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Hello everyone,

It was time to go and visit Santa and my husband and I were beyond excited. Amelia was only six months old last year so she was too small to fully understand what was happening. The case may be the same for this year too however I loved seeing her face light up. 

We took Amelia to see Santa at the Baytree Winter Wonderland Christmas Grotto which is a best-known Christmas grotto in the region. A visit to the Winter Wonderland, a ride on sleigh ride, a visit to Father Christmas, a gift and a small Christmas tree for only £9! What a great price. Accompanying adults and children are £1.50.

Even though we decided to take Amelia the week before Christmas we did not have to wait too long. I think we had to wait an hour and a half but none of us really notice because there were a few displays we could take in while we queued.

This was taken last year - the husbands idea!

The next display was a strange one for Amelia. She loves teddy bears and from afar she loved it but as we got closer she began to become a little more nervous around him. I can understand why she did though I think he looked a little scary against the red light. But despite this he was a big hit with the children. 

Finally we made it to the entrance to the Winter Wonderland and the ride on the sleigh which went around in a loop a few times. There were more displays to be seen once you got onto the sleigh, for any child it would truly be a magical sleigh ride. After we got off the sleigh there were lots more displays to be seen from owls, polar bears, snowmen, reindeers and so much more.

Then its was time to visit Santa. We were greeted by a very friendly elf who asked Amelia how old she was and then we went through. I was a little dubious about how Amelia would react when she see Santa but she immediately turned around as if she wanted to sit on his knee, but then she just sat between Santa's legs on the floor. Even Santa said that was the first time any child has ever done that with him, she did eventually sit on his knee.

After Amelia received her gift and her Christmas tree we then went outside and saw some real reindeer that you could feed carrots, we watched other children feed them as so many wanted to. It was truly a magical day and if you ever get the chance to go to Baytree Winter Wonderland, you need to go, you will not be disappointed.

Have you seen Santa yet?
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