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This is Me...

So, where to start? Okay I live in Norfolk with my husband Tony, our daughter Amelia and our very chunky Beagle who is more like a sausage dog! My husband and I have been so lucky to have been blessed with our miracle baby and we honestly couldn't imagine our lives without her, she is our absolute world.

I first started my blog to keep my brain from going to complete mush whilst on maternity leave. But several months on and being a first time mum along with writing this blog have become both fulfilling more than I ever expected. I love being a mum to my beautiful daughter, it is the best job I have ever had, and this blog provides me with an outlet about our adventures. I love being a stay at home mum because I never need an excuse to play with her toys, dance for the sake of it, or get my hands on crayons to scribble. Better yet...I can watch a much of Peppa the bloody the pig as I want - who wouldn't want to do that! :)

Apart from my journey as a first time mum I blog about life in general, anything from shopping hauls, renovations to recipes . I have a real passion for beauty and I love to hit the beauty stores and grab a bargain, who doesn't? There is nothing more than I love than to discover new innovative products that I want to rave about, my blog is the perfect outlet. 

So that's it for me, I hope you enjoy my blog and if you'd like to get in touch or say hi, please do. Go grab a cup of tea and stay a while.
3 comments on "This is Me..."
  1. This is a great first post...Well done!

  2. Hi Kelly-Anne and this is a lovely #MyFirstBlogPost - as for Peppa Pig, I escaped England just before she really came onto the scene but I did blog about her recently, which you might like to read.

  3. Agree it's a good intro to your blog - and I love Norfolk #myfirstblogpost


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