Pumpkin Hand Prints

Don't you just love Halloween? It's becoming my favourite time of year and we have been having some Halloween fun already. Last weekend that we had a little adventure to pick some pumpkins, baked the most delicious Spiced Loaf and now we are unleashing some creativity with these very cute pumpkins. Now how adorable are these little pumpkin hand prints? It's didn't take us too long to paint our hands and print them onto paper and even though we got a little messy it was so much FUN

To Make These Prints You'll Need:

Washable paints in orange and green



Baby wipes

How to Make The Pumpkin Prints

First task is to paint your child's palm, and make sure that you only paint the palm. My daughter is very independent and wanted to paint her own palm, they may get messy but it's worth all the smiles. However, when we did the pumpkins again we decided to clench our hands into a fist and paint from our knuckle to knuckle to create more realistic pumpkins.  

After the palm is painted, take you child's hand and place it onto the paper and lightly press down, creating a print of your child's palm. This will be become your little pumpkin. As we were painting our hands and making the prints we were talking about each step as we went along. Simply repeat the steps as many times as you like, we decided to make a little pumpkin family, happily sitting in their pumpkin patch. Then allow your pumpkins to dry for at least ten minutes. 

Once your pumpkins are dry it's now time to paint some faces. This is the perfect time to be creative. We decided to give our pumpkins blue eyes and noses, because, well why not. My daughter used her fingers to dot them onto the pumpkins. Then once they have faces it's time to paint on the stems and vines. Simply get your paintbrush and dip into the green paint and be creative. You could paint in a corn field or even a scarecrow.  Be as creative as you need. 

So what do you think our our pumpkin hand prints? They are such a simple and easy craft to do with children and I am sure you'll have just as much fun as we did. You could even use this pumpkin hand prints for Halloween invitations, as decorations or just cards for family and friends. 

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