We're Off To Find A Unicorn By Eloise White & Cory Reid.

If you're the lucky owner of a five year old girl I am pretty confident that you have come across something to do with unicorns. My daughter was very young when got into unicorn obsession and it's not hard to see why. Unicorns are unique, mystical and are pretty cute which is why I want to tell you about a book we have been reading 'We're Off To Find a Unicorn' by Eloise White and Cory Reid.

My daughter loves books and every single night we make time to read a book together. It's so important for children to get into a habit of sitting down to read a book before bed and have moments of calm before bedtime. So whether we get lost in the wonderful world of fairies or unicorns, or follow a Knight in a quest to find his princess we will always make time together for a book before bedtime. 

We especially love those stories that have a special meaning behind them, that's why we love 'We're Off to Find a Unicorn' as it teaches children to appreciate diversity. The story follows a mixed race family with one family member in a wheelchair which is not something that we see often in children's books. But definitely something we should see more of.

The family explore adventures seeing different environments and coming across many endangered animals along the way in search of a unicorn. It's beautifully written and the illustrations immediately grab you with every detail and marvel at how stunningly gorgeous they are. We’re Off To Find a Unicorn is a charming take on We’re Going on a Bear Hunt with a magical and mystical twist. 

"We're off to find a unicorn.
A mystical magical unicorn.
We're off to find a unicorn.
Wherever can it be?"

As my daughter and I were were reading the book we soon discovered that the animals that appeared in the book were in fact endangered and these are not animals that you would normally come across in our stories. Coming across these animals was definitely a talking point between the two of us. 

As we turned page by page we slowly began to notice the cheeky little unicorn had been with the family the whole time, my daughter was captivated on their journey of discovery of endangered animals in the quest to find a unicorn. The ending of the book was totally unexpected. 

The book includes brilliantly bright illustrations so any child can pick out different places and animals and even begin to learning places, animals and their colours as they go. The illustrations become a big part of the book as you have to spot the unicorn on each page, my daughter loved trying to find the hidden unicorn before I did. 

It’s a delightful book full of wonderment! It was very simple and easy to follow and was a great book for beginner readers and encourages lots of exploration and questions.The book includes brilliantly bright pictures so any child can pick out different objects and even begin to learn their colours as they turn the pages making it great for younger children too. 

This would make a great stocking filler for little unicorn fans and the book is now available at Owlet Press and Amazon. If you would like to WIN a copy of We're Off To Find A Unicorn by Eloise White and Cory Reid then please head over to our pinned post on our Facebook page like our post, follow our page and tag a friend. 

~ The book featured in this post has been kindly gifted to me, but all thoughts are my own. ~