Becoming More Hopeful with the MyBuBelly Program.

After three years of enjoying life as a family of three we decided that it was time to add to our little family. We enjoyed exploring all the adventures as first time parents with our little girl in tow, but we were ready for another baby. We knew that trying for a second baby would be just as tough as the first time around, but that logic didn't do anything to lessen the blow with each pregnancy test. What felt like a blink of an eye, two years had passed and despite our best efforts trying to conceive a second baby there was no sign of a baby on the horizon. We naively thought we wouldn't have a problem the second time around. Well if you already have one child, surely you can have another? Before we knew it we found ourselves in a tedious cycle of emotions each month.

I am a mother to a beautiful five year old daughter and I do feel guilty about wanting another baby so much, as some women I know are having trouble having their first child. But after a conversation with a close friend who more or less suggested that I should be happy with the great daughter that I have. This made me feel terrible. Every single month I feel hopeful that this could be the month, but then my hopes and dreams are crushed. My husband is trying so hard to hide his own anguish and be as supportive as he can. We have been trying to conceive naturally for two years and now we are asking ourselves whether we should we keep trying or look into some different.

I know we have been so lucky to be able to actually have a little girl of our own, and I know that there are so many empty arms out there. But it still doesn't stop my heart from completely breaking each month. It's so hard to keep a brave face with myself, my husband and of course our daughter. The most important thing for us was to never lose sight of our strong foundation that we built as a perfect little trio and to not allow conceiving another baby consume our life. We started to look into practical ways to could help boost our fertility such changing our diets, eliminating stress, take up meditating and search for boosting supplements and then we stumbled across the MyBuBelly Program

The MyBuBelly Program.

MyBuBelly is a fertility boosting program that is a natural and ethical way to choose the gender of your baby. It's a simple and straightforward program to help nature in the right direction. By making simple changes to your diet, taking supplements and boost your overall wellbeing can help determine the gender of your baby. I am going to be completely open and honest, I'm really dubious. MyBuBelly not only can help couple conceive but the program can help choose the gender of the child. It sounds too good to be true. 

But despite all our thoughts and feelings on the possibility of becoming pregnant and determining the gender of the baby, we wanted to try the program more than anything no matter the gender. With the use of an online coach, taking regular vitamins and supplements, testing my PH levels and testing for ovulation will hopefully allow us to become pregnant once again. 

MyBuBelly is a French brand who are branching out to other countries to help couples from around the world to conceive. When you first sign up you can either choose boy or girl. We are more than happy with a boy or girl but we did decide on the baby girl program. Its an easy-to-follow method that combines a dietary programme to achieve and stabilise an acidic urinary pH. But also an innovative cycle monitoring to target ovulation and conceive a baby girl on the right dates.

There are two phases to the MyBuBelly program with Stage 1 focuses on adjusting and stabilising your pH levels that can last up to three months. Stage 2 focuses on the conceiving, however you can only get onto this stage if your personal coach allows you to with regular stabilised testing and positive ovulation. Throughout the program I will have a personal coach to offer advice on nutrition from experts, search recipes, look for food lists and add in vital information all in one handy app on your phone. 

The box will have everything I will need to help stabilise my levels for 30 days, after that I will receive a new box each month with each renewal. For the girl method, the food supplements include sticks of calcium, sticks of magnesium and B6 vitamins and folic acid and vitamin D3. The food supplements have been specially designed to make the MyBuBelly method and the dietary programme more effective. A bottle of pH strips to measure my pH at any time throughout my cycle, including during menstruation. Ovulation tests that need to be used from the very start of the method, to help practice targeting my ovulation and let me be more efficient later, during the conception phase. To help me carry my MyBuBelly things with you wherever you go, there is a handy denim pouch in my first box.

So that's the MyBuBelly Program. I'm excited and nervous to what challenges I have ahead but I shall be sharing my trying to conceive journey with you all so don't forget to keep coming back for my regular posts to see how I am doing. 

** Disclaimer: We are working in collaboration with MyBuBelly but as always all views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity. All images and video are subjected to copyright ©2019 .**


  1. This is something I've not come across before - if it can help couples conceive that are coming across challenges then that's brilliant! Good luck in your journey :)

  2. This sounds like an amazing programme. How wonderful that it gives you access to an online coach. Wishing you the very best of luck!

  3. Good luck on your TTC journey and hope you get the outcome you are hoping for

  4. I was in the same position as you, I assumed having a second baby would just come naturally but after 4 years of negative tests, fertility treatment and a whole lot of tears we finally got our daughter! I really hope it works for you. I understand how it can help get the balance of hormones right and PH levels etc to help you to conceive however it makes no sense that it can determine the gender seems as this is determined by the sperm

  5. We struggled second time round too and I really couldn't understand why! Thankfully our youngest made an appearance eventually. I really hope this kit helps you, keeping everything crossed xx