Our New Christmas Traditions

Christmas has to be my favourite time of year and I am definitely one of those people that love when Christmas decorations hit the shops and start listening to Christmas music in October. I love all the warm Christmas scents and indulging in the most wonderful treats. Most families have certain traditions that they need to do in order to get into the Christmas spirit and now that we are a family I think it's time we made our own. My daughter will be 18 months old on Christmas Day and obviously she won't fully understand what is going on but I know I will enjoy playing with her and her new toys. 

Christmas Eve Basket

I have seen so many people make up their crates, boxes and baskets for their little ones to enjoy on Christmas Eve, and so we have decided to put one together for our little lady. I think it will become on that she will love and hopefully something that we can all enjoy before Father Christmas comes and visits. I must admit, I really wish we had something like this to enjoy, as a child my parents would get us festive pyjamas and we would sit and watch a Christmas film. Was this a tradition that you and your family did?

Christmas Baking 

Who doesn't love to do a bit of Christmas baking? It was always something that I enjoyed doing with my sister and Dad, and of course mince pies were always the choice. So you could say that I am eager to get into the kitchen with the little lady seeing as we had so much fun making cupcakes a while ago. Festive baking is always so much fun and get every into the spirit of Christmas and so perhaps some Candy Cane Cookies, Shortbread or we may even attempt to make a Gingerbread House, however I do have a feeling that we will be take]ing a trip to a supermarket to get one of those ready made ones. 

Book Advent Calendar 

This is a tradition that I know my daughter would love, as she's becoming quite the book worm. Every night without fail we will read a story together, and she loves to sit on my knee and turn the pages while pointing out things in the story. However, she may be a little young to understand this tradition of a book calendar, but it's something we could look at doing in a couple of years. I will wrap 24 individual books for her to open each day and read with her at bedtime, I think it's such a great way to encourage children to read and beats a chocolate calendar. 

Milk, mince pies and carrots

Now milk and mince pies for Santa has been a favourite tradition for many years, and one tradition that will carry on for many years for everyone. This year I have seen lots of people making their own reindeer food with porridge and glitter to sprinkle outside their back soon, an idea I love, however I think a animal friendly version without glitter may be an option for us so that Rudolph and his reindeer will have even treat to go around everyone. 

A visit to see Father Christmas

Every year we had decided to take our daughter our for an adventure to go and see Father Christmas, last year we decided to take her to Baytree Winter Wonderland, it was such a lovely day, even if she was just six month old. We are hoping that this year when we take her Baytree Winter Wonderland that she will remember and enjoy seeing Father Christmas, I know that not all children like to sit on his knee but we will just have to wait and see. 

Christmas Crafts

Festive crafts? Oh we love to unleash some creativity and what better way to do that will some festive crafts, and this year we have decided to be creative and made our own greeting cards. We got some blank cards and envelopes, brown paint, stamps and got to work on these Reindeer Foot Print Greeting Cards. The little lady wasn't too keen on the coldness of the paint, but I managed to get them all done because she got too upset. 

Christmas Day Jumper/Outfit

This is a tradition that my husband and I have been doing since we got together. We would wake up, open our gifts and then put a very Christmassy outfit on and one we would like to continue now we are a family of three. Any excuse to dress her up in a cute, festive outfit. We are having our own Christmas morning and lunch but we are seeing family in the evening so she has to have the perfect outfit when seeing everyone.

Christmas Light Hunt

This will be added to our must do tradition list. I can always remember going on these Christmas light hunts when I was younger with my brother and my sister. My mum and dad would make us wrap up warm, pile us in the car and hit the road with us giving them directions and see who could spot some Christmas lights. Not everyone goes all out with the Christmas decorations as much anymore, but we will still try and find the loudest, most colourful and twinkly house we can find. 

A snuggle watching a festive film

Having a snuggle on the sofa whilst watching a festive film is the best tradition. Our favourite Christmas films have to be 'The Snowman', 'Santa Claus' and 'The Muppets Christmas Carol' with a hot chocolate, marshmallows and whipped cream - what more could you want? Mmmm

Christmas Pizza

Yes, well technically this isn't going to be a tradition that we will be doing as a family, because little lady isn't fond of pizza. Both my husband and I will be indulging on some Christmas pizza, legit the best festive pizza.  So we can enjoy some good pizza with a glass of wine while finishing any last minute wrapping.

Does your family have any Christmas traditions?