The Reason Behind The Blog

Wahoo post number 2! So this blogging business is much more difficult than I first anticipated. There is so much that I didn't even consider, but like with most things I am learning very quickly. Before I decided to becoming a blogger myself, you could say that I was a little obsessed with blogs. One day I will have to share some of my favourite bloggers with you. 

But already I have found the blogging community to be both supportive and competitive, something that didn't even enter my head before. As I like to google everything, when researching 'how to start a blog' I have come across some many posts talking about all the good things and bad things that come with blogging. And made a point that you shouldn't do it for the free stuff. Clearly I will be a long way off from working with brands and companies, but if I am honest I am not looking to blog professionally. I have decided to create an outlet for me to talk about my life as a mum to one and exploring all the adventures as a family of three. I feel as if this should be a place to talk about my journey into motherhood, and talk about the fact that it was probably one of the hardest things my husband and I have ever gone through. But I really hope that by sharing my story will empower others who have struggled with fertility know that they are not alone in their journey and hopefully they will reach out too. I must admit, it's a journey that I am apprehensive about, but I am so eager to share with everyone in the hope to make so kind of difference to at least one person.