The Special Bond Between A Father And His Daughter

A father loves a daughter like no other love on earth. From the day he first meets her, nothing can compare her worth. Forever are they bonded with a love that never fails. There really is nothing more beautiful than a love between father and his daughter.
Before I became a parent to my beautiful little girl, I was told that becoming a parent will change me. I cannot really explain what it is that clicks inside of you the moment when you become a parent , it's like there's a switch. When you have a child, life becomes different. The whole world changes and you see things and people in a completely different light, nothing like they were before. I don't think I will be able to explain what it is about becoming a parent that makes you a new person, but all I can say is that it does happen. Becoming a mother to my beautiful little girl has actually made me see my husband differently. There's just something about those moments where he takes our daughter into his arms, puts her on his shoulders, tucks her in to bed, or just walks along with her holding hands - it makes my heart melt every time. If anything it actually makes me love him so much more than I already do...
Through the years we have fought to keep each other strong and overcome difficulties that we couldn't have survived without one another. I will forever believe that our love will get us through anything. Life can be so hard and can really throw some awful moments into the mix to try and push our limits. We've had great moments, bad moments and awful moments. But as a husband and wife we have learned to survive the bad moments that actually helps us appreciate those great moments by making them amazing. I'm so grateful that my husband always seems to have enough strength to always stay strong, strong enough for the both of us and I couldn't really ask for more. I will always be forever grateful that I get to share my life with my husband and to have him by my side to see us through. I will always treasure our time together and I will continue to encourage him to chase his dreams, as I am sure he will do the same for me and our daughter.
There is so much talk about mothers and their love for their children. The fact that being a mother can feel like a complete whirlwind, being a parent can be demanding and tough. Yet as much as know that parenting our daughter is tough my husband's role in our daughter's life is just as important and valued as my own. Yes, I carried our child, I gave birth to her and I am the person who looks after her for the majority of the time, but that doesn't make me more of a parent than my husband. Everyday I feel so grateful for him and relish in the fact that my daughter is so lucky to be able to call him her Daddy. This amazing man will help guide her through life, this man will help teach her how to stand up for herself, this man will tell her that she is capable of anything. This is the man that will empower her to succeed. I know he's amazing, but what I love even more is that my daughter knows how amazing he is too. Their bond is special, their bond is unique and completely different to ours.
From the day we found out we were expecting a child he was with me every step of the way. My husband would always be encouraging, hands-on, changing nappies, giving her a bath, reading a bed time story and soothing her when she cries. Every step of the way! I think that his presence and his effort at the beginning has helped so much with his bond with our daughter and he's told me that he even thinks about me differently. 

With my daughter, I have been thinking about how to raise her to become a wonderful woman. I feel as if both my parents did an amazing job with my brother, sister and I. Their parenting is something that I have always aspired to and hopefully with enough love and support if we become half the parents there are then we will be amazing. I often think back to my childhood and how amazing it was. But there is one comment that my mother made about my father that has stayed with me forever. In that, I was so lucky to be able to have such supportive and encouraging parents like them, do you know what? She was totally right, they both are such amazing people and my brother, sister and are very lucky people. My mother appreciated everything that my father did for us all. Our father had a big impact on our childhood and this continues to grow into our adult years. 
During our childhood he worked away a lot, which was so hard for my mum and at times I think she found it so tough. But when he home was, he would spend all his time with us, encouraging us to do things that we would necessarily do with our mother. My dad loved to have projects, normally involving cars. I can remember a campervan that my mum got for my dad as 'a project' where he could renovate the engine and the interiors. My sister and I were always the first to offer a helping hand, which I believe helped us bond with our father so much more. We probably even learned a thing or two. I always say this about my dad, but he simply is one of the best. I would go as far to say that he is one of the most influential people in my life, and will always make me see sense when I cannot. Our bond as father and daughter became even stronger, when we were going through tough times as a family. A memory that neither of us like to look back on but nonetheless it's a memory we will never ever forget and in turn made our bond as father and daughter is stronger than ever. I have the ultimate respect for him. 
I am even fortunate enough to be married to man that I think is equally as great as my own father. It seems as many father's believe that the impact they have on their children is minimal, especially with daughters. Some people that I have spoken to about a father and daughter bond feels as if they miss out on big milestones in their children's lives, because they are away trying to provide a good future for their children. In some ways they feel as if they are unable to have that special bond with their children due to some reason or another.  I can tell you from my own experience and watching my husband create an amazing bond with our daughter is a completely different story. Both my husband and my father worked so hard and spent so much time away, but it hasn't lessen that special bond. I am here to tell you that the special bond between a father and a daughter is like no other, it's strong, it's unique and everlasting. I don't want my husband to ever think that the impact he has on our daughter as minimal, when it comes to her finding a partner she will look for a spouse that reminds her of him. By him being present in her life, spending time with her, getting involved with daily things like bath time and bedtime has an impact. You may not think it does, but it really does. I love seeing him being so supportive, showing her so much love and compassion, being so encouraging which will help make her believe in herself. To show her that she can do things. The impact that my husband has on our daughter is far from small, her daddy is her everything.

He lifts her up to the sky and shows her the moon...
Happy Father's Day... 


  1. Oh Kelly-Anne, what a beautiful touching tribute to your husband and to your father. I bet it brings a tear to his eye when he reads it, and it's something your daughter will no doubt treasure forever more as well. Beautiful words.

  2. Oh these are such lovely words. You are very lucky to have such a fantastic father and husband. I agree that when you have children it just makes you love your husband even more!

  3. This is beautiful Kelly-Anne! What a touching and lovely sentiment to your husband and your dad too. You're so right, it really does make us love our husbands even more - I melt when I see the bond my hubby has with our two. xx