Easter Basket 2023

Are looking for fun and creative Easter basket ideas that are a little more exciting than the regular basket? It is never too early to get prepared. So, here are some fun twists on the typical Easter basket that are great fun for children of all ages and perfect for both boys and girls.

It feels as if Easter seems so early this year and lucky for me Spring seems to be early this year too. Is it spring-like where you are yet? Nothing beats a bit of sunshine and beautiful skies to get you out of the winter slump. So that's why it seems the perfect timing to look for fun thing to add into your children's Easter baskets. However, this year we wanted to focus more crafts than chocolate and goodies because you certainly won't be short of chocolate-ly goodness. 

Easter baskets are a fun tradition to introduce to your family, but it's also easy to get carried away and spend your money on some many different knack knacks that end up in the bin. So, try to keep focused on your theme and include some of their favourites. We have kept  to the soft pastels colours, but mainly pastel green. We don't like to include too much chocolate and sweet treats inside her basket, as we know that she will most likely get some eggs from friends and family. So we tend to focus on crafts, spring time toys, stickers, and clothes that she will be able to use again.

So here's everything that I have included this year...

One of the main items that I have included this year is this adorable Personalised Easter Bunny T Shirt from Looppa, you can find their storefront over on Not on The Highstreet. It's a white short sleeved cotton t shirt with a printed floral bunny motif on with personalisation underneath. These t shirt are just so cute and they are available from 0-3 months right up to 13-14 years old. It isn't often that you see brands that make personalised items have such a huge sixing range - perfect for families that have children with an age gap. 

As we mentioned earlier, we have decided to make our daughter's Easter basket more craft focused than 'stuff' focused because she has been showing her very creative side at the moment. There are so many cute little crafts sets available in places like Home Bargains, B&M, The Range and The Works - you can pick up some amazing little sets that are super cheap too.  

This year we included  some Paint Your Own Eggs, Paper Chains, Make Your Own Hanging Decorations and DIY Windmills. We also included pastel coloured pom poms, pipe cleaners, foams stick ons as well as stickers, colouring books and glitters pens. With all these activities, she will definitely keep her mind and little hands busy all weekend. It is a great way to spend time together and we can also use them for decorating the house for the Easter break. 

It wouldn't be Easter without a crazy, over the top bonnet. So I have included a bonnet and a good few decorations in there too. I'm going to allow her to unleash her creative side and see what she comes up with. I have also added a set of head boppers in her basket too, these ones have tiny little carrots on the end of the boppers. 

What do you think of our Easter basket? Do you think our daughter will love it? What will you have in your Easter basket.

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