Funlockets Secret Diary Journal

Did you ever keep a secret diary when you were younger? I remember my first secret diary being a pink glittery book with a cute little panda on the front, not forgetting the all important lock and secret key to keep my nosy sister out. Ever since then I have always kept some kind of diary to document my thoughts and write about my goals for the coming year - whether it was a good old fashioned diary, bullet journaling or this blog.

funlockets diary

Diaries are a great way for children to record memories and note down ideas, aspirations and emotions. I have been trying to encourage my daughter to get into some kind of diary writing, but it never seems to come to anything. However, since being in lockdown she has shown as keen interest in wanting to document her days during lockdown, the highs and lows of homeschooling or writing a list of all the place she wants to visit after lockdown. We gave her a mini diary that had a lock and key attached and she loves it. 

But writing a diary doesn't have to be simple and boring. Add some pink, a bunch of keys and lots of hidden surprises you'll have much more than JUST a diary. This superb Funlockets Secret Diary is a little place where she can write all her secrets, make lists and keep all her special keepsakes away from prying eyes with a simple click, twist and pop!

girl with funlockets

This compact Funlockets Secret Diary is packed with fun activities and surprises to keep kids entertained and learning every time they use it. The diary has four keys to unlock different compartments, a notepad, glittery pencil to write all your secrets, stickers, a memo pad and so much more. There are over 30 hidden surprises to enjoy, all packed within its appealing pink casing.

inside funlockets diary

Before she could even think about all the fun and exciting things to write inside her Funlockets Secret Diary she needed to find the key to unlock all the mysteries within. Do you think you could find a way to unlock this secret diary? It did take my daughter a minute or two to find out that the first key was inside the spine of the diary, but it popped out with a simple twist.

funlockets key

As you can imagine my daughter couldn't wait to unlock the secret diary. Once you turn the key you then need to twist the purple heart on top of the casing to open the secret diary. The heart also popped out and had a cute little unicorn key ring inside which comes in pretty handy as you make your way through the secret compartments and find the keys. 

funlockets diary with purple heart

purple heart in hand

There are over 30 hidden surprises inside that includes stickers, memo pads, paper clips, stencils, washi tape, a pad for all secrets and so much more. But you have to get a Funlockets Secret Diary for yourself to find out all the hidden surprises. But once you have made you way through all the secret compartment its time to style and decorate the diary anyway you like. Be creative, be fun, show your personality. My daughter loves unicorns, animals and as much glitter and sparkle she can possibly have - so this is a perfect gift for her. 

inside diary

Writing a diary is more than just a way for you to record your daily, it can have impressive educational benefits too. It can help inspire stories, diary writing can become a part of their routine and improve their handwriting. Diary writing requires children to think about the words that they are using to express themselves. It also encourages them to order their thoughts before putting pen to paper, making their writing more coherent.

close up of secret diary

Diaries can be used to record many different things. Every child has different interests and hobbies, so let them decide the sort of diary that they keep – there’s something for everything inside this Funlockets Secret Diary that will definitely encourage your little one to become more excited when it comes to writing their diary.

The Funlockets Secret Diary is perfect for year-round gifting, fun diary-keeping, and to help aid children with writing down and expressing their thoughts. Don't worry if you run out of paper for those little secrets because you can download new sheets for your notepad over on the Funlockets website, which is pretty handy. It has been designed for children ages 6 and up and is available at Smyths, Argos and Amazon. It is a great gift for this time of year and it much more than JUST a diary. 

** We have been kindly gifted our Funlocket Secret Diary Journal but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**