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KIDLOLAND: Coding For Kids

If you're a parent, chances are you've encountered KidloLand at some point or another. However if you are not familiar with KidloLand, you really need to find out what it's all about. I honestly cannot tell you how much we love the app, it's something that my daughter loves to watch and with this app we can continue to encourage her learning. KidloLand is jam-packed with Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Games, Stories and Activities that will be sure to engage any pre-schooler and promote further interaction.  The app teaches about different fruits, vegetables, animals, ABCs, numbers and shapes just to name a few. But what makes this app even better is that while my daughter plays with each activity she is learning something new each time. So when I heard that KidloLand has another app, Coding For Kids we had to give this one a try.

Before we get into the review, I guess we really need to find out what this app is all about. As the name suggests, it's an app that focuses on basic coding for children. It teaches coding with fun games like fire fighting and playing a dentist. Kidloland Coding improves problem solving skills, boosts memory and increases logical thinking skills and time management. With this essential coding app, writing a series of functions will make the game do something. If you write the code correctly, you will move onto the next level, however if you make a mistake there are prompts to help you get back on track. There are 11 coding games for kids: Little Firefighter, Monster Dentist, Dress Up, Build Your House, Connect the Dots, Garbage Truck, Pop The Balloons, Chomp the Fruits, Ice Cream Time, Smoothie Maker and Music Jam. 

Let's Take a Closer Look

Firstly the app itself is really simple to download and as soon as you do, it's just a couple of clicks and you can begin your coding adventure. At first I thought that perhaps this would be too much for my three year old to understand but with the consistent narration and prompts, she understood very quickly. 

We couldn't wait to get started followed the introduction and the prompts. The first game that we tried was the 'Monster Dentist', mainly because my daughter is completely obsessed with brushing her teeth by herself at the moment. As the you can imagine with the Monster Dentist game, you have to move the toothbrush to the dirty tooth. Use commands like 'Left' and 'Down' to get the brush where it needs to go; then select the 'Brush' command to clean that sucker up!

You have to line up all of your commands in a row, and then click 'Play' to run in the sequence correctly. If you get the sequence correct, a cute little animation dances to the next level. If not, go back and fix what you missed by dragging out the incorrect command or re-ordering. My daughter is three years old, so she's younger than the recommended age for the app, with encouragement she understood how the game worked and began to understand what she needed to do. 

Seeing as my daughter is still quite young, I did think that she wouldn't be able to get to grips with the app. But surprisingly she really took to the app, and soon figured out what she needed to do. I have also used this app with a few other children aged 5 & 6 and they really enjoyed playing with the app. It was so easy and simple for them to navigate around the app, the layout was perfect. The children would be able to get from one part of the app to another and back again. I also like the fact that this game had such a variety of games for the children to choose from. My daughter's favourite parts of the app are the Monster Dentist & Pop the Balloons. I really enjoyed the building a house part of the app, but this was a little difficult for my daughter to get to grips with. But I think that over a little time she would be able to figure it out. I really thought that the graphics were a really good quality. My daughter is completely obsessed with all the character in the app and always wants to play with 'The Star with Glasses'. There are a few other characters that she likes, such as the pig and the monster from the Monster Dentist, she loves him. 

My daughter will play with the app with me for a good 20-30 minutes, with a keen and constant interest. But like toddlers do, her attention span begins to filter off just a little. But will continue to play with encouragement. My daughter loves this app and when she sees my phone she will always ask for the 'Star with Glasses' and I know exactly what she wants to do. Despite all the fantastic things with this app, there are parts that I didn't like. When you are trying to place your prompts into sequence but make a mistake, going back to make changes is a lot harder to figure out. So much so that even I had a press a couple of buttons before discovering that it was the undo button. We also noticed that you cannot click through or skip past a tutorial in one of the games; that doesn’t take too much of your time, but I think some kids in the older age range might get a bit frustrated. However, despite these minor dislikes I would still recommend the app. I think that it’s really great that the app and all levels of all eleven games are free through December 31, 2017. You can go and visit Kidloland's website here, or get Coding for Kids for Google Play here and for iOS here.

Jamie Jones Illustrations Review + Discount Code

If you own a toddler you will probably have more toys in your house that the whole of Toy R Us? Am I right? My daughter is just three years old and I cannot believe that in those three years she seems to have accumulated more belongings and clothes than my husband and I have in our ten year relationship, and so it makes complete sense to upgrade the size of her bedroom. But as she goes into the bigger bedroom it does mean that the smaller room will be vacant, no we are not having a man cave, we have decided to use this spare room as an office. Nothing would be more fitting for my office than layering pale pink with the oh-so-in-the-moment copper hues because they are a match made in design heaven. They are like one of those couples that look good together from the get go and then you can't really imagine them with anyone else. And like most couples they bring out the best in one another - the copper gives the pink a bit of edge and the pink brings out the warm rose tone in the copper. So we have a basic colour and theme for the room, now comes the really exciting part of a new bedroom, making it even more special. Something that I am really keen on doing is have a clean desk with some beautiful prints just above my desk and this is where Jamie Jones Illustrations comes in...
Before we get into the review of the prints I think that it's only right that I tell you a little more about Jamie Jones Illustrations. Jamie Jones is an art & design graduate who focuses on water colour, biro, and technical pen. However after completing his Art & Design qualification and starting up Jamie Jones Illustrations he really loves create unique pieces using technical pen. I was kindly sent over a couple of his most popular prints an A5 print, Orange botanical (Citrus reticulata) and a A4 print, Kos Harbour with Yachts. As you can imagine I was delighted to receive these two prints in the post and I know that they will go perfectly in my brand new office. 

Botanical illustration of a tangerine orange (citrus reticulata) on cream, heavy cardstock. Using thousands of dots, stippling makes up the entirety of this piece. As you can imagine this has taken many hours of patience, time and dedication to create this wonderful print. The botanical illustration is available in A4 (H: 297 mm x W: 210 mm) & A5 (H: 210 mm x W: 148 mm) and includes:

- Fruit on section of branch
- Leaves
- Buds
- Flowers
- External surface/skin
- Internal structure/pith

My favourite print by far is this beautiful circular fine-line sketch of Kos harbour - Greece. This beautiful view is from Kos Agora, including views of private yachts and Kos Town in the backdrop. Gold sun hand placed and transferred onto each illustration. But this is just one of the many beautiful prints that are available in the Circle Collection which consists of 6 different illustrations. These prints are available in the following size: A4 (H: 297 mm x W: 210 mm) & A5 (H: 210 mm x W: 148 mm)

Both of these beautiful illustrations are printed on cream, heavy card stock, ensuring that the quality is of a high standard. I have brought quite a few print since becoming a blogger and some prints can be a hit or miss. So if you're looking for some great quality prints that are unique and beautiful then you really should go and look at Jamie Jones Illustrations, because you won't be disappointed. And, if you wanted to get your hands on your own print we have a 20% off discount code to use on his Etsy shop: KellyAnneC20

*DISCLAIMER* Mimi Rose and Me is a personal blog written and edited by myself only, unless otherwise note my reviews are completely based on my own opinion of the product reviewed. These products were supplied to me as a gift to review from Jamie Jones Illustrations


Hello and welcome back to another instalment of The Baby Feeding Series, that features real stories from real parents who have experienced how hard and baffling feeding your baby can be. I want this series to be a place where parents can share their own experiences in the hopes that other parents who are struggling can feel less alone. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it's one of the most rewarding jobs too and so I want to share their stories.

This week we have the oh so lovely Sophie from Soph-Obsessed who has decided to share a post about how she made the choice to breastfeed her son, Henry. In that is wasn't something that she had envisioned before becoming a mother. Sophie grew up in a household where she wasn’t breastfed nor was it something that was ever discussed. In fact her immediate family saw breastfeeding as something that only hippies did! Not that she has anything against parent who chose to breastfeed, but it was something that had never really crossed her mind, so with that I shall hand you over to the lovely Sophie.

Breastfeeding  - making the choice

When I was pregnant with Henry I received a pack of information from the hospital and within that pack there was a DVD with information regarding breastfeeding. Instantly I dismissed it. I had no intention of breastfeeding any baby of mine. Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t that I was horrified at the thought andI didn’t judge others for choosing to but it wasn’t something I had considered. I think we are conditioned in someways by our background and how we grew up.

I grew up in a household where I wasn’t breastfed nor was it something ever discussed. In fact my immediate family had this ignorant view that breastfeeding was something only hippies did! I have to admit that opinion was one shared by many people at that time and I was never against breastfeeding but in my vision of giving birth and bringing up a baby breastfeeding never even crossed my mind.

Why Not?

My husband was the one who took me aback when he said he’d always envisioned me breastfeeding our children. I was shocked and defensive at first! This is my body and I’ll choose whether I breastfeed or not!! He of course agreed and supported my choice but he did ask me why I was so adamant. I was surprised that when I actually thought about it there was no reason.

I thought about this over the next few days. It didn’t matter what I did I couldn’t come up with a valid reason for not wanting to breastfeed. So I watched the darn DVD and it actually made me feel reassured about the whole process!

After Birth

So fast forward to when Henry was born. I was very clear that I would try breastfeeding but I wasn’t opposed to bottle feeding if it didn’t work for me. Part of me made sure I was clear that people shouldn’t try and back me in a corner. I would give it my all but if I wanted to stop I wanted my decision accepted. The first few weeks were hard. It was painful due to incorrect placement and my milk supply was low. I was adamant I didn’t want to give up and I had an amazing one on one session with a breastfeeding specialist who helped me get Henry to ‘latch on’ correctly. Once we mastered this we were unstoppable! Breastfeeding made those night feeds easier and it was a fantastic way to bond with my baby.


I’m now a self converted breastfeeding cheerleader however I think that every Mums journey is different. I don’t think breastfeeding makes you a better Mother. If you want to breastfeed your child and it works for you hurrah! If you want to formula feed your child and it works for you hurrah! I’m not entirely sure why people get so strung up on what other people are doing with their children!

What’s your stance on breastfeeding?


About Sophie

Sophie is a 28 year-old Mummy to a wonderful five year old and she married to the love of my life. Sophie enjoy a glass of red wine, watching too much reality TV, playing with make-up, writing here on my blog and making videos over on my YouTube channel.

You can find Sophie over at Soph-Obsessed

Don't forget to go and find her social media platforms and give her a little like or follow

Is Performance Parenting A Thing?

Is performance parenting a thing? I'm sure that if you have spent some time on forums and on social media, you may be familiar with the concept of performance parenting. However if you are not, but you're a parent yourself, chances are you've encountered it without even knowing. I didn't know that this was a 'thing' until I read something online and soon realised that perhaps without knowing, I may be one too. For those who are completely oblivious to this term, performance parenting is basically referring to parents who turn their 'parenting' game up a notch or two and into a performance. Have you ever spoken to your child differently in public than you would at home? Do you encourage your child to pick out certain colours and objects around them at restaurants? Perhaps your child knows their alphabet or knows a rhyme really well and you decide to recite them during the weekly shop? Sound like you? You could be guilty of performance parenting.

Or, what about this scenario.You're at the doctors and your toddler decides that now is the perfect time to have a tantrum whilst shouting out 'You're a poo head, you're a poo head'. But you don't want to appear to frustrated and show her and everyone in sight that you're annoyed and ask her to politely to sit down and be quiet. But she looks at you, like you're a stranger because you never act like this when she's having a tantrum or calling you a 'poo head' at home. Perhaps you and your husband have decided that 4pm is a great time to decide to do the weekly shop, and so use chocolate as a bribe to keep the tantrums at bay. But you notice people are staring at you as you're shoving chocolate buttons into your child's mouth, making sure that people can overhear you telling her that 'This is not we normally eat, is it'? so loud, that you can clearly tell you feel guilty. But let's face it, those chocolate button help. 

Parenthood is supposed to be a wonderful time in your life, but all too often, it can become filled with shame, guilt and frustration. I have been a mother to my daughter for three years now and I am beyond exhausted listening to all the shaming and judgement that can comes with being a parent. I do think that a big part of the problem is that people think they can and should share their opinions with other people (and yes, I appreciate the irony). What exactly is it that makes us feel ashamed and insecure and the judgement and shame from others becomes so overwhelming that we need to put on a show. However hard we try you cannot always stop people from judging on another, all you can do is control how you react to that judgement. Perhaps we need to stop being so competitive about our children and accept that they are all different and have different needs rather than seeing them as another badge by which we can be judged. Whether this means bribing your child with chocolate for a stress free shopping trip, or whether you want to continue learning as you count out numbers and recite the ABCs with your children.

With this whole 'performance parenting', it's like we are all looking for an unspoken approval in some way, and that you want others to see that you have this parenting thing down to a tee. You looking for some king of assurance that you're doing ok. Actually, when I hear or see 'performance parenting' now, I love to see it. It doesn't bother me in the slightest that a parent is reciting ABCs with her toddlers, or that they are singing all the words to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I did this so much, when my little lady was younger and even now on the Nursery runs we will sing, count or say our ABCs. However I am in now way doing this for the benefit of others to see what an amazing mother I think I am, but in reality over the past few years it's just been me and her for the most part. It's kind of lonely and my little lady is a great listener. So we are just being us, that's our normal.

I guess now that I know that 'performance parenting' is a thing, I will become more aware, or even conscious that I may been too loud and probably end up being judged for boasting or showing off. How has this wonderful world of parenting become so crazy and simple things like talking to your children can be deemed as a bad thing and that we are putting on a performance. I know that I would much prefer to listen to a parent teaching their child something, and see them engage with them rather than taking no interest whatsoever, ignoring them while tapping away on their phones watching senseless videos on social media. Now that I find more frustrating more than anything. I hate to see children being completely ignored when they have taken pride in something that they have achieved, but are met with a phone in front of their parents face. Of course there are some parents who are very guilty of performance parenting to try and feel superior, but I am honestly all for anything that makes parents and their children happy, especially if it makes them feel better about themselves.   So parents who are singing nursery rhymes loudly on the bus, parents reciting the alphabet with your children on the weekly shop - keep doing what you're doing. Be confident in your abilities, don't worry about the milestones, and try and ignore all the eye-rollers. You're doing what you think is best, and ultimately what's best for you and your family - if people don't like it, it's their issue not yours! 

My Golden Ticket from Wonderbly

My daughter's favourite time of the day is bed time, not because she loves to go to sleep, but because she really looks forward to sitting on my lap to get ready for story time. Ever since I can remember I have always read to her before bed, and now that she's getting a little older she is really beginning to understand the stories and even pick out certain words out. I don't know about you, but there just seems to be something a little more magical about personalised books, for us it seems to make the book so much more special. We already have a few personalised books for the little lady, but she has always been a little too young to understand until quite recently. When I was younger I also loved to read and like most children fell in love with Roal Dahl and the adventures that he would write about. So you can imagine my delight when we received this book 'My Golden Ticket' from Wonderbly in the post this week, we couldn't wait to sit down and read it together. 

Wonderbly is the company that has come up with a way to create a different book for every single name in the entire world, which is pretty amazing. There is nothing more magical than a child’s imagination. It is limitless, glorious, and incredibly precious. Wonderbly stories spark both imagination and self-belief. And any grown-up in the whole world can create one, to show a child that the most amazing stories are the ones that belong to them. It’s in a child’s imagination where their earliest adventuring takes place. Which is why children’s stories are so important. And that any story they imagine could be their story. Now, Wonderbly have released a new book, My Golden Ticket.

My Golden Ticket is a personalised journey into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. This is something that both my daughter and I have watched and read on a number of occasions, it's a timeless classic story. Who doesn't love Willy Wonka's chocolate factory? Going from one amazing sweet treat room to the next and not forgetting the delicious secret recipes. Willy Wonka goes deep into the world of creativity, imagination and the world of wildest dreams coming true. It’s a wonderful world and My Golden Ticket is an amazing way to treat a child to their own little journey into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! My Golden Ticket is aimed for ages 5-12, however even though my daughter is  younger than recommended, we both enjoyed reading this books over a couple of days together. 

If I am being honest, there is just so much that I really love about this book. It's a book that I am sure my daughter will want to read all the time. The illustrations are amazing and each section of the book is personalised which adds a little magic, my daughter gets so excited as she tries to find her own name. The great thing about this book is that it's completely customisable and can be personalised to each child, with a choice of hard/soft back, a personal message in the front and even the option of gift wrap. As well as the child's name in the book, you can even choose a grown up to go on the adventure with them. For us, it's Amelia-Rose, but if you're a mum, dad,  grandparent, or uncle you can pop whatever name you like in there to make it even more special.

When you first see the book, you are almost immediately grabbed by the front cover as it's shiny gold, who doesn't love shiny things. I guess if you were lucky enough to get a golden ticket, it would be something like the front cover. Once you turn the cover over, inside there are so pretty amazing illustrations and my daughter would like to talk about each and every one. My daughter likes to pretend she's reading to me. In terms of the personalisation, it goes much further than your child's name. It throughout your adventure in the book including their very own oompa loompa song and Wonka bar. 

There are a few more personalised books that we have our eye on from Wonderbly, especially The Christmas Snowflake for our Christmas Eve basket. I think that all the personalised books available  from Wonderbly would be the perfect gift for little ones this Christmas, they will be even more special once they discover that it's their adventure. 

*DISCLAIMER* Mimi Rose and Me is a personal blog written and edited by myself only, unless otherwise note my reviews are completely based on my own opinion of the product reviewed. These products were supplied to me as a gift to review from Wonderbly

Tips To Consider For Renting For The First Time

When it comes to moving house for the first time, it can be quite stressful. Not only is this one of the biggest steps you will make there are so many things that you will need to take into consideration before you do. Rewind back a few years, I was twenty-two when I decided to take the plunge with my husband and move out of my parents home and into our one bed flat. It was a little hard to adjust at first, being that I was moving out of my parents and twenty minutes away. It was time to spread my wings as they say, be an adult. I would be in control and I could do whatever I wanted. Before I knew we signed our very lengthy tenancy agreement and we were heading out to get some paint for our new abode. We stayed in our one bed flat for five years and to be honest, if we didn't need a bigger property for our daughter we would probably still be there. It was perfect. Now it seems that more and more people are choosing to move into private rented accommodation for the first time. Meanwhile, millions of other people, unable to get a foot on the property ladder, also have little choice but to rent. So today I am here to share my top tips to consider for renting for the first time renters in collaboration with Homelet.

L O O K   A R O U N D

It's pretty unlikely that you will find the perfect place to rent straightaway. In most private rented accommodation you have to ask permission to decorate, hang pictures and move furniture, however it's worth finding a place you at least want to live, if you're completely picking apart the place it probably isn't the one for you. Although it doesn't have to be a place you love for years at least make sure it is somewhere you enjoy being. You have to be organised when renting, from looking at properties to moving in. Write a list of properties you want to enquire about with estate agent information and numbers and make sure you have all your documents ready to go! We found renting was very speedy you need to get your applications in quickly, so be prepared. 

P A Y I N G   T H E   B I L L S

Now we when first moved out, I'll be honest there were a couple of outgoings that we never considered. As well as your rent, you have other bills to pay like council tax, utility bills like water, gas, electric and internet. That's not including the first big food shop, or extra letting fees to agents. When I first moved out with my husband, we decided to get a joint bank account so we could use this to pay into and pay bills. Each month both my husband and I would place money into this joint account and we use this to pay all of these bills. We each put money in on payday and this covers all of these bills so we don't have to worry. Try and set up your bills so they come out at around the same time, all of our bills come out on the first of the month which makes it easy to remember. 

D O   A N   I N V E N T O R Y

Don't be tempted to skip through the inventory and move in as soon as you can. If you don't go through everything with a fine-toothed comb, then you are leaving yourself open to cash being taken from your deposit. It's not just furniture and contents that need checking, note if carpets and curtains have been steam-cleaned and check the condition of furniture. In the first few days of moving in, take a note of all the problems you spot and let the agent or landlord know, preferably in a letter or email then you have a copy should things go wrong. Even check things like showers, toilets, taps and plug sockets.

S A F E T Y   &   I N S U R A N C E S 

I guess this one goes without saying really, but you should make sure that you have some kind of content insurance with rented accommodation. It's important that you have the right cover in place if you ever become a victim of theft, fire or flood damage. As you may end up needing to replace a lot, if not all, of your belongings. Contents insurance is designed to protect your belongings. As a general rule, your contents are the things that could be taken with you if you decided to move house. Your landlord will cover home insurance, which covers the structure of your home, so the roof, walls and windows. It also includes the permanent fixtures, such as the fitted kitchen and the bathroom suite. Buildings insurance policies vary, but they should all insure your home in case of fire, storm, flood, subsidence, burst pipes, theft and falling trees. Also keep in mind that other appliances should be checked regularly such as a boiler, gas and electric check, which are normally carried out on a yearly basis. 

K E E P   R E C O R D S 

When it comes to moving into rented or your own property, it's time to be organised and keep records of most household things. Especially vital if there is every a dispute, something that you really need to keep in mind when moving into your first home. As well as keeping bills, tenancy agreements, rental documents other items that you could keep hold are photos taken when you moved into the property, ideally signed, dated and labelled, keeps all receipts and invoice of items you have replaced and item any work you have carried out. After a few months in out flat, we had a leak in the bathroom toilet, which we replaced at our own cost, but soon enough were reimbursed. About a year or so at the property the kitchen needed replacing, again at our own cost due to a back load of work that the landlord had to work through. But again, we were reimbursed some months later. 

T E N A N C Y   A G R E E M E N T

Always make sure that your tenancy agreement is up to date. We would get a tenancy review on a yearly basis which would incur any changes in the rent cost and anything else we would need to know. This is something you really need to take into consideration if you have been living in the same place for a while or you have decided to have a short term tenancy agreement, so make sure that it's up to date. You could have originally agreed on a 6 month tenancy but now a 12 month tenancy would suit you better, get in touch with your landlord or estate agent about updating the agreement.

Do you have any tips for renting or are you about to rent for the first time? Use the hashtag #RentingRules and share your top tips for renting! 

Magic Santa Letter: Spreading a Little Magic This Christmas + Discount Code

I am very excited for Christmas and even more so since my daughter came along. It's magical. I know that my daughter is still quite young to understand everything that comes with Christmas, but I still want to make it magical for her. Like so many, I absolutely adore Christmas. I am definitely one of those people that like to see the Christmas decorations in shops early and my daughter and I have been listening to Christmas songs since October. I love all the warm Christmas scents and indulging in the most wonderful treats. Most families have certain traditions that they need to do in order to get into the Christmas spirit and now that we are a family I think it's time we made our own. One that I am keen on starting this year is writing a letter to Father Christmas and receiving one in return with the Magic Santa Letter. 

The Magic Santa Letter provides some of the highest quality letters on the market for children. I was very excited to receive ours in the post last month. It really doesn't matter where you are in the world, these letter will sure spread a little magic and happiness to your household in the run up to Christmas. When we received our Magic Santa Letter I could tell that this letter was a cut above the rest, with a festive hues on the envelope including a special stamp all the way from the North Pole. When it came to choosing the personalised Magic Santa Letter for my daughter we decided to get her a 'Truly Magical' Santa Letter, costing £7.99 per letter. With each personalised letter you will receive a high quality ‘scroll effect’ letter, magical reindeer food, a ‘good child’ certificate, a door hanger asking Santa to ‘stop here’ as well as two double sided Christmas colouring sheets.

As you can see, the letter is of a 'scroll effect' which I think adds to the magic, especially as he has signed it at the bottom with an official 'North Pole' seal. I couldn't wait to show our daughter her Magic Santa Letter, however we did wait until November to show her. The contents of the letter can be fully personalised for £1 more and you’ll be able to write out a whole letter of your choosing. Alternatively you can have it partially personalised where you fill in boxes such as name, gender, gift that they love at Christmas and their home town. When it came to selecting what was included in the letter, we decided to go for 'Cosy Evening By The Fire', however there were other options including 'The Elves are Busy' and 'I Love Mince Pies'. 

The reindeer food comes in a really sweet little brown pouch with a reindeer printed on the front and there’s just the right amount in there to sprinkle at the door on Christmas Eve. The Magic Santa Letter door hanger is really good quality and the colouring sheets are the perfect size. In this 'Truly Magical Santa Letter package also included a 'good child' certificate which isn't personalised, however really adds to the magic with the letter. As well as this amazing option, there are others to choose from one includes a Magic Santa Letter, without all the extras and there is also a Baby's First Christmas letter which comes with magical reindeer food and a ‘good child’ certificate. I honestly highly recommend these Magic Santa Letters for little ones, not only is the letter itself of high quality with a little personalisation makes it all the more special. I also think that the extras included in the letter just add a simple magical touch, and these are so reasonably priced too, you can't really go wrong. 

You can now get 25% off using the code: E25OFF right up until December! 

Gift Guide: Teenage Girl.


Oh yes, it’s that magical time of the year. again. This is our very first gift guide for 2017 and I am so excited to share this one with you. So if you have a teenage girl to buy for then hopefully this post will inspire you. I have to say that I was so eager to want to share this one with you all and it's pretty epic, but hopefully with this cheeky little gift guide buying for teenage girl will be less of a chore. I think my favourite pick from all these amazing products has to be that beautiful colourful Makeup Revolution Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette. I would love to open this little beauty on Christmas day that's for sure, with an incredible 144 matte, satin and shimmer shades to choose from, they certainly won't be short for inspiration for 2018. They will be able to choose from light to dark, or neutral to those bright, bold and beautiful colours everything they will need to create any eye shadow look for any occasion. This palette is normally £16 however, I did find this one is currently selling at £8 in Superdrug, so be quick before you miss out! Another makeup product that I have included in the gift guide for teenage girls is this Eylure London Brow Palette* in the shade Mid Brown. It contains brow wax, powder and a highlighter, as well as a mini angled brush and foam applicator. The aim of the palette is to be everything you need to shade, sculpt and define. The palette is small, it’s matte with the logo on the top and a mirror inside. Perfect!

Recently we have been reviewing a couple of high street fragrances and we especially like this Love Lily one from Accessorize. It's a very good combination of Raspberry, Orange, Jasmine and Vanilla, these work so well together to create a scent that is perfect. Raspberry is actually a lovely scent, I think it has to be along the lines of Strawberry, which seems to make everything beautiful. I wouldn’t actually think to put these flavours together but surprisingly it works well. It one of those fragrances that certain scents hit you at different times, with Raspberry hitting you first, then the zesty scent of Orange and then sweet Vanilla. Seeing as it's getting colder and colder what better way to make your teen be prepare for winter by putting some must need essentials under the tree, lip balms. However, you could make them fun? We have seen these Slush Puppie Lip Balm Set* from Mad Beauty, in this novelty tin you get 5 different balms in the traditional Slush Puppie Flavourings including Raspberry, Orange, Lemon & Lime, Strawberry and Cherry. If your teen is a Disney fan then I am more than sure that these oh so adorable Bambi Lip Tin Duo* would be perfect. In this set you get two lips balms one with Thumper in Stawberry and Bambi which is a mint flavour these would be perfect for Autumn and Winter to keep those chapped lips at bay.

Now let's talk some fashion picks. Ultimately, you can't go wrong with some converse. I love these Distrito Low Canvas ones especially with the flecks of a lovely pale blue, these would be the perfect addition to any outfit. However if you really want to turn their head and give them something a little luxurious this bright and beautiful Eva Leather Wallet*. The Rosaire Catherine‘s size is perfect and handy to just pop into your bag, I really love how the wallet feels. It's textured, not smooth or rugged but in between the two textures and it's surprisingly light, which I didn't expect. This design comes in 7 different colours: Red, Watermelon, Light Blue, Orange, Elephant Grey, Black and Brown. I'm sure any your teen would love to add this one into her collection.

Seriously how gorgeous is this Glam & Style Conical Wand* in Rose Gold and Black? If you didn't know, Rose Gold is a bit of a thing right now, with many teens asking for Rose Gold hues in their make-up, hair colour and bedroom décor. So make your teen smile on Christmas morning by wrapping this amazing conical wand under the tree. This fast heating wand is simple to use and has great results. I have thick long hair, and I only had to hold each section of hair for a few seconds to get a nice loose wave in my hair - If you want a tighter curl then just hold a few seconds longer. The heat protective glove is good to prevent burns, as this does reach 180 degree heat in a short space of time. To go along with these beautiful Rose Gold Conical Wand you could also have this Tangle Angel Detangling Brush which is an innovative design make it easier to manage knotty hair keeping it silky smooth and easy to style. This detangling brush from Tangle Angel has quickly replaced my Tangle Teezer as it actually has a handle! My hair is really thick and long which means it tangles very easily. Suitable for all hair types, this is not only a detangling brush but it can also be used as a blow drying brush because its bristles are heat resistant. It comes in five different colours; Pink, Blue, Pearl, Silver and Black and is possibly the cutest brush design you've ever seen.

So way before I made the decision to become a blogger myself, I would spend my evenings watching YouTube videos. I became obsessed with beauty bloggers and finding out the latest beauty trends, watch tutorials and even catch a ramble or two from my favourites. Pretty much since then vlogging has becomes the done thing and now there are so many more amazing vloggers. Quite a few of the bloggers and Youtubers that I watched religiously have embarked on their new careers and into publishing books and one of these is of course Jim Chapman with his brand new book 147 Things a hilarious brilliant guide to this thing called life. A perfect gift for a teen! Especially if they are obsessed with bloggers and vloggers, which many are. 

I have left the best until last, something a little more personal is always a great way to show you loved one you care. Now there are so many different personalised gifts that you can seek out for your teen, but I think that something that could come in handy, or useful would be a great gift. Just like this personalised Compact Mirror* from Bags of Love. A Personalised Compact Mirror is a beautiful gift, which can feature a treasured photo on the front, the photo is also printed onto a white, sparkly base colour, which will give your image a stunning, twinkly effect, that she will love. Phew we got there in the end. After reading this lengthy gift guide for a teenage girl, I really do hope that I have helped make buying for a teenage girl a little easier? I am sure that you are not short of a few ideas in the hope to inspire you and make their Christmas perfect. 

~ Some of the products featured in this post have been kindly gifted to me, but all thoughts are my own. ~

50 Blog Post Ideas For Blogmas

It's that time of year once again, with lots of bloggers deciding whether or not they are going to take part in blogmas , which is a daily blogging challenge throughout December. Like so many people, I absolutely love this time of year and since becoming a blogger I love getting into the spirit of all things about Christmas and taking part in blogmas. It's such a wonderful time of year with so many people and bloggers sharing lots of festive fun everywhere, it's pretty hard to now want to get involved. There is everything from sweet treats, preparation tips, the best films to watch, and even tips and tricks to keeping everyone happy while the turkey cooks away. A glass of bucks fizz normally does the trick. Being committed to a whole month of blogging whilst preparing for everything else that comes with christmas can sometimes be quite a lot, however if you are looking for a challenge but need some inspiration for some of your blogmas content I have over 50 blog psot ideas to help you along your way. 

1. Blogmas Post Id (believe it or not - it's a post).
2. Christmas Traditions
3. Favourite Christmas films
4. Christmas Gift Guides (Mens, Womens, Childrens even grandparents).
5. What To Put in a Christmas Stocking
6. Stocking Filler Ideas Under £10
7. How Do You Prepare Your Christmas Table
8. How To Prepare for Travelling with Children Over Christmas
9. DIY Advent calendars
10. Top Christmas Songs
11. Visiting Father Christmas
12. Christmas Eve Box
13. Homemade Decorations
14. Favourite Christmas Cocktails
15. The Ultimate Christmas Cookie Recipes
16. How To Prepare for Christmas Parties
17. Make Your Own Wreath
18. Interior Updates To Your Home
19. Handmade Greeting Cards
20. Christmas Charities
21. Preparing Your Home For Christmas and Your Guests
22. Favourite Christmas Markets
23. Christmas Make Up Looks
24. Best Places to Shop Online This Christmas
25. Great Family Games for Christmas Day
26. Christmas Throwback
27. Christmas Holiday Bucket List
28. Christmas Decoration Haul
29. A Christmas Wishlist (share on personal page for subtle hint, obvs).
30. How to Make a Yule Log
31. Favourite Christmas Jumpers
32. Christmas Day OOTD
33. Adding Personal Touches To Christmas
34. What's on My Christmas Tree
35. Best Hot Chocolate Recipes
36. Christmas Breakfast Ideas
37. What Are Your Christmas Eve Essentials
38. A Christmas Giveaway
39.  Christmas on a Budget
40. Favourite Christmas Candles or Scents
41. Gift Wrapping Ideas
42. Christmas Nails Tutorial
43. Last Minute Christmas Guide
44. Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts
45. Top Festive Lipsticks
46. Festive Adventures (these could be days out, or places you'd like to visit at Christmas).
47. Winter Warmer Wishlist
48. Favourite Christmas Reads
49. How To Plan For A Successful and Stress Free Christmas
50. Surviving The Boxing Day Sales


New Years Eve Plans
New Years Resolutions
What's Your New Years Outfit?
New Years Eve Make Up Looks
How To Style Hair for New Years Even?
Seeing The New Year in Style
How To Host The Best New Years Eve Party
Best Hangover Cures

Wow, we got there in the end. I really do hope that these blog post ideas give you some inspiration for the upcoming blogmas challenge, do you have an ideas? Please feel free to leave me comments below. 


Hello and welcome back to another instalment of The Baby Feeding Series, that features real stories from real parents who have experienced how hard and baffling feeding your baby can be. I want this series to be a place where parents can share their own experiences in the hopes that other parents who are struggling can feel less alone. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it's one of the most rewarding jobs too and so I want to share their stories.

This week for The Baby Feeding Series we have the lovely Rachael from Rachael Claire taking part with a guest post for the series with her breastfeeding journey. I really do enjoy reading breastfeeding journeys because every single one that has been shared in the series has been different. I am really glad that Rachael decided to share hers with her not-so straight forward journey with Teddy, so with that I shall hand you over to the lovely Rachael. 

My Breastfeeding Journey

After Teddy's long and not-so straightforward birth (that you can read about my labour and delivery story here) lasting 55 hours and ending up in theatre with a forceps delivery, I was excited to get things going and try breastfeeding him. Once I had been stitched up (yummy..) and wheeled through to recovery, the midwife helped me to try and get him to latch on, almost an hour later and we were still there... I tried every position, switching boobs..he just wasn't having it at all. He was so tired and just wanted to sleep. That went on for around 24 hours!

Our first night in hospital was spent with a midwife coming in every three hours to try and get him to feed, he just point blank refused. It ended up where I had to hand express and the midwife had to syringe the colostrum up and then syringe it into Teddy's mouth. I was so upset and disappointed that it wasn't going as straight forward as everyone had made out it could be..'oh my baby latched straight away.' Well that isn't always the case, however I was determined not to give up and 24 hours later he suddenly latched on like he had been doing it all along, and he's been there ever since....or at least that is what it feels like! He is such a milk monster and a little chunk.

The first two weeks were probably the hardest two weeks of my life! I know people warn you about the cluster feeding, but my god, he was literally attached to my boob all day and all night. He would feed all night, only falling asleep at around 4/5am. I remember the feeling of complete dread when it came to bedtime and I felt physically sick at the idea of feeding him. I was so worried that people would judge me for that but I am so lucky to have an amazingly supportive partner, family and mummy club who reminded me everyday that it was completely normal and it would get better. I can promise you now that it does! When you are in the midst of a night feed, crying over your baby with your milk crusted pj's on, it won't feel like it will ever get better. 11 weeks on and it's all a distant memory that a small part of me misses.

I selfishly love that I am the only person who can provide for him when he's hungry, or if he is really upset and the only thing that will soothe him is mummy's milk. I love our little chats in the middle of the night when nobody else is awake and we have a sleepy snuggle. I love the way he snorts for my boob when it's no longer within his reach because he fell asleep. I love his milk drunk face, when he can't open his eyes properly and he does a cheeky little grin. As hard as it is, and it is fucking hard, I wouldn't change it for the world.

I have asked some other mums to share their experiences, good & bad, as a way to show that not everyone's breastfeeding journey is the same, but that doesn't make it any less special!


About Rachael 

Rachael is a 25 year old girl, currently living in Manchester with her fiancé Aaron, and their gorgeous little boy Teddy who was born in May 2017 along with their two cats Flo & Luna. Rachael loves reading, re-watching series that I've already watched 10 times over, Star Wars, Disney and food. ALLL THE FOOD...

You can find Rachael over at From Rachael Claire 

Don't forget to go and find her social media platforms and give her a little like or follow


How To Smash Blogmas This Year

With it being November, now is the perfect time to get into Christmas mode. Especially if you're thinking about taking part in the challenge of blogmas throughout December and the lead up to Christmas. Similar to blogtober, blogmas focuses on daily blogging right up to the big day. Last year was my first blogmas and it was so much fun, but not only that I learnt so much for blogging daily. With that in mind I thought that write a little post to share some of my tips to smash and be successful with blogmas, which I plan on using throughout the festive season in the hopes to inspires you to take part too. When is comes to daily blogging there is so much involved and it can take up quite a bit of you time, so before you decided to join the blogmas train try and be realistic when you are trying to work daily blogging into your work schedule. Christmas is a busy time of the year anyway with planning, gift buying and deciding whether you want a prawn cocktail for Christmas day starter or stick with simple and easy tomato soup. With blogmas thrown into the mix, you may find yourself overwhelmed. But if you are ready for the challenge and want to be successful at it, know that it can be a lot of fun and bring so much Christmas fun into your life.

B R A I N S T O R M   &   P L A N

Sometimes life can get crazy and when it comes to Christmas the craziness can normally be kicked up a notch or two. But the last thing you want to do is force out a post, that's probably too rushed and that your readers will notice and perhaps lose regular readers. So the best way to get prepared for blogmas is to brainstorm ideas and plan, plan and plan some more. I cannot say this enough, planning is everything when is comes to be successful for blogmas. So many bloggers begin their blogmas planning in October and begin pitching to brands for gift guides before then. Plan everything you possibly can to be organised and stay on top of your publishing. Plan your post for each day, including the times, what photos you need to stage and edit, considering creating certain graphics for social media promotion and the different platforms. In terms of brand work, make sure that you are certain of the deadlines as the last thing you want to do is upset a brand you're working with and remember to keep them informed about publishing their content. Planning will really help you so much in the running up to blogmas, however if you prefer more of a improvised take on blogmas then just jot down a few ideas in a note book and then work from there.

S I M P L I C I T Y   I S   K E Y

Even though you are taking part in a challenge try not to divert your niche too much. It's best to keep things simple and straightforward, by creating posts that you would normally, but putting your own stamps on post. It's likely that you will come across similar posts, hello gift guide #5857387 but the idea is to try and make your blog post stand out from the rest. Just do you. The content could include lists, christmas prep, popular recipes. I have found that when you're in the throes of writing good content, take five minutes each day to write down a few ideas for blog post, you could even host a poll on twitter asking your followers what content they would like you to share.

G E T  O R G A N I S E D 

If you're anything like me, being organised is like a way of life. There is nothing that keeps me focused than being organised and so this should be something that you do with your blog. By getting organised with your posts and writing them before you plan to schedule will be so much easier for a stress free blogmas, and ease the pressure a little too. We all have lives beyond our love of the wonderful world of blogging and so it makes sense to spend out on making our life easier, and by that I mean a scheduling tool. This is something that you can either do for free with apps like Buffer and Hootsuite that offer in app purchases at later dates, to go pro! As a starting point these are great but soon scheduling posts on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest become the bane of your life and so looking to spend some money on social media management scheduler is going to be so helpful and save you a tonne of time. Thanks to a certain pro blogger, who convinced me to get into the world of social oomph, it's has changed my scheduling game. I'll still use buffer when I need to, but I know that by paying $3 a month social oomph has got me covered just in case I forget. By scheduling posts and planning ahead you are always able to keep track of your spending for each post. 

S E T  R E A L I S T I C  G O A L S

When it comes to taking part in the blogmas challenge, you have to remember that it supposed to be fun, so try not to put too much pressure on yourself and accept every possible opportunity going. Set realistic goals, that you know that you will be able to achieve within your lifestyle. You could be in full time work, in a position that requires more time and thought over Christmas or perhaps you have children. It's always a good idea to try and take your lifestyle, work, family and friends into consideration when planning for blogmas, and that you plan for the unexpected. By setting these realistic goals and easing the pressure will ensure a more successful blogmas so take it easy and enjoy it!

I T S   B L O G M A S,  E N J O Y  I T

Yes, it blogmas so enjoy it. There are absolutely no rule when it comes to blogmas, it's your blog you can whatever you want, when you want. Believe in yourself that you can do it and be successful no matter what is thrown your way. Of course there are a few guidelines too abide by when it comes to working with brands and making their deadlines, and earning money. But essentially you do what you think works best for you and you make your blog your own. This means you can post what you want, when you want, how you want and with your own stamp on things. Not don't forget it's blogmas, so enjoy it!!!!

Brighten Your Smile with FREZYDERM

When it comes to pearly whites there are so many ways that you can get your teeth looking bright and beautiful. But, with professional whitening costing upwards of £200, the most popular way to whiten teeth is by swapping our normal toothpaste for a whitening version. There are loads of whitening toothpastes available. Walk into a pharmacy or supermarket and you are confronted with shelves and shelves of toothpastes. Each will make it’s own claims and quite a lot will claim to whiten your teeth. It can sometimes be overwhelming with so much choice, and I have used a few over the last few years. One that I have been using recently is this FREZYDERM Whitening Toothpaste and I was very eager to find if this whitening toothpaste was any good for brightening my teeth. FREZYDERM is a brand that we are familiar with, however if you are not before we get into the specifics of this whitening toothpaste review, let's talk about the company. 

FREZYDERM is a Greek skincare company that is popular in Europe. Their skincare was initially marketed at dermatologists but is now available to the public. FREZYDERM aims to design and manufacture safe and effective, high quality, products that conform to strict pharmaceutical standards. The innovative and unique product range has been formulated to effectively treat all skin types and skin conditions, without irritation. However they cover most beauty concerns from face and body care, sun care, oral care and even hair care, whatever your problem is I am pretty sure that FREZYDERM will have some kind of solution for you. This whitening toothpaste is one of the many different types available with FREZYDERM, its composition, based on micro-silica technology of the patented silicon granules, has maximum whitening and polishing action, without eroding tooth enamel. With a Sodium Fluoride level of 1.450ppm. This wonder tube claims to whiten and polish teeth, removes discolouration and stain, fights plaque, prevents teeth from oral microbial film all whilst prolonging a clean and fresh taste. 

Before we really get into this I really think we should take a moment to appreciate its beautiful glittery packaging, if that doesn't want to make you purchase this whitening toothpaste, then I don't know what will. You can definitely see that the FREZYDERM design is unique with 9 different types, that covers a wide range of oral conditions as well as general conditions like diabetes or pregnancy. Also, the tube is specially designed to protect the content efficiently and with a simple mechanism it allows you to use the whole product, no need for any 'twist and roll'. The design is clean and simple with a lovely glitter lettering on the word toothpaste, which is a different colour for a every different product. 

The formula is white with blue micro-silica granules and it's extremely strong flavoured, which kept my mouth feeling and smelling minty fresh. I have been using this toothpaste for about a month or so now and I can see a slight difference in the colour of my teeth, I think if I used this for a longer period I would guess that the difference would be much more noticeable. I really like the fact that this toothpaste had such a strong taste, which lasted all day, and I can tell a difference in the colour of my teeth and seeing as I am addicted to tea, it has made a big difference. I really cannot fault this toothpaste at all.

But it's just not for adults. FREZYDERM also do a baby oral care range and we were kindly send through two products for our daughter to use. We were send over Sensiteeth First Toothpaste in Crazy Berry and Sensiteeth Toothpaste 500ppm also in Crazy Berry. My daughter loves brushing her teeth and love to brush them by herself, but with her being a toddler she struggles to get to her back teeth so we have to help her. However, she hasn't been too keen on her current toothpaste and when I showed her this FREZYDERM one she wanted to use it straight away. The Sensiteeth toothpaste is a gentle and safe toothpaste that prevents cavities. It protects teeth from decay and germs thanks to the combination of Fluoride and calcium, while strengthening the tooth enamel. Has a delicious blueberry flavour and is gluten free.Almost immediately she noticed the purple packaging and the fact that the tube had a cute tooth character on the front, which a nice touch for the little ones. 

The formula on the Sensiteeth toothpaste was similar to the adult version but it was light blue in colour, we placed a pea-sized amount on her tooth brush and she got to work. Straightaway she mentioned that she loved the taste of the toothpaste, and that it tasted of strawberries, but then I explained to her that it was actually blue berry. I really like the fact that she loved the taste and her attention on the tooth character helped with brushing her teeth for longer, including the back ones. Would you try FREZYDERM oral care range? Now, don't forget to check out our skin care review too. 

*DISCLAIMER* Mimi Rose and Me is a personal blog written and edited by myself only, unless otherwise note my reviews are completely based on my own opinion of the product reviewed. These products were supplied to me as a gift to review from FREZYDERM.

Explore the Fun with GeoSafari® My First Microscope

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy preparing for Christmas and we have been searching high and low for the perfect gift for our little explorer. Since starting nursery in September she has become quite the explorer and has become completely fascinated with nature. We have the ultimate sticks collection in the bottom of the garden, my coat pockets are full of acorns and my utility room has so many dried up leaves collecting in her exploring bucket We have pine cones, conkers, nuts, feathers, rocks, sticks just to name a few. Both my husband and I love to get into the grips of exploring with her and it even makes me think back to my childhood going on scavengers hunts with my grandparents. So we are only too happy to join in with our three year old.

Of course, you can always go one step further and take a look at things under the microscope, and that is precisely what we have been doing this week. We just received a GeoSafari My First Microscope from Learning Resources which is a wonderful introduction to magnification for preschoolers! Encourage scientific exploration and introduce your little one to a key scientific tool that is fun and exciting to explore! So we have been exploring everything from a fairy wand, pine cone to stones and sticks, you can magnify any flat or dimensional small object up to 8x it’s size, this is a real working microscope designed for kids and perfect for little hands!

This is such an easy microscope to use, especially for preschoolers, perfect for little inquisitive hands. After nursery one day we decided to go on a treasure hunt, acorns, sticks, leave and feather just so we could take a closer look under the microscope, I was delighted to see her excitement urging me to take a look too. The wide eye piece means that you don't really need to alter the piece so you can look down, it is also super easy to focus with a simple know on the left side, which she was happy to do herself. 

We also like that the GeoSafari® Microscope because it has a large tray which did mean that she could have a few of her treasures ready waiting for her to take a closer look, which is great for her fine motor skills while actually learning something. On our scavenger hunt we did pick up a tiny snail on the way, and my daughter became so interested in watching 'her' come in and out of her shell and really took notice of some of her features. The GeoSafari® Microscope has a very large focusing knob on the side which is so simple for little ones to use, just below the wide eye pieces was a little button was an LED light which enables them to take a closer look if they are unable to see. 

So what do you think of the GeoSafari® My First Microscope? Would you get one for your child if they enjoy exploring and taking a more in depth look into their treasures?

*DISCLAIMER* Mimi Rose and Me is a personal blog written and edited by myself only, unless otherwise note my reviews are completely based on my own opinion of the product reviewed. These products were supplied to me as a gift to review from Learning Resources UK. 


Hello and welcome back to another instalment of The Baby Feeding Series, that features real stories from real parents who have experienced how hard and baffling feeding your baby can be. I want this series to be a place where parents can share their own experiences in the hopes that other parents who are struggling can feel less alone. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it's one of the most rewarding jobs too and so I want to share their stories.

So this week we are back with another instalment for you and this week we have Becci from The Unnatural Mother who offered a post namely 'To boob or not to boob' and so I had to feature this, what a title eh? But Becci kindly shares her breastfeed story with her two child, so with that I shall hand you over to Becci


I breastfeed both my children. Harry for 10 weeks and Charley for 5 months. I also bottle fed my children along side breastfeeding, Harry from 5 days old and Charley from 2 weeks. My aim when I gave birth to Harry was to breastfeed exclusively for at least 6 months but like most things, in life, it didn’t turnout that way.My 1st night in the hospital was in every sense of the world uncomfortable. I was sore from being stitched, tired from a long labour and scared as I hadn’t a clue how to breastfeed. Read as many books as you like but you can’t practice breastfeeding! The breastfeeding nurse had done her duty and been to see me, latching Harry onto me ( 6th attempt ) and then disappearing. He would latch on for 2 minutes then come back off. This pretty much went on all night. If I was feeling sorry for myself the poor girl next to me had it worse. She was being woken every 3 hours by the nurses to express milk and then her baby was being cup fed. She was tired but just like me but the echo’s of “breast is best ” kept us trying. 

The pain was excruciating, the constant latching on & off was tiresome and I felt trapped indoors from the need to get a boob out every 20 minutes. By day 5 the decision was taken out of my hands and I was sent off for a bath while my husband gave Harry a bottle of formula. I cried my eyes out that I had failed my goal but I also cried tears of joy that the pressure had been taken off me to exclusively BF. I carried on combine feeding for another 9 weeks but it came to a natural end at 10 weeks when Harry decided he liked the bottle better than my boob. This was fine for me, I had had enough!

When I was planning for Charley’s birth I put myself under no pressure and packed formula in my hospital bag.I would decide on the day how I would feed her. Charley took 3 long days to come out and when eventually she popped out I had decided in my head to bottle feed her but Charley had other ideas and latched on without me even trying. Simple as that, she latched on, fed & went to sleep. I had no excuse with Charley not to exclusively breastfeed but I didn’t.I didn’t want to !! I decided that I wanted to have a small part of my life back and for Charley not to be reliant on me 24/7. Every mum is allowed a night off !!!

When I meet other mums for the 1st time, sometimes before I have even had a chance to say my name I am asked if I have breastfed. My answer is yes but you may as well ask what I voted in the Referendum. The answer doesn’t matter. My children are healthy & happy and that’s all that matters.


About Becci

Becci is happily married to my darling husband Lee and together they have two very cheeky monkey's called Harry & Charley-Rose. The UnNatural Mother covers all aspects of being a Mummy from how to cope with sleep deprivation to the importance of finding a career you love.

You can find Becci over at The UnNatural Mother

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