My First Godson: Elliot Paul David

Sunday was a fantastic day as my husband and I were given the great honour in becoming Godparents and it was such a privilege. Our Godson Elliot Paul David Combes.

On the day we had to travel down to Rugby for the service it is such a shame we live so far away. But after a long car journey we managed to spend some time with Elliot before his special day commenced. The church service was so beautiful, we were very proud. As both Tony and I were Elliot's godparent we had to leave Amelia with Nanny Caney and she started to misbehave with the order of the service and want to get to us.

After a few photographs and another ride in the car to the social club we were ready for a few sandwiches and cake. I didn't really see Amelia as she was with her grandparents, aunts or uncles. When she did come back to Mummy and Daddy she had a face full of chocolate cake - so thank you Grandad Combes.

But all in all it was a beautiful day and such an honour.