Family Lifestyle Blogs You REALLY Should Follow

At the moment, I feel as if I am in a bit of a blogging slump and I am trying really hard to try and climb out, and it's been difficult. One way that I always find that helps when in a slump is to get inspired! I will go and read some of my favourite bloggers for inspiration. However, whatever you do, don't get sucked into comparing yourself or your blog to others. When I do this I tend to get an overwhelming feeling of self-doubt and I even begin questioning whether blogging is for me anymore. I adore blogging, of course. But when I am feeling particularly low, it makes it even harder to get out of the slump. Lately, I have found a bit of comfort whilst reading some of these amazing blogs.  Although the blogs mentioned below are similar in that they involve life with children in some aspect, they are all very different which is why I love them so much. There's nothing more that I prefer doing than snuggling up, with a nice cup of tea reading my faves and these ladies are pretty much killing it at the moment. If you aren’t following these lovely ladies already then I highly recommend that you do it now, I’m so excited to see what else they’re going to bring to the wonderful world of blogging.


Oh miss Naptime Natter, also known as Wendy is one of those blogs that I will always refer back to. I came across Naptime Natter through a single post searching for something (at that time, I wasn't sure exactly what), it was a time where I felt so low, my anxiety was an all time high and I felt nothing but loneliness in Motherhood. Pretty much as soon as I came across this beautiful post 'Just Another Lonely Mum' I was completely hooked. I was in awe of her writing, her brutal honesty and above all her courage for wanting to write about issues that some people may find difficult, it's quite inspiring. You can get a feel for her through her blog and you can clearly see how much she loves her two boys, Leo and Alex.  Most of the posts on Naptime Natter are focused on pregnancy, babies and motherhood but there is a category that gives in solace in my journey through motherhood and that hers mental health posts. I have read quite a few mental health posts, but I have to say that the way Wendy writes shows warmth and they are very heartfelt which not everyone can deliver. To be able to write about something that is so personal must have been so hard, but by writing about her own personal experiences makes me feel as if I am less alone. You get all the feels as if you're talking to a family or a friend, with her words that are so beautifully written, but being able to match up a face to the voice makes them even better.


The first thing you will see when you come across Island Living 365 is her amazing website, I have yet to come across one like hers. You can read it almost like a magazine, it's so clear and you can navigate yourself around the website very easily. The blog is written and photographed by Emma, who I came across when I joined up to a course to help kick start a more proactive approach to blogging, a year on and we are pretty familiar with one another blogs and social media platforms. So it makes complete sense to add Emma and Island Living 365 to family lifestyle blog you should follow, because it's a very unique blog. Another reason why I fell in love with this blog is her amazing photography skills, each and everyone of them are different. You can clearly see that all of her photographs are clearly thought out and look dreamy, many of them make me want to move away from Norfolk and move to the beautiful Jersey Island, so if there is one thing you do today go and find her Instagram account.


Well what can I say about Shinners and The Brood? You need to go and check this blog out, like NOW! The blog owner is Sinéad who is absolutely hilarious, most of her blog posts make me giggle and when I feel I need a little pick me up, I head straight there. Sinéad is a mother of three taking a break from working life to box Lego six times a day and fish onions out of her children's meals. You can't help but fall in love with Sinéad and her wit, in her blog she documents the good, bad and the downright mortifying moments of motherhood. I first came across Shinners and The brood in a small knit blogging community and I read this post, 'Hey You! You're Doing Great' and with this post she got an true fan. It was this post that showed me that not all of us have our sh*t together and there's no such thing as a perfect parent and we are all just trying to do the best for our families.


This is a blog that you cannot help but feel inspired after visiting. The writer behind The Inspiration Edit is Angela who lives in Lancashire with her  husband John, her very photogenic daughter Sylvia and their pet dogs Yoda and Casper. I came across her when I first started out and but Angela blogged under a completely different name, Days In Bed. But after making the big decision to take her blog into a completely different direction and so The Inspiration Edit was born. Way before Angela became a blogger she was an Early Years Teacher living in New Zealand  with her daughter and husband, however her life soon took a dark turn where her marriage became abusive. Angela had no choice but to get her daughter away from that environment and move back to the UK. In 2013, Angela married John, who is a wonderful step father and completely dotes on Sylvia. But it wasn't long after their wedding that Angela was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency and since then has been trying to live her life the best she can with this chronic illness.


Five Little Doves is one of those blogs that you will remember, the header immediately grabs you. This blog belong to the beautiful writer Laura who loves writing posts about her gorgeous rainbow children, their life and all the amazing adventures they get up to. However this blog is much more than that. The whole reasoning behind the blog is to raise awareness for baby loss, sadly Laura and her family have broken hearts, some years back they lost their beautiful baby boy, Joseph. A letter written to Joseph on his 9th birthday was one of the first posts that I came across and it was absolutely heartbreaking to read, I cannot even begin to understand the pain and heartache. That's why I love Five Little Dove so much, it's one of those blog that you will always remember. Another reason why I adore this blog is Laura is an amazing photographer, think blonde hair, greenery and photogenic children!!!

Now, don't forget to go and check these wonderful bloggers out. These ladies and their blogs are amazing and such inspirations, and I am sure that you will think the same too. 


  1. Ah I haven't heard of most of these blogs! I will have to check them out! I have read Five Little Doves though - that post was so sad but so important! x

    1. You need to go and check these amazing bloggers out. There are so many great blogs out there!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my blog. it means so much. I appreciate it! :)

  3. Thanks for this, some great blogs to look out and discover x

  4. Lovely blogs you have highlighted here. I hope you find your blogging mojo again soon

  5. Oh this is so kind of you and really does mean a lot to me. I've been down on myself since BML and this has been a huge boost, thank you so much. Xxx

    1. Well you don't need to my lovely! You are amazing and I love what you do, as does so many other people. You need to have see that you are brilliant at what you do!!! :)