My First Month on the MyBuBelly Plan

We knew that trying for a second baby would be just as tough as the first time around, but that logic didn't do anything to lessen the blow with each negative pregnancy test. And before we knew it two years had passed and despite our best efforts trying to conceive a second baby there was no sign of a baby. We knew that it was time to try something different and we started to look into the practical ways to could help boost our fertility and we came across MyBuBelly Program.

We began our MyBuBelly program last month and both my husband and I were feeling more hopeful than we have been in such a long time, so don't forget to check out our first post that gives you all the basics to the program. I am going to be completely open and honest, I was really dubious about the program at first. How could making simple changes to your food choices make an impact on the gender of a baby? It really did sound too good to be true, but there was only one way to find out.

So MyBuBelly is a fertility boosting program that is a natural and ethical way to choose the gender of your baby. It's a simple and straightforward program to help nature in the right direction. By making simple changes to your diet, taking supplements and boost your overall well-being can help determine the gender of your baby.

The Girl Program

When you first sign up with MyBuBelly you can either choose a boy method or girl method, with each being specially designed to make the MyBuBelly method and the dietary programme more effective. We decided on the girl method that combines a dietary programme to achieve and stabilise an acidic urinary pH. But it also focuses on cycle monitoring to target ovulation and conceive a baby girl on the right dates. We made our choice, downloaded the app and all we needed was to wait for our box to arrive.

The Girl Box had everything I will need to help stabilise my levels for 30 days, after that I will receive a new box each month with each renewal. For the girl method, the food supplements include sticks of calcium, sticks of magnesium and B6 vitamins and folic acid and vitamin D3. A bottle of pH strips to measure my pH at any time throughout my cycle, including during menstruation. A box of ovulation tests that need to be used from the very start of the method to help targeting my ovulation.

Phase 1

There are two phases to the MyBuBelly program with Stage 1 focuses on adjusting and stabilising your pH levels that can last up to three months. Stage 2 focuses on the conceiving, however you can only get onto this stage if your personal coach allows you to with regular stabilised testing and positive ovulation. It's super important to make sure that it's the right balance of minerals to ensure the program is successful.

The Big No Nos

With the MyBuBelly plan there are certain no nos that you have to do to ensure that the program is a success. You must stop all methods of female birth control from the very beginning of the method including pills and IUDs. As they could try alter your pH levels and not show signs of ovulation. During Phase 1, we have to forgo unprotected sex and use protection. At first, I thought that seem bizarre, how was I supposed to get pregnant if I was having protected intercourse? The first phase is focused of prepping my body for a baby and getting my pH levels stabilised, unprotected sex could affect that.

Online Coaching.

The MyBuBelly app has become a saviour. Everything I will ever need is within my app such as pH level measurements, cycle monitoring chart, food supplements, recipes, points to remember and even a coaching space with advice sheets. You can even set up reminder texts for pH measurements and when to take ovulation tests, for me this is was necessary. One of the main advantages to this program is most definitely the online coach Eve. She’s available every day and will always find a solution to your issues.

The personalised coaching by Eve and an entire team of experts like nutritionists, gynaecologists, psychologists and sexologists has really helped me grasp every aspect of the program, I'm getting a better understanding about my body and I'm learning so much about the food that I'm eating and about my lifestyle and overall well-being.

The Vitamins & Food Supplements.

For the girl method, the food supplements include sticks of calcium, sticks of magnesium and B6 vitamin and folic acid and vitamin D3. The food supplements have been specially designed to make the MyBuBelly method and the dietary programme more effective.

At the start of the day I need to have 1 calcium sticks and 1 folic acid tablet. The calcium sticks? Honestly? Are awful, I really find these hard to stomach in the morning as they leave a disgusting aftertaste. These would be so much better in a tablet form. However, as advised by Eve the calcium sticks goes better with yoghurt, fromage frais or a compote. In the evening I need to have 1 magnesium stick, these are by far the easier one to take, they kind of taste of sherbet that warms your throat.

The pH & Ovulation Tests

Throughout the plan I will need to undergo regular pH testing and get an optimal pH and ensure that these levels are stable to move onto the next stage. The ovulation tests should be used from the very start of the method, to help you practice targeting your ovulation and let you be more efficient later, during the conception phase. Before doing the MyBuBelly plan pinpointing my ovulation was pretty hard, but with tracking and consistent tests it's becoming more easier to understand the signs.

The MyBuBelly Diet

A key part of the MyBuBelly plan is of course focused on altering your diet. There are certain foods that are essential, some encouraged and some foods that are completely forbidden. With the girl program I have to drink up to 750ml of milk a day, which hasn't been the easiest if I am being completely honest. Two portions of green vegetables a day such as cabbage (that must be eaten every 2-3 days), sprouts, broccoli and or kale. Eat 1-2 portions of vegetables that are not on the restricted list. But also eat three small portions of fruit a day such as berries, oranges, tangerines or strawberries, but ensuring that they are all fresh or frozen.

One portion of some form of grain such as rice, pasta, or oats preferably served as part of your main meal at dinner time. Meat, fish are limited to 120g a day with no more than three servings of red meat and fish a week. You are allowed eggs on the baby girl diet however it is advised to eat the yolks instead of the whole egg. There are a list of foods that need to be eaten in moderation, but there are some foods that are completely forbidden. These include; salt in any forms, deli meat, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, crackers, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes and bell peppers.

The MyByBelly program is a pretty strict program, but it has been exciting to develop new recipes that have been especially designed for the the baby girl program. At times, I do consider whether the program is right for me and whether I will see any kind of result. But so far this month we have pinpointed ovulation, taken regular testing with my pH and hit a monthly average of 6.1. The MyBuBelly program is going well for me at the moment and I think I have finally got my head around how the whole program works. So until next month.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting plan to be on. I'd be interested to see how this works out for you as you further test it. I don't recall this being available when I was having kids. Good luck x

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    Katie xoxo

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