Amelia Turns Four

As many of you know we celebrated our daughter's fourth birthday a couple of weekends ago and we have been busy ever since so now I can finally catch my breath I thought now would be the perfect time to tell you all about our girls special day, or weekend should I say. It's so strange to think that I have an actual four year old, A FOUR YEAR OLD. As cliche as this sound it really does only feel like yesterday we were in the midst of all those curries, bumpy car journeys and as much raspberry leaf tea I could consume, all in a bid to meet our special little lady. Four years of adventures, four year of tantrums not forgetting those cuddles. These four years have passed by so quickly and they’ve been the best four years of my life. Like with most birthdays we couldn't wait to celebrate our girl turning four and when I asked her what she'd like to do, she wanted a trip to the zoo for a picnic and  a little Sunday tea party sending a couple of invites to her friends.

On Saturday it was an early start for us for our trip to Colchester Zoo. I think I was becoming more excited than the birthday girl, everyone loves a zoo don't they? Before we are even out of our car park the little birthday monster was already saying 'are we there yet?!' Hmmm, two hours of this is going fun. But we did have Nanny Caney in the back to keep her occupied though. My mum, dad, sister and family were also on their way. It was about a two hour drive. So with plenty of stops we would get there in good time, however the other car had to pull over as my niece was travel sick. But we were only about 20 minutes away and decided to carry on with our journey, especially as the little lady needed the loo. 

We arrived and I honestly couldn't believe how big Colchester Zoo was, we certainly had out work cut out for us. But we made it through the airport-esque entrance before grabbing a map and heading towards the monkeys! It was a brilliant day. We saw penguins, my daughter held a grasshopper, we fed nectar to birds and even fed an elephant. The highlight of the day! I do have to say that Colchester Zoo is an experience but we managed to see every single animal.. I will be writing a separate post about our adventure at Colchester very soon so keep your eyes peeled. 

After such a busy day at the Zoo I was really looking forward to a more relaxed day with a tea party. So the little lady got up and opened all her gifts. This year she asked for a Belle dress and when she finally opened up her present she was so ecstatic. We also got her a few Hatchimals, Disney Princesses; Little Kingdom and unicorn bits. But it was all about the Belle dress, but didn't she look completely gorgeous? I actually took a couple of photos outside the front of our house and we had so many people comment on how pretty she look in her dress. Family and friends started to make their way to our house around lunchtime and of course just in time for the England game. We celebrated by opening presents, playing dress up, watching the game with copious amounts of tea and way too much cake. It was so much fun and our daughter had a blast. 

On the Monday, her actual birthday was a normal day for us. My husband had work, I had deadlines and the little lady was excited to wear her birthday badges and tell everyone at nursery that it was her birthday. The nursery was really sweet and made her day very special by making her a card and singing her happy birthday. As it was just the little lady and I at home during the afternoon we decided to have birthday picnic for part three of the celebrations. We ate lunch and had more candles and cake. However, the lady did did demand that I sing her happy birthday at least six times, well it was her birthday I guess. 

Wow, what a weekend! I'm not going to lie I was absolutely shattered after our daughter's birthday weekend of celebrations. I think both my husband and I would need a whole week to get over our daughter's 'birthday weekend'. As a blogger we love to take photos and so I took over 500 of them, but unfortunately my SD corrupted and I lost so many photos, thankfully my husband worked his magic for about a week sorting out my laptop and formatting my SD and managed for get over 100 back. But I was so annoyed about the whole thing! But at least he managed to save a few snaps.


  1. They just grow up so quickly it’s not fair! How is my eldest nearly 14! Colchester zoo looks absolutely fabulous and huge! Gorgeous photos and a day to remember!

  2. Colchester zoo is our favourite zoo! It is amazing there xx

  3. It looks like you had a lovely time, I hope she had a happy birthday!