Beanies Coffee Obsessed

Being a mother to a four year old can be a whirlwind. Some days are full of exploring and adventures which are always fun, but my daughter's energy levels can make the adventures completely exhausting too. The summer holidays have been full on with early starts and late nights, a few sassy moments, complaints of being tired or telling me that she needs to just chill. Ha. It's been a definite struggle to get up and get on with the day at times, however the best way to keep awake during the day is without a doubt a strong coffee, most parents are fuelled by coffee these days anyway. A strong coffee will hopefully have enough caffeine in it to keep eyes wide open so my husband can get to work without worrying about falling asleep on the job and I need as much caffeine as my body can drink to see through the late nights, early morning and the meltdowns. The struggle is without a doubt real!

So let's talk coffee. How do you like yours? Strong? Black? Do you like flavour added to yours? To be honest both my husband and I love coffee but we never really stick to the same kind of coffee, seeing as it's Autumn soon it will be all about pumpkin spiced lattes, but they are times for indulgence. If I was to drink one of those everyday I would start to look as a round as a pumpkin so I needed to find something that will give me a caffeine fix but eases up on the calories. Beanies Coffee of course...

When Beanies got in touch to see if both my husband and I would be interested in trying some of their coffee, how could we refuse? We are completely obsessed with coffee, so why not. When my Beanies coffee arrived in the post, I was expecting a little selection of samples, however, Beanies were very generous and sent us a box of 100 sachets to try and a couple jars too. Yes! For those who are not familiar with Beanies Flavour Coffee they are specialists who are complete flavour fanatics and are on a mission to revolutionise the average cup of coffee. Since 2009 they have been creating some amazing coffee flavours from gingerbread to double chocolate and with just 2 calories per cup, what’s not to love?

I was fortunate enough to be sent a Stick Stash! A Stick Stash is a box packed with 100 sticks of Beanies flavour instant coffee, across 10 of their flavours, into a handy dispensing box. Like I'm obsessed with the idea, and it's a great way to try all the flavours and depending on my mood I can pick one in the assortment of flavours. Beanies sachets of flavour instant coffee are perfect for when you’re on the go, I like to keep a couple in my handbag for little adventures on the go and my husband likes to grab a handful before he heads off out to work. The Stick Stash is so convenient, but a great way to discover new flavours that I wouldn't neccessary try if it wasn't for this little stash. Inside this stash box of an assortment of flavours included; Nutty Hazelnut, Amaretto Almond, Creamy Caramel, Double Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Very Vanilla, Irish Cream, Chocolate Orange, Gingerbread, and my absolute favourite Caramel Popcorn, I have already told my husband to avoid taking these flavours to work! These are my favourite. 

Another flavour that I am completely obsessed with is the Coconut Delight, I could drink this all day. It's so good. Just imagine tranquil and paradise settings in the comfort of your own home from just one sip? Yep well Coconut Delight will most certainly make you feel like you're in paradise. Have you tried Beanies Flavoured Coffee yet? If you haven't I really think you should do, I am pretty sure that soon enough you'll become Beanies Coffee obsessed like me.

This post contains PR samples.