This is Me...

Hello there! I'm Kelly-Anne and this is my blog where I bring you a little piece of my passion. My love for blogging stems from the hopes to encourage and inspire women to be the best versions of the selves. I always believe in sharing life's big adventures and the little moments with you, to show that despite all the struggles you can make an impact. 

You will find a little bit of everything on here from beauty, skincare, mum style to home baking, life as a mama to seeing all the decor changes to our forever home. You will see it all. I live in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk with my husband Tony, our beautiful little girl and our cheeky beagle (more like sausage dog). 

Parenthood wasn't something that was so easy for us. While we were experiencing fertility struggles my love for reading blog really help me keep a positive mindset and allowed me alter my focus, even for a little while. After some time and by some miracle we soon found out we were expecting a baby. My pregnancy was idyllic and my daughter's birth was natural with only gas and air for pain relief, go me! As my daughter came into the world my husband and I were saving like mad to try and get ourselves onto the property ladder, seven months down the line and we were finally in our home. With a new house, a young baby in tow it was quite the change. This was when my anxiety began to set in. The idea of going out to a baby class filled me with dread, even the thought of going out to get bread or milk would get me in a fit of nerves. And so I decided to start a blog.

With the help of joining blogging communities and writing content I began to channel a little positivity into my life. Now a few months being a first time mum, along with this blog they have become more fulfilling than I ever expected. I love being a mum to my beautiful daughter. I love being a mum that blogs too, it's given me an outlet to share our adventures, write about the woes and wins of being a mama. It's given me a wonderful opportunity to have a passion in life, but I never need an excuse to play with her toys, dance with my daughter like nobody's watching and unleash a little creativity with her. Even better than that I am able to watch as much of Peppa the bloody pig as I want, now who wouldn't want to do that? 

So that's it for me, I hope you enjoy my blog and if you'd like to get in touch or say hi, please do. Go grab a cup of tea and stay a while.


  1. This is a great first post...Well done!

  2. Hi Kelly-Anne and this is a lovely #MyFirstBlogPost - as for Peppa Pig, I escaped England just before she really came onto the scene but I did blog about her recently, which you might like to read.