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Hello and welcome back to another instalment of The Baby Feeding Series, that features real stories from real parents who have experienced how hard and baffling feeding your baby can be. I want this series to be a place where parents can share their own experiences in the hopes that other parents who are struggling can feel less alone. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it's one of the most rewarding jobs too and so I want to share their stories.

I'm very excited to say that this week for The Baby Feeding Series we have the lovely Becki from The Mum from Brum guest posting for us. I was so happy when Becki decided to get in touch asking to take part, she runs a very successful guest series on her own blog, #bottlefeedingstories. So don't forget to go and have a mooch about on her website and perhaps ask to take part, I'm sure it will be appreciated.
Over the last few weeks or so we have had lots of people guest posting to share their breastfeeding journey, which are beautiful of course. But it's quite refreshing to see feeding from the formula side of baby feeding and so when Becki from The Mum in Brum got in touch to share her story as a bottle feeding mum and to share some great tips, I said YES straightaway. So without further ado, I would like to introduce the lovely Becki...
My Journey as a Bottle Feeding Mother

As readers of my blog will know, I had planned from very early on to exclusively breastfeed my son. I couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't plan to, but was firmly in the Fed Is Best camp and far from anti-formula. I was formula fed myself and I don't think I've turned out too badly!

X's birth wasn't a straightforward one, and I only dodged an emergency section by the skin of my teeth. I lost a lot of blood and it's fair to say I was a bit knackered! But so was X. The after affects of a 23 hour labour and Pethidine had knocked us both about. When it became apparent that X wasn't keen on breastfeeding, I panicked. I couldn't get him to stop screaming long enough to keep him on my breast, but he'd happily gobble up anything I'd managed to express into a syringe.

Despite my constant requests for help, by the time we went home 3 days later, X was a formula fed kid. We still had a go at breastfeeding but his latch was appalling, and I was in agony... the first week of his life was probably the longest in mine. But I'm not here to bore you with the tales of my breastfeeding failure. I'm here to talk about muddling through, and starting to use formula when it wasn't the plan.

We had NOTHING in for formula feeding. No formula, no bottles, no steriliser - nothing. There was a lot of panic buying in those first few troubled weeks. I didn't even know how to make up a bottle safely. So these are my 6 tips for things to get or do when you suddenly find yourself reluctantly bottle feeding...

1. Premix formula - yes, it's more expensive, but in those first heady days of being exhausted, on top of sleep deprivation and still trying to figure out when water is at 70 degrees, they are life savers. They're also super handy for when you want to go out and haven't figured out a way of making up a bottle that works for you.

2. Get a flask - I had a Tommee Tippee one. It keeps water hot, but not boiling, literally for HOURS. Got a screaming child and need to feed them asap? Keep a stock of cooled boiled water in the fridge, use the hot water from the flask to "hot shot" your formula then add the cooled water et voila - a safely prepared bottle at perfect drinking temperature. Alternatively, you could go along the Perfect Prep Machine route - there's been some bad press lately, but just like everything when it comes to babies, you need to ensure you're cleaning it properly, only using the correct filters and checking it regularly for any problems. The flask, however, is cheaper, easier to clean, and suitable for taking out and about...

3. Talking of Out and About - Treat yourself to a nice change bag - I needed a bigger bag than I thought I would, so the cute little thing I'd picked up from Babies R Us wasn't going to cut the mustard. So instead I treated myself to a beautiful turquoise number from Oi Oi. It wasn't cheap, but it easily held all the extras you need as a formula mum, and it's GORGEOUS. Certainly made me feel a bit better too.

4. Cold water or microwave sterilisers are better than electric ones - for one, they're smaller, and they're not going to burn out on you and screw you over when it's suddenly not sterilising your bottles.

5. Ask your midwife for help - yes, officially, they are not supposed to promote formula over breastfeeding, but at the end of the day they want to see your baby happy and healthy - and that means FED, and fed safely. If you're not sure on the current recommendations for making up a bottle safely, get them to run through it with you.

6. Don't beat yourself up - yes, this wasn't the plan, but since when do kids do the things you want them to do? Please, please, remember that you're doing the very best for your baby. Mummy guilt is a git, and it doesn't like to leave you alone. You'll be dragging it around with you for years to come, so please try to lighten it by remembering you're doing your best.


About Becki

Becki is a 30 year old stay at home mother to her darling son X and a grumpy wife to her darling husband. As well as being a wife and mother she has a very successful family lifestyle and photography blog. Like most, she started her blog as a means to stop her brain from turning to complete mush, she envisioned pink angel delight. Becki is Brummie born and bred but has now started a new life with her lovely family in the beautiful Northampton. You can take the girl out of Birmingham but you can't take the Brummie out of the girl. As well as being an amazing blogger, Becki enjoys lots of adventures, going on long walks to find new places and to sing along to Musical Theatre soundtracks.
Remember you can find the lovely Becki over at The Mum From Brum


  1. Thank you for featuring me :D x

    1. Thank you so much for sending your post over. We are glad to have you for #TheBabyFeedingSeries

  2. It's great that you're featuring so many different stories on here. I think the 'don't beat yourself up' advice is the best advice ever. Things never go to plan where babies are involved!

    1. I couldn't agree with you more my lovely. They do not come with a set of instructions, it's all part of the fun!