Easter Bunny Toilet Roll Stamps

It's Easter weekend! Yay! This only means one thing. I can't eat my body weight in chocolate! Oh, one more thing? How on earth do I keep a chocolate fuelled hyperactive three year old occupied over the holidays? Why I make my stress levels crazy and get creative with Easter crafts of course!

Our first day of the Easter holidays, we cracked out the arts and craft box that is full of paints, pens, stamps, and glitter and got to work. Unintentionally this year we have created an Easter tree (it's actually my posh twigs and vase) but over the last few weeks little lady has been putting her nursery creations on there and she wanted to add some hanging eggs on there too. We were kindly sent a couple of Easter boxes and one had a paint your own eggs set which included two eggs, pains and a paintbrush and she knew exactly how she wanted to decorate them! But something she really enjoyed was creating these super easy Easter Bunny Stamps. 

Bunnies are a pretty big thing in our house, thanks to a certain Rabbit in a little blue coat. So making some bunny crafts were at top of the list and so we created these Easter Bunny Toilet Roll Stamps and we both had so much fun with them. A super easy and simple idea of putting together three toilet roll middles into the shape of a bunny face and ears, something that all children can do, even adults can have a go!

To Make These Cute Bunny Stamps You Will Need:

3 toilet roll middles



Paper or card

Double sided tape (Glue or staples will work)

Felt tip pens

Kitchen roll 

Wet wipes

How To Make The Easter Bunny Stamps

1. First you need to make your bunny stamp, start off by squashing two toilet rolls middles flat to make those bunny ears. Leaving the third toilet roll middle as a circle for the bunny's head. 

2. Attach the ears together making sure that they are symmetrical to one another. We used double sided tape inside the toilet roll middles, however staples or glue will work just as well. Then take your bunny ears and attach them to the head with double sided tape, glue, or staples. Always make sure that the toilet roll middles are the same level, so when it comes to getting your stamp on they will touch the paper or card at the same time. 

3. Set up your paint. We decided to use a pastel pink for our bunny as we were using white card, however to stick with the Easter theme you could use a lot more pastel colours. We also used a light green for the grass where the bunny would hide, little lady's idea! We started our painting with the light green grass at the bottom of our card.

4. Get your stamp on! Take your bunny stamp, set it into the paint and stamp to your hearts content! We did a few pieces of card, once the little lady figured out how it would look on paper she wanted to do every character in Peter Rabbit! 

5. Once your bunnies have dried you can then add some faces with felt tip and then you are finished! These are so easy to do and we both had so much fun. What do you think about these Easter Bunny Stamps?