What Social Media Has Taught Me Recently

It's hard to remember a time before social media, when our only means of connecting with friends and family was through calling or writing letters. We had little or no access to a great internet connection, anyone else remember how annoying dial up was? 

But things have definitely progressed. Now most of us couldn't be without a good internet connection or be able keep in touch with our loved ones on social media. It's become a life line for many of us and has a hand in strengthening those relationships during the pandemic -  it has been good for mental health especially when most of us are spending time alone. 

As business owner, social media has its place and can be amazing when driving traffic to resources. But with that being said, over the year social media has taught me a lot about what to expect and how it will help me as a business owner. 

It's Okay To Be Happy

Social media has been a life line for many of us wanting to stay connected to our family and friends. But of course, most people don't use social media to just socialise. We spend a lot of time passively scrolling through media discovering that friends have been spending quarantine cleaning out their cupboards, getting fit, or finding their inner peace in solitude. Seemingly, creating a world where everyone seems happy. 

Surely its a good time to share those little moments? Yes, we tend to just share the great or good moment in life. But if the last year has taught us anything it is to embrace to pace, enjoy the moment and capture all those little things. I know for us, it has been amazing to take this time together and kept most of us sane. So yes, it's totally okay to be happy and share with the world. 

Social Media Popularity Does Not Equal Self Worth

There is a misconception that the more followers or readers we have on our social media gives us validation and acceptance in society. That is simply not the case. Social media popularity does not equal self worth. Feel confident in yourself regardless of your online presence. You are more worthy than a number online. 

Ditch The Envy & Feel Inspired 

We have all been there passively scrolling through social media wishing we had something, or been lucky enough to go travelling or being our own boss. We want those things, often leaving us green with envy. But instead of getting sucked into envy, negativity or feeling as if you're not worthy of the same things - alter your focus and change your mindset with social media. Rather than feeling envious and jealous of the little snippets that people share, feel inspired by them. Well if they can do, you can too! 

Protect Your Mental Health

We all understand that social media has transformed into a place where the most perfect, staged, curated highlight snippets of our lives are shared. As we spend more time on social media the more that it has helped shaped our body image, our relationships and our mental health. It's becoming increasingly important to protect your mental health from social media. 

Over the years I have definitely felt the same envy towards some of those photos and the people who have shared them. However, in that time, altering mindset has really changed the way I see social media and turn it back into what is it supposed to me. 

The easiest way to protect your mental health from social media is to take a really good look at your feed. Go through the people you're following and make a point of following people that make you feel positive. The mute button is the most underrated social superpower, so use it! Ditch the envy and feel inspired by the people that you following - you can do it too and always remember that social media is a platform for sharing our life.

Surprisingly Making Friends is Easy

Social media can be an great place to connect with people you wouldn't normally in real life. It's strange to think that you can make long life friends through social media. There is a whole community who understand the whole passion of getting the perfect photo, connecting and needing to engage with new people. With my blog and being on social media has opened new doors to new friendships who are always a message away, where needed. 

I'm the sort of person who doesn't make friends so easily, because it can be so hard for me to build a bond straightaway. However, those friends that I do have in my life, I'm very grateful for. But through social media I have made some long life friends that like to check in regularly, ask me for advice or leave comments on my posts. Surprisingly, reaching out to someone can become much more than you ever imagined.

The past year has taught me so much about solitude, growth, creativity and a whole lot about resilience. It has been tough where my only saviour seemed to be getting lost with passively scrolling through social media with snippets of other people in quarantine. But never in a million years did I think that scrolling through social media would open up new doors to new adventures. It has helped me change my mindset, alter my focus towards the important things in life. It has taught me to appreciate myself, realise my worth, to ditch the envy and feel inspired by them. 


  1. love these lessons! I gave up social media for Lent one year and remember how easy it was to not think about it once it was deleted off my phone... I feel like it is just a habit for us to go on social media when we are slightly bored.
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

  2. This is wonderful. I love how you highlight how to positively utilize something that can be so dangerous. #KCACOLS www.growingexceptional.com

    1. Social media has become such a huge part of our lives. But with most things there are postives as well as negatives.

  3. I think it's all very different how we use it. I'm in lockdown so my SM is funning thru the good meal boxes I find, game of the day (some random guessing game whenever I'm amazed by some fact) or some rant I need to get off my chest (band or good). I have noticed a few freinds beginning to follow suit - and you tend to get more than just likes, actual ingagement with different friends. I guess it's about what you think your friends will get out of what you post...

    1. You're absolutely right! I think we should share more postive things on social media and accept that we all have different opinions on things.

  4. I'm old enough to remember a time before social media and even though I appreciate how easy it is to keep in touch with friends of mine that have since moved away I still miss the days when not everything needed to be shared #KCACOLS

    1. We have family that live all over the world, so social media is our way to staying connected to one another. But I also agree that we don't always have to share every single moment.

  5. Love this! I've made some lovely friends on social media (including your lovely self), but am aware that it's sometimes easy to get caught up in it. #KCACOLS

  6. I couldn't agree more with all of your points. I used to plough ahead regardless of how I felt, making sure I posted daily, for years. Taking breaks and stepping back over the past year has been the best things I've done! #KCACOLS

  7. I love this post it is full of positivity and yes it is so OK to be happy and highlight the happy bits of our lives. Sending love xx #KCACOLS

  8. Yep social media plays a big role in our lives now, though I like to take time away even if it is for an afternoon to have a break from all the information x #kcacols