How To Throw A Pastel Rainbow Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated our daughter's ninth birthday and hosted the most adorable pastel rainbow party with all her close friends. From the invites to the decorations, we had the best time planning every single detail. If you're looking for a fun and exciting birthday party theme, then how can you get better than pastel rainbows and clouds?

It wasn't easy to decide on a theme for the party. First, it was circus themed, then a mermaid themed, but soon enough our daughter settled on the idea of a pastel rainbow and cloud themed party. We are always down for a rainbow-esque themed party over here, so we're happy with her choice. This adorable theme is ideal for all ages, and its design makes it easy to adapt at any party venue and you can even recreate it in your own home.

A Pastel Rainbow Cake

No pastel rainbow themed party is complete without a fun and exciting pastel themed birthday cake. We had the most amazing vanilla sponge with raspberry filling cake from Mumma Crumbs. It was a 7 inch cakes that was covered with buttercream decorated with macarons, tarts, marbled buttercream and pastel fondant rainbows. It was just as I had imagined. Then, we had a single layer acrylic cake charm and number in the colour Parma Violet made by Rowan and Co Creative. It was the perfect finishing touch.

Pastel Rainbows and Cloud Decorations

We wanted to create some pastel magic with our rainbow and clouds set-up and so we went for a core colour combination of pastels pinks and peaches with pops of purples, blues and silver accents. Balloons are a great choice for decorations, especially for giving you a themed look. Our theme was brought together with a pastel ombre foil number 9 balloon, an assortment of confetti balloons, and matte pastel and white balloons. To complete the look, we added large pastel rainbows and cloud balloons too.

For further detailing, we chose to add the most stunning rainbow cloud balloon backdrop. It made the perfect centrepiece that added that special something for my daughter and her friends. The set includes six streamer rolls in various rainbow shades, white balloons, a roll of balloon tape, a roll of sticky dots and string. It is so easy to assemble to create a beautiful feature wall! The streamers are gorgeous with the pastel colours and really stand out with the white balloons, we know that you could easily use the streamers again and recycle the decorations. Unfortunately, we only have photographs of the party guest. 

Dine with All The Colours of the Rainbow

When it comes to party tableware, we knew we wanted something that would look pretty on a white tablecloth. So, to make sure that we kept everything on theme we decided to get these Ombre Rainbow Pastel with Silver Foil Dots. The tableware kit included dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, napkins, and silver straws sure to add more elegance. With so many children we decided to keep the food choices simple. We had cheese and ham sandwiches, sausage rolls, cocktail sausage, carrot and cucumber sticks, crisps, mini breadsticks, angel slices, rice krispie treats, and double chocolate brownies. 

Spread a Little Fun with an Activity

Now you’ve got your party decorations and tableware, it’s time to think about what the children are going to do. We knew when we were planning her party that she would love a gymnastic activity. The truth is that hosting an activity for a birthday party at home or in another location is often a lot of work for the parents of the birthday girl. So, if you prefer an event planned by someone else, a gymnastics centre might be easier than a home party. You’ll still be responsible for picking out certain details ahead of time but more often than not you’ll be able to chat with your guests during the party and enjoy yourself more if someone else is doing the hosting than if you’re playing hostess to guests in your home.

A gymnastic birthday party us an excellent choice when it comes to planning an activity for some many children. Not only will it give the children something to enjoy, but also a gymnastics leader will be able to take charge and ensure that all the children get involved and explore something different. My daughter and her friends enjoyed trampolining, soft play, foam pits and the use of gymnastics equipment. It was a great activity for all the children to get involved with while we finished setting up in the party room. We waited for all our guests to arrive before they could dig into the party food and lighting the candles to sing her happy birthday.

Pastel Rainbow Party Bags

What’s next on the pastel rainbow party wishlist? PARTY BAGS!!! We love a party bag, especially when they come in pastels pinks and peaches with pops of purples, blues and greens. These pastel coloured party bags are the perfect thing for holding all little favours for you party guests. So, what do you put in a party bag? We have around 25 little guests that were a mixture of boys and girls.

The party fillers that we included in the party bags;

Pastel Mini Bubble Wands, £1 for a pack of 10
Pastel Fidget Tubes, £5 for a pack of 30
Bouncy Balls and Footballs, £1.50 for a pack of 12
Stickers, £2 for a pack of 30
Colouring Book, £4 for a pack of 25
Pack of 4 Pencils, £5 for a pack of 25
Stamps, £3 for a pack of 26
Glow Sticks, £1 for a pack of 20
Window Crawlers Stretchy Man, £3 for a pack of  40
Sweets, £3 for a pack of 25

This pastel rainbow and cloud theme is ideal for all ages, and its design makes it easy to adapt at any party venue and you can even recreate in your own home. We're firm believers that pastel shades can work for any celebration! So, whatever your celebration, paint it with pastels.