Explore The Adventure: Baytree Winter Wonderland Christmas Grotto

It's time for our annual visit to see Father Christmas and we are all very excited. The first time we took the little lady was when she was just six months old, and she was very little and probably won't even remember going. However the same can't be said for this year. Now that she is a little older she is beginning to understand the magic that comes with Christmas and this year we have taken her to Baytree Winter Wonderland Christmas Grotto which is a best-known Christmas grotto in the region. A visit to the Winter Wonderland, a ride on sleigh ride, a visit to Father Christmas, a gift and a small Christmas tree for only £9! What a great price. Accompanying adults and children are £1.50. 


This was the first year we took the little lady, my husband thought that it would be a good idea to actually put her in the manger. Thankfully, we went earlier in the year and the place was completely empty. However this year, a week before Christmas and there was a bit of a wait! Two hours! But it was well worth the wait. One of the first displays that we cam across was this huge teddy bear, which in the weird scary lighting was quite frightening. When she pressed the button he began to tell a story and that made me run away, I must admit it was rather strange. 

After a couple of hour we finally made it to the entrance of the Winter Wonderland where we were greeted by some very friendly elves and even got to have a ride on a magical sleigh that went around in a loop a couple of times. After our ride there were a few more displays to be seen from singing owls, elves making toys, reindeers, polar bears and snowmen. It was a very magical journey. 

After a two hour wait, a ride on a sleigh and a magical journey it was time to actually meet Father Christmas. Before actually meeting him, we were greeted by another friendly elf who asked our daughter her age and her name and then we went through. As this was her first time in meeting Father Christmas I was a little dubious about how she would react, but she turned around as if she wanted to be picked up but then she decided to hide under his seat. Father Christmas even said that this was the first time a child has ever sat under his chair, but she did eventfully sit on his knee. 

After have a chat with Father Christmas, she got a present and a Christmas tree. It was then that we discovered that there were real reindeer too, you could even feed them some carrots. It was a truly a magical day and if you ever get the chance to go to Baytree Winter Wonderland, you need to go, you will not be disappointed.