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A Breakfast Shake Up with Shaken Udder

I don't know about you, but as a work from home mama to a four year old, life can get pretty crazy. When it comes to getting that four year old out the door for school isn't as smooth as I'd like. As a work from home mama my morning consist of running around the house making sure than my daughter has the correct uniform, her lunch is packed and she has everything she needs for her day at school. That's before starting work. So you can imagine that sitting down and actually managing to eat my breakfast can be somewhat of a task, when I come to think of having breakfast it's a bit of a luxury. The truth is, I don't really like breakfast. When I wake up, I’m not hungry. However, breakfast is important, right? Everybody knows, breakfast is the most important meal in the day.

However, trying to add things into my lifestyle to ensure that I eat something other than drinking copious amounts of tea before lunch have become pretty important lately. I have been trying these new Shaken Udder Milkshakes in the flavour 'Ooh La Latte' so I can get in some calcium and other vitamins to at least see me through to lunch time. So far, they have been keeping the hunger pangs at bay. Not only are these milkshakes great for drinking, you can also use them as part of a diet or used in your meals such as adding them into pancakes or porride. There are endless of flavours so you can always give your flavours a shake up from time to time. They are full of protein, full of vitamins and very nutritious to add in your diet.

The story behind Shaken Udder is quite an impressive one. The story began way back in 2003 at a festival, where a craving for a delicious fresh milkshake was just a dream. A kitchen, a blender and lots of different ingredients and Shaken Udder was born. Shaken Udder has grown from strength to strength with more flavours, and more products being put on the market. They have even gone to festival scene to truly make that craving for a fresh milkshake a reality.

Shaken Udder have an extensive range of flavours, sure to tickle everyone's taste buds. Personally, there are a few that are my favourites such as Chocolush and my daughter's favourite is the Strawberries and Clotted Cream and now this Ooh La Latte is going to be in the favourite list too, and let's face it us mamas need our coffee fix most days. These milkshakes are made from real fruit or Belgium chocolate with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings, making sure that Shaken Udder packs a punch in the milkshake world. These tasty milkshakes are also available in different sizes; 750ml, 330ml, and even 200ml cartons for the little ones. Over on the Shaken Udder website there are different size bottles and cases available for purchase or you can get yourself on their stock lists. 

Shaken Udder Milkshakes are a delicious and tasty milkshake drink that is made using some of the best ingredients to create authentic and great flavours. For me one of the best things that I have found with Shaken Udder is the percentage of milk that is used in these drinks, I can feel good to know that my daughter would getting some much goodness from each and every serving. I think that the packaging, size and range of flavours is excellent and these Shaken Udder milkshakes are something that we would buy again. We already have a couple of flavours in mind for our next weekly shop. So coffee fans rejoice, and try these amazing Ooh La Latte Milkshakes! They are super delicious and give you that coffee fix that so many of us need to see us through the day!

We were kindly gifted a bundle from Shaken Udder for the purpose of this review. But as always my words and images are my own.
7 comments on "A Breakfast Shake Up with Shaken Udder"
  1. I have always been terrible at eating breakfast! Like you rushing around making sure 3 are ready for school and doing them breakfast I don't have any myself. I have started having granola with yogurt (I am not a yogurt fan) and I have been sticking to this all week. These look great.

  2. Yum! We love Shaken udder milkshakes. They always taste so luxurious. Perfect for a pick me up!

  3. It is a great little shake, love how it has extra added vitamins in too. Sometimes I really don't make time for a decent breakfast so this is fab.

  4. I would love to try Shaken udder as I am a suck for good milk shakes and theres seem absolutely lovely

  5. Oh these sound super nice, I've not tried this brand before so will keep an eye out for them

  6. Looks ideal if you are on the go and need a quick fix. How fab and I bet these tasted yummy xx

  7. Ooh, I hadn't heard of these. I love milkshakes, so will definitely be checking these out!


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