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Hollywood Bar and Diner

Being from Norfolk I have to say that I feel so lucky that we live so close to the beautiful coastline. Breathing in the fresh sea air of the tranquil coast, walk on unspoiled sand where my little girl can build sandcastles, paddle, have a picnic, you are certainly not short of a few ideas. Being only a few hours drive away from the Lincolnshire coastline makes our adventures the more exciting with miles and miles of gorgeous sandy beaches. You can choose from the bustling resorts like Skegness, Mablethorpe and Cleethorpes. A personal favourite has to be Skegness with rollercoaster rides and a seal sanctuary there’s also plenty for kids to enjoy, whether it’s the thrills of a ride or the joy of seeing seal pups on their way back to being reintroduced to the wild. Skegness has something for everyone.

A while back you may remember that we celebrated my husband's birthday and stayed at Grange Farm Park, and during our stay there were a couple of days where we decided to bundle ourselves in the car in the hopes to find adventure further afield, and we found ourselves at Skegness. You are certainly not short of a thing or two to do. We walked along the the beach, played in the amusements, pick up some sweet treats and ate at one of the most amazing restaurants; The Hollywood Bar and Diner just inside the Skegness Pier. 

We arrived in the afternoon and already the place had a great atmosphere with feel-good music in the background and the most amazing smell of food as you walked by. Well, personally I thought that this was a great start to our afternoon. We were welcomed by a lovely member of staff who was more than friendly explaining what was on offer and how we order food. The interior of the restaurant is very modern, with a American diner feel. I really loved the look of it. Inside the restaurant was a bowling alley and on the other side was a bar, something for everyone. 

The actual food menu as a whole is amazing, there is so much selection and something for everyone. I have visited American Style Diners before, but this was something else. We decided against appetizers since we wanted to demolish our burgers. When it comes to burgers I do love a good cheeseburger. I went for the Smokey Joe Burger that was beef burger covered with melted cheese, crispy smoky bacon, picked gherkin, beef tomato, caramelised onion all covered in a smoky barbecue sauce, coming in at £6.45. My husband on the other hand went for something with a little kick and decided to try the Spicy Chorizo Burger that was a 4oz beef burger, juicy chorizo, accompanied by onion rings, picked gherkin, beef tomato and a chill sauce on top coming in at £7.60. Every burger is served with a seeded bun with fries, curly fries or wedges and salad garnish, both my husband and I decided to get the fries. For the little one she decided on the Mississippi Goujons. These crispy chicken breast strips were coated in a southern fried chicken crispy batter and were pretty good. Considering that this was a child's portion, she got six sticks on her plate, normally she can only have two or three so the portions were really good. These Mississippi Goujons were served with skin on french fries, salad and a tomato relish, coming in at £3.95. 

If your mouth isn’t watering by now, then what’s wrong with you?! Just look at these plates. Our meals were superb, the burger meats were so so juicy and chunky which combined with the melted cheese and thick bacon was scrumptious.The fries were delicious too cooked to perfection. You can actually upgrade your fries or swap for curly fries or wedges. I really wanted to try the loaded fries, but decided on skin on fries. Our daughter gave her meal top marks too. However, she couldn't eat all the strips as we all left with rather full stomachs.

Overall our burgers were extremely tasty and I think that everyone to go and try Hollywood Bar and Diner. This little place was a big hit with the little lady as she was devouring her chicken sticks and chips. Personally, this place is so good if you're in the hunt for a good burger, it's hidden away inside the Skegness Pier so it's not easy to find. But it's a gem. We had a fantastic afternoon at The Hollywood Bar and Diner and we will certainly be back again soon. They always have deals and specials available on their food menus. I like this place because it had a bar and bowling alley ensuring that families are more than occupied during their time at The Hollywood Bar and Diner. A big winner!
9 comments on "Hollywood Bar and Diner "
  1. This looks a great place! I love the theme, it's so quirky! I'm all for independent restaurants too as they just seem to care about what they do a bit more!

  2. That sounds so yummy and worth a visit x

  3. Love the look of this - we often go up to stay with family in Grimsby/Cleethorpes so will keep this in mind for when we're up this way.

  4. Yours burgers look delicious. I would have gone for exactly the same one as you! Craving diner food now...

  5. I'm actually from Grimsby (next to Cleethorpes) so I used to go to Skegness a lot when I was younger. That food looks delicious.

  6. The diner looks like a lot of fun and love the idea of chorizo in a burger. You've also inspired me to get to the seaside asap! Sounds lovely. Xx

  7. I love diners like this, we took my eldest son and his friends to one for his birthday and they all loved it.

  8. I've never been to Skegness before, but I'm a sucker for American style diners. Would love to have dinner in one of those booths.

  9. It sounds fab. I love a good old fashioned American diner!


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