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Pumpkin Apple Stamps

We have been well and truly getting into the swing of things for Halloween this weekend. Our weekend started off by making some sweet treats, being creative and ended with an adventure picking pumpkins, which is always so much fun as a family. I want to share a simple and easy activity that you can do with your children, these Pumpkin Apple Stamps which is such a fun way to celebrate the coming Autumn season. My daughter really enjoyed stamping her way through half a pad of paper with these apple stamps and I must admit, I had some fun too...

Sometimes when it comes to being creative with children it can cause more mess and chaos that you expect, but with these Apple Pumpkin Stamps you don't need to. This is probably one of the easiest and fun activities that I have done with my daughter, and I am sure you will be able to create some funky looking pumpkins in no time at all, so to make these you'll need:

Orange paint
Green paint
Paint brushes
Black & white card

S T E P  1:

First you will need to cut the apples in half for your stamps and for a better stamping session I did find that the paint goes on easier if you pat dry the inside of the apples first. So make sure than you pat them dry with some kitchen roll before adding the paint. 

S T E P  2: 

Pop some orange and green paint in some small pots, plates or on some card. If you don't have prepared green and orange and only keep the primary colours in your cupboard, like me. It's time to make some up. To make the orange use one part red and two parts yellow, for the green you need to use two parts yellow and one part green. Easy peasy

S T E P  3: 

Then the fun can begin. Using the inside of the apple as a stamp, dip the inside of your apple in the orange paint making sure that it's completely covered and get stamping. You could also use your paintbrush to brush paint straight onto the apple if you'd prefer. 

S T E P  4:

Using a smaller paintbrush you can start to paint the 'pumpkin hair' onto your little pumpkins. You can make them as crazy as you want, we wasn't too adventurous with ours though. 

S T E P  5: 

It's time to make some funky faces for your pumpkins. Using your black card cut out some small triangles for the eyes and nose, being as creative as you want for their mouth. You could have very scary ones, silly ones or even happy pumpkins. If you can't get any black card, you can simply get a black marker and colour in some white card and cut your shapes, if not you can use a black felt tip pen to draw their faces. 

Will you be making some Pumpkin Apple Stamps? If you do, you'll have to show me your creations.

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10 comments on "Pumpkin Apple Stamps"
  1. My daughters would love to do this activity. Sounds like you had a lovely seasonal weekend too.

  2. Oh what a brilliant idea! Really simple but so effective :-)

  3. Ah these look so simple but so good! I know my older two would love them, and we always have an abundance of apples in the house at any one time! Love it! x

  4. I am in love with these! We are definitely making some tomorrow as we’ve got a lazy day at home planned.

  5. This looks amazing!! I will definitely be doing this with the boys over Halloween weekend. The

  6. What a great craft idea, these could be adapted for Father Christmas faces/reindeer too 😀

  7. This is a fantastic idea! Will definitely be giving it a go. We're Halloween and autumn craft mad at the moment. Thanks for sharing x

  8. Aww this is such a cute idea, love it! x

    Gemma Louise

  9. This is actually such a creative idea - would t have through of this x loving your posts ❤️❤️

  10. This is such a good idea to use apples! Makes me want to get creative and do some myself! x


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