe is you can really add any veg you like and turn up the heat if you dare. This Chilli Pasta Bake recipe is Syn free if you use half of one of your Health Extra A allowances. You could also double up the cheese and use one whole HEA if you wanted it extra cheesy. I was wayyy to eager to try this that I managed to take a photo whilst the chilli was still hot, it was soooo good.

Thursday :: Pizza Chicken with Homemade Sauce, Crinkle Cut Chip and Leafy Green Salad.

We went for something that was simple and easy tonight as we have had an awful week this week. I hope that things look up for us soon, but in the name of needing something a little naughty but not off the Slimming World wagon. All the good things that come with a pizza, the sauce, that melted cheese, but instead of bread pizza base, a delicious tender seasoned chicken breast. How have I not eaten this before, it tastes just like a pizza without all the bread. If you are a pizza lover and want to be a little more conscious with the calories then you should try this.

Friday :: Chicken Curry, Boiled Rice and Steamed Vegetables

Fridays we like to fakeaway! Our favourite way to do that is of course with a good ole chicken curry, with rice and veggies. This Chinese Chicken Curry recipe is ridiculously easy. Seriously – it’s 4 steps long & that’s it. It is low syn and less that 300 calories making it the perfect fakeaway. As always we like to add a rice to our curries, however you could add noodles, chips or keep to lots of speed veggies. 

So there is our meal plan for our weekday meals, what do you think? Will you consider any of the recipes that I included?

BIRCHBOX - February 2020: From Birchbox with Love

It's Birchbox timmmmme! As I'm sure you can imagine the theme of this month's box is all about L O V E so you're in for a little treat. From Birchbox with Love beauty box is all about indulging in a little self-love and what better way to do that with this box full of pamper treats. Every Birchbox subscriber with get one of these gorgeous Beautaniq Beauty Bloom Blush in either Pink Freesia or Darling Dahlia. There is also a rose-scented version of Spacemask and a Vitmasque Plumping and Repairing Lip Mask. All are great for a little prep for date night!

If you're new to Birchbox they are one of the main leaders in the beauty box subscription game. Each month you will receive five deluxe samples and travel sized samples and these will be with makeup, skin care, body care or hair care. It's a great way to discover new products that you wouldn't normally come across if it wasn't for this little beauty subscription. So without further ado let's take a closer look. 

Beautaniq Beauty. Bloom Blush in Pink Freesia. RRP | £9

This gorgeous blush was the first thing that caught my eye, how pretty is this pink packaging and I love the rose stamped onto the blush. Every Birchbox subscriber with get one of these gorgeous bloom blushes in either Pink Freesia or Darling Dahlia. Being a girl who loves pinks and peach blushes the Pink Freesia was the only choice for me and I love the colour it gives my cheeks. The blush is a subtle, sheer lightweight powder that creates a lovely natural luminous finish. You can build this blush for a better coverage, I know that this is going to be a great blush to use in the summer with the peach and coral tones. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the screw lid, it would have been better to use a flip lid but that's just my preference. 

Lord & Berry. 20100 Maximatte Lip Crayon in Soul. RRP | £14 

Since being a Birchbox subscriber I have had quite a few products from Lord & Berry and they've been pretty good. I have had a strobing highlighter pencil and a blush crayon so I have high hopes for this lip crayon. It really didn't disappoint. Amazing, moisturising & pigment is fab! This is a lip liners and a lipstick rolled into one with a brilliant matte colour that glides onto the lips so easily and stays put. I loved the colour and size of this pencil and love that it can be used as a liner or to fill your lips as a complete colour. The colour was lovely and really complementary on my fair skin. My daughter loved playing with crayon too, no matter how hard I try she likes to see what comes each month too. 

Vitamasques. Lip Mask: Plump & Repair. RRP | £5

A lip mask is not something that I have ever used before, so I was very excited to see this pretty mask in the box this month. The packaging is pink with metallic lips all over which is very fitting with the theme of the box. This mask has been infused with hyaluronic acid, collagen boosters and mulberry extract which help improve elasticity, adds moisture, repairs and soothes dry skin. It also suppose to subtly plumps the lips for soft lips in a matter of second, perfect prep for Valentine's Day!

Anatomicals. Great British Flake Off Strawberry Body Scrub. RRP | £2

Even though I have to be careful what I use on my skin  during the winter month as it gets pretty dry, this one was fantastic for moisturising my skin, and the strawberry scent reminding me of summer. Actually, this scrub also reminded me of doll makeup you use to get as a kid. You simply massage over damp skin, give yourself a good scrub and then rinse off. The formula contains sweet almond oil and glycerin to deeply hydrate and smooth, plus apricot seed powder to buff and exfoliate. It left me feeling refreshed in the mornings and my skin felt moisturised and really smooth.

Amika. RESET Exfoliating Jelly Shampoo. RRP | £20

I have used a couple of Amika products before they seem to do the job, but they are products that I would go out and buy again. A scalp scrub is my salvation to help deep clean my hair to remove impurities and product build up and this one is easy to apply straight into your roots, and it works wonders. This jelly shampoo uses charcoal, pink clay and sea salt to deep clean, purify, rebalance, and soothe the scalp. My hair is thick and long, so I did use the entire tube but this is one that I would definately repurchase as my head felt super clean and very refreshed. 

Spacemasks. Rose Mask. RRP | £4

With Valentine's just around the corner what better way to prep for date night than with a little pamper session? Well, this year I am all about taking time out for me and I love this little mask of wonders. I have used a Spacemask before and it was AMAZING and was great way to relax and drift off into a slumber. However, this one is infused with nourishing rose to help start off sleep time in the best way. I didn't not want to take this mask off.

In a nutshell, this is a pretty great box and is the best way to indulge in a little me time or for a little prep before a big Valentine's date! I'm kinda glad to see that Birchbox have upped their game with their boxes as last year they seemed to be a lot of hair products in the boxes and I love a variety of products. 

So what did you think? Are you a Birchbox fan? If not, you should at least try a couple of boxes. A monthly Birchbox subscription, with no long-term commitment, costs just £10 (+ £2.95 P&P) per month. 

Don't forget to check out our previous Birchbox boxes...

Soft Textured Mermaid Waves

Being a mama who works from home, time is something that is considered a bit of luxury. My day to day consists of school runs, errands, keeping on top of everything in the home as well as trying to create a business for myself. As you can imagine there are some things that are not on top of my list of priorities like spending hours on my hair and makeup. I'm always looking for simple and easy ways to be creative with my hair, that takes no time at all. Pretty sure most of us want that? 

Personally, when all else fails, loose waves is always the way to go. There's nothing quite like giving your hair an effortlessly polished vibe quite like undone waves. If your hair dries into natural waves, a quick spritz and you're good to go. However, for those who are not blessed with naturally wavy hair trying to achieve those perfectly loose waves can be a little daunting.

No matter your hair length, you can always achieve a full head of pretty waves for an ultra feminine hairstyle for any day of the week. Whether you’d love some loose waves or more compact waves with plenty of volume, there will be some heated hair stylers out there to give you the desired wave. I like to embrace my inner curly girl and enhance them with a Rainbow Shine Wand for those barely there waves or this Conical Curling Wand to achieve tighter waves.

But for this particular look I have decided to use a different type of waver to help channel my inner mermaid. This deep barrel waver gives me those dreamy tumbling pleats to my hair, ensuring an even, long lasting, frizz free finish. This waver features a 55mm wide ceramic crimping plates with Ionic technology, lockable handle with protective cover, variable temperature control and an approx. 30 second heat-up time. You can even choose between 2 types of waves, by pressing the rotating plate's release button. It was super cheap and gives amazing results, with a little practice.

Opting for a side parting will give me more volume to one side for a Hollywood feel when I need to up my wave game for dates or cocktails with the girls. This style will be great for those with stretched roots or balayage in your hair as it shows the depths of the tones in your hair. This hairstyle can be created for a seamless day to night look for a truly versatile hairstyle option. But if you didn't want to go full on Hollywood glam with the waves you give yourself a half up do, perfect for date night or even as a wedding guest because it's a style that lasts all day. 

Keeping those waves to stay can be a troublesome, so using styling products is absolutely necessary and I wanted to share a couple of products with you that keep those waves in place. Some of you may have heard of the brand Cake Beauty before, but it's a first for me and I'm super impressed. Over the last few weeks the only products that I have been using for styling my wavy hair are from Cake Beauty and let me tell you. Not word of a lie, but I'm totally obsessing over their products so far. I'm going to share a couple of my favourite styling products that I use to help create those waves so you can recreate the same look too

Cake Beauty The Wave Maker

In all honestly, if I had to choose one of my favourite products out of all the amazing products that cake have to offer. The Wave Maker would the the absolute dream especially if you love texturising products that actually work. I really like this particular spray because it doesn't leave my hair feeling damp, limp or crispy. It instantly give my hair the volume that it needs giving me effortless waves that stay. The sugar infused spray without drying sea salt is cruelty free and vegan and something that I love about beauty products. A little shake, scrunch and blow dry for a natural waves. Use a curling iron for more defined waves with a little finishing spray to give super light hold. This little wave maker is like a texturing spray and hairspray rolled into one, and keeps my hair in place for ages. It's a bit of a gem. 

Cake Beauty The Gloss Boss

This weightless wonder refreshes and refines your second-day locks and diminishes the appearance of damage. I'll be the first to admit I was a little dubious about using this product day, as I didn'y want to add more oil to my oily scalp. Blended with natural oils, this multitasker restores moisture, protects from heat tools and leaves your tresses so smooth with glorious shine. I like the fact that this one isn't heavy, or sticky, just pure glossy-bossy, without the harsh chemicals. This Gloss Boss has been one of the products that has taken me by surprise, and it certainly will become my go to on day two or three hair. 

Love is in the hair!!! Both of these products smell absolutely amazing, they both have a fresh sweet scent to them, but in no way that is sickly sweet or overpowering. The gloss boss oil spray is enriched with natural oils of coconut, avocado and macadamia whilst the texturising spray contains sugar, aloe, and orange peel oil. Both are the perfect combination adding texture without drying, leaving super smooth locks with an overall enhanced sheen. Cake Beauty are cruelty free and vegan friendly which I know many of you will love. Both of these are available directly from the Cake Beauty website itself or you can find them at your local boots for £9 each. 

Have you tried anything from this brand before?

Meal Plan Monday: Week Four - Jan 27th

Well this week meal planning was an absolute must as we were making big changes to our home. I am in the throes of a pre spring clean and trying get everything a little more organised as everything seems to be everywhere. 

Monday:: Chargrilled Chicken with Potato Bravas from Vicki's Kitchen.

Smoked paprika-spiced chicken is served alongside patatas bravas – crispy potatoes topped with a spicy tomato sauceSweet roasted pepper and fresh parsley will finish the dish off with Spanish flair. This recipe although it uses tinned tomatoes tastes of sunshine and Spain to me. I served it with a side salad and a grilled chicken breast but it would also be good as a side dish with a steak or even some sausages

Tuesday:: Slow Cooker Crack Chicken, Savoury Rice, Sauteed Mushrooms, Asparagus and Tomatoes.

On the quest for delicious slow cooker meals I can across this one, and oh my word this one definately tickles the taste buds that's for sure. Crack chicken is a popular dish this side of the Atlantic, in the US and Canada but it is a dish that many of us in the UK need to become accustomed to because its so good. Traditionally this is often served in a bread bun or roll, very much like a sloppy joe, except of course it’s not a tomato based mince beef sauce, but instead is a creamy shredded chicken in a creamy sauce. However this recipe is a little lighter in calories and just as tasty. We served this dish to friends and was a big hit. 

Wednesday:: Paprika Beef, Thick Cut Chips and Peas from Slimming Eats

Tasty tender chunks of beef in a rich smokey paprika tomato sauce with chunks of butternut squash, oh my goodness its sooooo good. This is one of those easy meals, where you can add a few ingredients to the slow cooker and by the end of the day have a delicious meal that the whole family can dig into and enjoy. After eight hours or so we couldn't wait any longer, we added these paprika beef with some chips and peas. It was by far one of my favourite recipes so far. I know so many people rave about Pinch of Noms campfire stew, but that dish isn't for me due to how salty the stew is. But this one is definitely on that'we must make again' list.

Thursday:: Sausage and Lentil Casserole with Rosemary and Thyme Potatoes

Keeping with our slow cooker week we thought we add in our favourite one pot casserole from Slimming Eats. This will be the fourth time that we had added this into our meal plan. It is not just any sausage casserole. This sausage casserole is packed with flavour, cooked in one pan and combines simple ingredients such as sausage, vegetables, and lentils in a sweet tangy smokey sauce that I know that the whole family will love

A Valentine's Gift Guide

As Valentine's Day is just around the corner, what better time to write a little gift guide for you. We don't typically exchange gifts for Valentine's Day, perhaps something small, if anything. I have a wide variety of options for you, including different price points so it can cater all budgets. Most people like to feel a little appreciated on the big day of LOVE so why not show them you care with some of our Valentine's Picks.

For The One Who Loves Beauty & Skincare...

Now it couldn't be a gift guide without some kind of mention of a makeup treat can it? As you know I am beauty girl who love great price and I say this time and time again in my post, you can never go wrong with Makeup Revolution. I think my favourite pick from all these amazing products has to be that beautiful colourful Makeup Revolution Reloaded Fundamental Palette. 15 shade eye shadow palettes that are bound to pack a punch at an affordable price. Warm burnt shades for lovers of orange, pinks and neutrals, in a variety of matte and shimmer shades. I cannot believe the price of this palette and the fact that you can create so many different looks all from one palette really amazes me.

How about a skincare treat? What better way to spoil a loved one and show them that you really care that with this African Extracts Rooiboos CLASSIC 3-Step Everyday Starter Kit. It's a great way to show them you care and a great way to help kick start a daily routine, or to use if your skin needs a little shake up! The CLASSIC selection that is suitable for all women of all ages with most skin types. As a combi girl, it can be pretty hard to get product that caters to both issues as I have dry cheeks and chin but an oily t-zone. African Extracts is a skin care range, with all the protective, soothing benefits of Bio-Active Rooibos, chamomile and Vitamin E to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful. This gift set included a cleansing lotion, toner, and a day cream SPF15 which is a great way to kick start a new skincare routine.

I have seen a couple of fantastic deals online and out and about in town. Fragrance is always a winner. My favourites this year are Jimmy Choo Fever and Calvin Klein Obsessed for Women. They both smell incredible and are long lasting which can be hard to find sometimes. A fairly new discovery for me is Jimmy Choo Blossom which is a floral fragrance that opens with bright and sparkling top notes of red berries blended with a citrus cocktail. A delicate heart of sweet pea and rose complements rich and sensual base notes of white musk and sandalwood.

For The One Who Likes To Keep Things Simple...

Candles are always a winner in my book, however these are candles with a difference! A sweet geometric design bunny candle with a dark secret, light the wick on the Hoppa Pyro Pet candle and the outer wax layer will slowly melt away to reveal a sinister skeleton within! A bunny with a split personality. This Hoppa White candle is a lot bigger than you'd think but very lightweight, these Hoppas are available in a neutral white, black, soft peach, and coral so these little bunnies will go with most decors. However there are so many different colours and designs that you can choose to cater to different likes and taste just like the lovely Einar Unicorn Lilac or the Dýri Reindeer White.

The Sweeter, the Better...

Is there anything more simple than a gorgeous cup of sweetness? Whittard of Chelsea has this limited edition Rhubarb & Custard Flavour White Hot Chocolate and it's pretty good. Not everyone in this household likes it, but me? I really liked it. It reminds me vintage sweet shops. The sherbet-sweet flavours of rhubarb and creamy custard on a white chocolate base for a luscious pink treat, a perfect combination.

For The One Who Likes A Clean Cut...

Men are really hard to buy but a razor is always something that they need and they can never have too many. The Bluebeards Revenge offer a range of barber-grade shaving, beard grooming, skincare and hair styling products for all - they have quite an impressive range for those with troubled stubble, goatee to full on beard. This gift set included a Cutlass Double-Edge Safety Razor with the signature Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream to give them the ultimate shaving experience. The Bluebeards Revenge are proud to be in partnership with The Lions Barber Collective charity and have come together to help raise awareness and prevent male depression and suicide with their "Man Up and Talk" campaign. It's always great to see brands getting involved with charities.

For The One With a Little Style...

Now a gift that you can't go wrong with is an aftershave. You could head over to the closest fragrance shop and enjoy a spritz or two. My husband loves Paca Rabanne and Prada Luna Rossa Black but another aftershave he really wants to try is Calvin Klein Obsessed for him and it really does smell so good. As my husband is an engineer he is always in the mood to get his hands dirty, so this Letterman FREE P4 Multipurpose Pliers are the perfect gift for him. With 21 tools that are held closed by the magnetic architecture and open with a push of the thumb, it will keep his hands very busy. It's convenient, versatile utility, and by so vastly better than any other tool he has. 

For The One Who Likes to Indulge...

Would it even be Valentine's without a glass of bubbly? Nothing wins brownie points more than a beautifully presented bottle of fizz and chocolates, or truffles in this case. Abel & Cole has some of the most delicious gift ideas for loved one and this Prosecco & Truffle Set is the perfect way to say I LOVE YOU! A glass of bubbly and indulgent truffles just go together, don’t they? In this gift set there is a bottle of classic Prosecco Frizzante and extra-special handmade, organic champagne truffles to give that special someone. With a focus on organic, seasonal, wild food that’s extra special there is endless choice with Abel & Cole. They offer brilliant recipes with step by step instruction using the best ingredients in their recipe boxes, juice and smoothie boxes. In addition to organic wholefoods they have some many products for the home such as laundry, bathroom and kitchen essentials, toiletries and even pet food.

How about something a little different? Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur a unique blend of Irish Single Malt Whiskey, Fresh Irish Cream and White Belgian Chocolate. Yes please! This would be great gift idea if you're planning on making a romantic meal for two and you want to male a couple of cocktails like a Coole Daiquiri or a Pina Coolelada. Fresh vanilla cream combines with creamy chocolate and refined top-notes of rich cocoa and delicate hints of soft whisky to give your taste buds an experience you will never forget. 

Or how about this Chocolate Prosecco and Strawberries gift set? Made from the finest pure Belgian chocolate this punnet of strawberries and solid white chocolate celebratory bottle is the perfect gift for a love one. What makes this gift a little special is that is is beautifully packaged in a luxurious hamper box this delicious duo will make your loved one feel truly special. They really look too good to eat.

For The One Who Loves a Pud...

Light the scented candles, stick on love tunes on the stereo and cook up one of the romantic meal ideas that you have been thinking about. But for a romantic pud? Why not create your own? For those who are looking for something that is organic, vegan friendly or free from then Creative Nature who specialise in healthfoods are your only choice. Their ranges include healthy flapjack bars, superfood powders, green powders wholefoods and breakfast toppings. An impressive range. They even have baking mixes such a chocolate chip brownie. banana bread or muffin mixes. So get into that kitchen and be creative without too much hassle.

I really do hope that my gift guide inspires you, even a little. 

**We have been kindly gifted some of the products featured in this post, but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright **

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