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Nadiya's Bake Me A Story Deluxe Baking Set & Giveaway

The world still feels like a strange place but this year is going to be the year that will be remembered for many years to come. We couldn't see or hug our loved ones, working from home became the new normal, and most of us experienced the joys of home schooling our children. Even though it was a challenging time we found new ways of communicating, we lived for loungewear and we embraced our inner bakers with lots of lockdown baking. And thus, perfecting the art of baking the best banana bread. 

We never really need an excuse to get into the kitchen to bake up a storm together. We love baking traditional recipes such as these Orange Vanilla Spice Cookies, Carrot Cake and our foolproof Blueberry Muffins. Sometimes my daughter takes the lead and loves to experiment with flavour combinations and texture that have worked, or have gone terribly wrong. But that's half the fun. 

To encourage our little baker into the kitchen we have been baking lots of sweet treats with Nadiya's brand new Bake Me a Story Deluxe Baking Set which has all the baking tools we will need for a little bake off in the kitchen. There are three baking sets to choose from with Simple Baking Set, Savoury Cooking Set and the Deluxe Baking Set that have everything you need to create tasty sweet and savoury recipes for everyone. 

Bake Me a Story Deluxe Baking Set. 

Each set has been specifically designed for little ones in mind, where they can gain more independence in the kitchen and unleash their inner star baker. We have the Deluxe Baking Set which is fully equipped with everything that my daughter would possible need for an afternoon baking session in the kitchen from a child sized rolling pin, measuring spoons, cupcake cases, a funky apron and the box even included six amazing recipes cards that we can try and recreate. 

Inside the Box

The Deluxe Baking Set is all neatly packaged inside one box and without all that unnecessary packaging you often get with toys. As you empty the box you will soon discover 28 brightly coloured baking essentials that includes; a rolling pin, spatula, a large mixing bowl, a whisk, 12 silicone cupcake cases, a sieve, three cookie cutters, an assortment of measuring spoons, a very funky apron as well as the six recipe cards. All inside ONE box!!! 

We both loved the bold and bright colours that have been used in the design of the baking tools. They are very appealing to little ones and you are immediately drawn to them, they certainly won't go missing in the middle of the cutlery draw. We really love this kit because it is such great quality. All of the baking essentials have been specifically designed for little hands, ensuring that they can get really stuck into the baking. Not only that but you can really see the quality used with the tools is great and all have been tested to LFGB food safety standard. 

We really like the set of measuring spoons and the quality of the spatula which had a equal weigh to end to end meaning that little hands are able to get more control of mixing or stirring. Yay no more cake batter in my hair when my little one gets excited when mixing. The silicone topped cookie cutters were also an added bonus as these are not something that we have ever come across before but it was good to know that these were safe in her little hands. 

It comes to no surprise when I say that my daughter loved the funky apron that was included inside the box as it was bright with a colour block design. It made her feel like a real star baker. But like with most aprons this one was too long for her but with a little fold and a special bow tie at the back she was all ready. My daughter has the most fun measuring out all the ingredients with the measuring spoons, getting flour all over her with the sieving, and of course resisting temptation of licking the spatula. 

What makes this set even better is that Nadiya has included some recipes cards from her Bake Me a Story Recipe Book too. With this set we are fully equipped with the tools to recreate her recipes which were really simple and easy to follow and most of the ingredients included were already in my cupboards. Some of the recipe cards included Rock Cakes, Cookie Mallows and Star Anise Gingerbread Men which we will bake on Christmas Eve as part of our Christmas tradition. 

Let's Have a Bake Off

The only way to put this baking set the to test was to put on our aprons and bake up a storm in the kitchen. We made some of our own Rainbow Cookies and the Very Berry Breakfast Muffins that was included in the box. It was a really simple and easy recipe to follow and all we really needed to get was some fresh berries. My daughter loved sieving the ingredients into the mixing bowl and whisking the batter. The silicone cupcake cases were really easy for my daughter to place into our muffin tin and as we added the mixture the cases really held their shape right during cooking.

We also made some Rainbow Cookies so we had a chance to use the rolling pin and use the cookie cutters. We really like these silicone topped cookie cutters as my daughter could cut them out and place the shapes on the baking trays without any worries. We hope we will be able to get our hands on some other shapes just like these as they are a great for protecting little hands. 

So as you can see we LOVED baking with this Nadiya's Bake Me a Story Deluxe Baking Set. It is jam packed full of all the baking tools and essentials that we need to make some sweet treats for everyone to enjoy. We liked the colour and design of the tools and they have been tested to LFGB food safety standard and are dishwasher safe too. The recipe cards included were an added bonus and were really simple and easy to follow, some will sure become some of our favourite bakes. 

Nadiya has released three amazing baking sets that will sure to encourage your little bakers into the kitchen. You can choose from Nadiya's Simple Baking Set, Nadiya's Savoury Cooking Set and of course Nadiya's Deluxe Baking Set. You can pick these sets from Smyths, Argos and Amazon. You can also get Nadiya's Bake Me a Story Recipe Book from W H Smith, Waterstones and Sainsburys

Do you want to get your hands on your very own DELUXE BAKING SET?

We have one DELUXE baking set to giveaway to one of our fabulous readers! With half term around the corner you have more reason to enter our giveaway. This set would be great in getting the children involved for the Christmas prep or even as a little gift to pop under the Christmas tree. All you need to do is CLICK the link below and FOLLOW the instructions. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!


T/C The closing date for this Bake Me a Story Deluxe Baking Set is on 11.59pm on Thursday 29th October 2020. This prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered. The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by email with 7 days. The winner will have 28 days to respond with a name and delivery address before a new winner is selected. The giveaway is open to all UK entrants ages 18 or over only. Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are in no way associated with the giveaway. Any personal date given as part of the giveaway entries are used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties. The winner's details will be passed on to the brand or the PR for prize delivery. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

**We have been kindly gifted Nadiya's Bake Me a Story Deluxe Baking Set but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**

5 Great Tips For Picking a Unique Gift


Buying the perfect gift isn’t always an easy process. You need to think carefully about everything from your budget, to what sort of present is suitable for the occasion. It’s easy to get so flustered as you search for the perfect present that you end up giving in and going for something “safe” instead. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to spa-style gifts, flowers, and chocolates, those gifts can look a little impersonal when you’re trying to make a meaningful statement. The good news is that finding a unique present doesn’t need to be a nightmare. With the right inspiration and a little direction, you can find something that blows your friend or loved one’s socks off.
1. Start Small

When you’re trying to buy the ultimate gift, it’s easy to think big, like huge experiences or days out that your friend will never forget. However, sometimes it’s much better to start small and think about ideas that hit a little closer to the heart. For instance, your friend might love the chance to ride in a hot air balloon – but feel pretty bad that you’ve spent so much money. On the other hand, if you buy them a custom-made jacket with their nickname on that you gave them in school, they’ve got meaningful, nostalgic, and not too over the top. Start small and think about the things that are going to mean the most to your friend or loved one based on the relationship that you’ve built.

2. Personalise It

Want to make sure that no-one gives the same gift as you at the next big celebration or event? All you need to do is go a little more personal. These days, it’s much easier to buy custom versions of the products that your friends or loved ones would appreciate most. You can get a leather jacket that has your friend’s named embroidered onto it for about the same price as a standard leather jacket. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, then consider getting a box of brownies baked in their favourite flavour, then write their name on each chunk with chocolate. The options are endless. You could even just have someone’s initials placed onto a backpack or a new tie. Personalisation can make the most common gifts more special.

3. Go for an Experience

As we mentioned above, not everyone will feel comfortable getting a big experience as a gift. However, if you’ve got the cash, and you’re looking for something unique, there are a lot of options out there for experience-style presents. You could treat someone to a wonderful meal out, enjoying the food that they love most. Or you could look into a lesson that that person would enjoy – like a class on mixing cocktails. These days, most of us value experiences more than physical possessions anyway. Spending some time with the people that you love is a great way to show them how much you care, and it might mean much more than a standard gift.

4. Look in Different Locations

If you generally shop in just one space, then you might find that it’s helpful to expand your horizons and look for other places to find potential gifts. The ability to shop online these days can open you up to a wealth of options that you never considered before. These days, there are tons of different solutions out there that go beyond your standard bouquet of flowers. If you’re not sure what to buy someone you care about when you want to deliver something unique, it might be a good idea to broaden your horizons. Take a look online and see what’s trending in the areas that your friend or loved one is interested in. You could even see whether people on digital marketplaces are producing anything interesting that might make a good gift idea for you.

5. Get Some Insights

Finally, if you’re really not sure what someone might want in terms of a unique present – talk to them and the people who know them. Most of the time, people have a lot of great ideas to share on the kind of gifts that they’d love to receive, they just don’t have an outlet. You could even find out whether your friend or loved one has a Wishlist on a site like Amazon. Alternatively, follow the person on social media and see whether they’re sharing any information lately about the kind of products they wish they could buy!

Billie Blush AW20 Collection

We are just back from our little autumn walk in the woods, relishing in all the changing colours of nature in the fresh crisp air. I love all the colours and the beauty that comes with autumn. It's the start of so many things that we look forward to every year. Pumpkins, cosy blankets, autumn tones, pumpkin spice lattes and the autumn walks. And to make sure that we collect as many pine cones, acorns and conkers as we change, we dress in warm clothes. 

No autumn adventure is complete without a good pair of wellies and a cute and practical raincoat that keeps my girl warm and dry while we explore. But a bright sparkly coat has to be the only way for our little girl to go on an autumn adventure, right? Thanks to the new Billie Blusg AW20 Collection, she can be comfortable and super stylish. The French brand kindly sent us some pieces that are just what my girl needed for her Autumn and winter wardrobes. 

About Billie Blush

Billie Blush is a French brand designed for girls. But it is more than cool and totally different from what you have ever seen in the past. Billie Blush has a unique style with beautifully bright colours, bold patterns and fabrics with lots of sequins, metallics and all the sparkle a girl could need. Billie Blush is very distinct that brings a fresh new twist to girls clothing. 

Kids Around have launched their Billie Blush AW20 Collections that are fun, beautiful and full of surprises. With coats that sparkle, brightly colour sweaters to spinning skirts, sequins and all that glitters. This collection has everything you will need over the autumn and winter, but you will be comfortable and feel super stylish. 

Billie Blush Sparkly Hooded Raincoat Pink

I had you at sparkly, right? This beautiful pink hooded raincoat is a perfect choice for my little girl. The raincoat features a hood with fleece lining making it the perfect coat for those cold, wet days! On the back of the coat there is the Billie Blush print on the hem in a flourescent pink. I'm not even kidding when I say that her new coat was talk in the whole class, now every girl wants one. 

We have been looking for a good raincoat that can prepare us for all types of weather. This Billie Blush Hooded Raincoat is a perfect all rounder as its waterproof and will keep her warm on those chilly days but she will feel so comfortable and look great. Practical, yet stylish. 

Billie Blush Tulle Sequin Skirt Red

I am absolutely in love with this red tulle skirt. It is covered with sequins. The skirt has an elasticated waistband with iridescent stripes, making a great style for comfort and the stripes will sure appeal to little girls. You could pair this with a long sleeved roll neck cream jumper or top, or pair with a printed cotton t-shirt. Either way, it looks very pretty and such a cool items for autumn and winter. 

I really love the quality of the tulle skirt and the sequin touches in the tulle made this piece stunning. These finer details were great while the garmet is light and soft making more time for lots of spinning and swishing. What little girl doesn't want to spin and swish around in a skirt. This was by far our favourite part of our photo shoot as we really had so much fun with it. I told her to go run and be a little silly and you have notice that in the midst of all the jumping, spinning and swishing she fell over and got a little dirty. I don't think we have ever laughed so much, it was a really fun photo shoot.

Billie Blush Tulle Party Blouse

Last but not least we were kindly send over this lovely tulle blouse, isn't it gorgeous? Made of shiny tulle, it is embellished by a sparkly shooting star patch on the front. The cuffs and pleated collar add an extra touch of refined charm.

Tulle design perfectly and the big star embellishment on the collar really make the blouse look more exquisite. The gathered cuff just add to the elegant feel of this blouse. But what I loved with this blouse is that it can be paired with a cream tights, trousers or even bleach coloured jeans for a more causal look. The Tulle Party Blouse is suitable for a wedding, party, first communion, baptism, birthday or even to wear over the festive season. This piece is so versatile and looks so adorable. 

We found the Billie Blush Autumn Collection so unique and full of fun and vibrant colours. The brand offers some classic pieces that are essential for this time of year, but also offer a range of pieces that are super stylish for those special occasion. The collection feels and looks luxurious, and many of these pieces are so versatile. A great combination for those who want to look stylish, be comfortable and feel unique. 

** We have been kindly gifted these pieces from Kids Around but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**

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