12 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Month

We all have great days where everything seems to go to plan and anything you set out to do goes well without any curve balls be thrown into the mix. Then there are days where we have absolutely no motivation, no drive and any plans we may have made go completely tits up and out of the window. The days that are not so perfect can make us bitter, makes us angry and leaves us focusing on all that is negative. This happens to me more often than not and instead of focusing on the negative I just have to take a step back from life and recognise the good in my life - put everything into perspective. I love reading these kind of posts, so I thought today, I’d sit down and talk about 12 things that made me happy this past month...

It’s Autumn, Finally! 

Yep I’m one of those annoying people who have been counting down the days of summer and getting too excited about welcoming the cooler weathers. Autumn has to be, by far, my favourite season of the year. There's nothing quite like looking at the changing colours of nature, the fresh crisp air, chunky knits, tan boots, cinnamon scents, and not forgetting berry coloured lipsticks. I'm definitely looking forward to snuggling up in blankets and reading a good book whilst watching the rain outside in the coming months. Don’t even get me start on my love of berry lipsticks and pumpkin spiced lattes.

My Girl Started School.

I guess this one is a little bittersweet for me. It was hard to watch my girl walk into yet another milestone, however at the same time I couldn't be prouder of her. Proud of the beautiful little person she has become, proud of her confidence, proud of her kindness, proud of my daughter. I really hope that school is everything she wants and more and that she shows her sparkle and never changes. We are two weeks in and she has adapted pretty well, she did have a little wobble towards the end of her first week. But I guess that's to be expected. 

Mrs Hinch & The #HinchArmy.

If you don't know who this lady is have you been living under a rock? For those of you who love keeping your houses looking in tip-top condition, Mrs Hinch is definitely a name to get familiar with. The cleaning phenomenon has recently taken the Internet by storm with an Instagram account dedicated to the cleaning of her immaculate home, providing top tips and cheap buys for her 'Hinch Army'. I must say that this is one instastories I love to watch and her account has really helped me give myself a kick up the bum and have a show home just like Mrs Hinch. The best discovery from this account was that I never knew that Zoflora had so many uses and you can buy them in bulk! If you do one thing today go and have a peek, I know for a fact you'll become obsessed and go cleaning mad.

Booked a Birthday Treat.

My husband and I have a birthday a day a part and this year my husband turns the big 3-0. So we thought that we should do something a little different and make his 30th birthday celebrations special and booked a weekend away. I am so excited. It's not often that we get to go away together, unless it's during the summer holiday so we are all looking forward to our time away. What says romance more than a hot tub hideaway? Grange Farm Park is a small picturesque, exclusive family owned and run park set in the heart of tranquil countryside and just a short drive from Mablethorpe, Lincoln. And there is so much to do around here and I am sat here wondering how much we can cram into three days?

Mama went out out!

Yes, I did! Mama went out out! It's been a little while since I have been out with friends. So last weekend I dusted off my heels, had a couple of glasses of wine got ready to go out out! It was my sister's birthday and she wanted to go out for a meal and enjoy a couple of cocktails, which we did so gracefully! However, not sure if it's my age or the fact the four year old decided to get me up at 5 that morning, but I was shattered. Too many drinks and a taxi home by 12. My twenty year old self would be ashamed. 

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone with Clothing.

Now that Autumn is here I want to change my wardrobe and I must say that I am a little tired of wearing the same clobber. So stepping outside of my comfort zone with clothing is something that I have been doing a lot more of. Mustard. Yep, I have decided to be a little daring and dabble with a little colour. Mustard is a warm yellow. I think of mustard as a yellow with a little brown but that description really limits the colour to super warm color palettes. So, I chose yellows that are slightly muted, golden or a little brown. And I have to say I really love the colour on me. I got this gorgeous textured mustard blazer and it's be a great way to transition into Autumn clothing. 

New £5 Skinny Jeans

Yep, so keeping with the fashion theme something that has made me super happy this month was discovering lots of great deals, everywhere I shop had a sale on this weekend and if I see great value I have to indulge. However, there are always times where I you pick up a great bargain too and this time it was this amazing new skinny jeans from Matalan that were like £5! They are not normally a colour I go for as I have very chunky thighs, but these are skinny fit and high waisted. The perfect pair of jeans. 

A New Skincare Routine

I have been having a little problem with my skin at the moment. My complexion is far from desirable and I had a terrible breakout and no matter what foundation I use, it just slips off my skin in an instant. And so I have decided to have a skincare overhaul and adapt a new skin care routine and chuck out everything I used and started from scratch. I am a few months into the new routine and so far my skin is feeling more nourished and certainly hydrated. As you may know I have finally cracked the perfect morning routine that actually works. So now it's all about my developing an evening routine that works too and I have been loving my new skin care routine for the evening

Twitter Girls. 

The blogging community is amazing. It's strange to think that you can begin to make great friends through a blog. There is a whole community who understand the whole passion of the perfect Instagram photo, the pressures of followers and engagement. Not forgetting the importance of making sure that your SEO is on point, even though many of us have yet to master the whole idea of SEO. But being a blogger has opened up many doors to new friendships who are always on the end of a twitter rant or always there to offer advice in those Instagram pods. My twitter girls which intitally started out as a blogtober group has turned out to be much more than that, we rarly speak about blogtober. It's a place for us to have a natter, ask for advice or just have a general moan about something. It's so lovely and I honestly couldn't be any happier.

Popcorn Caramel Coffee.

Being a mother to a four year old can be a whirlwind. Some days are full of exploring and adventures which are always fun, but my daughter's energy levels can make the adventures completely exhausting too. The summer holidays have been full on with early starts and late nights, a few sassy moments, complaints of being tired or telling me that she needs to just chill. Ha. It's been a definite struggle to get up and get on with the day at times, however the best way to keep awake during the day is without a doubt a strong coffee, most parents are fuelled by coffee these days anyway. A strong coffee will hopefully have enough caffeine in it to keep eyes wide open so my husband can get to work without worrying about falling asleep on the job and I need as much caffeine as my body can drink to see through the late nights, early morning and the meltdowns. The struggle is without a doubt real! My favourite is without a doubt Beanies and their caramel popcorn flavour, and only 2 calories a cup who can complain. 


I love Spotify, I’ll just make that clear from the start. Spotify has completely changed the way I listen to music. I have been using Spotify for a while now, and I love the option of playing whatever the hell I want as it basically no bounds and there is so much to choose from. I don’t think I could function properly without it’s unlimited access to so many songs, albums and fantastic playlists. Also, new album releases are always available which make the after school run power walk so much better. The playlists are very flexible and the ability to create my own playlists making it one of the best music platforms. 

Lightroom Presets.

It's only recently that I discovered the wonderful world of Lightroom and I am completely obsessed. I really love the fact that you can buy presets to make your editing process so much easier. When using Lightroom presets, with only one click you'll be able to get your photos to a pretty much edited state, and sometimes even completely done with one click. You are really spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing presets. Baring in mind I have just discovered this editing tool recently I already have about six presets that I am trying to get to grips with and it's making editing my photos so much fun and I don't overexposure my photos. Woo. For me, Lightroom presets has been great for creating a theme on the grid. You could say that for some time I fell out of love with Instagram and hated my feed, so a preset or two and a couple of clicks and I am beginning to fall in love with it again. Using the same presets across your whole blog photography will give your images a more uniform and consistent look, as opposed too editing each and every photo one-by-one, which doesn't leave the same desired effect. Presets are great way to discover your theme.

What have you been loving this month?


  1. Lovely selection of things that have made you happy this month. Think I'd have been very happy to have got some skinny jeans at that bargain price too. Ages since I've been out out.

  2. I really need to go to Matalan and try these skinny jeans! Can't moan for £5!!! xx

  3. The matalan deal is such a steal!! I love me a good bargain! Hope your girl is enjoying reception - so cute x x