5 Years Time

It's safe to say that the past year and the wall-to-wall new coverage that has come with it has changed many of our lives seemingly overnight. It has changed the way we live, but also the way we work, socialise and eventually moving around the world will be different, too.

The pandemic has taught us so much about perspective, community, resilience and the importance of connection. Not only that, but it has also given us an incredible opportunity to rediscover truths about life - both individually and in society. So where we will be in five years time? It's a big, scary question, isn't it? Five years can fly by, and although so much can happen in that time frame.

So what can we do to make sure that the next few years of our life will be an exciting time of change and growth, a time of pursuing our goals and dreams. It's important, more than ever, to look towards the future. The first step is realising that change needs to happen. What better way to get onto that path than with a five year plan. 

In some ways, five years can give us many opportunities to look forward and to really help us to set goals with a long term vision. But on the other hand, five years can seem like a lifetime away. However, as long as you are willing to learn, develop and adapt your plan to be in line with your growth, you'll flourish and achieve all the things you want to.

The past year has taught me so much about solitude, growth, creativity and a whole lot about resilience. However, being stuck behind the same four walls for months on end there's a need for a little adventure. In five years time...


It doesn't seem possible that we've actually been in this house for six years! It was such a milestone for us to get onto the property market whilst adjusting to life a first time parents. But we feel incredibly proud of ourselves. In five years time, who knows where we will be. But we've been in this house for six years and think it's time to move on to something bigger and with a driveway. Before buying our first home we lived in a one bedroom flat in a small village, and we really miss the real sense of community in the village, the surrounding fields and the silence. A ultimate goal of ours is to end up living in a place in Devon or Cornwall if my husband's career paths takes us that way.


Career? Well if you'd asked me five years ago, the answer would have been something in the probation service. But then I had my little girl and everything changed! A baby was never really in our plan because I never thought that I would be able to have my own child so it was a big shock for us when it finally happened. Children change lives. They make them a little more hectic, busy and complicated. But more importantly, they make our lives better in more ways than you can count. My life has changed but changed in the best way possible. With that, my career perspective changed but opened new doors and new opportunities.

I started my blog. It was a place to help me through the midnight feeds so I could write about the happenings of our everyday life as a first time mum. But it's become much more than just a online diary. It means so much that people are actually (or still) read my posts, it makes me appreciate myself so much more and to realise my worth. When I started blogging I did it for the fun of it. I never in a million years imagined I’d learn enough to turn writing into my full-time career.

My little corner of the internet has done so many things for me as a person. It's kept me focused, encouraged me to chase my dreams and have a more positive outlook in life. I feel so lucky. I have got to know so many amazing and brilliant people from writing this blog. But to put it simply, my blogging became my true passion. It wasn't a future than I envisioned when I decided to press that publish button but it's been one of the most life changing decision I have ever made. And I am so proud of myself for following my heart and putting myself out there, warts and all instead of settling in a job that made me very unhappy. In the next five years I hope that it continues to grows and I become more involved with social media marketing and PR.

Adventures and Travel

Being in lockdown has made us all yearn for travel and adventure. Fortunately for us, we did manage to book a last minute staycation after the restriction were lifted last year. But we want to adventure further afield. So my plans for the next five years is to travel and adventures with my two favourites and the pup as much as we possibly can. We've made a travel bucket list full of exciting places like Disneyland, Thailand, Cuba, Scotland, Ireland and Italy. Not only that we have a bucket list of must visit places that my daughter wants to go and see which include Harry Potter Studios, The Shard, The Cotswold and Stonehenge.


If you've been reading our blog for a while you'll know that we want to have another baby, but after trying to conceive for four year it seems that another baby isn't is our plan. I think that's what a lot of people forget becoming a parent is not always a walk in the park. You don't think one day 'let's make a baby' and by some miracle, poof, you're pregnant!!! It's doesn't always work like that. It takes a lot of love, support and patience. I think that's why we feel so grateful to be parents, we never thought we would be parents. Our daughter is our miracle! We are complete. We feel content.

As a mum of an only child my biggest fear is leaving this world and leaving her alone. I know I may sound irrational and I know she will have family and friends but it's a genuine fear. Is it fair for her to be alone? This year marks yet another big milestone in our second fertility journey. We've seen a lot of heartache with one negative test after another. We had a glimmer of hope with our first positive pregnancy test, which was short lived making the heartbreak that much harder and so painful.

Like most children, our daughter is desperate for a sibling. I'm beginning to realise that it's having an impact on my daughter. Our daughter has always been confident enough to go off and play with her toys, colour or play dress up on her own. But recently she is making references to a brother or sister and telling us that it's no fun playing on her own. As a parent it was absolute torture hearing those words. Both my husband and I are trying so hard to have another baby and it's getting to a point now where I don't think it's going to happen for us and it breaks my heart knowing how devastated our daughter will be. I would love nothing more than another baby. Let's hope that somewhere in those five years that we get the second baby.

With five year plans who really knows where we will be. You can make plans and have dreams you want to achieve but we can never really predict exactly what will happen, it's exciting to wait and see what comes our way. Another move? A new job? Moving country? Triplets? Who knows! Life plans are never really set in stone, you can hope that your plans will unfold just as you predicted but making the plan come to life will take hard work, dedication and a lottery win! So here's hoping!

Do you ever make life plans? Would you make a five year plan?


  1. Gorgeopus pics. I have to say, I don't seem to be able to make plans at the moment - if I even think a month ahead it seems to get thrown out the window due to lock downs or health or some other random factor out of my control....so for now I'm just sort of day by day...but maybe soon? #KCACOLS

  2. I agree with Lydia – pictures are gorgeous and the setting seems so quaint and charming, especially with the cobblestones and floral-adorned entryways and windows. A place in Devon sounds divine. :) cheers #KCACOLS

  3. Its odd that 5 years ago seems like only last week but to try and imagine 5 years from now strikes me as impossible to imagine! #kcacols

  4. I'm always thinking, planning and setting goals for the future. This past year has been hard for me because of the uncertainty and not knowing when we will be free to get out there and live our lives to the fullest potential again. I'm not sure where we will be in 5 years. But put it this way, 5 years ago we were living in our house in Australia, working as normal and trying for a baby. Now we live on the other side of the world, with our almost 4 year old and I too have taken to blogging to make an income! #KCACOLS

  5. I don't tend to look as far into the future as that - maybe I should as I also tend to drift along a bit! Sorry to read of your fertility struggles - so tough :( #KCACOLS

  6. This evening, I've been filling in our census form and chatting to my eldest son about how he wasn't on the last census because he hadn't been born at that point. It made me reflect on how much has changed in the last ten years so it will be interesting to see how things change by the next census. I think the main change for me in the next five years will be a bigger focus on career compared to Mumming as both boys will be at school. #KCACOLS

  7. I don't have a five year plan, but reading this has inspired me to start thinking a bit more about where I'd like to be and the life I'd like to be living in the future! x #KCACOLS

  8. I have started my five year plan during lockdown as the older I get the more I realise you that planning is a great way to fit as many of life's goals in as possible. Sorry to hear about your fertility problems xx #KCACOLS

  9. I need to start looking into the future more as brighter days are ahead! We would love to move to Devon in the next few years so we better start planning! I hope your plans fall into place for you. #KCACOLS

  10. At the beginning of 2020, we felt that we were in a better position to make some plans (most of them smallish, but still, plans...) than we'd been for a long time. Then the pandemic happened and I no longer feel confident in planning anything at all.
    Another thing, about your daughter wishing for a sibling, I think it's a common phase for children to go through, and often something that seems bigger to the parents than to the child themselves? I was an only child (sort of - my mum had to sons from a previous marriage but they were both teens when I was born, almost adults, and never lived with us), and I can remember 'nagging' my parents for a baby sister or brother for a while. It must have been tough for them to hear, while as a kid, I soon got on with my life and was often happy to not have to share my parents with a sibling.
    Best of luck with the next 5 years, whatever they may bring x #KCACOLS

  11. An interesting question! I wouldn't say I have a 5 year plan (if you'd told me 5 years ago I'd have 4 kids I wouldn't have believed it!) but now you've got me thinking about it! #KCACOLS