My Goals, Hopes and Dreams for 2019

Happy New Year! Well what a year 2018 was for our family trio. It's been full of family fun, adventures and we have created so many wonderful memories that we will cherish. We have explored some of the most wonderful places, celebrated birthdays and anniversaries. In the midst of all the happy times there have been quite a few sad ones, but we are certainly stronger because of it. 

Some of our favourites without a doubt would be our celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary, our girl turning four, holidays and a last minute trip away to celebrate my husband leaving his 20s. Our daughter became a fully fledged little girl and started school. A milestone that she had certainly smashed and as parents we have seen our daughter come on leaps and bounds overcoming many milestones along the way. She is becoming one confident, fierce and very independent little girl making us the proudest parents. In 2018 I made the plunge and became self employed with my blog and my brand and I couldn’t be happier. I hope that my blog and brand continues to grow with more success. Along the way there have been some hard life lessons and losses that have really changed us as a family. So in 2019 we only want to be around the people who love us, not the ones who pretend they do. It’s funny how a few numbers can change your whole outlook in life, this year is going to be nothing but good fun, adventures and full of amazing moments. It's an exciting year ahead and we cannot wait for a fresh start full of new adventures. 2019 we are ready for you!

With a fresh new year full of exciting new adventures and plan yet to be made, I also find that it's the perfect time for reflection on the past year. For me, it's a great way to see how far I have come and this year has been full of amazing moments but also our family has seen a few harder moments. But it's surprising what’s possible with great family and amazing friends beside you along for the journey. 2018 has taught me so much and so let's see how my goals, hopes and dreams for 2018 panned out.

With my blog…

Hitting a big milestone with my social media following was something very important to me, it's no where near where I want to be, but I completely smashed last years goals and I actually couldn't be prouder of myself. The same can't be said for my regular series, the kinda fizzled out. But it's not the direction I really want for my blog anymore. In 2018 I made the plunge and became self employed with my blog and my brand and I couldn’t be happier. It crazy to think that I am earning some kind of wage in a job that I love, I honestly feel so lucky right now in my work life. I hope that my blog and brand continues to grow with more success. 

With parenting…

Preparing little lady for school - One of the biggest milestones for any parent is preparing your little one for school, and I have to say this was probably the hardest milestone yet. It took me a long time to adapt to the change, but  my daughter adapted so well. There are tough days where she doesn't want to go to school and stay with me, but the days I meet her excited little face at the school gates and she tells me about the exciting activities she has done at school is worth it all. Being a parent can be a whirlwind. Finding the joys and smiles is easy but sometimes it’s a little harder. My husband and I were blessed with our little miracle baby who we love with everything we have. It’s important for us to raise a little girl to be independent and become her own little person. But a big part of allowing her to becoming her own person is to loosen those reins a little, even though it was hard.

Sign up to ballet classes - Now, I don’t know about you but I have a little girl who is completely obsessed with signing, dancing and loves to put on a show. Seeing her little eyes light up at every opportunity has left me wondering whether we should put her confidence into some ballet lessons, and so we signed her up and she starts in January and she's so excited. Talking of learning new things something that we didn't manage to do was teach my daughter to ride her bike, she still needs the stabilzers but this is something that I will smash. Bring on Spring...

With life…

Baby - The new year marked a big milestone in the fertility journey and something that we have kept close to our hearts. After the birth of our daughter it was then we started to tell people and the whole world through this blog about our fertility problems. And being a parent is the most amazing thing and so last year we decided to add to our family, but here we are again. I honestly thought that I wouldn't have problems when it comes to conceiving another baby. After all, I have already prepared my body and you pretty much know how it all works so it should be a walk in the park right? Well, I can definitely tell you, it's actually worse. I cannot seem to get it into my head that just because I have had a baby doesn't automatically guarantee that we will be able to have another baby. 2018 has seen a lot of heartache for us. We have had one negative test after another. However there was a glimmer of hope with a positive pregnancy test that was short lived making the heartbreak that much harder. So throw all positive vibes our way for a sibling for a very desperate little girl who is eager to be a big sister.

Get healthy - I managed to ditch pasta and bread for most part of the year but healthy eating and weight loss is still a goal for 2019 I still have quite a bit to lose. But something that I really want to focus on is exercise. A goal that I did manage to completely smash was setting days where I switch off from blogging and social media; Wednesdays and Sundays and this is something that I am keen on sticking to. It's been so great for me personally and professionally, it's actually makes more proactive. 

Now to set some fresh goals, hopes and dreams for 2019…

Work on my blog…

Now this is something that needs a little work. I need to go self hosted, if I am being honest I hate the thought of change and I am being a little lazy because I have no clue where to start. My theme, I am so over it now. It's no longer fitting in with my blog direction. I want something that works for me and my style. As for other blogging aspects I would love to improve on my photography in the hopes to grow my Instagram account. Something else that I am really interested in this year is more portrait photography to try and build a portfolio for some other projects than I am a little excited for. Last year, I joined some blogging community groups which have been amazing for encouragement and these groups really helped with being confident with opportunities, pitching and knowing my worth. This is something that I would love to continue with. I want to be more confident with pitches and want to pitch every single week because I want to work with as many brands as I can for 2019.

Get healthy, get fit…

Last year, as you know, I ditched the bread and pasta. However, towards the end of the year I seemed to eat, sleep and breath in bread but over indulgent hasn't been the best for my body. So keeping healthy and getting fit is something that I need to do. As of the first of January I decided to go it alone with Slimming World, mainly because I far too tight to part with £5 a week. But I actually want to try something that may actually work for me and become more of a lifestyle that a diet. So wish me luck. A diet is pretty pointless without some form of exercise. As a family we have made promises to become more active with weekly walks in the wild on our adventures. I will also start running again, it's been a good few years since I did, so it's going to be hard to begin training again. You may never know I may even run a marathon!

Explore more adventures...

This year we want to keep on exploring more adventures and travel more as a family. There are so many places that we want to discover with some many being right on our doorstep, I just want to go and discover new places. We are planning on going on holiday with family this year, but looking for some weekend getaways throughout the year. Ireland is somewhere that has always appealed to me, listening to family stories of life in Ireland sounds so dreamy, so a trip with my family would be so exciting.

Always make time for family & friends

Over Christmas and New Year I cannot tell you how lovely it was to get everyone together. And so it make complete sense to make a regular get together a thing. It can be so hard trying to organise a get together, but life is for living right? So a regular family get together is something that we plan on doing every three month where we either take a trip to a park, organise a game night or venture on a woodland walk. As for friends, this year I want to make more of a conscious effort to go out for coffee and slimming cocktails. I feel as if I have lost myself ever so slightly in the midst of motherhood which has made my anxiety worse. I want to try and push myself to go out and see people, step out of my comfort zone every now and again.

Have you made any New Year goals?


  1. Looks like you did great with last year’s goals, best of luck with this year’s goals! Going self hosted really isn’t too traumatic, promise!

  2. Lots and lots of positive vibes in your post, You had me smiling from the first paragraph and I love the fact you're celebrating the little things. It's tough when your little one starts school, isn't it? My youngest started this year as well and it's been weird not having her around.

  3. Love this, so important to look back on your goals and reflect, whilst thinking of new aims for the future. So sorry to hear you have suffered with pregnancy loss, that must be so hard for you. Sending you lots of love and hugs and hope that that second baby will come along when the time is right. Your blog is looking lovely - I love your photos, looking forward to seeing your adventures through the year. x

  4. You are doing so well. Well done. Taking the plunge to become self employed is never an easy choice but it is so fulfilling.

  5. Best of luck with all of your 2019 goals, and I'm sending you all the positive vibes on the baby front. My son started school this year too and I spent so long preparing him that I never thought to prepare myself - I found it really hard!

  6. This is a beautiful, heart felt post. Don't be hard on yourself with the blog or diet, it's January, ease into the year and don't feel rushed. You have your own domain so self hosting won't be a big deal when you have the time to do it. Best of luck with your 2019 goals x

  7. Oh I love this, you have some great goals there but remember there is no pressure to achieve them. I think that's why I don't make goals, just because I would beat myself up about them! I like to just wing my way through life, haha!

  8. Sounds to me that you’ve got a great balance going on. I also struggled very much with secondary infertility which I just couldn’t fathom. I’m sending lots of positive vibes for you. Good luck with your goals in 2019 xx

  9. My youngest started school last September and I still can't get used to her not being here with me. Sounds like some great goals for this year, I wish you well with them!