Common Causes of Anxiety: What Is Behind Yours?

Anxiety is the worst, isn't it? If you’re dealing with that flush of panic, the racing heart and the tension in your muscles in response to situations around you, then you might be dealing with anxiety and it can be terrifying to manage. The things that trigger anxiety differ from person to person but if you notice that you are feeling jittery, it may be worth learning what your specific triggers are so that you can learn to successfully avoid them.

It’s not always possible to avoid triggers and while you may have a small stash of CBD oil to hand, you can’t always predict when a panic attack is going to occur. Anxiety hits people differently and in different ways depending on the situation and the day and there are many different anxiety triggers out there to be aware of. It can feel impossible, sometimes, to keep up with all of these triggers, but the first step to getting through them is recognition and we’ve got some of the most common causes behind anxiety below.

You’re overdoing the coffee. Caffeine is supposed to wake you up and make you feel ready for the day. The problem is that caffeine also has the ability to boost the epinephrine in the body and trigger that fight or flight response you know so well. It’s time that you figure out another way to wake up because caffeine is certainly not doing you any favours!

You’re about to sit a test. Exam anxiety is very real and it doesn't end in school. Whether you are sitting a boating license test or you are heading to try and get your driving license, that exam anxiety is still going to be there and is still going to upset you. Triggering your anxiety, exam stress can be managed. It’s usually linked to a lack of study or preparation but it can also just be that the situation of being under watch is difficult. You can speak to a counselor or a peer supporter about this one.

You’re a parent. A common reason for anxiety is your kids. If you have them, you know that it’s literally like having your heart walk around outside your body and you’ll feel that deeply when it comes to being a parent. Watching them play may trigger intrusive thoughts about them hurting themselves. You might panic when they’re not in your line of sight and you won’t be alone in that, either.

You’re about to give a speech. It’s definitely anxiety inducing but standing in front of people and giving a speech? That’s a good way to feel jittery! It’s never going to be easy to stand in front of a crowd and speak up but if you do this regularly enough, it doesn't feel so scary anymore. Instead of hiding away, practice with bigger and bigger audiences until you can talk without stumbling over your words or tripping over your own tongue. It’s super worth it to push past it!