My Dream Horse with Petplan Equine

Like most girls, my daughter is obsessed with horses and ponies. When I was a child I always wanted to own my horse, the dream was to keep my horse in our small shed and ride him to school everyday. However, my dreams of owning a horse and keeping him in our small shed were completely shattered. So my dreams of owning a horse now live through my pony obsessed little girl. 

We live in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk and are surrounded by an abundance of fields full of horses. However lucky enough for us my mum actually has a horse with his own field. Meet Harley. It seems strange to think that we have had this beautiful boy in our family for over four years and it has been an adventure to say the least. It just wouldn't be the same without our cheeky Welsh cob, he just has the best personality.

As much as we love Harley nothing beats having your own horse, but unfortunately for us it's an impossible dream at the moment, so what's the best best thing to having a real horse? A handmade fluffy one of course. With a little help from Petplan Equine Horse Insurance's and their 'My Dream Horse Campaign' we got to design our very own horse and unleash a little creativity. My daughter has a great imagination and it really didn't take much encouragement for her get involved in the designing process. My daughter was so excited to find out that one of her horse drawings would be turned into a real cuddly toy.

As she was drawing her dream horse it was a good opportunity for us to talk about all the things that we would need to take into consideration if we were to become horse owners. First we spoke about where we would keep our horse whether we would choose a field with surrounding fencing or sheltered accommodation. Taking on the responsibility of regular feedings, replenishing their water and ensuring that their field or stable is poop free everyday. Having equine insurance was a very important part of being a responsible owner, as well as ensuring they have the best care possible at all times.

The Petplan Equine Horse Insurance is specialist insurance for horses to help get them back to health after illness and injury. Their vast experience allows them to offer a range of policies that can be tailored to suit the needs of horse owners. From first time owners and casual riders to top Eventers, Petplan Equine will provide the essential cover in the event of the unexpected.

My daughter really loved the opportunity to unleash a little creativity with her dream horse but she was very clear of what she wanted during the designing stages. The horse would be a white cob with a yellow star cutie mark just like in My Little Pony, however her horse would have a bright pink mane and yellow hooves to make sure she stands out in the field. After putting her imagination to paper we then send a picture to be turned into a plush version. Meet Twinkletoes!

We honestly couldn't have been any happier with our new friend, it was such a great campaign to get involved with and now we have a little friend for life. What do you think about Little Miss Twinkletoes?

** This post has been written in collaboration with the My Dream Horse Petplan campaign. All words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright **