Safety Tips for Single Mums Travelling From London to Disneyland Paris with Children

Are you a single Mum longing to take your children on holiday to Disneyland Paris? Are you worried about your safety whilst travelling alone? Well, don't worry there are ways to have a fun trip along with your children, all you need is a little bit of planning. So with that, I thought that I would share some safety tips to help you plan that holiday to Disneyland Paris that you and your family have been dreaming of. 

Safety in Numbers

The first thing you may wish to consider is the fact that there is safety in numbers. Did you know that single-parent families now comprise just about one-quarter of families in the UK? The latest statistics were mentioned on the Gingerbread website in September of 2018. It is quite revealing in that at least 67% of single parents work and that the majority of single parents don’t receive any kind of payments for child maintenance. Knowing that there are so many other single parent families out there, it would stand to reason that there are support groups out there you may wish to join. It would be nice to go in a group with other single mums because there really is safety in numbers. 

Safely Getting Around Paris

When arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport as a group, you could go on a group shuttle from CDG to Disneyland Paris where you’ve found a package deal on hotels. Book early and you can often get the best deals at hotels close enough to Disneyland that travelling back and forth each day is a quick trip to and from the park. Stay together as a group and you will be able to get around Paris to see other attractions as well. 

In fact, you can even book these day trips in advance as well with companies like that will take you to and from CDG, as well as being reserved for day trips around the city. Their private Paris transfers will enable you to have a safe and comfortable journey free of any worry. The drivers are also English speaking, so if you have any worries you can speak to them. It’s far safer to have pre-arranged transport because you mums won’t be exposed to as many strangers who could take advantage of you and/or the kids. Unfortunately, many criminals do target single women with kids because they are perceived as being more vulnerable.

Avoid Being a Target

Do you remember going around on day trips with your class at school? You would usually be assigned a mate to stay with during the day at the museum or another trip away from school. This is much the same. It’s more difficult to stray away from the pack if you shuttle or taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Disneyland Paris. Easy Go Shuttle can even have chauffeur driven taxis arrive at scheduled times to take you around Paris on any given days. Some would-be criminals also wait at airports to see which travellers are easy targets. Keep that in mind and you’ll understand the wisdom of taking a pre-booked taxi from Paris airport to Disneyland.

Whether you can travel in a group or not, the key is that you are most likely to be a target when spotted as a tourist. Most criminals think you are most vulnerable away from home, especially as a woman with kids. Pre-book everything from transport to accommodations and you will be as safe as humanly possible.