8 Things I'm Guilty of Doing Just Before My Husband Gets Home From Work

As much as I would love to pretend that I am some kind of 1950s housewife, I am not! Not in the slightest. I like to rock a mum bun hair style more often that I probably should do, I don't own a set of pearls and my heels are collecting dust in my wardrobe. I am far from a perfect wife, there are things that I am guilty of doing in the minutes before my husband walks in the door for the evening, because let’s face it I am busy work from home mum and the the owner of a four year old dictator!

1. Completing the “Daddy Dash” 

Yes, this is totally a thing! And perhaps you are guilty of doing the Daddy Dash without even realising. But it's a little game that you can trick little ones into playing and encourage them to pick up their toys  “First one to pick up all the toys wins!!”. It's especially cute when my daughter says that she wants to be Cinderella, gets into her princess dress and uses her own little cleaning set to help! It's cute, but she actually helps! Sucker. 

2. Lighting a Candle 

Does the house still smell of last nights dinner? Perhaps one of the children has decided to poo in the downstairs loo with the door open? Nothing is quite like the sweet aroma of toddler poop in the home, so I like to light my big vanilla yankee candle and a cinnamon candle melt too. If you're feeling quite creative you could buy candles or melts that smell of cookies or cakes, making them think that you've been slaving over the oven with a batch of freshly baked treats. Just hide the packaging from a quick dash to the shop in the afternoon school pick up. 

3. Brushing Your Hair for the First Time All Day. 

As you already know, I love to rock a messy mum bun. It's practical, I can do my hair in seconds. Job done. However, just as my husband get homes I try and tame my unruly wavy and try to give myself a 'my hair is lustrous and in place' kind of look. Heck, sometimes, I even get really ambitious, depending on the level of drama that the day has inflicted upon me, and throw on some makeup, too. Not for my husband’s sake, but more for my sake, because it kind of forces me to remind myself that I am a person, not a mombie!

4. Changing into Something Other than Pjs or "Work Out" Gear.

Now when I say "work out" gear, you know I mean some lovely navy jogging bottoms and hoody. Who has time to actually take the time to work out everyday? I always have great intentions, but each day my list of tasks grows, and then these mate with the other tasks and makes babies. Yep not happening. So just before the husband walks in the door it's only fair that I look a little presentable and put some jeans and a tee that doesn't have toddler dribbles or mummy dribbles from lunch on!


Yes, Zoflora! Will be you best friend. Get yourself a little hairstyle spritz bottle, fill it half with this wonder disinfectant and half water and spray EVERYTHING! Kitchen sides, the toilet, cushions, curtains, carpets or even the kids! Just make sure they shut their eyes. Ha!

6. 'Easy' Laundry 

To make it look as if I have been busy all day. I will whack a quick 'easy' load in the washing machines, something like towels or blankets. Normally, I fold all of our clothes on our bed, but if I’m feeling particularly unproductive I will leave the laundry strategically placed on the kitchen table so it’s obvious I was working hard all day. 

7. Leave the Breakfast Dishes Last Minute.

Who really has the time to clean their kitchen 5748495 times? Nope, I didn't think so! So what better way to let it pile up until I really need to. So the breakfast and lunch dishes can be cleaned at the same time. Why clean the kitchen three times a day if you can just do it in once in one frenzied half-hour? 

8. Strategically Leave Cleaning Products (and the vaccum) Out for All Eyes to See. 

Most of the day is spend either cleaning or blogging. There's nothing like leaving out strategically placing cleaning product to fool my husband that I have been hard at working all day. Better, yet! Baby wipes. You’ll be amazed, truly, by how much cleaning you can get done with 10 minutes, a four year old, desperation, and an entire package of baby’s wet wipes. They save lives! Begin the vacuuming just as he walks through the door. Oh, you’re home? I didn’t even notice what time it was, I’m so busy vacuuming, as you can see. Be a love, and put the tea in the oven.

Are there things you are guilty of doing just before your husband, wife or partner walk in?